Dissonance as well as rubbish football afflicts Hearts


Our old friend Cognitive Dissonance was at play again last night.  Hearts manager, Paolo Sergio, seemed to accept Stephen Elliot’s second minute attempt was cleared so quickly officials might not have had a chance to ascertain if it crossed the line, but he tried to reconcile his frustration at this reality by publicly adopting a position which, on reflection, he should accept is in contravention to the rules of the game.

Elliot’s attempt struck Joe Ledley, who was standing on the line with his arms stationary and by his side, before being cleared by Fraser Forster.

Sergio said, “If you don’t see the ball over the line then you should see the handball which is a penalty and a red card.”

It’s scarcely credible that the Hearts manager is unaware of the rules of the game which clearly establish that for a handball offence to be committed the player needs to deliberately use a hand or arm to play the ball, not have the ball played against his stationary hand or arm.

No one had much of a clue whether the ball had crossed the line or not until after watching multiple TV replays and even then, while I can understand the attacking team claiming a goal, TV evidence does not provide conclusive proof that the whole of the ball crossed the line.

This will no doubt be the source of Sergio’s frustration; his team could have taken the lead but didn’t.  Armed with this frustration he then created a false scenario which allowed him to reconcile his feelings of grievance.

What a shower.  Struggling to operate in the SPL and pay tax, disorganised team structure and afflicted by football’s Cognitive Dissonance epidemic.

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  1. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    I heard loads of abuse from my position in front of the TV. There’ll be no huns in Scotland. We’re havin a party when rainjurs die. The wee huns are goin bust etc. No wonder the huns, wee and big are up in arms about it.


    If there was money thrown by celtic fans which I doubt, then the Jambos might be able to pay the tax man what they owe. If the tax man gets paid I’ll believe you otherwise its more hungiffery.

  2. Just back from work and had no idea I had unnerved the resident bluenoses by my recent behaviour.



    Apparently I should be ecstatic over their predicment, now it is true that they are never slow in putting the boot in whenever Celtic have a bad result but as I explained to them I get no satisfaction from kicking a man (team) when they are down, this they could not compute!



    Following up on this I said that in any case I am holding back till they vanish from existence, what then followed was a ‘discussion’ that Celtic could not possibly survive without them as we need to focus our ‘hatred’ towards them.



    I believe this is one of the things that makes us different to them, they can only see us with hatred and think we are the same, I ended the coversation by saying I only had pity for them if their sole reason for supporting rangers is to validate their hatred against us.



    The sooner pondlife FC is wound up the better for all concerned!




  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane


    He can see the ticket was originally stamped for Spain


    Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye


    God it looks like Sandaza, must be the clouds in my eyes



    They say Spain is pretty though I’ve never been


    Well Daniel says it’s the best place the mibs have seen


    Oh and he should know if it´s a double bluff


    Lord I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much



    Daniel my brother you are older than me


    Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won’t heal


    Your eyes have died but you see more than I


    Daniel you’re a star in the blink of an eye



    Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane


    He can see the ticket was originally stamped for Spain


    Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye


    God it looks like Goodwillie, must be the clouds in my eyes


    Oh God it looks like Sandaza, must be the clouds in my eyes

  4. this thing about the ball boys and girls being “attacked with coins” or “attacked by celtic fans”



    has this not been doing the rounds for the last 2-3 years? im nearly sure this happened the last couple of times we have been there




    its a ff rumour that they started, please stop repeating it on here

  5. Spoke to a Pars fan at work today and he said the away support had only sold 3,000 tickets for East End Park on Saturday. Celtic sold almost 8,000 tickets on our last visit to Fife.


    Celtic supporting Scottish football v Rangers trying their best to destroy it.


    How badly will they be missed again?




  6. Anybody got any info on the supposed contract claus in Laffables contract that means he can’t play?


    Heard a wee bit of info today but was only part of a story so to speak.



    /Bish\o/p B

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Lafferty completes Rangers move



    Northern Ireland striker Kyle Lafferty has agreed a five-year contract with Rangers after making the switch from Burnley for a fee in excess of £3m.


    Rangers had offered Alan Gow as part of the deal and the midfielder remains in talks with the Turf Moor club.


    However, Lafferty’s move to Glasgow is not contingent on Gow’s decision.


    “The move has been a long time in coming and I’m thrilled to be at the club at last,” Lafferty, 20, told the Rangers website.


