Disingenuous attack only playing to the gallery


The vast open spaces of unoccupied seats at Hampden on Saturday were a frustration to Celtic fans unable to buy a ticket for the game.  So too for the Scottish Professional Football League, who left money on the table in the hope that St Johnstone were able to attract enough fans to fill their allocation.

It was reminiscent of our last League Cup semi-final, against Hibs, two years ago.  Hibs were allocated the same slice of Hampden as St Johnstone but left £30 uncollected for every 24” of unoccupied stadium, a painful one for the SPFL and earlier locked out Celtic fans.

For next month’s final, Hibs have been allocated 17, 500 tickets, a significantly higher number than their season ticket count or average gate.  Enough, you would think, to satisfy the fans who keep the game afloat in a country where gate money occupies a higher proportion of clubs’ income than anywhere else in Europe.

Hibs want 25,000 tickets, not just because they hope to sell than number, but also for “sporting integrity”, as having more fans attend bestows an advantage.  This latter point is true but also a curious hill to fight on.

It is not the allocation that maintains an equitable sporting advantage but the number who attend.  If Hibs want to argue this point, they surely must limit Celtic’s ability to sell into their 25,000 ticket stock in equal proportion to the uptake from Hibs fans.  25,000 Celtic fans and 15,000 Hibs fans still gives Celtic an advantage.

Football clubs often play to the gallery, something I have urged Celtic to do more of in the past.  This ticket protest from Hibs has a touch of this flavour to it.  Angry from Easter Road writes to complain because it is costless to do so, the suits at the SPFL are targeted as pantomime villains.

It is a disingenuous attack, but are they really going to say, “Thank you to the Celtic fans who will again pay crucial money into the Scottish game”?  Thanks too to League Cup sponsors cinch (sic.), and best of luck getting in enforcing the branding rights you have paid for.

Loved the Celtic Christmas ad, which is an established treat.  It speaks of a club with confidence in itself.

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  1. Why does it have to be a Glasgow or Scottish ex-Cop for whatever the role is to be, smacks of being parochial and insular. Why not a Cop from down south or elsewhere to bring a fresh eye to things – the fans will not forget the policies and legislation he was part of enforcing and his old pals in the force will probably know what skeletons are in his cupboard so he will be despised on one side and toothless on the other.




    “the fine from uefa was a lot of shite – i couldnt work out the green brigade conundrum, so how could they .”



    If you practiced doing the anagrams from the daily crossword, SAINT, you’d have nae bother.😊




    Celtic supporting union supporting loyalists as you describe JHB and Greenpinata is term which would have fitted Celtics longest serving manager and founder Willie Maley.



    It does not make him less of a Celtic man than others like myself who have different political leanings. Not sure it should matter too much. Making Celtic fit our own image and political likeness is something I personally think is limiting. No matter what political views we have.



    With reference to the nonsense posted from JHB that the Green Brigade were not in sync with the majority of the support vis-a-vis the indefensible appointment of Higgins, Phil shows here that 112 CSCs agree with the GB. If the North American CSCs had been asked fir support, there would have been many more.













    that is some level of consensus right there.


    very well organised and one voice message, well done those involved.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    KELVINBHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 7:34 PM



    With this board surprised they didn’t pick someone from the Police Service of Northern Ireland😱😵

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 7:38 PM


    And just noticed our CSC was one of the 112 👏👏👏👍

  7. martin o'seville on

    Hampden is supposedly neutral, so why no 50 / 50 ticket distribution?


    Give Hibs 50% and if they sell them out, good for them.


    If Hibs don’t sell all tickets, then give them to Celtic.


    This “We deserve more” is entitled hunesque attitude, that doesn’t come across as very Celtic.


    Neutral should mean, neutral.


    “We deserve better” is a couple of steps away from, “We are the people!”


    Point is,…….Hampden shouldn’t be limited to 52,000 capacity.


    All seating has been over played.


