Dom McKay’s last free hour


Our new CEO Dom McKay will be employed as an executive director from 19th April, working with Peter Lawwell until the latter retires from the top job on 30 June.  McKay will already be involved in considerations around the appointment of a new manager but being released from his role with Scottish Rugby on 16 April will give him time to acclimatise to the vast range of responsibilities the Celtic CEO has.

Celtic is an industry in itself.  It has a print, digital and broadcast media division, online and on-premises retail outlets.  Its principle property is a substantial and complex events venue, which costs in excess of seven figures per annum to maintain.  Income streams include ticket sales, commercial partnerships, equipment sponsorship deals and prize money from domestic and European competition.

It operates restaurants and is licenced to serve alcohol from several bars.  The club employ hundreds of staff, have financial reporting duties consistent with their listing and support the work of the Celtic FC Foundation.  He can succeed with all of this and still fail on the bounce of a ball.

McKay will soon learn demands are made on him from various pressure groups.  Fans, media (old and new) preeminent staff and, of course, a major shareholder, all of whom he will want to satisfy, all of whom he will need to stand firm against, from time to time.  I hope he spends the next two weeks doing as little as possible, because after 19th April, he will never have another free hour.


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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    GENE on 6TH APRIL 2021 5:31 PM




    Perhaps the Czechs don’t see the significance of a NI delegate



    That’s exactly what went through my mind when I read about it😵

  2. GENE on 6TH APRIL 2021 5:31 PM



    Yes i believe they missed that point of NI delegate



    On Police Scotland they took no chances they never trusted them from the start, they had the Czech Embassy followup with assault complaint on their behalf, Sargeant Mason Boyne duly completed the paperwork

  3. WESTCRAIGS @ 5:12



    I am sure that Peter Lawwell will be in tentative negotiations with a well-known publisher. When his book comes out, it will be fascinating to read the true story of his life as Mr Celtic.



    He will confirm that he oversaw and approved every penny that was spent during his reign. He will accept the many plaudits and his fair share of blame. He will rubbish suggestions that he scouted/signed players. He will probably reveal a tsunami of information of things he did vital to Celtic – things that his detractors haven’t a clue about.



    Someone had to decide how much a purchase, or, sale is worth. Someone had to decide the wage structure within the club – that someone was PL of course – he was the CEO.



    Simunovic was injury-prone – he was a liability, not an asset….and as far as Hayes is concerned, he served us well as a back up, but was not a long-term solution – he did well out of his time at Celtic.

  4. GENE on 6TH APRIL 2021 5:31 PM



    Lionsroar Perhaps the Czechs don’t see the significance of a NI delegate



    *or the bonkle bigot’s influence on the refs report.

  5. It says everything that a disgraced scoddish fitba official could have a “bearing”


    or exert influence on ithers who may…………on the currant euro furore………….




  6. AN TEARMANN on 6TH APRIL 2021 11:53 AM



    bhoys on here ever relocated?. Moved your families lock stock and barrel to a different part of the world. Uprooting kids at school. Or whatever family dynamic is going on. We may be doing that with all individuals mentioned and d.o.f too.



    There are a lot of facets. I am gannin for appointment but equally must show patience



    *I have, twice, and even though I came to family both times it was exceptionally difficult.



    I didn’t have the luxury of working with brits like some of my family and friends did in the aircraft or tobacco industry, for the first 10 years often I was the only person on the job that English was my first language and as we spend a lot of time in the workplace was quite often lonely.



    One sunny Friday at lunch time I was sitting with my back against a garage, the day before the Russians had blown an airliner KAL 007 out of the sky, the following day we were playing deidco and yet my work colleagues were talking about the price of tomatoes, or so they told me.



    Anyway, I moved on intae traffic engineering working for the 2nd biggest municipality in the country, we were often mandated tae take feel good courses or mosaics as they called them.



    Leaving the office I put my out of office up on the notice board, we had a pool of clerks plus an admin assistant there, one of them asked where I was going, I shouted over a self esteem course and they all burst out laughing saying that’s all you need more confidence.



