Dom McKay’s last free hour


Our new CEO Dom McKay will be employed as an executive director from 19th April, working with Peter Lawwell until the latter retires from the top job on 30 June.  McKay will already be involved in considerations around the appointment of a new manager but being released from his role with Scottish Rugby on 16 April will give him time to acclimatise to the vast range of responsibilities the Celtic CEO has.

Celtic is an industry in itself.  It has a print, digital and broadcast media division, online and on-premises retail outlets.  Its principle property is a substantial and complex events venue, which costs in excess of seven figures per annum to maintain.  Income streams include ticket sales, commercial partnerships, equipment sponsorship deals and prize money from domestic and European competition.

It operates restaurants and is licenced to serve alcohol from several bars.  The club employ hundreds of staff, have financial reporting duties consistent with their listing and support the work of the Celtic FC Foundation.  He can succeed with all of this and still fail on the bounce of a ball.

McKay will soon learn demands are made on him from various pressure groups.  Fans, media (old and new) preeminent staff and, of course, a major shareholder, all of whom he will want to satisfy, all of whom he will need to stand firm against, from time to time.  I hope he spends the next two weeks doing as little as possible, because after 19th April, he will never have another free hour.


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    Maybe the reason for not replacing players with the same calibre,is we cannot afford to.Do you think we could have got anyone near KT,or VVD.

  2. Celtic had Simonovic for some time due to which he failed at least one medical. Celtic knew he was crocked but being fair to the player they never mentioned to the press anything about his injury.



    We should know that the press do not report issues favourably to Celtic and spin stories against the club. This bias predates Peter Lawwell and any of our Board,



    Johnny Hayes was at best a squad player and was not a use for the future as we had signed 2 new left wing backs and were trying to sign Hickey/ Elynoussi was also here. We didn’t spell this out as there was no need.



    We already had the debate and it was agreed Neil lennon had said who he wanted for the 10 and Desmond and Lawwell agreed tp keep the bog hitters. Lenny needed space for his new signings

  3. Stivs…………..



    I never knew Rick Parfitt, played for Charlton…………



    Every day’s a school day on CQN !




  4. Isn’t there a UEFA rule about failing to control the players when the number of yellow cards reached 5. We got fined under that rule I’m sure.



    Not heard anything about them getting fined. And I’m sure they had more that 5 yellows.

  5. Great post Tontine Tim. One of Scotland’s features is that though it professes to be Celtic ( with a “k” ) it is in fact the most anglicised country in the world. By anglicised I mean that money is more important than faith or family. We have also been further americanised and australiaised in more recent history. Hard for a foreign player then to understand what scottish identity is. Celtic represents identity for many of us. I don’t want to see it anglicised. What the Czechs are receiving is prejudice and hostility. From the suits in the media. Alllllllllllll the bozo pundits are making the money in football nowadays. Money.

  6. There has been nothing official as we are trying to do business properly. We dont announce stuff for public discussion. We are a PLC and have to conduct business properly. That means whoever is the favoured candidate has to influ














    All the stories we have been seeing about the manager are all paper talk and mostly made up. Celtic are a PLC and need to conduct their business in a proper manner. Whether its Keano or Howe we will know when its announced.



    I dont know if Peter Lawwell will be allowed to write a book as his final pay off may include a clause on no publicity. There may be a condition in his termination agreement which permits a period of time before stories can be told.

  7. Steve McMannamin, “……the press will be sharpening their pens and pencils as we speak”



    Hot, pass the pen sharpener will ya

  8. GREENPINTA @ 8:12



    Like a passage from a Robert Harris thriller. As entertaining as it is, I do see your point behind it.



    However before we label the UK, which is incidentally probably the most open society in the world, a quasi police state, we should remember why certain steps have needed to be taken.



    There is a deadly global pandemic out there unless every country and every regime in the world is lying through its teeth.



    The fact that we are now beginning to get it restrained and numbers of dead are falling very rapidly in the UK, is due to iour world-leading vaccination programme inter-alia.



    People who flout the regulations and refuse the vaccine are putting their fellow countryman, their family and friends at risk. In my opinion, these people should be hammered. They are being reckless and could be harbouring and spreading the virus.