    Ibrox manager Walter Smith has already bolstered his attacking options after signing Kenny Miller and Andrius Velicka.


    Now Smith has captured the 6ft, 4in forward, who can also operate on either flank.


    “When I heard Rangers were looking at me, I really wanted to join them,” added Lafferty.


    “But there was a point when I thought they had lost interest.


    “Hopefully, I can now show the fans what I can do on the pitch. All of my mates and family are big Rangers fans so they are pleased I’m at the club now.”


    Burnley are set to receive a further £750,000 when Lafferty makes 100 first team appearances for Rangers and a sell-on clause that includes a 10% cut of any future profit.


    Last week Burnley boss Owen Coyle said Lafferty had made it clear he wanted to leave Turf Moor.


    “Ultimately, from the fans’ point of view, Kyle wanted to leave the club after saying he felt it was time to move on.”



    Celtic had a bid for £2.75m plus Derek Riordan turned down by Burnley and Wolves were also interested in the Northern Ireland international.


    Lafferty scored 10 goals in 56 appearances for Burnley and has won 16 caps for his country, notching five goals.


    Gow, 25, has struggled to establish himself at Ibrox since moving from Falkirk last summer, managing just two comptetitive appearances.


    Burnley have given Gow until next Thursday to make up his mind.

  8. The hun supporters in my work have been very quiet this year, they don’t say much if anything about football and match results and tend to avoid eye contact, probably scared to be asked about their view of the the state of their club, from playing side to financials

  9. http://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/106668-ball-boysgirls-having-to-be-moved/page__st__40



    Hearts fans are being goaded by the press to report the coin throwing from Celtic fans to them. If anyone was there has video proof or anything please get in touch.


    Celtic are winning and it’s clear operation blacken Celtic’s fans has started.



    The Evening News has a responsibility to highlight these instances. Can you drop me a line at david.mccann@edinburghnews.com please.



    The Herald are interested in doing a story on this as well. Can you call Brian Donnelly on 0131 240 0270






    This is unheard of for me. Do the press ever post on CQN asking for stories?



    Anyone who can give the proper story MUST get in touch with the press to even this out. If Celtic fans were innocent ensure it is reported.




  10. Tennessee Tim says:


    9 February, 2012 at 16:22



    According to soccerbase he has played 101 SPL games, and 134 overall.



    He has made 86 starts.




  11. Do we want Rangers to go out of business or do we want them to be treated in accordance with both the Law of the Land and of Football Bodies?




  12. Cheers Awe_Naw. that was kinda what I’d heard but the details wasn’t there.


    And the devil’s in the detail… Mr Whyte/White.





    /Bish\o/p B

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Jungle Jim says:


    9 February, 2012 at 16:26



    LOL …. guid yin



    Hail Hail

  14. New Hun theme song – Courtesy of the real Man in Black, Johnny Cash.



    **Apologies if this has been run before



    My bills are all due and the babies need shoes,


    But I’m Busted


    Cotton’s gone down to a quarter a pound


    And I’m Busted



    I got a cow that’s gone dry


    And a hen that won’t lay


    A big stack of bills


    Getting bigger each day


    The county’s gonna haul my belongings away,


    But I’m Busted



    So I called on my brother to ask for a loan


    ‘Cause I was Busted


    I hate to beg like a dog for a bone,


    But I’m Busted



    My brother said, “there’s not a thing I can do,


    My wife and my kids


    Are all down with the flu


    And I was just thinkin’ about callin’ on you,


    ‘Cause I’M Busted.”



    Lord, I ain’t no thief, but a man can go wrong,


    When he’s Busted


    The food that we canned last summer is gone,


    But I’m Busted



    Now the fields are all bare


    And the cotton won’t grow


    Me and my family’s gotta pack up and go


    But I’ll make a living, just where, I don’t know


    ‘Cause I’m Busted

  15. Hi all,


    after many years of trying I am now probably the newest member of CQN.



    Looking forward to joining in the debates.

  16. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Neil Lennons team strolled thru the mini huns as if they weren’t there, a truly emphatic result.


    Who would have thought that, when it was half time vs killie and we were 3-0 down that three months later we would be undefeated.


    Truly a turnaround of damascusesque proportions. God bless Neil Lennon.



    The bigotted jambos are looking more likely to follow their brothers in freemasonry down the road to nowhere. I guess that’s one more sympathetic vote that the huns can expect, considering that the Jambos will be expecting a similar punishment to the huns when their own “insolvency event” occurs.