    Wasn’t always that way though, during the Q&A I asked if it was possible to lose your confidence and the response was yes, the facilitator asked if I had and I replied I did when I emigrated.



    She then asked did I have a comfort level back in Ireland, had tae correct her by saying I was Scottish, got that a lot, and yes I did, in fact I have often been told I led a charmed life. She then asked how my self esteem was now, that brought more laughs.



    So when I read on here and other sites criticism of players who have come from “foreign” countries tae play for us or players that have moved on for more money and better opportunities, especially from those that likewise left their home and native land, I cringe.



    The likes of wee Pukki, who has admitted that we overwhelmed him, deserve better. Even the likes of Gareth Bale who just shy of his 18th birthday made the leap fae Southampton tae Spurs struggled initially and there were plenty of Tottenham fans that wanted him sent back tae St Mary’s Stadium, look at him now.



    Scotland is often mentioned as a very friendly and hospitable country, and it is, but the climate can be desperate unless you’re a Scandinavian. Also our sense of humour which we all love can be a bit desperate tae, sarcasm is the Scottish way.



    I had a work colleague over, Canadian born of German parents, I always used tae say he was a typical German, over 6 feet tall, blue hair and blonde eyes lol.



    He absolutely hated me, if he could have got me in an empty room he would have blootered me, unknown tae me he was going through a tough time in his relationship and often slept in the car.



    Eventually he gets intae another relationship with a lassie that was born in the Glasgow area; in fact she had family in Dumbarton.



    One Monday morning he comes in and makes straight for me. Oh FFS I thought until he said,” I get you man, I really get you” he then tells me his girlfriend’s family are just like me sarcastic tae each other all the time.



    He ended up being my best friend in there and used tae communicate with me until he moved away.



    So just think of how a young foreign player feels when his new team mates are taking the piss out of him.

  7. LENNYBHOY on 6TH APRIL 2021 2:35 PM





    ST renewals will not be sent out until club announce who the Manager will be for 2021/22.



    FYI, the lates that ST renewals have gone out was the 14th April. In my opinion the club understands that they need to make their managerial appointment before renewals go out.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!






    Thank you LennyBhoy for taking the time to post about renewal of season tickets. My problem these days is that I, sadly, have made the journey from happyclapper to mineshafter. I’m afraid I’ve been worn down by the length of time it takes Celtic to do business. We never seem able to clinch a deal quickly. I just find it embarrassing and frustrating. I’m afraid I’ve lost all trust I held for those who run our club. I certainly won’t renew until I see what changes are put in place. They failed us totally this season by not replacing the manager before October and by repeated failure to communicate with the fans. I’m afraid that anyone who accepts their word on anything before it is signed, sealed and delivered is a Chump copyright Big Jimmy)

  8. With regards comments that fans should be patient waiting for Eddie Howe I think most just want to know he’s definitely coming and would be happy for him to start next season. They want it officially announced then they’ll be happy. Until it’s announced, going by previous, most fans won’t believe it until then.


    Announce him as manager ASAP and put us out of our misery

  9. TONTINE TIM on 6TH APRIL 2021 6:08 PM



    Now this was a post worth reading!



    Totally agree about how difficult it must be to adjust to life and climate in Scotland, unless you’re Scandi, Polish or similar.


    I’ve also often thought it such a shame that the players will GTF out of a Scotland for the little time off they have and likely never see any of our beautiful country.



    Against this backdrop, missing the buzz of Celtic Park’s crowds, and top quality European ties must have had an impact this year.



    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. Fascinating. Would love to hear more over a pint.



    HH jg

  10. 31003 on 6TH APRIL 2021 6:15 PM



    it feels like the transfer windae where you keep hitting the refresh button and nothing happens






  11. timmy7_noted on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 6th April 2021 6:11 pm



    I’ve made the same journey with the same outcome, sorry that it has happened but I don’t feel I have a choice.

  12. HOT SMOKED on 6TH APRIL 2021 5:03 PM


    `I assume Police Scotland’s investigation is not into the alleged serious assault.`









    If not that,what else would it be?