    For a start, Hampden should have, Celtic and Rangers ends, moved closer to the goalposts, with the seats nearest the front removed, or imho, both ends behind the goals all terraced, not the safe standing area type of set up, because it isn’t as safe as they sell it as, all it takes is cops to go for a tea break and it becomes overcrowded, and what if you cant be next to your mates as was what happened when old Jungle removed, rebels scattered into the winds, or post code arrangements, standing with crash barriers on every row, is over reaction from interfering fuddy duddys.


    If we come across as entitled / smug, I want, I want, I want, type of supporters,


    then we’re “NOT” unique,


    then we’re “NOT” any different from all of the other customers.


    We’ve been reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet.


    To moan about lack of tickets, is to fight the wrong fight.


    There’s a lack of tickets, because the stadiums have too many seats!


    The safety concerns for decades before Hillsborough 1989, in the main was crushing when leaving the stadium.


    People have become obese through all of this sitting, eating pies, and whatever else, for 2 hours, 3 times a week, well I’m only guessing about that, because I’ve not heard it mentioned before, along with breathing, eating, and drinking all of the Hitachi digital dust that’s been pumped out of aeroplanes for about 20+ years.


    The capitalist establishment, has taken the beautiful game from the working class people, and not made it better, but made it corrupt, by too many rich basses being involved, and carefully “planted” politicians will cover the tracks of the corrupt rich cheats, and play Hunger Games with their, Celtic supporter targets, kicking in their doors at 06:00am, criminalizing them, ruining their life chances, and then, disgustingly, the ORChestrators of this regime, are both, voted back into Political office by the unbelievable, idiosyncrasies of these supporters, fellow supporters, and law officers who’ve executed this, are “wormed” into champagne flowing lifestyles, courtesy of Celtic fc’s Irish Free State 30% of shares = 100% of authority, capitalist vultures who’re dining out on whatever scraps of Celticness, are still hanging loose from Celtic’s carcass ????


    MON told us at that time, who was taking over the club in the immediate future, and that in terms of European ambitions, then Celtic’s fans had better prepare, “For The Slow Lane!!!”


    Happy Clappy idiots will be wheeled out to tell us “WGS Got Us Out of Group Stages!”


    When, about 10 years ago, Butler & Larsson etc, the charity game was played at Parkhead, live on CH 5?, can’t be sure, but…..MON was in charge of Celtic charity team vs WGS who was in charge of ManUtd charity team, 60,000, in the ground and 3 songs were sung for majority of the game, 2 about Larsson, 1 about MON, 0 about WGS !!!


    If that isn’t an indicator about, who carved out what, amount of Celtic supporters mental psyche, 60,000, capacity, singing for Larsson & MON, I wish that there were songs sung in favour of WGS, for the respect of his achievements at Parkhead, but there were none.


    The 60,000 judges had spoken.

  8. Now why can’t we get a similar coordinated response to other issues… not saying that this is unimportant at all. I wonder who or how it got pulled together. Some powerful muscle there.



  9. Higgins is carry out the wishes of the anti Celtic S N P who won’t be getting my vote ever again ,as for the silent majority of Celtic fans on match days ,I Blame the club for not playing and there is plenty of Celtic Songs that can be played over the Tannoy Systems we’re all Celtic Fans can join in to the songs we all know,as for the Green Brigade for all the damage they supposedly inflict on our club,they seem to get a fair allocation of away match tickets ,that needs to be addressed,I always struggle to get an away ticket ,yet they seem to get them no bother ,as for Higgins if he is appointed as the head of security , I couldn’t care one way or the other, Supporting Celtic win, lose or draw is what matters to me ☘️☘️




    I know, anything is possible given previous record. I agree with those pursuing this and the current way of joined up, strength in numbers approach – didn’t like the silence adopted at recent home match.

