Dom McKay’s last free hour


Our new CEO Dom McKay will be employed as an executive director from 19th April, working with Peter Lawwell until the latter retires from the top job on 30 June.  McKay will already be involved in considerations around the appointment of a new manager but being released from his role with Scottish Rugby on 16 April will give him time to acclimatise to the vast range of responsibilities the Celtic CEO has.

Celtic is an industry in itself.  It has a print, digital and broadcast media division, online and on-premises retail outlets.  Its principle property is a substantial and complex events venue, which costs in excess of seven figures per annum to maintain.  Income streams include ticket sales, commercial partnerships, equipment sponsorship deals and prize money from domestic and European competition.

It operates restaurants and is licenced to serve alcohol from several bars.  The club employ hundreds of staff, have financial reporting duties consistent with their listing and support the work of the Celtic FC Foundation.  He can succeed with all of this and still fail on the bounce of a ball.

McKay will soon learn demands are made on him from various pressure groups.  Fans, media (old and new) preeminent staff and, of course, a major shareholder, all of whom he will want to satisfy, all of whom he will need to stand firm against, from time to time.  I hope he spends the next two weeks doing as little as possible, because after 19th April, he will never have another free hour.


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  1. timmy7_noted on

    I see the plans for holding the European Championship games in Glasgow are to be released today. Could be interesting to see how much thought has been given to getting supporters in to the games.


    Would be a totally damp squib if no fans are allowed access.

  2. DREW1967 on 7TH APRIL 2021 8:16 AM


    Please retract “bloody ” from my post,if ye read it..got a wee bit too worked up there





    Drew you cannot beat a bit of passion.



    D :)

  3. The SMSM (including to a large degree Radio Scotland) prejudging the Slavia Prague player. No mention, as far as I heard, of the other incidents……I wonder why??

  4. Good morning CQN



    Has Peter Lawwell indicated he is resigning from the PLC board, yes he is stepping down from his role as CEO



    PL is the 7th largest shareholder in Celtic FC with 0.38%



    It would not surprise me if PL was to become chairman of the PLC in the future



    Howe is the job of getting Howe on board going ? meetings about meetings, endless fine details to discuss



    A prediction football dept announcements just before season ticket renewals




    Nice wee Rainbow on top of Errigal in this short video






    setting free the bears.


    That is indeed a rare phenomena.


    google “Brocken Spectre”


    Had the pleasure of experiencing one on the claunie ridge.i regressed to childhood and doing a ” harry worth” which nature was reflecting.always good to see a majestic pic of one of my favourite mountains.cheers




  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    T7- it’s reckoned, 15,000 will be capacity for Euro games at Hamdump, home fans only I’m guessing for the whole tournament.

  7. The lead article is maybe a reason we should have had a DoF in place years ago.



    While I’m for Howe I’m not sure him bringing in his own “DoF” is the long term approach the club should be pursuing. For a start it sounds like his man is a glorified head scout rather than a proper DoF and the whole point in having a DoF is that he transcends the manager/first team coach so that in years to come the club maintains the same strategy and ethos.

  8. Everybody getting their knickers in a twist about nothing, when will Celtic name their new manager!!!


    Well according to the MSM we have a list longer than mine’s was to Santa Clause when I was 7. Due diligence takes time.


    If it is Eddie Howe, maybe he has a clause in Bournemouth contract that he has to be unemployed for so long to get payout. I believe Brendan had this from Liverpool although I could be talking complete merry & bright in both cases.


    Let’s go on and win the Scottish (with fans) and remember to tell all your friends?? ” Football without fans is NOTHING:




    Maybe it’s not Eddie Howe and the guy(s) still working!

  9. I think we are all anxious to get the Eddie Howe for manager scenario tied up . And no wonder we have a terrible history of falling at the final hurdle especially with the cause of us tripping up still in situ and still handling affairs . I understand we need a clear out but first thing should be a manager who will want a say in what type of player he can work with , I’m not going to get to excited by the proposed signing of EH until I actually see him in the building , we’ve been stung to often . HH

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SUPERSUTTON on 7TH APRIL 2021 8:05 AM


    And to address the point made by BGFC about reducing the chance of mutation by reducing the spread.


    Spreading is not lessened because of vaccination per se.





    Hi SUPERSUTTON, and thanks for the reply.



    There is some emerging evidence – from Scotland, as it happens, on the impact of vaccination on transmission. Partly because we have the fantastic advantage of the national CHI (Community Health Index) Number, it is possible to do large record-linkage observational studies very quickly. This one – https://www.lshtm.ac.uk/newsevents/news/2021/covid-19-vaccine-linked-reduction-transmission – does indicate that vaccination may have an impact on rate of transmission.