    I’m assuming the Police Scotland investigation is into the alleged racist abuse rather than the alleged serious assault.

  13. Tontine


    great essay.as you point out its hard enough adaptin to a new country but now they are adapting to a new country with Covid to think of.


    life is a zoom conference when not training.the socialization with players interacting is now limited.too.



    we are selfish at times my friend.


    i only relocated down to london 7 year before relocatin back up.😊




  14. I’d forgotten there were any serious physical assaults at te Toilet Block…..



    the hun meeja covered that up efficiently.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Is it my imagination ….



    …. or is a UEFA match delegate from Norn Iron at Sevco home games a fairly common occurrence?

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Right, hands up if you think Kamara will be done for assault by the Scottish polis…..

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So because they always get a Norn Iron delegate, no more charges for offensive singing? What a cosy wee Masonic stitch up that is….

  18. I didn’t know thems always goat a norn iron over (no )seer……………..at Euro games……..


    If that’s true that’s crafty………..




  19. Good to see you 67- yeah, I presumed they’d been talking to DT about being young and not waring out/getting injuries.

  20. I’ve been looking deeper into their mechanisms lately –



    the foul to yellow card conversion rate for the champions is different this season to previous champions



    I wondered – how could they achieve this – on initial looks- the spread of referees who gave them yellows this season is much less compared to other spfl clubs.



    I will produce a further report !!!!

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH APRIL 2021 6:36 PM


    “I’m assuming the Police Scotland investigation is into the alleged racist abuse rather than the alleged serious assault.”



    As we are in Scotland, that is a reasonable assumption but I am puzzled as to how one could `investigate` a hand covered whisper, presumably in English, by a Czech to a Finn that no one else heard.

  22. Coming soon:



    Walking up to Parkhead past the banks of cameras for a crunch euro tie wondering if we’ve appointed a new manager.


    Checking the spare mask I always carry to avoid the £10,000 mandatory fine for not wearing one. i don’t want another dawn raid, but my 5 compulsory inoculations are all up to date and digitally recorded.



    I see a neighbour of mine muttering under his breath about waiting for a compulsory temperature check. I don’t particularly like him as he reported me for having my brother over for dinner. I take a quick photograph and make a mental note to report him. A dose of internment and correctness will serve him right.



    I recheck my number to ensure my ticket is valid for the capacity 20,000 vetted crowd . This will be my last game as I’m 50 next month. Too old for crowds they have decreed, my ST will be repossessed as will my driving licence.



    The guttural sound of ” Your papers please” brings me out in a cold sweat.



    Then I wake up, but was I dreaming ?



    Totally hypothetical; perhaps, but be wary.

  23. Spot the difference.



    A Good Friday service in south London was broken up by police over apparent breaches of Covid-19 regulations.



    Footage uploaded on YouTube showed Metropolitan police officers addressing worshippers at the Christ the King Polish Catholic church in Balham, south London, late on Friday afternoon.



    The video shows an officer telling the congregation that they could be fined £200 or arrested for the potential rule-breaking. He said: “This gathering is unfortunately unlawful under the coronavirus regulations we have currently. I suggest, ladies and gentlemen, that though it is Good Friday, and I appreciate you would like to worship, that this gathering is unlawful, so please may you leave the building now. Thank you.”



    A statement posted on the church’s website on Saturday said that they complied with the order to close the service and for people to go home, but insisted it had met all government requirements. It claimed the Met officers had misunderstood regulations on church services during the pandemic.



    They said: “We believe, however, that the police brutally exceeded their powers by issuing their warrant for no good reason.”



    They added that they had been in touch with the Polish Catholic Mission of England and Wales and the police about the incident and were waiting for a more detailed explanation.




    Police are investigating reports of “potential gatherings” at an evangelical church in North Lanarkshire.



    Officers have been in talks with Hope United Church in Motherwell, which was reported by a local MSP.



    Not only in our wee country, nae C of E churches have been reported , probs because their all proper good folks !!

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    BT panel have Liverpool down as favourite to beat Real Madrid in Spain. Real just scored and after 26 minutes not even a shot on goal😵 by Liverpool

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