Disingenuous attack only playing to the gallery


The vast open spaces of unoccupied seats at Hampden on Saturday were a frustration to Celtic fans unable to buy a ticket for the game.  So too for the Scottish Professional Football League, who left money on the table in the hope that St Johnstone were able to attract enough fans to fill their allocation.

It was reminiscent of our last League Cup semi-final, against Hibs, two years ago.  Hibs were allocated the same slice of Hampden as St Johnstone but left £30 uncollected for every 24” of unoccupied stadium, a painful one for the SPFL and earlier locked out Celtic fans.

For next month’s final, Hibs have been allocated 17, 500 tickets, a significantly higher number than their season ticket count or average gate.  Enough, you would think, to satisfy the fans who keep the game afloat in a country where gate money occupies a higher proportion of clubs’ income than anywhere else in Europe.

Hibs want 25,000 tickets, not just because they hope to sell than number, but also for “sporting integrity”, as having more fans attend bestows an advantage.  This latter point is true but also a curious hill to fight on.

It is not the allocation that maintains an equitable sporting advantage but the number who attend.  If Hibs want to argue this point, they surely must limit Celtic’s ability to sell into their 25,000 ticket stock in equal proportion to the uptake from Hibs fans.  25,000 Celtic fans and 15,000 Hibs fans still gives Celtic an advantage.

Football clubs often play to the gallery, something I have urged Celtic to do more of in the past.  This ticket protest from Hibs has a touch of this flavour to it.  Angry from Easter Road writes to complain because it is costless to do so, the suits at the SPFL are targeted as pantomime villains.

It is a disingenuous attack, but are they really going to say, “Thank you to the Celtic fans who will again pay crucial money into the Scottish game”?  Thanks too to League Cup sponsors cinch (sic.), and best of luck getting in enforcing the branding rights you have paid for.

Loved the Celtic Christmas ad, which is an established treat.  It speaks of a club with confidence in itself.

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    Easter Road’s capacity of 20,400 is such that Hibernian rarely use it ….


    instead leasing the much bigger Murrayfield on a very regular basis ”



    I don`t quite follow you there BtB. I thought you were joking until you asked for a `fact check`.

  2. JHB


    I feel that you normally avoid using opinion as fact so do you have any evidence to support this statement:



    `The overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters don’t want the GB speaking in their behalf` ?



    When the GB held their 30 min silent protest, I felt the vast majority of the crowd supported them as evidenced by the relative quiet during that half hour followed by an almost full crowd noisy participation immediately after the 30 minute period. No?

  3. martin o'seville on

    The Green Brigade prevent Parkhead from appearing like a library.


    The Green Brigade are an indicator of how lazy the silent 50,000 who don’t sing, apart from, YNWA, before the game starts, actually are.


    All seating was a novelty for us when we went to, Ibrox, Pittodrie, and Kilbowie, before Hillsborough 1989 happened, RIP the 96 (now 97). 🙏🚩


    But all seating in every game has had the desired effect on football fans, that Thatcher’s govt craved, getting rid of football orientated hooliganism out of British society, and if the game of football dies along the way, that’ll be an extra bonus, for the fox hunting brethren.


    This guy 👇 will give football back to the fans.



    https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1374815685029863437/id7cMPHO_400x400.jpg 👊



    Like Corbyn was going to, by removing, £millionaire, and, £ billionaire control of football clubs, some of which are being used as “£ laundries” before Corbyn collapsed like a cheap deckchair, under siege from the establishment swamp.

  4. JHB,



    I don’t know what plans Celtic have for Higgens , if any.



    I have stated many times that he is the monkey not the organ grinder.


    Let me be clear :- The dawn raids and the OB act were sleekit, vengeful and cowardly. They were an afront to democracy.



    However, can nobody see the irony. Supporters voted for people who put the OB act in place then demonise the employee whose job was to enforce it.




  5. I often feel these days (and especially since covid) that the SNP Government take the Celtic/ Catholic vote for granted. They are desperate to garner up the votes of the follow followers brigade. Personally, I think they are wasting their time but they persist in pandering to them, including getting the likes of Higgins (with their Irish surnames) to do their dirty work.



    Mind you, I still would rather vote for them than the likes of Red Card and his boss.

  6. JHB on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 3:41 PM


    On the Higgins thing. Whatever he is accused of, and I have yet to see the substance of any petsonal & wilful anti-Celtic input, he was carrying out the orders of the SNPcult government ………..



    The overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters don’t want the GB speaking in their behalf – they are a destructive, costly & militant political faction within the support who represent only themselves.





    Re the HIGGINS ” Thing”…absolute crap from you yet again, as the Polis have never hidden their hatred of the Celtic support LONG BEFORE, they became Police Scotland.


    Maybe you didnt know that since you live in merry ole England ?


    Living in England ( as you do)….that would explain why you know NOTHING about Higgins ?



    Re the Green Brigade…..