    It helps, but you are right, it certainly doesn’t stop transmission in all cases, and there will also be un-vaccinated people, and people for whom the vaccination doesn’t work.



    That said – that wasn’t really what I was getting at in my earlier post – I simply meant that it would be prudent to observe ‘social’ / structural / perhaps engineering changes to help reduce contacts / spread.



    Theory being less spread => less mutations => reduced chance of a mutation that ignores the vaccines.



    So – perhaps continuing mask wearing in some circumstances, certainly continuing the improvements in hand hygene, etc.



    The big one is probably improved ventilation. The evidence of aerosol (rather than droplet) transmission is increasing all the time. Even simple, no-cost steps like opening windows regularly to increase the number of air changes per minute in buildings can really help reduce the amount of virus in air droplets within a room / building – thereby lessening spread.



    Here is a good reference if you have an hour to burn – the wee Table A1 on page 7 is a helpful summary about air changes: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/documents/Heating-ventilation-air-conditioning-systems-in-the-context-of-COVID-19-first-update.pdf



    It is things like that I was really trying to suggest.



    All of the above also helps reduce other virus transmission too, so is generally good generic advice. I’m sure I saw (don’t have time just now to look for references) that there is good evidence that less people have suffered from flu and colds in recent months – not to be sniffed at :-))



    Keep well pal.






  11. The delay in getting Eddy Howe in,if he is to be the new manager,is not down to Celtic.We don’t know whats going on in the background.Assistants,backroom staff etc.Its a massive move for Howe,I am sure he wants to know the whole story and the set up.Maybe discussions with his family,on relocating.He has agreed ,in principle,just be patient.

  12. Turkeybhoy on 7th April 2021 9:58 am



    I generally take similar positions as you on the team and board but in this case you are wrong IMO.


    We’ve been in need of a manager for at least 6 months and the apparent target is available, they do not deserve our patience.



    Surely if they genuinely care about season ticket sales the football side of the business should be prioritised? Its very clear the business always comes first, if only they had a plan for the football side that they had for the CEO position.

  13. world leading vaccine roll out



    does it help those world record death figures






    quasi brexit pash spewed.



    boys who primary school in Carnwardric and have their secondary education dont do book writing.they would simply have the piss ripped out of him.Peter doesnt prove his timdom to no one.its there.The boy lived the dream.




  14. Watching the BBC news last night on the riots in Ulster,the shocking stats really caught my attention.41 Police injured,some badly,and only 10 arrests.The riots are spread around quite a few areas,so these arrest figures are really shocking.Watching ,you will see,rioters running up to Police vehicles,a few yards,and hurling petrol bombs.No snatch squads to arrest them anywhere to be seen.Have they never heard of Water Cannons.


    Of course,we all know the different policing methods used when dealing with the very oddly named ,Loyalists,so maybe not too surprising.


    Also on the report,as the reporter was giving her piece,the cameras swung to a different angle,to take in scores of billboards,celebrating “55”.So deliberate,as to be laughable.Good thing is,we can just sit and enjoy the carnage,as it will accomplish nothing.

  15. Fess19 @ 9:33



    Excellent point – ‘Due diligence takes time’



    I wonder when we started on the due diligence? I suspect it was around 18 months too late.



    I believe fans and shareholders are right to be concerned.

  16. BGFC


    would youà have any number on slow down of natural rate.


    by that i mean the rate declining due to seasons changing.


    – for eg last year the initial covid19 strain naturally declined as it got warmer and we moved to summer.


    just wonderin.excuse my terminology.




  17. TB,



    The situation and history in the North of Ireland is far too serious to “sit back and enjoy the carnage.”

  18. TIMMY,


    I understand yourself,and other fans impatience, but again,Celtic have done all they can.He has agreed in principle,so he is happy with wages,contract,etc.He asked for time,and it was granted.Its down to Howe,I can’t see what else we can do.I am as desperate as everyone else to get him in,but as soon as he says OK,we go.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on 7th April 2021 9:30 am



    I think thats reasonable and possible but I just don’t trust our football authorities to put together a realistic plan, plus of course the blazers and their pals will be out in force for this game, lucky if half of the allowed support will be ordinary fans.



    not that kind of carnage.Just the angst and the rage amongst the “Loyalists”.We are not involved.

  21. AN TEARMANN on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:22 AM




    would youà have any number on slow down of natural rate.


    by that i mean the rate declining due to seasons changing.




    I would expect the numbers will diminish allied with easing of restrictions right up to the 6th of May, then dramatically increase thereafter with new controlling measures.




