Doing things to Hearts


The Centenary Season was memorable for many reasons, not least the brand of skilful, attacking, football we played. The title was destined for Celtic Park after a win at Ibrox, but Hearts at Tynecastle would be our first opportunity to officially become champions.

Two tickets were secured, but for the Hearts end, so title celebrations were planned without colours. We were in the ground early – the enclosure in front of the stand. As the place filled up there was the occasional Hearts scarf, but the majority were also without football colours. By kick off it was clear there were more Celtic than Hearts fans in the section. Both sets of supporters were free to express their feelings without any trouble.

The game was forgettable. Celtic, who had run teams ragged all season, were unable to craft a goal and left pointless. It was disappointing, but a week later, 63,000 (over) packed Celtic Park in the sunshine as the league was won in a more appropriate environment.

My preference would always be to win a title before our own season ticket holders at Celtic Park, but if we can’t do that, Tynecastle comes pretty close as an ideal alternate venue. Hearts fans sang “We’re only here for the party” when we lost the title seven years ago.

Let’s remind them who the champions are tomorrow, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Albert Kidd title in 1986. Albert Kidd, a Celtic fan, was a Dundee player at the time. On the last day of the season he was on the bench against Hearts, who needed a point to win the title. They were 32 games unbeaten. Albert hadn’t scored a single goal all season.

He was introduced with 15 minutes remaining. Five minutes later he opened the scoring at a corner kick. He then scored the goal which inspired Diego Maradona to run through the England team and score at the World Cup a few months later. Diego’s goal was brilliant, but Albert’s was far more astonishing.  It was utterly astonishing.

We did something to Hearts that season.  They never recovered and never will. That 15-minute cameo from Albert, with Celtic’s five goal mauling of St Mirren, finished them.

The Celtic Foundation’s ‘Heroes of ’86 – 30 years on’ dinner takes place on Sunday. Albert Kidd is guest of honour, as are Celts from that team (not all of them!), including our captain, Paul McStay. I hear the Kidd family will be very well represented on the night. It should be something special.

Enjoy your weekend, especially if you’re going to Tynecastle, or the Foundation dinner.  These moments are precious.

30 years later, I’m still astonished.

Charlie Gallagher, What a Player

Charlie Gallagher was at Celtic Park for over 10 years. Encompassing the 1960’s, his career was an eventful one, touching the depths of despair and the ultimate triumph. Slightly-built, he seemed to lack the necessary robustness. But appearances can be very deceptive. Behind the easy-going exterior lurked a tremendous football brain, with the ability to spray passed which fast-running forwards would relish.

Charlie starred in one of Celtic’s best performances in years as MTK Budapest were beaten 3-0 in the European Cup-Winners’ Cup semi-final at Celtic Park. When Jock Stein arrived in March 1965, Gallagher was given a settled role at inside-right. His play was quiet but effective and good enough for him to retain a place for the Scottish Cup final. Eight minutes remained when Charlie trotted over to take a corner kick on the left. It was like one of those Spot the Ball competitions in the newspapers where the entrant must place the ball in the exactly the right spot. In this case, the target was the moving one of Billy McNeil’s head… And Gallagher’s accuracy was to signal the return of the glory days to Celtic Park.

The next two seasons were to see Charlie in the role of valuable pool member, covering for injuries or being used as a surprise weapon. In the first league game of 1965-66 season at Tannadice, Charlie hit the bar in the first two minutes and rumour has it that the bar is shaking yet. And, of course, it was the action replay from him and McNeill which gave Celtic their narrow victory over Vojvodina Novi Sad in the European Cup quarter-final in 1967.

One day at Muirton Park, where Celtic won 6-1, there was a brilliant Freudian slip by an old-timer standing near me in the enclosure. One particulate long pass was greeted with a clap and a cry of “Well done, Patsy”, an understandable confusion with Charlie’s namesake of more than 40 years earlier.

CHARLIE GALLAGHER? WHAT A PLAYER! by David Potter is published today by CQN. You can order your SIGNED copy HERE.


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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    TheClumpany on 29th April 2016 12:20 pm



    Hope this is you coming oot of retirement :)






    You doctors must feel like yer doing the hokey-cokey,the way that informed and in-depth studies keep contradicting themselves.




    There’s a universally-discredited report from a previously-eminent British scientist-I’ll find out who later,strange name IIRC-in the early 70s which said that sugar was the enemy not fat. He even reckoned fructose to be a poison to humans as chocolate can be to dogs.




