Doncaster beats No Surrender Longmuir


The appointment of Neil Doncaster as chief executive of the newly formed Scottish Professional (sic) Football League was a forgone conclusion, No Surrender Longmuir was interviewed out of professional courtesy, and the clubs realised that the calibre of external candidates they would attract at the moment would be from the bottom of the corporate pile.  Frankly, a heavy hitter would not apply.

Now that Doncaster is freed from his previous preoccupation – trying to parachute a new club into top flight football – he can worry about his key performance indicators, bringing commercial income into the league.  If he can’t deliver a good deal, or scams a ‘Homecoming’-type deal, by pulling money already committed by a benefactor, like his pal along the corridor, we’re better off without him.

My thanks to Billy No’well for inviting me onto his podcast show, Desert Island Tims, available here.  I had great fun choosing material for the show and even more fun talking about Celtic, and life, with Billy.
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  1. Snake Plissken,



    Claiming something is accurate and proving it to be true are two entirely different things.



    Mind you, the Nats have plenty of previous in mixing the two up.



    For example, their claim that an independent Scotland would have a seat on the Bank Of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. Or the claim that an independent Scotland would automatically become a member of the EU.

  2. What is this chat about Chuckles being back at Sevco and a cash crisis. Anyone know?

  3. .



    CQN’rs lways Complain about Lazy Journalism..



    So if You could Ask Ally One Question..What would it be..?



    I will start off with one Re; The Ongoing Dramas..



    Ally..How Long can a TeddyBear..?








    Both-and I would have been at the 77 one if my Mum hadn’t detected at an early age that her lad should not be left to the vagaries of a train timetable!



    I used to get pesters for being a fan of Queen-their first album was also mine. But I went off them with The Works.



    The Teardrops were different class,loved them right through. Jools may be a pretentious prat,but that band could play.



    Some of his solo stuff is superb. Try JEHOVAH KILLS when yer stoned…



    I think he stays down the road from me,trying to make sense of The Avebury Stone Circle,and Silbury Hill.



    Good luck to him,grateful for the memories…..

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ANNOAN- Paul67 is on his ole well deserved hols; , cut him some slack



    He’s probably thinkin’ of what to write in between runnin’ after the bairns and toppin’ up Mrs 67s glass of cold pinot grigio.



    We could all type away on here ’til our fingers bleed and in the end it makes very little difference to what happens, in Scottish football or anywhere else.



    U.S Prez Harry Truman said ‘sport is a lot of nonsense’



    Enjoyable nonsense admittedly but not worth pilin’ on the mercury over.

  6. A Yes vote is a vote for allowing an unhindered demolition of the Catholic Faith in this country. It won’t bother some but it bothers me and the future of my young children.



    Ram yer Yes Vote!

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Yup green huns.



    The bigot brothers in tandem.



    Anyone WHO cant see it is too stupid to be taken seriously. Certainly not trustworthy individuals. One or the other …take your pick.



    We are Old Firm.



    Not a bean from me until they have gone.



    And if you know your history you will learn that our present custodians are a disgrace.



    I will call them out as liars, cheats, conmen and parasites.







    “But I’ll leave you with a wee thought-to whom does Rockall belong?”




    Argentina? And if it doesn’t it should.

  9. Snake Plissken on

    Gordon J



    The name project fear wasn’t as far as I know a Nationalist slur. What else would Better together say when asked? “Of course it’s not true”. They don’t have a positive debate and we could probably list six pages of scare stories on their own which whether you like it or not proves it.



    Ah the old EU chesnut.



    Well ok man why doesn’t Cameron just ask what the position would be?



    He prefers to treat us like Mushrooms – feed us excrement and keep us in the dark because it is all part of keeping people scared.



    We have been citizens of the EU for a very long time and Croatia have just joined (minus the Euro being adopted another Unionist scaremongering lie) and it remains to be seen if they can just kick us out.



    Sweden, Poland, the Czech republic, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania – all not on the Euro and I believe Serbia want to join as well.



    If you think they will then that’s fine but you can’t prove that either. The SNP were wrong to say it would definitely happen but they had sought legal advice “in terms of the debate” – a point glossed over by those desperate to attack Independence.



    The fact that the Unionists have gone quiet over this issue means it was probably more fear-mongering in the first place.



    If anyone thinks the EU wouldn’t welcome Scotland with open arms I think they’re living in cloudcuckooland. Scotland would be an asset to the EU and everyone knows it given our vast resources.



    No one truly knows the whole story with that.



    You have a point on currency and the place on the bank of England. That’s why people like Margo MacDonald should be listened to more – there is more than one way to do things.

  10. Just in to say…






    13:05 on 5 July, 2013




    You speak for me M8.


    Just the breath of fresh air that


    Cobweb Quick News has been


    crying out for :)


    Well said M8


    Hail Hail – Off oot.

  11. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    BMCUW, I ll check that album out.. I recall at the time thinking they seemed an unlikely pairing on a bill. Mott The Hoople,Queen, Historical gig, I understand the pairing..



    As for being stoned, I m back in hospital on Monday and will be sedated so i ll give it a blast then perhaps..



