Dissonance as well as rubbish football afflicts Hearts


Our old friend Cognitive Dissonance was at play again last night.  Hearts manager, Paolo Sergio, seemed to accept Stephen Elliot’s second minute attempt was cleared so quickly officials might not have had a chance to ascertain if it crossed the line, but he tried to reconcile his frustration at this reality by publicly adopting a position which, on reflection, he should accept is in contravention to the rules of the game.

Elliot’s attempt struck Joe Ledley, who was standing on the line with his arms stationary and by his side, before being cleared by Fraser Forster.

Sergio said, “If you don’t see the ball over the line then you should see the handball which is a penalty and a red card.”

It’s scarcely credible that the Hearts manager is unaware of the rules of the game which clearly establish that for a handball offence to be committed the player needs to deliberately use a hand or arm to play the ball, not have the ball played against his stationary hand or arm.

No one had much of a clue whether the ball had crossed the line or not until after watching multiple TV replays and even then, while I can understand the attacking team claiming a goal, TV evidence does not provide conclusive proof that the whole of the ball crossed the line.

This will no doubt be the source of Sergio’s frustration; his team could have taken the lead but didn’t.  Armed with this frustration he then created a false scenario which allowed him to reconcile his feelings of grievance.

What a shower.  Struggling to operate in the SPL and pay tax, disorganised team structure and afflicted by football’s Cognitive Dissonance epidemic.

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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I enjoyed the game last night thought the hoops were terriffic and agree with Broonie they will get even better good times ahead for us im sure.Picking a man of the match for me is difficult as there were so many good performances Broonie led like a captain he was all over the pitch and scored Wanyama steady throughout the game and scored a great goal Forster did all that was ask of him as did Mulgrew Matthews very composed Hooper got his goal Rogne was commanding Wilson is beginig to settle Ledley worked hard and got his goal Forrest was quiet the three subs did there bit but my MOM goes to super Sammi he simply scared the life out of the Hearts players all night and he worked like a trojan.Well done Lennie and the Bhoys 16 in a row is no mean feat.H.H.

  2. ICE CREAM .



    Lovers of ice cream are highly recommended to attend —



    The Sherbeth Festival in Cefalu [ between Palermo and Messina ]



    A four day festival featuring the best ice cream in the world.



    Usually held in Mid September. Cefalu is a lovely medieval town with a fabulous Norman Cathedral.

  3. Just a quick word on the game –



    I thought before it started that Mulgrew and Ledley weren’t a great combination. Hoever, that was assuming we were going 4-4-2, whereas Lennon opted for a 4-3-3 with Forrest in a free role. This really worked well for Charlie, who had more to aim at up front, and demonstrated he can be a good attacking fullback when we played St Johnstone away. Kudos to Neil for setting his team up in this way.



    So pleased to see Sammi getting the recognition he deserved; he has played in all bar one of the games on Celtic’s winning run – a genuine team player who was utterly devastating in the first half. Other plaudits go to Brown, Kelvin Wilson in defence and James Forrest. For me, though, man of the match (by a whisker ahead of Sammi) goes to Joe Ledley – tireless up and down the pitch all night, closing down the Hearts players when they got the ball, and excellent reading of the game.












  5. Is this the one:




    Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!! says:


    9 February, 2012 at 11:59


    So the tv evidence of the hearts ” goal “, is a magnified still showing the bottom of the ball over the line.


    Not the whole ball, just the bottom.


    The still actually proves the ball is not over the line, so no goal.


    Yes the ball does bounce up before big FF punches it clear, again.


    So only two people know if the ball crossed the line, big FF and JL, now none of those two claimed for a goal, so that proves it never crossed the line…FACT!!


    The science of forensics is easier than you think.









  6. enmac, a bampot stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon says:



    9 February, 2012 at 12:25



    I see there is a nardinis opend up on byres rd.



    jelly and ice cream for lunch methinks !





    Never mind these Johnny-come-latelys! get yersel’ intae the University Cafe!!!!! Home-made ice cream!!!!!!

  7. Dear oh dear, Craig Brown is manager of the month for January. Oh how the press boys must be suffering.


    Would love to hear their logic justifying that choice which could only have been anyone but Neil.