    He is being posthumously rehabilitated now,apparently.

  3. Hope we can do the business tomorrow, surely no incentive needed. I don’t fancy another 8 days of negativity if we don’t.







    I like the guy’s thinking.



    Does he have a defibrillator on site for his Guinea pigs?

  5. I just hope our team stand up and are counted at Tynecastle. They have provided insipid performances nearly every time serious questions have been asked of them this season. Experience suggests Deila will again put his faith in the same players that have repeatedly let him down and ultimately lost him his job like Brown & Johansen. You can be sure Hearts will be up for the fight and a physical battle something our team don’t seem to relish. A sad fact about our squad is the only one player you know beforehand that will not shirk a tackle and will give everything to the cause is an 18 year old novice, Kieran Tierney. That’s a damning indictment of the well paid senior professionals around him.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well that’s a very interesting statement from the SFA. Particularly this bit:


    “We have been consistent all along that the process of determining Mr Dave King’s Fit and Proper request, submitted via an amendment to Rangers FC’s Official Return, was conducted in the correct and appropriate manner.




    As per the SFA’s Articles of Association, an Official Return is required to be submitted by all clubs every year by 1st June.


    Now how could (in 2012) a club which didn’t exist on 1st June (Sevco Scotland FC) complete an Official Return by 1st June?

  7. Albert Kidd a Celtic fan, really? I was in his class in first year, St Johns Dundee.


    There were lots of guys that were good Celtic supporters, me, Joe Malone, Danny Divers and Tam Ferry for example but Albert? I cannot recall him ever going to any Celtic games, mentioning Celtic or having any connection with Celtic. The Celtic supporters knew each other and spoke about going to games.


    I remember on a few occasions playing for St Johns school team, 10.00 kick off then running after the game into Lochee to get on a supporters bus to Celtic Park. I cannot remember once Albert being on the bus.


    Myth debunked.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    A healthy scepticism in all scientific research pronouncements is a great asset.


    Say something controversial and you get noticed and funding.


    Remember when all the traditionally “healthy ” foods were belng reassessed in the `70s.




    Just contrary to common sense.



    ” Everything in moderation ”



    Poisons,pal ?


    Al K Hall . :-)



    BTW I ain`t a medic .

  9. The Clumpany



    Really disappointed in the wording of your end paragraph. I’m surprised you would hold in contempt those who spend their hard earned cash backing Celtic home and away.

  10. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW ( previous thread )



    Little Peggy March ————-I Will Follow Him .



    Mrs S of T is fond of Girly Pop —— she has the 45 … She also has the Lesley Gore version .Been a while since I heard them .

  11. BENJYBHOY MUL on 29TH APRIL 2016 12:34 PM



    Really? I’ve been a Celtic supporter since around the time Paul McStay rattled in that goal against Iceland. playing for Scotland in 1984 when I was ten.



    Didn’t make it to a game until I was in my mid-20s.



    Myth not debunked.

  12. Traditionalist,



    For the last thread…Thanks for the reply. Yes I have been following the conversation. I’m cautious about calling people out and words like ‘inaction.’ Be careful what you wish for and all that.



    Some have been saying that Paul67 hasn’t had much to say. I read the following earlier from March 11th. seems pretty clear to me.



    ‘If I (Paul67) can add a few comments….



    People in public or quasi-public bodies don’t get sacked as often for making mistakes as for the subsequent cover up. I have seen evidence which suggests the SFA was duped (to borrow a term) by a member club in 2011 regarding their Uefa eligibility application.



    No information was available to the Association at the time which could have substantiated this, but evidence has come to light since through legal and liquidation processes, and more will be presented at court in due course. The SFA’s failure to critically assess what happened in 2011 feels like a cover up. When you start a cover up, you better be in total control, or you end up getting sacked.



    The Resolution 12 guys have done a magnificent job (as did one significant other person in bringing information to the attention of the police and other authorities). In the early days they worked blind, but they have become the most effective pressure group in Scottish football.



    At the start of this process no one expected anything better from the SFA, it was always a process which was going to end up with Uefa, or an actual court of law. Despite the wishes of those at Hampden, the ball is still in play.’

  13. PAUL67



    You as Blog owner are not allowed to reminisce!!



    You’re supposed to be bashing the board, the players, green brigade an awe that .



    Get wi the programme wull ye?



    Lovely memories by the way!



    I told my story about that day, it still brings a tear to my eye.



    Thanks and keep on keepin’ on.

