Dom McKay’s last free hour


Our new CEO Dom McKay will be employed as an executive director from 19th April, working with Peter Lawwell until the latter retires from the top job on 30 June.  McKay will already be involved in considerations around the appointment of a new manager but being released from his role with Scottish Rugby on 16 April will give him time to acclimatise to the vast range of responsibilities the Celtic CEO has.

Celtic is an industry in itself.  It has a print, digital and broadcast media division, online and on-premises retail outlets.  Its principle property is a substantial and complex events venue, which costs in excess of seven figures per annum to maintain.  Income streams include ticket sales, commercial partnerships, equipment sponsorship deals and prize money from domestic and European competition.

It operates restaurants and is licenced to serve alcohol from several bars.  The club employ hundreds of staff, have financial reporting duties consistent with their listing and support the work of the Celtic FC Foundation.  He can succeed with all of this and still fail on the bounce of a ball.

McKay will soon learn demands are made on him from various pressure groups.  Fans, media (old and new) preeminent staff and, of course, a major shareholder, all of whom he will want to satisfy, all of whom he will need to stand firm against, from time to time.  I hope he spends the next two weeks doing as little as possible, because after 19th April, he will never have another free hour.


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  1. Lennybhoy


    Not having a new manager coupled with doubts about getting large crowds into stadia would be a difficult combination to sell.

  2. Wonder what salary Dominic will be on,what bonuses.If it is the same as PL,will that be brought up ad nauseum on here as PLs was.Will he be as successful as PL was,in trophies won.Does he have the old chestnut,”Heated driveway”,God help him,if he does.If he just follows orders,from DD,like PL did,will he be castigated the way PL was,although only following his bosses wishes.Will his love of Celtic be questioned.Will Dominic be as astute with major companies when it comes to sponsorship deals.


    So many questions,and I am sure,in the coming couple of seasons,they will all be answered.


    On here.


    Myself personally,I would be delighted if I never heard another word about Boards,never heard Dominics name mentioned,and the talk reverted to football.How nieve can one get.Anyway,good luck Dominic,with a wonderful Tim name like that,you deserve it.

  3. Four-Leaf Clover Over & Over on

    If any manager said his taking of the job was dependent on him picking his own DoF he’d rightly get laughed out the door.

  4. squire danaher on




    It must be nice living on your planet.



    Who do you believe is responsible for the current state of our club?

  5. Park Road 67 on

    Slavia player Kudela provisionally suspended for one game , guilty until proved otherwise ?

  6. Park rd


    He admitted calling him a sweary word so he is guilty of abuse hence 1 match ban.


    If they prove racial abuse then a further ban will be imposed



    UEFA Europa League: Rangers FC v SK Slavia Praha


    Last updated 04/06/2021 14:00


    Following an investigation conducted by a UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector regarding the incidents that occurred during the 2020/21 UEFA Europa League Round of 16 second leg match between Rangers FC and SK Slavia Praha on 18 March 2021, proceedings have been opened against Mr. Ondřej Kúdela in order for the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) to assess a potential violation of Article 14(1) or Article 15(1)(a)(iv) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (DR) and against Mr. Glen Kamara in order for the CEDB to assess a potential violation of Article 15(1)(g) DR.



    In accordance with Article 49 DR, the CEDB today decided to provisionally suspend Mr. Ondřej Kúdela for the next (1) UEFA club competition match for which he would otherwise be eligible for the prima facie violation of Article 15(1)(a)(iv) DR, without prejudice to any ruling that the CEDB may subsequently make on the alleged violation of Article 14(1) DR.



    Further information about this case will be made available once the CEDB has taken a decision in due course.

  8. Jackiemac


    Here too in North Staffs – and it’s quite heavy – garden visits my ass

  9. Slavia has received UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector’s report proposing further disciplinary measures to be taken against both players Ondřej Kúdela and Glen Kamara regarding the incidents reported during the UEFA Europa League match between Rangers FC and SK Slavia Praha held on 18 March 2021.


    The verbal incident on the pitch between Ondřej Kúdela and Glen Kamara remains at the assertion level. The UEFA Inspector has concluded that “in the absence of compelling evidence to determine the content of the remark made by Mr. Kúdela, the undersigned EDI is not in a position to confirm or contradict Mr. Kamara’s or Mr. Zungu’s account of events”.


    The incident has been referred to the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body that shall now evaluate the evidence whether there was an insult or a racism-related insult. Decision on the player’s provisional suspension of for the next one UEFA club competition match has been rendered in the meantime. At the same time, the UEFA Inspector has proposed a disciplinary measure against Glen Kamara for his serious assault of Ondřej Kúdela that took place after the match.


    In view of the pending UEFA disciplinary proceedings as well as the Police’s investigation we will not provide further comments on the matter.

  10. squire danaher on

    Premier Sports announce SCSF



    Saturday 17 April



    Programme commences 4pm for presumably 5:30 ko



    Utter madness.

  11. It’s hard to have a favourite moment from this season because it’s been a generation defining nightmare, however, I think ajer air punching after tackles was mine – gave me hope.



    You could also stick some of soro’s performances where he’s an out and out pain in the ar^e to opponents and Turnbull’s passing – those loop balls he does on the run are sublime!




  12. For those getting impatient regarding new manager.


    Remember it wasn’t that long ago that Paul 67 was telling us that getting Eddie Howe as manager was completely fanciful and was more likely to be an Alex Neil type of appointment.