    We had the ludicrous situation whereby hundreds of people gathered to commemorate the tragic murder of a young woman in London. They were breaking the law and their actions may have caused thousands of others to be infected by Covid. The upshot was an outcry against the police and the media carrying stories of breaches of civil liberties. What about the civil liberties of those innocent people who may have been infected by those breaking the law.



    Worldwide three million have now died from Covid – this is real. It’s not some game dreamt up by bureaucrats to suppress the people – that sort of thing happens in China, Russia, Communist failed states and most Muslim countries.

  9. BIGBHOY @ 9:58



    You are probably right about strings around the publication of a book by Peter Lawwell.

  10. Whats the verdict on Vaccine Passports,if it means we can get decent crowds back into the games.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TB- I would have a vaccine passport, if it meant getting into games,going to gigs,going on holiday etc,and getting back to normal, the conscientious objectors will be on soon…

  12. TURKEYBHOY @ 10:38



    I don’t understand the resistance to Covid passports. None of us are safe until we are all safe.



    The overwhelming majority would qualify for a ‘passport’ and life can get back to normal. Those who can’t, not those that won’t, must get special help to even up their chances to participate fully in society.



    The next and more deadly pandemic may be just around the corner stored somewhere in China, just waiting to be released throughout the world during their chosen New Year ‘celebrations’. So for God’s sake let us have some normality in the interim, however brief.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Vaccine passport would do me no good until WeeBGFC gets his – we are happily attached at the hip :-)))



    I think something along those lines is probably on the cards, but I do appreciate the issues.



    Most vaccines not yet authorised for pregnant women – many of childbearing age might want to avoid vaccines until more info available. Those with a history of severe drug reactions may be less likely to have a vaccine. A few other sensible reasons for not being vaccinated even when available.



    However – I think commercial necessity will dictate here.






  14. I agree with the passports 100%.By the time the new season starts,a great percentage will be eligible to attend games.I mention the games,but so much more could open up much more safely for so many.

  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    The drawback is that the virus still circulates in the younger agegroups quite freely. They are less likely to get ill themselves and, with more vulnerable groups vaccinated, there is a reduced chance of others getting seriously ill.



    The concern is viral mutations – the more the virus circulates, including in the young, the more opportunities it has to mutate (and potentially reduce or remove the protection offered vaccines).



    So, we do need to keep trying to minimise viral spread as much as possible.



    Would love to get to a game and a rock concert!!!!



    And get to the pub, and to do a wee gig.






  16. TB,



    We had that very debate a few days ago.



    Reluctantly I would have a Covid passport or digital ID card if you like to get us back to normality.



    However the goalposts keep changing. The vaccine was meant to be the route back to normality, but seemingly its not now. Restrictions will still be in place.



    Herd immunity is circa 65%. We have that now between the vaccine and those who have acquired Antibodies and T cells,.so why the restrictions and continued emergency powers.?


    The under 30’s are at no greater risk than from other ailments and school age children are at virtually no risk.



    Why do we need social distancing if all the at risk persons have the vaccine? What is the gain from the very impressive mass vaccination roll out if we are still controlled.?


    Even Professor Whitty stated ” In future we need to theat Covid 19 as a flu ”



    Everyone knew variants and mutations of the virus was highly likely but we were still informed the vaccine was our passport to freedom.



    So is it any wonder the general public are fed up and sceptical. We are being indoctrinated to accept fear as the normal.



    Do you think UK scientists and leading health professionals have to sign the Official Secrets Act. ?



    Personally I have had Covid 19, I have now had the first jab ( Astra Zenica ) and I get regularly tested.



    What more can I do ?



    So again to answer your question. if I could get into Parkhead as normal then yes I would gladly have a Covid passport.



    I do not trust or believe many in authority now and to reiterate:


    Be wary.



    PS : False results in proposed mass testing will be the excuse to put us back into lockdown.

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    My brother-in-law is a publishing agent. Did Sutton and Packy’s books. Lots of A-list clients. I’ll suggest he adds big Pedro. I’ll even suggest a title – ‘From the Ritz to the Rubble – The Lawwell years’.



    I will warn my BiL not to expect a large % commission. If nothing else big Pets knows how to save a quid or two for huns back pokey.

  18. GREENPINTA @ 11:34



    An altogether excellent well argued piece. I agree with almost all you say, where I do differ from you is in the trust we place with the politicians, scientists & other experts.



