Disingenuous attack only playing to the gallery


The vast open spaces of unoccupied seats at Hampden on Saturday were a frustration to Celtic fans unable to buy a ticket for the game.  So too for the Scottish Professional Football League, who left money on the table in the hope that St Johnstone were able to attract enough fans to fill their allocation.

It was reminiscent of our last League Cup semi-final, against Hibs, two years ago.  Hibs were allocated the same slice of Hampden as St Johnstone but left £30 uncollected for every 24” of unoccupied stadium, a painful one for the SPFL and earlier locked out Celtic fans.

For next month’s final, Hibs have been allocated 17, 500 tickets, a significantly higher number than their season ticket count or average gate.  Enough, you would think, to satisfy the fans who keep the game afloat in a country where gate money occupies a higher proportion of clubs’ income than anywhere else in Europe.

Hibs want 25,000 tickets, not just because they hope to sell than number, but also for “sporting integrity”, as having more fans attend bestows an advantage.  This latter point is true but also a curious hill to fight on.

It is not the allocation that maintains an equitable sporting advantage but the number who attend.  If Hibs want to argue this point, they surely must limit Celtic’s ability to sell into their 25,000 ticket stock in equal proportion to the uptake from Hibs fans.  25,000 Celtic fans and 15,000 Hibs fans still gives Celtic an advantage.

Football clubs often play to the gallery, something I have urged Celtic to do more of in the past.  This ticket protest from Hibs has a touch of this flavour to it.  Angry from Easter Road writes to complain because it is costless to do so, the suits at the SPFL are targeted as pantomime villains.

It is a disingenuous attack, but are they really going to say, “Thank you to the Celtic fans who will again pay crucial money into the Scottish game”?  Thanks too to League Cup sponsors cinch (sic.), and best of luck getting in enforcing the branding rights you have paid for.

Loved the Celtic Christmas ad, which is an established treat.  It speaks of a club with confidence in itself.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic marketing having a Japanese section on our website. Whoever did this should get a Cracker of a Christmas Bonus, (see what I did there? :))) por cierto

  2. How is Stephen Walsh doing after being assaulted on Saturday with an elbow to the face that only merited a yellow in the opinion of the MIB?



    Haven’t seen anything about retrospective action. Which means the ref thinks what he saw at the time and what he can now see still only constitutes a yellow.



    Which is the same sanction the Aberdeen player got for being pushed by a Dundee United fan.



    Only in Scotland…

  3. i am still hopeful that someone will post a clip of the japanese kid heading the ball back onto the park at the game few weeks ago.

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    From prior article…





    Souttar not for me ,unfortunately for the boy he has serious trouble with his Achilles,we need players who have a good fitness record .


    Would Porteous be a better bet .




    Souttar – marginally better footballer than Porteous at the moment, but his injury record is an obvious concern.



    Porteous – lots of raw (meat) talent, and bags of scope for improvement – which he would get under Ange, and with age and experience.



    If, hypothetically, that was the choice – Porteous would be a definite YES for me.






  5. From previous blog comments


    Not averse to an offer for Souttar, although as highlighted injury record is a huge concern



    My preference if being considered, would also be Porteous,


    I think a better footballer, with more potential to improve his game



    In saying all this,how about giving young Dane Murray a chance first and foremost


    He looked very decent, with lots of potential in. Pre-season games

  6. So any bad injury should rule you out of a transfer?Its not a debate the on who is a better CH.Souttar is out of contract,free.MIBs would relish the thought of Ryan playing for us.

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  8. The last boy we bought from Hibs who had a bit of a swagger and gallusness about him, didn’t do too badly.



    Over the river, they will be hoping that Elsie McSelfie announces a return to empty grounds for the duration of the winter. Our First Minister appears to no longer shadow Peppa Pig at Westminster.

  9. For those suggesting Porteous (while he might be an excellent wind up) watch the hun goal on Sunday.



    Just saying.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    I’m fully expecting hateful Higgins to be appointed given the huge disconnect between the board and the fans , not to mention the scorn with which Bankier tends to view us ‘common herd’ .

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    VALE BHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 1:24 PM


    For those suggesting Porteous (while he might be an excellent wind up)





    Worth buying just for his “F@@kin Zombies” dance at the end of the game :-)))



    Hear you re: the Hun Goal – I think that can be coached, though. I’m more thinking as signing for development. As mentioned above, Dane Murray probably in the same category – very good when dropped into the European game earlier in the season. Also in pre-season games in Wales.