    You dont do ” Irony” do you, as almost every Post from you is anti Scot Gov….which suggests that YOU are every bit as ” Political” as the GB…or anyone else.



    The overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters on CQN will NOT allow/Except a Hun , Boris/Tory/Brexit loving Chump like YOU, to speak for them either !


    Not counting the Posters on here who disagree with your OPINIONS on a daily basis…I can safely say that I have MET ( Unlike YOU) with many members of CQN …..who would feckin chase you IF you ever were stupid enough to turn up at any CQN Hoot….Thats NOT MY OPINION….Thats a FACT !



    Why not Post about how Boris and his Brexiteers LIED to the UK Electorate when falsely claiming that the UK would get £350 MILLION a WEEK once the UK left the EU ?


    Wheres the feckin money ?


    How many Celtic supporters do you meet and speak with on a weekly basis ?



    Fecking No.1 CHUMP !

  7. JHB @ 3:41 PM,



    Don’t shoot the messenger!?



    Whose message was it then?



    In the meantime I’ll give you my quick thoughts.



    It was no one’s message, you did your usual and made it up didn’t you?



    “Anglo-Saxons” like you have been giving it to us Gaels for a thousand years – couldn’t beat us in a fair fight so contrived all sorts of despicable strategies to extinguish us and our way of life.



    Remember, we are the indigenous people of the British Isles and your ethnic cleansing is being reversed.



    The Celtic nations will not have their identities flushed away.



    Go to London, see what is left of Anglo Saxon culture in your Capital.



    Hail Hail

  8. Jimmy,



    did you watch the documentary last night about Bible John and the Barrowlands.



    Not a nice subject, but the conditions shown in Glasgow at that time, were bloody pitiful.



    Bairds got in a few shots, being next dor to the ballroom, I had forgotten about the old singage, Red and Yellow.



    Your name checks from the past, the Locarno and Tropadero (i think) got shown as well, Did you know any of those detectives from the times on the doors ?



    general interest.

  9. JHB and his pal GREENPINATA



    Two Celtic supporting British loyalists, how ironic, they are the Scottish equivalent of Rangers supporting British loyalists in the Northeast corner of the island of Ireland.


    I support Independence for Scotland so that the Scottish people get the government they vote for. I look forward to a secular Scotland where everyone has the freedom to practice their religion or no religion with no input from the state.


    Its great to look forward to a green and white final on the 19th Dec. One thing is certain whoever wins there will be no invasion of the park from the losing supporters. C’mon the Celtic.

  10. Re: Higgins.



    1. i’d like to know what role it is that Celtic are trying to fill wrt security. Bankier was rather vague at the AGM. Is it to do with team travel, ensuring fans are safe, liaising with the Gov on rules ? What is it?



    2. If he is in the running for the job, he might not want it now

  11. SAINT STIVS on 22ND NOVEMBER 2021 7:19 PM



    I love this picture, now who is the other ball bhoy ? anyone know who he was ?



    *this photies has been posted before, on other sites tae, and the other lhad was named. He didnae make it in fitba though.



    Back then we didnae have a youth side so ball bhoys were not selected like Calmac and big Garry’s RIP nephew were as being on our books. Might have been friends of friends that got them the wee perc.



    The wee mhan I believe was training with us but preferred tae play on a Saturday, which is when all games were played from senior down tae schoolboy, so gave up on the ball bhoy gig after a wee while.



    I do recall hearing possibly at a game or on the building sites supporters recalling him only because of the rid herr.



    Although in saying that, I worked with a wee guy over here with the traditional Irish Catholic name that told me he was a ball boy at the bigot dome and also played for their reserves alongside torry gillick among others.



    He said his da was a red hot Celtic supporter and he was a bit nervous telling him who he had signed for when he returned after the war, said he seemed not too upset though.



    He also told me that “Harold Lloyd” sent for him one day questioning his name and asked him what school he went tae, when he replied Woodside, well that was ok then.

  12. Saint Stivs on 23rd November 2021 3:49 pm



    Every single day I’m afraid. He/she/it despises anyone who is not a unionist uber Catholic.



    Not seen any ridiculous %’s lately. Obviously gave up on the sectarian ethnic cleansing lies……..for the moment anyway.

  13. 10 supporter organisations have written to the Acting Chief Executive of Celtic telling him they are opposed to the rumoured appointed of Higgins, and, they will not acknowledge him or work with him should he be appointed, much more than the Green Brigade.

  14. dessybhoy on 23rd November 2021 5:01 pm



    Surely even the cloth eared Celtic board have to respond to that?

  15. martin o'seville on

    The Green Brigade at least make a noise!


    They ain’t no Jungle, but at least they try!


    Constantly singing about every Irish rebel who’s ever been born, for almost every minute, of every game, then falling to their knees at renewal time, no matter what, and falling into line with the silent 50,000, and financially supporting a sellout, Irish free state minded, offshore tax dodging, Old Firm Fanaticist PLC board, construing holding up bits of cardboard in the car park as rebellion, is Sevconia on stilts!!!