    These people all have families and loved ones too. I am sure they are doing their best – but of course their caution can be frustrating.



    However we are but twenty-miles from the main body of Europe where, because of their anti-British agenda, a violent third-wave is sweeping through the continent. Had they followed our lead on vaccination, this would not be happening. The UK approaches 60% vaccinated, the EU stutters towards 20%.



    We have our share of anti-mask & anti-vax zoomers who think it is all a conspiracy. Why don’t they watch a programme on BBC iPlayer ‘The Flu That Killed Fifty Million’, which deals with the global pandemic around the time of WW1 – without the vaccine, that could have been us in 2020/21.

  19. Greenpinata



    We now accept that we no longer have the freedom to have a few pints if we intend to drive. It used to be normal.



    We no longer accept that we can drive motorcycles without wearing helmets. It used to be an accepted expression of “individual choice”.



    We no monger have the right to blow tobacco smoke into the faces of fellow diners in restaurants or even drinkers in pubs.



    Societies always have the right to dictate social norms and expectations. There have always been limitations. Nobody in the despot ruled sections of the world would treat us seriously if we complained to them that we are, temporarily, being asked to wear a mask in certain situations, reduce indoor crowding, wash hands regularly and avoid travel to countries where Covid is not yet under control.



    These are sensible limitations for general public health reasons and not any subtle route to dictatiorship. Look at how dictators operate; this is not it. All those dire threats that we are on an inevitable drive towards serfdom have already been debunked. In fact it is the selfish desire to get our “freedoms” back too early that have caused the spiles and surges which have resulted in lockdown being longer than in states which agreed to more draconian measures ( liberal states like Oz and NZ as well as more patrician states like S. Korea or dictatorships like China) and who are now getting many of their freedoms back quicker than elsewhere.



    Generally, GB has messed up because of its preference for scepticism, liberalism and muddling by. We managed our build up on hospital bed capacity and our vaccine research and roll out well. We messed up really badly on management of discharges from care homes into hospital and on failure to drastically reduce foreign travel. And we were pretty incompetent on developing appropriate PPE, a track and trace programme worhty of its name, and in having scientific advice overturned by political expediency. Current vaccines are PART of the road back to as near normal as we can arrange but they do not and never have been a promise of full protection. It looks as if you can be vaccinated and still die of Covid but you have a much smaller chance of dying or being seriouly ill with full vaccination (and maybe boosters). But there are just no guarantees.



    We are all fed up by the time all this has taken and the damage it is doing to mental health and economic prosperity but the alternative is that we all vote for a free for all and take the consequences. There are no serious scientific researchers telling us we have reached a stage where all old freedoms can be restored. The minute we stop hearing from the scientists and only hear re-assuring lies from the uninformed politicos is the time to start worrying about long term freedoms.



    The next pandemic, and there will be one, may not be as serious as Covid, but then again, it could be as equally likely to be twenty times more devastating.



    Honestly, mask wearing, social distancing and lockdown haircuts are not the trademarks of despotism.



    I hope that football will be allowed back sooner than most. There is some emerging science which sugests that the big spikes do not occur after outdoor events like the BLM and Sarah Everard Vigils. The Cheltenham Festival was not an outdoor event of horse racing only- it was a festival of indoor drinking, close crowding and packed transport.



    I fully expect that, as a project of NAtional Prestige, Nicola will allow a crowd of up to 20k at Hampden events for the Euros. I suspect we will be lucky to see a crowd of any more than 5k at Hampden for the Cup Final if we get there




    What about ‘How I Made Celtic The Biggest Financial Success In Scottish Sporting History Whilst Doubling Its Competition Success Rate’



    Celtic have won 110 domestic and one European completions in 133 years. That’s a 0.85 per year success rate.



    Under Peter, we have won 29 competitions in 17 years – a yearly success rate of 1.7.



    Peter’s success rate is exactly DOUBLE, add in the financial success and he is far far away from any kind of failure.



    My brother-in-law is a publishing agent.






    aye, i think he is using you.




    Another excellent post from yourself,good mhan.

  23. Good morning cqn from a Baltic Garngad



    Hopefully we get a manager in this side of Christmas 😂



    Getting ridiculous now.



