Disproportionate load ahead of Tannadice cup tie


Dundee United lost their first game back after the winter break; the seven games since have seen them lose only once, and that was to the last gasp Liel Abada winner at Celtic Park.  The defensive qualities they showed that day have been evidenced since, as they have not conceded in the four games that followed.

There is a lot of football to be played in the three weeks before we face them at Tannadice in the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup, Celtic have at least six games, United have a maximum of four, a heavy load for the visitors.  If Celtic overcome Bodo/Glimt in the conference league, they will have a last 16 tie on the Thursday before visiting Tannadice on the Sunday.

Despite our comfortable win there earlier in the season, the disproportionate load facing the teams, will make this a difficult cup tie.

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  1. Duped I tells yous, we were all duped!!


    Apologies this is the left over conversation from the last blog

  2. i was sitting on the other blog all contented and talking to myself, and the conversation went to another topic on the new thread .



    i was duped i tell ye

  3. The story of ‘Suicide By Debt & Deceit’ of the Ibrox club ten years ago will circulate in the media this week. There van be no mention of Celtic anywhere in this tale of financial greed & football cheating.



    Imagine how different it would be if Celtic had decided to wade into this sh** storm ten years ago to ‘shout the odds’ and challenge certain, now irrelevant, outcomes.



    Not only would Celtic be referenced in every article published, it would most probably still be embroiled in the courts on a number of fronts.



    Something to ponder perhaps by those who would have had us ‘shooting from the hip’ at anything that irked us. We achieved so much more by refusing to be cast in the Ibrox pantomime.

  4. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Thank you Paul67 – all makes sense to me



    And that’s why I have been shouting about squad rotation with one focus


    the League – nothing else matters


    (I know the treble would be great I know Europe is an adventure)



    We have lost key players to injury in various cup games Kyogo/Turnbull/McGregor are just a few



    We have got to the top of the pile – AP knows more than me


    But winning on Thursday and drawing on Sunday would bring back the tension (not that its gone away)



    Focus on the league




  5. A boost you say Paul , Wish we could tell thems to shove there 800 tickets and we will hold ours , the atmosphere at Celtic park two weeks ago was the best I have experienced v them in my 63 years followed the celts , no filth , no bile , no sectarian songbook to pollute the air . Did anyone there miss them .

  6. JIMTIM on 15TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:39 PM




    The broadcasters missed them, and if it becomes a permanent feature the match is worth less to them. Fans will buy season books whether or not there are huns at CP, so their views won’t influence the board’s decisions.

  7. The Quadruple is On Paul67…



    That load should be weighed up by a team purring like an Angeball wolverine by then. Hatate, Maeda and Guchi up to speed, Julien with games under his belt, wee Dembele filling the Mikey slot more effectively, Turnbull and Kyogo back amongst the choices too.



    Use the squad, hammer the lot of them :)




  8. On topic: The Dundee Utd game will be problematic as Paul alludes to…. if we turn-up in our usual ‘second-half mode’, or, ‘first-half’, if you include Raith Rovers. If we are on our top ‘first-half’ form, e.g. *Rangers/Motherwell, we will have no problem.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    It’s a pity the squad didn’t come together fully even a month earlier.



    If we aspire to win the Scottish Cup and reach the last 16 of UEFA Conference League …



    By my reckoning that is 19 games in 95 days



    Plus an international fixture window



    All to fit in.




  10. Garngad to Croy on




    It would be interesting to find out how much Mr. Hatley charged for that gig, probably a lot more than the cost of the Handwash?

  11. The Dundee Utd game must be viewed both in context and perspective. It’s fresh ‘out of the hat’ and slots into a ‘packed programme’ – I think it’s worthy of mention!

  12. park the bus MON beach ball sunday on

    A £49 oldfirm ticket says it was Timmy who was duped!


    Duped by the sleekit Celtic PLC!


    Duped by the PLCs diversionary tactical squirrel called Brendan Rodgers!


    A £49 oldfirm ticket says that Hundom walked away laughing their heids aff fae the greatest sporting heist ever committed and wee nippy face is still accumulating the “cost” by deliberately maliciously prosecuting bus loads of squirrel “extras” Eye!


    Timdom was done! Shafted! Skelped! Outmaneuvered! Outsmarted! Made to look glaikit!


    all of that and so much more because Timmy didny have the stuff tae say…..



    “Ram your same club tickets who the fk are you trying to kid?”



    but Timmy was kidded and now Timmy dizny have the stuff tae say….