  11. until Higgins is pointing out your grand-weans in Glasgow aiport and organising collusion with the forces to monitor peoples movements. lifting them from family homes in the wee sma hours.



    his evil eyes have no place in paradise.



    your really really naive.



    thats the things he did previously, his charge sheet if you like

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Chelsea just score after a handball.



    While the uninformed commentary team speculated about it being disallowed, ex-referee, Peter Walton, calmly and clearly explained the recent change to hand ball rules.



    If only Premier Sports had someone on duty on Saturday who actually knew anything, we would might have been spared unchallenged spoutings by imbeciles.

  13. I used to take my daughter to home games.



    She loved the whole experience and never saw us lose or draw.



    The last game we were at together was against Hearts some years ago.



    Scotland’s finest were filming the fans as we approached the ground.



    I put my hand over my daughters face and was threatened by the police that I would be lifted if I didn’t move my hand.


    My wee girl thought I was in trouble with the police and started crying.



    The police waved us on.



    But since that day I have hated the fucking police and always will.



    If Higgins joins the club they can all go and take a fuck to themselves.

  14. martin o'seville on

    If you want to get rid of cults, or escape from them, then you need somewhere to escape to.


    When you can manage to get over yourself, and your cult withdrawal symptoms,


    all you do is, get a hat…..who once dressed as a cat, for oppressed children, the Celtic Way that which you won’t find in a cult!


    Imagine that!


    But the guy with the hat, got over the cat, but now the Glasgow streets are colonized by rats!


    And the cult shout “CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT!” as they stand outside of good ole JK’s hoose dangling a noose, that magically disappears as the phone presses ‘click’ with ole JK’s address oan a stick!!!


    Imagine that!!!


    If you want to get over the rats, don’t get a cat, get a hat.


    Especially one which was left to the cat, maybe by, Willie Maley?!?, now that would be a turn up for the books, especially for those rats who are now removing certain books and other stuff, and that never ends well, never, ever!!!


    Imagine that!!!


    There’s only “ONE” choice here now, choose the cat, who now wears a hat, and all of these rats will be gone!!!


    So simple eh?


    Nice hat from a cat with steel balls, now ain’t that unique?



  15. Watching the Goals Show on BT,the quality of corner kicks is fantastic, something players should be practicing much more, great chance to get something on target.

  16. Bernard Higgins: Over 100 Celtic fan groups protest ‘appointment’ of senior top police officer



    By Martin Williams @Martin1Williams


    Senior News Reporter


    Over 100 Celtic fan groups from across the world protest ‘appointment’ of senior top police officer


    Over 100 Celtic fan groups from across the world protest ‘appointment’ of senior top police officer








    The gift of UGG.





    Say it with UGG. Explore our gift edit for something extra special this year.



    Inspired by


    OVER 100 Celtic fan groups from across the world have told the club board that they will not co-operate with the rumoured appoinment of former Police Scotland commander Bernard Higgins to a senior security role.



    They have written to the club’s chief executive Michael Nicholson that they will “refuse to recognise or engage” with Mr Higgins if appointed.



    Higgins was heavily involved in setting up the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, which was introduced in 2012 in a bid to clampd down on sectarianism.




    The Fans Against Criminalisation campaign group argued the legislation had eroded trust between supporters and police and had failed to tackle bigotry.



    The FAC warned of a “genuine danger to civil liberties” and the continuous criminalising of the young over minor offences if the controversial law was not repealed.






    Mr Higgins, assistant chief constable, had defended the move saying a report of offensive behaviour need not lead to heavy-handed action.



    The act, which applied only to football fans, was intended to deal with sectarian behaviour such as bigoted chanting at matches, in pubs or on public transport.



    It also sought to prevent malicious communications that incited religious hatred on social media and the internet.



    But on March 16 2018, the act was finally overturned by the Scottish Parliament almost exactly six years after it was introduced.



    The overturning happened in the face of opposition of the government – one of the few times this has happened in the last 20 years of Scottish devolution.