    I just hope then that the Hibbees are the team to be relegated this season, so that driven by self-interest and sheer dislike of their neighbours the hibbees might just see the light and join Celtic in voting for relegation for Scotlands hun outfits, who knows ….



    If the huns go into admin in say April, how likely is it that they will have resolved their difficulties, reorganised their finances and be back in business three months later as new huns in July, a mere three months later? Damned unlikely if you ask me. (aye but nobody did ask…)



    Relegation is the way forward for the bankrupt poverty stricken chaos that calls itself the huns


    They will need a year or so, to reorganise and grow again (like a Japanese knotweed)


    They will need to enter admin


    They may need to then be bankrupted or exit admin


    They will need to find another leader (fit and proper etc)


    They will need time to pay off of the thousandaire (a return on his £1 investment)


    They may need to buy their park back from ticketus


    They will have to rebuild their team



    I don’t think that this can be done in 3 months during the close season, but correct me if Im wrong.


    Putting aside my gloating heid and big giant smile for a few minutes, It makes sense, an organisation in such poor shape cannot go from their current position to financially stable in only 3 months.



    The huns may go into admin in the next few months or even weeks


    They might even go bankrupt in that time


    There may be ONLY two more “old firm” games left ever


    The huns may be in a bad mood when they lose them as well


    There may be trouble ahead. Be prepared for them.

  17. Could be a sellout on Saturday v I C T. Just been on the official site, online ticket section, to check something, and for the first time in my experience there is a fairly long queue. I’m glad I got my tickets earlier. Last night’s result may have triggered a new enthusiasm amongst the more lapsed of us.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH



    Ps looking forward to the quiz night find raiser on Saturday night.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 says:


    9 February, 2012 at 16:34


    Livibhoy-Took your tip mate,got Broony @12/1 ,cheers.



    Hope you spent it wisely on beer, women and squandered the rest.




  19. Livibhoy



    As I posted there were various objects thrown from both ends. I was in Block H close by the wee hun supporters opposite the main stand (sorry but don’t know its actual title).



    Maybe the press should look at the orc who clearly attempted to spit on Matthews in the first half, was consequently removed by a steward, and then as if by magic, reappeared in the second half.



    His mates hoodie was evidently too cunning a disguise for the local constabulary?!

  20. Ten Men Won The League on

    Latest injury news


    By: Laura Brannan on 09 Feb, 2012 15:51


    WITH Pawel Brozek making his debut on Wednesday evening, in the 4-0 win against Hearts, another one of January’s new signings will be available for selection very soon. Mikael Lustig, who was suffering from a left hip strain, will return to training next week.



    Paul Slane will follow in his tracks a week later and will train with his Celtic team-mates before completing his loan move to MK Dons when he returns to fitness.



    Meanwhile, long-term absentees, Mo Bangura and Beram Kayal, are both making good progress after their recent operations.

  21. hamiltontim says:


    9 February, 2012 at 16:37



    This is going to be reported in the Evening News and the hearld tomorrow. I would urge you to give your side of the story to the email addresses I put on earlier.



    We are going to get the usual negative press whilst a thug attacked our manager and walked!




  22. 12/1 on Broonie scoring?!!



    I’ll give you 25/1 on Tam Forsyth scoring either side of Daniel Cousin’s hattrick.

  23. Well bhoys and ghirls im going to be over in edinburgh from ireland for the weekend of the hibs game & im just wondering would anyone have a spare ticket if not where would be the best place to watch the game thanking you for help on either HH

  24. Son of Gabriel on

    On the coin thrown fiasco



    Just spoke to one of my friends who does G4S Steward work.


    I have a few friends, 1 of whom is a former flatmate, that do this and chat to them regularly about it.



    Favourite quote about Mordor was when said flatmate asked the name of “the coloured midfielder who plays for Rankers” reply: “Edu??” flatmate:”Aye, they don’t shout racist stuff when hes on”



    But to my point. Speaking to one of my friends who works on the edinburgh shifts (wasnt on last night) said he hadnt heard anything from the other staff about any coin throwing but doubts there was anything.



    What I did remember though was after the 1-0 scottish cup replay at paradise (the infamous “shame game”) and our ball-boys, which keep in mind were from our youth set-up, had to be removed from the rangers end due to the amount of abuse they were taking from the away fans.



    Just thought Id throw this out there. Apologise its friend of a friend type information and if the point I raised has been mentioned before sorry but hadnt seen it.

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