  8. We haven’t heard much from the “Black Ops” boys brigade lately?


    You know the spurious Tartan Tories, the hundercover ‘sectarian word’ tub-thumpers.


    I think the” but we need ranjurs furra league” plants are great too.



    Great fun.

  9. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on




    I agree with your analysis as usual but what did seem a wee bit strange was Lenny’s meek acceptance that it probably was a goal.



    Did he not react similarly when Wallace ‘scored’ against us?



    Perhaps he thinks it’s not worth arguing when we have easily won both games. Bigger battles to be had and all that.



    Dont know why he just didnt say I’m not sure in both instances. This would have been a reasonable response.




  10. Welcome back Daniel Cousin: played 445 scored 114; prolific or what. I won’t be able to sleep at night, the mere thought of you returning to Greyskull has put me off of my jelly and ice cream.



    Hail! Hail!

  11. enmac, a bampot stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    davythelotion says:


    9 February, 2012 at 12:45



    havent been in the uni cafe for a wee while. might just do that. a couple of rools and fritter, followed by their delicious ice cream . yum yum

  12. Paul67



    Sorry but as with Palacio67, I’m also experiencing the same error, in fact I wouldn’t have noticed had I not read Palacio’s post.



    What gives?




  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Mort: 9 February, 2012 at 12:17



    But what flavour are we talking here?



    I’m going for chocolate ice cream – more specifically Federici chocolate ice cream … astounding with or without jelly.

  14. Well I’m about to get some jelly + ice cream for lunch, and sit down watching season 1 finale of Breaking Bad.



    CQN, changing internet browsing habits everywhere…

  15. Craig Brown is manager of the month for January!



    Aberdeen played five games, wnning three (against bottom club Dunfermline, lower league Forfar and a good win at Dundee United) and drawing two (at home to Kilmarnock and away to struggling Rangers). One impressive result out of five then.



    Neil Lennon’s Celtic meanwhile won five games out of five.

  16. I mentioned when Scott Brown won player of the month, the SPL would overlook Neil Lennon and as sure as eggs are eggs Craig Brown wins Manager of the month due to Aberdeens 2 wins (2-1 and 1-0) and 2 draws in the same period that Celtic won all its SPL games.




  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo: 9 February, 2012 at 12:27



    I don’t think Ibrox will be available. The tax man will have that at the training complex.



    As for Whyte – he’ll be doing well to avoid the jail. Perjury and all that.

  18. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon –



    Controversial decision goes against Celtic: these things even themselves out, don’t be paranoid, etc.



    Controversial decision favouring Celtic: change the rules of the game, scrutinise the linesmen for Irishy-sounding surnames, etc. etc.



    Also, the decisions favouring Celtic don’t need to be controversial to inspire rage. Remember the BAAAWing that greeted Shunsuke Nakamura winning a free kick a few seasons ago (think it was at Love Street)? He was clearly fouled, it was clearly a free kick, yet it led to a Celtic goal, and ultimately helped Celtic win the title, so the permarage boiled over.



    Lesson: people feel an emotional response first, in fractions of a second, and then construct a rationalisation to support their emotional response.



    When I was younger and more naive, and Neil Lennon was still a new Celtic player, I couldn’t understand why people who claimed to be Airdrie fans, Hearts fans, etc. were seemingly so obsessed with Neil Lennon. On hearing of my football affiliation, they would go out of their way to tell me what a snarling, thuggish, bigot they thought “Lennon” was.



    I didn’t understand then the emotional reaction that Neil Lennon inspires in people who suffer from an atavistic hatred of Irish Catholics who don’t know their place. (thumbsup)

  19. Gordon J, Mort



    You sound surprised.


    Personally I try not to be skeptical and say that Craig Brown (wily old fox that he is) did turn his team around in that time.




    But unfortunately, every time I do say that. It ends up satirical.

  20. Steinreignedsupreme at 12:52



    Going for a nice colourful plate. Some mint ice cream, a bit of vanilla and some orange jelly.




  21. Son of Gabriel at 12:58



    While that’s true, his record over the period wasn’t as good as other managers. Even Sally had a better record in the SPL with 3 wins a draw so he’d have been a better candidate.