    Then releasing a thoroughly deceitful statement saying,


    “We Support Ange, Not The PLC!”


    After handing the PLC tens of ££££ millions in ticket monies!!!


    That’s who Celtic fans have become!!!


    The silent 50,000 are symptoms of how lazy fans have become because of all seating, imho.


    The Parkhead atmosphere before the GB was dire.


    The atmosphere was like Gordon Strachan, soul sucking!


    The GB ain’t no Jungle, but they can have magic moments along the way, which the club merchandize to good effect, but that is still far off from being good enough.


    Majority season ticket idea was a, Murray & Souness, idea, a Tory idea.


    All seating is a vast over reaction to Hillsborough disaster, even Liverpool fans said so, when they came to Parkhead to view the safe standing area a few years back.


    What if you get your season ticket situated between two undesirables?


    What then?


    Suck it up, or go through all of the palaver to get reseated?


    Names, addresses, photographic ID with a pic taken from security control unit?


    Over reach, over reaction, from a working class, hating, Tory govt?


    The billionaires have moved in, and muscled out the working class concept of the beautiful game.


    Political interference is needed, to begin the row back from Thatcher’s colonisation of the beautiful game.


    Even safe standing can only be looked upon as, the first baby step back, to recapturing the beautiful game from, the capitalist, colonization, of the beautiful game.


    Ending the transfer window bullsh°t is another aspect that has to be removed, from the balance sheet era.


    The worry is that, fans are now too lazy, or as Mr Lennon said, “Spoiled rotten” to be arsed lifting a finger, as they’d rather sit on their seat, taking selfies, just like the wee baw heid that most of them vote for.


    Even the huns winning, 2009, 2010, 2011, titles, mainly from honest mistakes, and a Celtic board who kept their mouth’s zipped, and even then, fans just continued being lazy, like the video of that song,


    “Mad World”…..were folk walk along, looking down at their phones, as society burns roundabout them, and they continue walking, heads down, looking at their phones, heads down, right over a cliff……


    That is what society has become.


    Will the internet lead to a wipe out of human existence?


    Was that the plan all along?


    What to do?

  16. SAINT STIVS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 4:48 PM









    did you watch the documentary last night about Bible John and the Barrowlands.







    Not a nice subject, but the conditions shown in Glasgow at that time, were bloody pitiful.







    Bairds got in a few shots, being next dor to the ballroom, I had forgotten about the old singage, Red and Yellow.







    Your name checks from the past, the Locarno and Tropadero (i think) got shown as well, Did you know any of those detectives from the times on the doors ?




    Sorry to disappoint you on all counts mate. LOL


    I was too young to go to the Locarno and/or The Tropadero…which Ive never heard of ?



    Bible John was doing his evil ways when I was a youngster.


    As for knowing any of the Detectives….I didnt start working in Disco and Pub Doors until late 1983.


    Maybe your thinking of another good looking Jimmy ?





  17. SAINT STIVS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 4:48 PM









    did you watch the documentary last night about Bible John and the Barrowlands.’







    The only thing I learned from it is that the Urban Voltaire is still alive.

  18. I would love for the Green Brigade to sing/chant about the LYING, TORY, HUN SCUMBAG, BREXITEERS who promised the UK Electorate that the UK would get £350 MILLION from the EU….once the UK had left the EU…


    Now wouldnt that be something ?


    How many NEW Schools, Social housing, hospitals would that £350 MILLION a WEEK would have helped build ?


    LYING Hun, Unionist Bassa’s !

  19. What’s the obsession at CP,with appointing ex cops? Lawwell had 3 in his inner circle, all huns btw,why not get someone with a media/marketing background, and they might be able to contribute something relevant.

  20. CHAIRBHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 4:45 PM



    Out and out Blood and Soil nationalism getting an airing today.



    But not a cult. Definitely not a cult.

  21. Re The Celtic christmas message.



    I would only offer mlld criticism but I don’t like the use of the New Year song Auld Lang Syne for Christmas. If you know the history, Hogmanay was always the most celebrated day in Scotland and I remember my father saying to me that when he was a young man he used to work on Dec 25th but never on the 1st of january. That song belongs in that context, to celebrate New Year or when it is used for bidding farewell. The onset of anglicisation led to ever greater focus on christmas, which leads to irrational consumerism instead of sharing and generosity. Charles Dickens was their cheerleader.

  22. £350 MILLION a WEEK…….But the Unionist, Tory Trolls on here deliberately FAIL to mention that !


    IF the Scot Gov had PROMISED anywhere near that sum of money on a weekly basis, and were then found out to be lying…The Unionist Hun Scumbags on here would be Posting every day about it…and for once…I would be in agreement with those Hun trolls.

  23. GREENPINATA on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 4:19 PM




    ‘However, can nobody see the irony. Supporters voted for people who put the OB act in place then demonise the employee whose job was to enforce it.’






    It’s not irony, it’s cognitive dissonance.



    Comes with the territory for cults.

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