    Now in a letter to Mr Nicholson, the fans groups have stated: “We, the undersigned wish to state our objection to the rumoured appoitnment of Bernard Higgins as a member of Celtic FC’s security staff.



    “In his role as assistant chief constable with Police Scotland and as the national strategic lead for football, Higgins has been responsible for the policing of football fans for almost a decade.



    “In the period since he was appointed to this position, the policing of football matches has changed dramatically, with the introduction of intrusive surveillance, the widespread use of football banning orders and a determination to arrest fans on spurious charges.



    These PR Stunts Paid Off Big Time


    These PR Stunts Paid Off Big Time




    Erskine: Major Liquidation Of Unsold Cars (Click To See Prices While They Last)


    Erskine: Major Liquidation Of Unsold Cars (Click To See Prices While They Last)




    “This has caused irreparable damage to the lives of many Celtic fans as well as to the relationship between the supporters and Higgins himself.



    “It must be made known that we will refuse to recognise or engage with Higgins if he is appointed, as his history makes him an unsuitable candidate to be taksed with the responsibility and security of Celtic supporters.



    “We ask you to address this issue and to reconsider such an appointment.”



    Fans groups that have signed the letter have coming from across the world, including England, Romania, USA, New Zealand, even Russia.






    In 2016, Mr Higgins (above) said offensive behaviour was not just a problem for Celtic and Rangers.



    “We’ve arrested people associated with 16 different clubs in Scotland,” he said.



    “So it’s not exclusive to the Old Firm, it’s not exclusive to the top flight. That’s 16 clubs right the way through all divisions.”



    In 2017, he warned that Scots football fans should expect police to act over support for terrorist organisations. He insisted his officers would not tolerate any offensive displays by the hardline supporters.



    He reacted after the FAC campaign group were critical of him warning controversial Celtic fans group the Green Brigade to leave politics at the turnstiles or face being arrested.




    Mr Higgins at the time was unrepentant over his stance saying: “Over the years I have policed many events where political views have been expressed. That is what we do in a democracy. There is a massive difference between expressing a political view or supporting a terrorist organisation.



    “If FAC want to sit down with me I will happily explain my position and reasons for it, however I would reiterate that any person showing support for a terrorist organisation should expect my officers to act, and thereafter it will be a matter for the Scottish courts to decide.”



    Last week Celtic chairman Ian Bankier offered Celtic fans no assurances over the rumoured appointment.



    He was reluctant to give any concrete answers to the rumours.



    Last month the Green Brigade announced a silent protest against the rumoured appointment for the match against Livingston.






    The fan group stated: “Higgins played a major part of the implementation of the much-hated Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act and passionately defended the legislation within the Scottish Parliament.



    “Assistant Chief Constable Higgins’ remit involved strategic decisions on the policing of football across Scotland.



    “His appointment would be no laughing matter, however. For hundreds of Celtic fans this would represent the ultimate insult.”

  17. my 4 yearl old god daughter would be embarrased to come out with the cat, hat, bat, rat, nat , and awe that .

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    What coneybhoy said @ 4:52pm.




    What role is this fellow actually going to fulfil?



    Has the role been advertised?



    Is it an executive role?



    If so, will it show up in an organisation chart?



    Does anyone know where one can find an org chart for the club to see how the departments/divisions interlock and who works for who?



    Why is Glen Kamara perceived to be a sellable asset? (He is an ordinary footballer bought for £80k 2 years ago and, IMHO, is now worth 5-10 times that).




    OK, the last question was off topic but equally bewildering to me.

  19. For hundreds of Celtic fans this would represent the ultimate insult.”





    Shoorly no?



    Thousand and thousands would be a better estimate.

  20. Unionistvermin 3.41



    Refugees are welcome.



    Your union is in big trouble


    Your racism and pro union innuendo is as ancient as Alfred the Great,Gerald of Wales done it a thousand years ago,defined as the origins of racism,taken on post renaissance by Spenser and advanced as ideology from union of crowns onwards.just vulgar racism,from the pro ‘cat’ charity fundraiser party on here



    Refugees are welcome .