  22. TurkeyBhoy,


    My beef is not with the current situation or anything that has happened in the last few weeks, my problem is that we appear to only be taking the hiring of the most important person at the club seriously in April. New CEO has been in the works for at least 6 months, maybe more. Football side of the business always takes a back seat.



    All the best.

  23. CaddingtonCommon on

    It’s obvious Kudela made a racist remark. Kamara said he did. Goodson said he did because Kamara told him.


    Kamara’s brief said he did because his client told him.


    SMSM say he did it because a big boy told them.


    One item of interest is missing. Evidence to substantiate the whole gamut of allegations. Hey, no need for evidence, remember Tonev.


    Ps I’m sure the Slavia players will support Kudela as he will have told them he didn’t do it.



    Hail Hail



    Stay Safe

  24. Moderator 2 on 7th April 2021 10:27 am



    So you are empowered to decide what is allowed on the site and censor perfectly reasonable opinions but won’t explain why? Ridiculous.



    Bad language, personal abuse then fair enough but now different opinions are being censored? I thought this was a discussion forum, now I know its a forum where right wing trolls are allowed to post without any question or feedback.

  25. LIONROARS67 on 7TH APRIL 2021 8:54 AM


    Your last sentence about the prediction is a given, my Pal. Latest ST renewals need to go out to generate income, stating the obvious I know but you are spot on. Latest ST renewals have gone out historically has been 14th April.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  26. TURKEYBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:24 AM



    You have absolutely no idea how any negotiations between Celtic and Howe are going, whether there is any delay or not, or the cause of any such delay.




    The move towards hermetically sealed homes and buildings relying on artificial ventilation might have to be reconsidered, given the level of airborne transmission.

  28. If Eddie Howe has agreed in principal, why hasn’t he signed? and been announced.



    There is no harm in announcing that he has signed and is now our manager.



    I do not trust our board 1 little bit and trust Lawell even less.



    Any delay should have been ironed out before now for goodness sake.



    Another shambles that shows how far from our supporters our custodian’s really are.



    After the season they have presided over you would think they would be on the front foot regarding good PR and forward planning, well you would be wrong. How long since Lenny left?



    D :)

  29. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    GREENPINATA on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:28 AM


    AN TEARMANN on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:22 AM




    would youà have any number on slow down of natural rate.


    by that i mean the rate declining due to seasons changing.




    I would expect the numbers will diminish allied with easing of restrictions right up to the 6th of May, then dramatically increase thereafter with new controlling measures.







    Hi AN TEARMANN- nothing formal – only going by the pattern of last year – there was a dramatic slowdown. Current thinking is that partly this will have been down to more people spending time outside, but that’s not the whole answer. Some theory re: temperature keeping virus down – but that doesn’t fully compute (Brazil had horrendous infection rates).



    There was something about that I read about the seasonal fall but my mind has went blank – sorry :-)) Not working this week, but will have a rummage next week when I’m back in.



    GREENPINATA – wouldn’t be at all surprised to see an increase on easing of restrictions, although I think there are signs all around of people easing restrictions themselves! Good thing is that easing coincides with Universities closing rather than opening, which was an undoubted disaster.



    Best of luck.






  30. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:49 AM





    The move towards hermetically sealed homes and buildings relying on artificial ventilation might have to be reconsidered, given the level of airborne transmission.





    You are absolutely right Ernie – a lot to be said for open windows and fresh air.



    Especially if you have the misfortune to visit WeeBGFC’s bedroom!






  31. “There were two outstanding candidates and one dropped out so the manger is Roy Keane”.



    Let’s hope not. But if you want to offer EH an offer he can’t refuse it can’t be about the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers and the need to win every game in Scotland – that could be seen simply as a headache best avoided. The offer has to be about offering him the opportunity (.along with the resources) to compete in Europe – to bring Celtic back to being a European club. That surely is the major attraction. BR saw his ambitions unrealized as he knew he wasn’t going to get the money to revamp the team so he left – it wasn’t just because of Leicester coming in. WIll the same thing happen to EH if in fact he accepts the job?

  32. MODERATOR 2 on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:27 AM






    P67 has asked the Mods not to engage, email addy celticquicknews@gmail.com





    May i ask that if a deletion is made that-



    °moniker. time. deleted & p67 e-m



    so that if we dissent it we e-m p67 away from blog.



    its just knowing a deletion has been made.



    its your blog to censor/delete.it happens rarely i know. but the above line would denote all to be done.




  33. ILJASB on 7TH APRIL 2021 10:58 AM



    would you have a 3rd option as manager,a what if?




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