    “You know what, PLC, this is a shafting! It started at £49 in 2016 when the huns came back to the top league, and they did come back or the tickets wouldn’t have been that price, £49, would they?? You’ve used us Tims and got the huns off with dying??, but the tickets were that price, £49, you PLC winkers shafted us, and we fell for it, but enough is enough, its now what?, £52?, more than a CL ticket? They get away with being the same club, same history?, not a single trophy stripped?, Res 12 and Auldheid flung under the bus, by you, you shower of cnts, the huns still have not paid a single penny paid back to HMRC, for the huns EBT Tax Dodging heist of what?, £200+ million??, so far, wee nippy face is still creaming it off maliciously prosecuting squirrel extras, for how much??, hundreds of ££££millions+, and here’s cheated Timmy, cheated oot ae 20+ trophies??, and we’re effectively rubber stamping Sevco as Rangers with every £49/£52 ticket that we buy, and you, PLC, and wee nippy face at Bute House are laughing your fkn asses off at us, taking us for dumbfks!! Well its OVER!! No more!!”……tic, toc



    But, sadly, we all know that Timmy hasn’t the balls to, GO AHEAD, with the PLC.


    Maybe when Timmy next sings about the IRA, maybe Timmy will stop for a couple of seconds and think to themselves, “What Gerry Adams, Martin McGinness, and the countless thousands of other gallant heroes have done, if Celtic PLC tried to fk them over??”



    P.S. I’m not talking about blow up the directors box or anything bold like that, but, if Timmy imagines yourselves inside the shoes of any one of those, countless thousands, maybe millions, of gallant heroes, and think about, how “smartly” that any of those heroes would’ve dealt with the PLC muggers!!



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  14. SAINT STIVS on 15TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:32 PM


    i was sitting on the other blog all contented and talking to myself, and the conversation went to another topic on the new thread .



    i was duped i tell ye






    We all were, as I have you on Saint Stivs can I interest you in a little business proposition, going for a pound……

  15. Typical, sleekit, scottish cup draw.



    Celtic facing a tough away tie while rankers go back to Dens Park where Madden let them off the hook in September when their goalie should have been sent off and now the local support will believe that whatever they do they will lose. Hibs get ANOTHER away tie to Murderwell. Hearts are at HOME. St Mirren (not SFA favourites) have to travel to play the mini huns.



    All done in the utmost secrecy, in Rod Petrie´s garage? After Londoner Rod Stewart´s pathetic performance at the draw a few years ago, live on TV, the SFA have the perfect excuse to keep the draw away from the public and keep it in the family ( brothers)



    Dundee Utd v Celtic would have been a good final.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 15TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:30 PM




    a pound you say, with a loyal loyal consumer base that can be milked for millions






    Yes millions, all paid of course in shares, are you in?

  17. park the bus MON beach ball sunday on

    Celtic fc and its supporters should have the gravitas


    and be gemme enough to play anybody, anywhere, at any time.


    Oor unwritten motto should be,….


    “if we don’t have enough ‘first team’ picks available to us, then don’t be worrying aboot it, because we’re Celtic, and Celtic will always find a way to ‘battle’ whatever odds may be against us at anytime, in any arena, our song says “Celtic will be there” so expect us.”

  18. Successful teams play lots of games. Lots of players in successful teams also play international games. Such is football at the top level.



    I can remember back in the 70’s when FA Cup ties were going to 2nd replays, on quagmire pitches, not the bowling greens they play on today.

  19. park the bus MON beach ball sunday on

    OHITS on 15TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:58 PM




    Why dont you give us all a break and do one , you are kidding nobody now GTF.




    Haven’t any idea what your on about??


    sorry about that 👍



  20. 31003 on 15TH FEBRUARY 2022 11:17 AM



    Although broken – hearted at not being included, I found that an enjoyable and entertaining post.


    Well done.

  21. park the bus MON beach ball sunday on

    Iyts a Global trap with the usual ‘mysterious’ controllers pulling me levers!!






    Neil Clark (@NeilClark66) Tweeted:


    As we see from Trudeau in Canada, globalist authoritarians want a cashless society. Then it’s easy for them to seize the bank accounts of those who protest against the govt & don’t comply with the WEF agenda. Cash = Freedom which is why we must carry on using it whenever we can. https://twitter.com/NeilClark66/status/1493488216216846343?s=20&t=BTXS6Xp3ImEwiJVytwtsCQ

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