Discriminate application of the rules and a lack of defensive structure


The Rules of the Game do not discriminate between a first and second yellow, but it is the discriminate application of the rules that causes problems.  Two mis-timed – but not dangerous – challenges were enough for referee Nick Walsh to dismiss Callum McGregor, players are given latitude at the second yellow in the same scenario every week in the calendar.  When cast against the off-the-ball stamping, kneeing and kicking Celtic players have endured in this fixture without protection from referees, it is clear what we are up against.

Celtic took control from the off but the intervention of Walsh; awarding a foul against Scott Brown on the goalkeeper when no foul happened, awarding Newco a throw-in deep inside the Celtic half that should have gone the other way and three further fouls for shoulder challenges that went Newco’s way, broke the pattern of play.

Three of the four goals came from mistakes by our defensive mid, two from Scott Brown and one from his replacement, Ismaila Soro.  Scott wanted the win yesterday as much as you or I, but despite improved performances in recent months, the tank is empty.  Ismaila will learn from yesterday.  He was thrown into the game cold, there is a lot more to come from him.

For this third time in 2021, Celtic went to Ibrox and created a hatful of chances, at least on this occasion they took one, although many went a begging.   Creativity is clearly not the problem.

Odsonne Edouard got on the scoresheet and put in his most impressive and interested-looking performance in some weeks  Mohamed Elyounoussi again impressed, in a better-structured team he would be a star.  Kristoffer Ajer was man-of-the-match.  He repeatedly transformed defence into attack; too powerful, fast and skilful for Newco players to touch.

So where did it go wrong?  Teams practice how to play with 10 men and the first thing the practice is how to defend.  Not for the first time this season Celtic were porous, lacking a robust structure.  Defence protects the keeper and midfield protects the defence.  Scott Bain had little cover, the same could be said for the defence.  Our shape with 10 men was all wrong.

Still, as Viv said, tomorrow is another day!

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  1. spikeysauldman on

    so that illiterate widow twanky lookalike charles nicholas reckons scott brown is no celtic legend – thats for the support to decide – a man who embarressed the hoops on many occasions – he should stick to commenting on his own team – and their mid-table epl fight.

  2. Happy Star Wars day – so where’s Eddie



    More importantly it’s the Feast day of the English Martyrs, my local parish – off to Mass this morning – plenty to give thanks for.

  3. spikeysauldman on

    Andy Lynch sticking the boot in too – is there anything these c*bts wont do for a small fee -and to think we used to stand on the sidelines and cheer these feckers on.

  4. I always struggle witht the concept of `should have/could have`as, for me, it just means `didn`t` but , overall, calm responses to my alternative scenarios. `


    Better late than neve`r would seem to be the popuar view ( from an admittedly small sample !).


    Cheerio for now.




    Plenty on here put the boot in and have done during the 4 trebles

  6. HOT SMOKED on 4TH MAY 2021 8:37 AM



    It also depends on the point we were waiting from.



    If you mean from the point Neil Lennon was sacked, then yes I have no problem waiting to get the right man as the league was done.



    However, if you mean from Oct/Nov then definitely not as it would have meant we waved the white flag on 10IAR for the sake of Eddie Howe in the summer. I can’t think of any manager in the world worth that.

  7. ernie lynch on

    Given the level of speculation about Howe being appointed, none of which has been denied, does there not come a point at which if it isn’t going to happen the Plc are required to inform the Stock Exchange?

  8. spikeysauldman on




    Agreed !


    But at least I never liked them ;-)


    And they were not doing for the money – Oh wait a minute!


    Only Joking – calm down !

  9. Given the length of the wait, Celtic really need to pull a bit of a name out of the hat. Otherwise it’s destined to be an underwhelming end to the most disappointing of seasons.



    HH jg

  10. GEEBEE 1978



    If Howe takes the job and can replicate the exciting brand of football Bournemouth played when they won promotion from the english championship and for the first seasons in EPL I’d be more than happy .

  11. Is there any reason a company needs to advise the LSE of relevant changes first thing in the morning?



    Can’t it be done at quarter past nine?



    Today preferably.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just checking in – I take it that there is no news of a new DoF or Manager thus far?



    Quelle surprise…



    Back to work then.






  13. ernie lynch on

    JAMESGANG on 4TH MAY 2021 9:02 AM


    Given the length of the wait, Celtic really need to pull a bit of a name out of the hat.








    The way things have been going the new manager would probably be sixth and seven eighths.