    If its Howe he is out of a job so why have we not got him signed, sealed and delivered?


    There is no excuse not to have him in place or announced as we speak unless we are haggling with him over a lot of crap.



    Again there is NO excuse not to have him announced and it cannot be about doing our business properly ffs he has been unemployed since last August.



    Shocking leadership yet again.



    D :)

  24. fourstonecoppi on




    Spot on!



    Might i add…and also getting those ‘Manky barstewards who don’t wash their hands after a pish or a shit!’

  25. Morning all






    Im starting to get a little worried about why EH, if he is the chosen one, is not in place yet.I’ve seen some suggest its to do with him picking his backroom team and others suggest its better that hes not associated with this car crash season.well we all know we desperately need someone in now and get this bloody team sorted asap.we know theres got to be a huge clearout so get that started now and get the shopping list prepared aswell.I actually cant believe that EH,if its him would want to wait til end of season to take over..hopefully there aren’t more hitches to the deal than we’re thinking.

  26. timmy7_noted on

    David 66


    Exactly, we’ve needed a manager since Nov ( maybe even earlier depending on your perspective) and the guy who appears to be our favourite has been available since the summer but we don’t make the decisive move. The fact that our choice has been available for 8 months should maybe set some alarm bells ringing but our board want to go for the nice easy option. Easy Option !!!! Apparently no such thing for our board, every option is incredibly problematic and difficult to deliver.



    As ever the lack of planning and imagination never ceases to amaze.

  27. Passports. I don’t understand the purpose from a domestic point of view. Who is it supposed to help / protect.



    Those that are vaccinated? No, they are vaccinated and are less likely to catch COVID. Those that are not vaccinated? Perhaps. But either they are unwilling to get vaccinated in which case they will forever be at risk – same choice as those that smoke. Not yet vaccinated because they haven’t received the blue envelope yet, then it’s there choice – wait until they are or is it.



    I know in the case of my 30 year old son, the mental health issues associated with isolation far outweigh the potential health issue of COVID in his age group. He would choose to attend. And as a by the by, he has already had COVID which in theory reduces the risk of getting it again (I know – different strains, but also true for vaccine). Should he get a passport on that basis?

  28. … haven’t received the blue envelope? It’s their choice – wait until they are vaccinated or risk it.

  29. And to address the point made by BGFC about reducing the chance of mutation by reducing the spread.



    Spreading is not lessened because of vaccination per se. One asymptomatic person can pass it on via vaccinated people as much as by un-vaccinated. Indeed the vaccinated are likely to become blasé with the whole FACTS regime and therefore likely to spread it more , in my estimation.



    Of course, spreading is reduced if less people have it in the first lace and therefore vaccinations will of course reduce the RESULT of spreading.

  30. timmy7_noted on

    I don’t think the vaccine passports ( or whatever option they eventually go far) are an issue, the issue is the application of the process to manage it and who gets to make the rules. Plus of course the generally dreadful record of governments when implementing knowledge based IT systems.



    For me it would be a case of determining when or if a passport is required then its up to the individual to decide if they want to support it. If I ran a bar that attracted generally younger clientele I would probably not want to implement and let the punters decide on a case by case basis. If I ran an expensive restaurant targeting retirees then maybe I’d be more likely to apply the passport rules.



    On a personal, totally selfish level if it allows me to enjoy air travel I’d gladly sign up for it.

  31. Please retract “bloody ” from my post,if ye read it..got a wee bit too worked up there👍

  32. Could E. Howe’s contract with Bournemouth, I know he left, be the reason he can’t start, or even say he will, until a certain amount of time after his departure from Bournemouth? Just a thought.





    POR CIERTO on 27TH MARCH 2021 2:18 PM


    The new CEO will make all the announcements about the new DoF and the new Head Coach. If we announce before he is here then the media would have a field day in that he played no part in the appointments, no matter what we said. That can’t be allowed to happen. Oh, and by the way, Dominic is coming in early anyway. You heard it here first :))



    :))))))) por cierto

  33. WESTCRAIGS on 6TH APRIL 2021 6:54 PM



    As a club we seem to excel at replacing players who leave with inferior players.







    You state that as fact.its not.we must have done something right to get our second 9iar


    wonder what that was




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