    One national force makes sense,remember we are smaller than Yorkshire haha,even your social,economic and political chat is steeped in the genocidal racism of a union you are politically lost and confused in.


    You being unionistvermin show this racism and ignorance with your gaelic signs/tartanisation racism.


    Both ethnically cleansed by your genocidal union to the point where now you feel you can slip it in as subtly as skank galloway throwing out a rape definition! Your not smart enough.your seething rage and racist discomfort are palpable.



    Refugees are welcome.



    Everthing not controlled by your union you question.


    Your genocidal empire is crumbling and you feign rage which highlights your duality


    Bit sick as a brexit capatilist claiming the working/under class are better of outside europe- no unionist vermin ever speaks on their behalf.never.



    Refugees are welcome



    You are not here for Celtic,remember,


    But being a Celt it is with ease i state



    All refugees are welcome.



    Ps you should read up a little on your unionist peers from 2nd half of 19th century,the assumed right to civilize,accentuate the positive while no insight into genocide is given(bit like you and Boris today)


    your arrogance is only ignorance,but being unionist vermin you know that.Britainfirst at all costs.



    Keep dropping in your hun/pro union vacuous sniders


    As valid as your unsourced accounting pesh.


    Both just not right.bit like yoursel.maybe you should phone a phone-in and give it they/them/those type of people who don’t equate your base,its not left remember Corbyn was to “commie”,its not the snp your rage at democratic power in Scotland rips into you,yet strangely not 1 criticism of your covidcull hero Boris,not 1 critique of Boris in the billions awarded to donors and other corruption which is going on.ssshh not a word,that how the genocidal memory of the union works



    Refugees are welcome



    Smash racism.




  21. Celtic as a board live in the past ie the old firm



    Celtic fans want a new future ie no old firm



    Who hold the power in this relationship?

  22. SAINT STIVS on 22ND NOVEMBER 2021 7:26 PM


    vg read



    ‘As we trotted back Haynes was giving as good as he got, ‘I’ll get you the next time you little Scottish bastard.’ I snapped as we reached the centre circle and thought it would be a good idea to give him a dull one. I whacked him. Our pitch was hard as flint and he went down like a sack of spuds. His head thudded off the surface and he just lay there.’



    Bertie was sent off and as he trotted from the field, Fulham’s hulking centre half Maurice Cooke approached him to extract some revenge. To the astonishment of all, the little Scot clocked him too and left him on his back on the turf.



    *seen this before but not only that I can actually recall it happening, this was back in the day when the huns were quintessentially Scottish so the smsm loved it at the time, now it would be a “Celtic tramp” lashes out at the UK’s greatest player.



    For our younger viewers is should be noted that Johnny Haynes was a brilliant and elegant player. Not only was he his country’s captain but also the first 100 pound player in the country.



    He was a bit like Matt le Tissier and Bobby Charlton, legends who were one club only men. Although the latter played for PNE in the twilight of his career it was only after he was manager and came out of retirement tae help them.



    It should also be noted that was also a good guy in life outside the game and was one of many signatories opposing the policy of apartheid in international sport and defending the principle of racial equality which is embodied in the Declaration of the Olympic Games.



    As I said he was an exceptional player, C Ronaldo without the narcissism, he was in 3 england WC squads captain in Chile where his team mates included such luminaries as Bobby Robson, Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore all future captains.



    I was surprised when I initially read that he called ten thirty a Scottish bassa, but looking back and knowing the wee mhan he was probably winding him up the same way he did the Italians in the tunnel at Lisbon.



    Ironically, Johnny Haynes later in life eventfully moved tae Edinburgh where his spouse came fae, so he couldnae have hated us that much.