  22. Dead and Loving it on

    Regarding CW raising money through the ticketus scheme



    after reading about this scheme it would seem to be a massively expensive way of raising money



    Why did CW not go to a bank and get a loan rather than getting money from ticketus ?



    as we were told that Craig was a billionare he must have a great line of credit personally



    he borrowed the 18M to buy rangers so we are being told



    why couldn’t he just do the same again for another 20m rather than go to ticketus



    I understand that rangers have no line of credit but it seems to me neither does CW



    I have saw that some people have suggested that ibrox park may have been used as collateral for the loan




    If Ibrox got sold from underneath the huns it would be a waste of time anybody trying to do anything with it as they would not allow that


    ibrox would be like ground zero



    Murray park that is a different proposition

  23. .



    Courtesy Shields Gazette..



    Magpies stopper Forster puts talks of Celtic move on hold


    UNCERTAIN FUTURE … Fraser Forster.



    FRASER Forster has put talks on his future on hold until the summer.



    Newcastle United goalkeeper Forster is on a season-long loan at Celtic.



    The two clubs are understood to have agreed a £2m fee for a permanent move, and Celtic Park manager Neil Lennon has been keen to get the deal done.



    But Forster is yet to agree personal terms, and sources in Glasgow say he’s keen to keep his options open until the summer.



    The 23-year-old would only want to return to St James’s Park if he was guaranteed first-team football.



    With Tim Krul having succeeded Steve Harper as the club’s first-choice goalkeeper, Forster’s future would still seem to lie away from Newcastle.



    Krul is among the United players expected to attract interest in the summer’s transfer window, with Tottenham Hotspur among his would-be suitors.



    The 23-year-old – who has been outstanding so far this season, and has a reported price tag of £15m – could be offered a new deal by Newcastle to reflect his elevation to No1 status at St James’s Park.




  24. Paul67 – remember your ‘get used to it’ comments about Celtic battling for thrid place? I thought at the time you knew something we didn’t. But am I right in thinking you were, like the rest of us, acting from gut instinct and the hurt of our team failing so miserably to deliver a few months ago?



    I admit that I was about to join in with the call for major change. I didn’t see how it could turn around. I have to eat some humble pie.



    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the ‘get used to it’ phase.

  25. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    RobertTressell 9 February, 2012 at 13:05:


    I always interpreted this to mean we were offski to a league where we would do well to battle for third place.


    Hope that’s what he meant.

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Summa of Sammi I wouldnt be concerned about big Fraser Forster when we win the SPL that will give us a crack at qualifying for the Champions league and not many clubs can offer the big guy that.I am sure he will sign for Celtic in the summer.H.H.

  27. philvisreturns on

    RobertTressell – I have to eat some humble pie.



    Robert, a big man admits when he was wrong.



    Even I am not infallible, though you may scarcely believe that.



    The important thing is, we’re going to win the league and they’re going to the Bad Fire. (thumbsup)

  28. Phil – I was indeed wrong about the team and Neil Lennon. As an avowed Happy Clapper of old it pains and shames me to admit it.



    I am still in a state of semi-dream like disbelief about the impending demise of The Others. I know it’s happening. I’m loving it. They are going to cease to exist. And I think I am going to wake up any time and discover it’s 1991 and we are finishing 4th in the league……



    The bad fire sounds good. For them.

  29. so I just called the SPL press office and asked how the “Manager of the Month” award is actually arrived at, offering that one would of thought


    statistics be the overriding factor in any decision making process, got fobbed off with “It’s a panel, nothing really officially to do with the SPL as


    such, it’s a panel of journalists” (stop laughing at the back!) “and Clydesdale Bank people…..it’s to do with people’s opinions”



    People’s opinions fholks, i suppose Sally was unlucky not to win it really, considering that anyone with a shred of compassion for their fellow man


    would be of the “opinion” that the fat Paul Le Guen (soon to be seen back on Question of Sport)


    has been more than deserving of such an award, considering the difficulties imposed on him by the unfortunate predicament that one of Scotland’s


    oldest and grrrrreatest institutions now finds itself in.



    ice cream and jelly anyone??




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