    Something has changed. Hopefully for the better

  13. for what it’s worth – my absolute nadir was when DT was subbed recently and looked thoroughly peed off. It’s funny that after all the no shows and frustration that the biggest thing I remember is the lack of future/hope

  14. seen that squire.


    footballs without fans wi telliez


    suprised polis agreed to that time.




  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ST TAMS on 6TH APRIL 2021 4:17 PM


    PL is not making the decision and Paul67 has not yet got a hotline to Dominic


    So Paul67 is still in PL mode – give him time




  16. Turkeybhoy @ 3:03



    I agree with your sentiments.



    As regards Dominic’s salary – I don’t believe he will be doing the same job as Peter, although he inherits the title, and therefore I don’t expect him to earn the same. However like PL he will rightly be rewarded with bonuses for KPIs.



    Peter Lawwell made Celtic the most financially successful entity in the history of sport in Scotland. Apart from coaching, training & team selection, it was PL who called the shots – Mr Celtic is/was an apt title.



    If the product on the field is successful, most would ignore what happens in the offices and boardroom….but there will always be the ‘suit-haters’.

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on

    JACKIEMAC on 6TH APRIL 2021 4:27 PM


    I don’t know this – its just an opinion


    But I often wondered if we subbed DT after 75/80 mins to protect him after his injury/op last year


    Given the league is over – no point pushing him


    Next season I expect to see him play 90 mins regularly


    He was one of the few bright lights this season (when he got a game)




  18. If you effectively own a company, then obviously you have the power to employ whoever you want. After that, though, would it not be prudent to then let those employees do the job as they see fit? If so, after appointments have been made, does DD still exercise influence? I know he could but does he?

  19. ‘At the same time, the UEFA Inspector has proposed a disciplinary measure against Glen Kamara for his serious assault of Ondřej Kúdela that took place after the match.





    In view of the pending UEFA disciplinary proceedings as well as the Police’s investigation we will not provide further comments on the matter.’








    I assume Police Scotland’s investigation is not into the alleged serious assault.

  20. `I assume Police Scotland’s investigation is not into the alleged serious assault.`




    If not that,what else would it be?

  21. EL



    I doubt Prague will be holding their breath for a response from Police Scotland. Their assault complaint will be answered by UEFA where it was filed.

  22. HOT SMOKED@4:45



    You are right – it is prudent for an owner, if they have faith in the officers that they have employed, to allow operational decisions to be made by those in position.



    Usually a majority shareholder, or, owner, will periodically monitor the strategy and check the Key Performance Indicators, which will have been agreed in advance, are being met.



    Major changes like appointing a new Chief Operating Officer, will of course be sanctioned by the ‘top man’.

  23. President of football club SK Slavia Praha, Jaroslav Tvrdík, demands the immediate halt of escalating biased pressure by Rangers’ club representatives (most recently a public statement of the club’s chief, Mr Stewart Robertson, made on 30 March 2021) and other public figures in Scotland on UEFA and Police officials regarding the investigated incidents reported during 2020/21 UEFA Europa League Round of 16 second leg match between Rangers FC and SK Slavia Praha on 18 March 2021.


    Mr Tvrdík states: “The pending investigations conducted by the officials of UEFA and the local Police have made no findings so far. However, our player Ondřej Kúdela has already been the subject of a public ‘conviction’ without any evidence whatsoever; he is a victim of prejudice and a presumption of guilt. The UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector is still conducting an investigation regarding the incidents in question and has been granted additional time until 5 April 2021 to deliver his report. We believe in an evidence- and law-based process whereby Ondřej and our club both provide necessary cooperation to the respective authorities. We have presented evidence which, in our view, cleanses Ondřej of an unjustified accusation of racism.”


    Mr Tvrdík adds that unfortunately xenophobic prejudice is evidently rising on the part of some stakeholders and some British media against clubs and players and, in general, against people from Central and Eastern Europe: “The sad side of the whole matter is that Rangers are trying to cover up overtly aggressive play by their team. During the match itself, our goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář was gravely injured and sustained a frontal sinus fracture while our doctor was prevented to examine him on site even dozens of minutes after the final whistle. Not to mention that there were several other serious fouls against our players and a number of those have remained unpunished. Such behaviour does not belong in the prestigious UEFA Europa League.”


    Mr Tvrdík also stresses that Mr Kamara´s assault of Ondřej Kúdela after the match is likewise included in the subject-matter of the pending investigations despite Rangers being practically silent about this incident. In this regard, he mentions: “If someone is wondering what happened, the Rangers delegation claimed a wish to speak to Ondřej in order to clarify the alleged racial insult. The conversation was about to take place in the tunnel under the patronage and in the presence of the UEFA match delegation and the coaches of both teams. However, the cameras covering the meeting place were purposely covered and then Mr Kamara, with no warning and obviously having zero intention to have the suggested conversation, roughly assaulted Ondřej by punching him to the face. After trying to continue fighting he fled into the dressing room followed by Mr Gerrard without a single word of apology. It is a disgraceful incident.”

  24. The decision to release Johnny Hayes and Jozo Simunovic have proved to be short sighted.


    I don’t think these decisions were made by Neil Lennon.

  25. On the EUFA investigation, it appears some unacceptable sporting behavior post-game by the dignified chaps at Ibrox has been allowed without proper scrutiny, EUFA delegate at the match from NI, and a media circus surrounding Glen Kamara has allowed der hun to get away with the pub team mentality hanging about waiting to assault players after the match, no surprise Police scotland despite Czech embassy involvement not proceeding with allegations of assault by Kamara

  26. Westcraigs .


    Whoever made the decisions got it right .


    Whoever made the decisions on there replacements got it wrong .




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