  23. BURNLEY 78 23/11/21



    Regarding Willie Maley being a unionist. As a guy born in Ireland in the 2nd half of the 19th century long before the war of Independence and the general election of 1919 when 75% of the electorate in the island of Ireland voted for Independence supporting parties. I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to what his view would have been in this day and age especially after he saw how partition has worked out.


    I agree that the Celtic support are probably represented across the political divide although I would say the majority are left of centre. I myself after membership of the Labour party for over 20 years and an active trade unionist for 40 years have come to the conclusion that Scotland would be much better off as an Independent nation, both socially and economically. I would hope that the British establishment would accept this if the Scottish people voted for Independence. Although the lessons of history regarding the granting of Independence to its colonies which is how I think Westminster regards Scotland, doesn’t fill me with any confidence. The very fact they will not grant another referendum after the reneging of the so called vow and taking Scotland out of the EU against its will which we were promised wouldn’t happen during the Independence referendum of 2014 doesn’t augur well.

  24. martin o'seville on

    SAINT STIVS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 8:48 PM


    my 4 yearl old god daughter would be embarrased to come out with the cat, hat, bat, rat, nat , and awe that .






    That’s the cult grip, that makes you speak with such rage, such venom, all because of a cat, who wears a hat!


    Whilst you stand with your fingers in your ears shouting,…..


    “CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT!”


    ….as the rats bite your feet!!!


    if I say the cat’s name, you take a panic attack, and stuff….and we don’t want that.






    👍 ✌

  25. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I noticed last night there appears to be a silent war being waged on CQN. When I leave the blog still logged in then return, to see myself turfed out, it has come to mean to me the moderators have jumped in and removed posts.



    Looking back, the kevjungle multi-moniker copy&paste invitations to a variety of clickbait celtic rubbish had been removed.



    A normal poster would blurt his protests about his loss of voice. Odd to me, tonight’s efforts don’t address it.



    What could have happened on the weekend just past to cause a Celt consternation?

  26. MMCCARTNEY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 9:09 PM



    Scotland is not a colony. The Scots are not a colonised people.



    Self identifying as such does not change that reality. It’s also a bit sad. And of course insulting to genuine victims of imperialism and colonisation.



    Sturgeon hasn’t asked for a referendum. She has no intention of doing so.

  27. So much to like about our wee Chrissy video


    A quietly ‘cute’ angle about it was the way the coaching team gently lampooned wee Gavin as the laptop king.


    That ability to take the mick out of an issue some supporters whine about, shows they’re not so out of touch ;)



    Remarkable too, that I havent seen any of our assistant coaches/trainers do ANY media since AP arrived. Remember the days when Brendan or Lenny would deputise the media rels activity to a 2IC; no so Ange. Isn’t really an issue but wonder the reason behind it, aside from protecting coaches from fan disrespect & ire?

  28. MMCCARTNEY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 9:09 PM


    BURNLEY 78 23/11/21







    Regarding Willie Maley being a unionist.






    excellent comments.



    now to go a bit further,


    mccallums books give great insights into all the shades of irish nationalism present on the celtic board and with the founders.


    sure maley was the son of a soldier, born in a newry barracks, but his father (like 25% of the forces) was irish, remembered the famine, and allowed pat welsh the fenian to escape from the docks.



    4 of the early guys were know for pro-empire views, maley, colonel o’shaughnessy, mckay, and also whisper it, royalists. and very milatary supporters. often teased by the others.

  29. martin o'seville on

    Refugee’s is it?


    Is there no end to this duplicity?


    Any Celtic supporters who vote for kilted cults, or left and right imperialist bullet*t, when the cat in the hat is offering, 100% socialism, etc, should have their season tickets taken off of them, because your political choices are dong f all for traditional Celtic people, and the club is being nakedly attacked by a political leader who gets all, edgy and jumpy, just mentioning Celtic’s name, like certain people on here when they read the name of,


    Mr George Galloway 100% of our enemies are terrified of this one man, who also wears a hat. 👍



    Ticket removed for being a political dumbfck CSC

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