  14. How sad that we find ourselves refreshing every 10 minutes hoping for a shaft of light.


    That it has come to this speaks volumes of the extent of the mismanagement of this business for a number of years. It is difficult to imagine how much more of an arse our executive could have made of it and the thought of bonuses and golden handshakes is nauseating.


    To have made poor decisions on recruitment and retention of players, coaches, scouts etc is one thing – to not have foreseen what the roster would look like at the end of the season regardless of playing outcome is another but worst of all to make D King look like some kind of genius- that is just embarrassing.


    I have zero faith in the ownership and executive of Celtic- to have presided over the last 3 yrs and watched the decline is inexcusable – there should be a bloodbath of the executive and if any of them had a shred of integrity they wouldn’t wait for the axe.

  15. Philboy. Maybe Peter L and John K could help you out in garden from now on?

  16. celtic dawn on

    Philboy. Maybe Peter L and John K could help you out in garden from now on?



    PHILBHOY on 4TH MAY 2021 9:22 AM





    Do you think they’d follow my orders?





    Peter would order plants you didn’t want or need and John would plant them in the wrong places :)

  17. I keep thinking Howe must be in the bag because there’s no way any Board would waste so much precious time allowing someone to make their mind up given the enormous damage it would do if he later said no.



    Then I remember it’s our Board…

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Companies are not compelled to make stock exchange announcements based on rumours circulating on football blogs.

  19. BAMBOO on 4TH MAY 2021 9:10 AM



    I’ve no doubt he’s a decent coach. You don’t go from the bottom tier to the EPL without having something about you.



    People will say “Oh but he got relegated” but let’s not forget that Martinez got relegated, Klopp has been relegated.



    Outwith the pie in the sky suggestions like Benitez and Pochettino (yes, someone on here did suggest Poch), Howe is among the top, if not the top candidate for me.

  20. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH MAY 2021 8:55 AM




    Until its fact its speculation




  21. ernie lynch on



    Companies are not compelled to make stock exchange announcements based on rumours circulating on football blogs.







    Companies are obliged to treat shareholders and the public fairly and to maintain the integrity of the stock exchange system by ensuring that no one is able to take advantage of insider information.



    There comes a point at which knowing an appointment is not going to happen is insider information.



    And the speculation is not confined to the internet, it’s in the press and the broadcast media.

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    MOISEY17 on 4TH MAY 2021 9:16 AM


    I don’t disagree with any of that and i’m the same


    But our Board/Club have never said when they will announce new DoF or Manager



    I have never felt today was a special day regarding the Stock Exchange


    Why would a Manager have a contract that ends in April when the season runs to the end of May ?



    Anyway like you I continue to wait




  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    PHILBHOY on 4TH MAY 2021 9:22 AM


    They would do – if you promised a bonus




  24. ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH MAY 2021 9:53 AM



    When Jesse Marsch was spouting off about Celtic in the media, Paul67 was quick to point out that if either party is talking about an individual publically, we can probably rule them out.



    For me, the silence says more.

  25. So, no jam today then?


    Maybe tomorrow.


    Theres no rush. We have the right blend of youth and experience for our opening games of next season.


    We were just pipped to the league title this season. Just needed a little luck in front of goal and for Calum not to have been sent off sunday

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    Let’s suppose EH is ready “to sign” but perhaps his severance conditions meant he couldn’t officially take up a new job till, say June, what’s to stop the PLC appointing the DoF or whatever they’re called, are they under contractual obligations too?



    They have no concept of meaningful communication with the support therefore I’ve given up thinking “is this the day for good news” I’ve no time to determine the level of disdain and mistrust I have in the board of the PLC, life is too short and is a waste of my energy, even just to vent.



    We’ll find out when the think we’re worthy of knowing.

  27. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Burnley or Norwich is exactly the kind of provincial cul-de-sac Ryan Christie deserves. If only he was 10% of the player he thinks he is he’d be a world beater.



    Notwithstanding Christie’s ego problem, special praise must be reserved for that other egomaniac and all round living genius, Peter Lawwell, who once more has earned his enormous bonus by allowing a full international to run down his contract and leave on a free in January.



    Has anyone dared check in on Peter since Rodgers left to see if he’s actually still with us? I fear he is regarded with the same terror as Beria and others held for Stalin in his final days…

  28. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Just a thought…………


    Many on here – including me – have given Paul67/CQN a bit of stick for being a platform for PL



    As a going away gift from Peter to Paul how about it gets announced on here at same time as Stock exchange and before the rest of the media



    No probably not