  12. Kano Foundation on

    Afternoon all from Happy Clappers to Deep Mine Shafters and everyone in between.



    Apologies for interrupting the craic on a day of interesting communications and I hope this feels appropriate.



    The Kano Foundation, who exist to enable kids who wouldn’t get a chance to attend Celtic games, have a Last Man Standing fundraiser kicking off this weekend. £500 prize pot and we’re only breaking even currently.



    I know many of you are skilled Standers and have your own competitions. If anyone feels they have a spare £10. where all £10 gets spent on the kids who attend, then all at the Kano Foundation would be massively grateful for your generosity, even if you win!



    The game link is at : https://www.klubfunder.com/Clubs/The_Kano_Foundation/Kano_Foundation_Last_Man_Standing



    Thanks to anyone who joins in and apologies for interrupting normal service



    The Kano Foundation

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    NOTTHEBUS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 2:18 PM


    Wow Barkass made it into the christmas vid!



    Still didn’t make a save😂😂😂😂😂

  14. VALE BHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 1:24 PM


    For those suggesting Porteous (while he might be an excellent wind up) watch the hun goal on Sunday.




    Just saying.





    I remember Scott Brown doing something similar in that League Cup semi we lost on penalties to Sevco when Ronny was our manager. Porteous would attract a lot of hassle but their hatred of him I think would upset their concentration on winning the actual match should he ever appear for us. I think he is young and reckless and that a good coach knock some of that out of him.



    Having read the horrendous list of injuries that John Souttar has suffered and the amount of football he has missed, I really feel sorry for him but we should avoid signing him at all costs. It doesn’t matter that he’s free, he’ll be picking up a wage that could go to someone who is regularly available to play.

  15. Any news on Starfelt, Rogic and Julien returns folks ?



    Lot of matches coming up. More bodies required.




  16. NOTTHEBUS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 2:18 PM


    Wow Barkass made it into the christmas vid!






    i seen kyogo lobbed him a mince pie but he dropped it.

  17. seen Julien around here the other day, looked fine and dandy.



    in another subject – yesterday late afternoon, getting dark, i take it the hibs players had a day off after their excersion, but the bold Paul McGinn was out pounding the road, and with a back pack on, thats dedication for ye.

  18. ref Injuiries,



    lets not forget the craig gordon example, nobody wanted him after 2 years out, he trained with the 2nd rangers, and they wouldnt take the gamble, we invitied him in, and look how that worked out.

  19. Souttar & Porteous could be good additions & they would cost a fraction of the wasted cash we splashed out on Barkas, Ajeti, Duffy… etc.



    However these boys & others of their ilk will not stay in Scotland, the English Championship will be their preferred option, a la Ryan Christie.

  20. Not much to argue with there Paul, but for the use of the word “equitable” instead of “equal”. For the reason that it creates confusion, because of the meaning of “equity” as in stocks and shares. Although in a dictionary sense it is synonymous with “equal” it would be preferable if you used plain English instead of a fashioned form of English. It is the current fashion of politicians and their acolytes in their droves to use the term “equity” for ends that do not benefit the general population. Long live EQUAL

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bit harsh Paul? 🤭



    Easter Road’s capacity of 20,400 is such that Hibernian rarely use it ….



    … instead leasing the much bigger Murrayfield on a very regular basis to accommodate their core 25,000+ supporter base.



    Fact check anyone?

  22. On the Higgins thing. Whatever he is accused of, and I have yet to see the substance of any petsonal & wilful anti-Celtic input, he was carrying out the orders of the SNPcult government who demolished local regional policing and turned the force into a de facto National Guard which could be controlled & manipulated from Holyrood & SNP Headquarters. This, a purely political move by a bunch of control-freaks who splash Gaelic signs on everything despite the language having been in its death-throes for all of our lifetimes and spoken by less than 1% of the population – Urdu & Polish would have been more worthy candidates.



    If anything can be Tartanised, Saltireised, or, plastered with the Scottish brand, it will be, for no reason other than propaganda purposes…..of course things like the ferries at Fergusons, Prestwick Airport & Edinburgh Sick Kids…etc etc, are conveniently ‘swept under the carpet’, out of sight, for obvious reasons.



    The overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters don’t want the GB speaking in their behalf – they are a destructive, costly & militant political faction within the support who represent only themselves. They use the noise they make to ingratiate themselves – this they believe entitles them to do as they please. They believe they are indispensable….they’re not! They punish the club to get their own way – there are numerous examples of their reputational & financial insults by them,on Celtic



    # Don’t Shoot The Messenger CSC

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