  14. traditionalist88 on

    clogher celt on 29th April 2016 12:38 pm



    I agree, and your quote from Pauls article sums exactly why I think those boycotting Celtic Park have jumped the gun and possibly sums up the reason for the hesitancy of this group of fans to take any affirmative action…in the real world.



    But we still have a problem…because they are boycotting CP, and some of them(eg. KevJ) are encouraging others to do likewise…



    The ball IS in play.




  15. For those on previous thread who want Neganon to meet Peter Lawell for a face to face meeting.


    For what point?


    Lawell has never listened to the wishes of the Celtic fans in his entire tenure.


    Why should a Celtic fan like Neganon waste time voicing concerns when they have been prejudged as not valid.


    If the Celtic board were honest and transparent then it would be worthwhile.


    History shows different.

  16. Usually enjoy The Clumpany’s stuff, but latest blog ends on a very sour note, I feel.



    Excuse me for doing the shameful thing of paying my own hard-earned money to support the football club I have been a fan of all my life.





    Guid to see you back after your retirement. Have you rehired yourself as a consultant on higher per diem?



    I agree with what you say. Sadly,your thoughts are echoed far and wide. There is no point in funding a game,an organisation,which is corrupt. And so clearly corrupt that their referees can simply ignore damning TV evidence,that the governing body can ignore every law of the game and of the land-ditto one particular club.



    Even worse,when the one counterpoint to corruption is seen-proven?-to be by and large a party to such corruption. Even a cheerleader.



    But as I’ve stated frequently before,if I stayed in Scotland,I would renew. I’d still be as strong in my criticism but I cannot countenance the possibility that the victim becomes,again,the victim,simply for demanding justice.



    Make your demands,your displeasure,your sheer f…..g anger,perfectly plain to the club,by all means.



    But ask yourself who wins if we tear ourselves apart?



    I don’t get the point you’re trying to make.


    Lot’s of St Johns pupils and a few teachers including Brother Bede the headmaster were Celtic through and through but Albert, no.

  19. Does anyone have contact details for people on the CQN Golf day?



    We have tickets for the evening part – but as of yet have had no information about it at all.


    E-mails have gone unanswered for 2 weeks (though I genuinely appreciate how busy everyone is).


    It’s almost 1pm, and I need to sort babysitter and leave Newcastle!



    Thanks folks :)


    MACJAY 1236



    Blinkin’ flip,I should pay more attention!

  21. Bobby and nye,



    An ol soccer am classic:) I don’t know why, but I am reminded of it when my wee boy tells me he hates cheese.



    But loves mozzarella sticks, pizza and the occasional cheese burger.



    Go figure




  22. traditionalist88 on

    fan-a-tic on 29th April 2016 12:45 pm



    Well let him pose the questions, report back to CQN & we take it from there.



    I guarantee it cannot be any less effective than his current mode of inaction.




  23. Fan a tic,



    Can it be any less fruitful than posting them on here ad infinitum?








    Thanks,mate. No wonder I couldn’t remember his name,never seen it before that.



    Must be as rare as Lawwell,I suppose.



    Excellent article,btw. It convinced me that there is little point in listening to experts,do what you like and kick the bucket eventually.



    If already put in years of practice on that,btw…





    Hope it brings back fond memories for The Good Lady of Padova.




  26. Thought Danny McGrain or Roy Aitken was captain in 86? maestro only became skipper early 90s

  27. Traditionalist88


    Speaking to a brick wall comes to mind.


    Change will come.


    History suggests only when completely necessary.


    Not when it should.

  28. BENJYBHOY MUL on 29TH APRIL 2016 12:34 PM



    If you’re still in touch with Tam Ferry say hi from me. I haven’t seen him for a few years but worked on many jobs with him.



    Did Alfie Cook also attend St John’s. ?





    Mark- C.

  29. traditionalist88 on

    fan-a-tic on 29th April 2016 12:58 pm



    If the questions were posed the outcome would be required reading on the blog and then we could all come to an informed decision about what we do next.




  30. Benjybhoy mul



    So just to clarify he wasnt on your bus…ok


    BUT you dont question


    -He knew the context and impiortance of his goals (wee hint o timdom maybe)


    -his face beamed like a tim (go on bet ye can picture it;)


    -he celebrated like a tim (I rem trying to do that double leg heel click 2 arm windmill thingy but gave up pissed on the night)



    Do you?





    -I havent met or know albert but I would smile and shake his hand for his part in our history :-)




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