    Nice to hear you talk well of Julian Cope.. I remember feeling nervous for him in front of all the growling Queen fans, waiting for the main event..



    I ve always wanted to do a documentary( I m not in the media business btw), as a Queen fan, called



    John Deacon,Where are you?



    He was the unsung key IMO…His contribution is often overlooked..



    Nice memories!



    Kinda made my day a bit..




  12. Steinreignedsupreme on







    What can I say? Disappointing.



    There are worse crimes … at least you pay your taxes.

  13. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Just popped in to ask for you prayers for my brother who is gravelly ill. Won’t be back on for a few days.




  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    AsonofDan- ‘A Yes vote is a vote for allowing an unhindered demolition of the Catholic Faith in this country’




    -with respect I think the biggest risk to the Faith is the lack of priests and the empty pews; if I see a young family at Mass I assume they’re Polish.





    THis may change with Pope Francis, who can only be a force for good, but these changes necessarily take time to come through.



    [ I’ll be voting No when the time comes]

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Cant believe you just wrote that.



    I am astounded of forehead.



    Thats more astounding than Paul67s apparent labotomy.



    Sure its not a sport its a crime….lots of them. Not that I am getting het up about it.



    Its great to be frank to be proven right after all these years. If that sounds conceited I can live with it.



    CQN has become our laptop loyal along with Phil.



    Palms have been greased all over the place.



    It was quick eh ?




  16. Gene’s a Bhoy’s name




    Thoughts n Prayers M8


    So sorry to hear that


    hope all will be well soon.


    Stay strong and YNWA



    Off oot now.

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Greengo getting worried about hia share value……..hahahahahahahahahahahahaha



    Green demands Gers showdown – ex-chief wants boardroom cull



    Showdown … Charles Green






    Published: 13 hrs ago





    CHARLES Green has sensationally waded back into the Rangers boardroom battle to demand a major shake-up.


    The ousted chief executive — still the biggest shareholder at Ibrox — is calling for urgent changes amid fears of a looming cash crisis at the club.


    Green has lodged a legal letter saying ex-chairman Malcolm Murray — described by insiders as his “nemesis” — must be axed as a director.


    He also wants Murray’s ally Phil Cartmell ditched — and for bus tycoon James Easdale to finally join the board after months of wrangling.


    Sources close to Green claim he’s even considering returning to run the club in a day-to-day role if changes aren’t made.


    His demands came in a formal request for an emergency general meeting of shareholders, which the club was examining yesterday.


    An insider said: “Charles and other investors are unhappy with how the club is being run — especially the influence Malcolm has.


    “There are worries that cash raised in the stock market float last year is being rapidly eaten into. Costs must be cut and revenues raised or Rangers are in trouble.


    “But all we see is players being signed and season ticket prices being frozen.”


    The move comes weeks after a separate group of investors loyal to Green made similar demands for a crisis meeting.


    Green, 60, fronted the consortium which took over Rangers last year but quit as chief exec in April amid claims of links to shamed ex-owner Craig Whyte.


    Rangers would not comment last night. Green could not be reached.




    Ads by Google




    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/scottishnews/4998108/Green-demands-Gers-showdown-ex-chief-wants-boardroom-cull.html#ixzz2YAu9R200

  18. Genes a Bhoys name, consider it done, thoughts and prayers with you, your family and for your brother.

  19. I am in PAYE tax system so have no option but to pay tax. Thing is they have sent me a refund of nearly £2000 in error for last year. I have paid the cheque into my bank account but should I tell them or hope they don’t notice their mistake?

  20. .



    Wigan after Yet another Celtic LegNed..



    Wigan Athletic close in on ex-Celtic and West Brom ace Fortune





    Wigan Athletic close in on ex-Celtic and West Brom ace Fortune – 05/07/13


    West Bromwich Albion target Wigan Athletic ace Di Santo – 17/05/13


    Wigan Athletic on alert as West Brom seek Dorrans sale – 08/01/13


    Martinez disappointed with Wigan Athletic start in West Brom loss – 12/11/12


    Wigan Athletic boss Martinez praises McArthur after West Brom win – 07/05/13




    According to reports former Celtic and West Bromwich Albion striker Marc Antoine Fortune is on the verge of joining Wigan Athletic.



    The 32-year-old Frenchman has been released by West Bromwich Albion and is expected to agree terms with the Latics on a one year deal.



    Fortune is said to have undergone a medical at the club on Thursday with Coyle hoping to release details of his signing before the weekend.




  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Ron Bacardi 13:52 on 5 July, 2013



    Pay it into your account and don’t touch it for five years.

  22. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Ron B – how do you know it’s an error?



    PAYE calculations aren’t perfect.

  23. In other News.



    Judith on the weather today.


    Tones down the strict look, and sport a nice floral number suitable for any ladies out walking over the weekend.



    She wears it well though.



    and its gonny be sunny.

  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Genesa bhoysname- thoughts with you and your family.



    I hope your brother can pull through.

  25. Celtic_First on




    What protection for the Catholic community in Scotland and its values do you perceive the Westminster government to be providing at the moment?

  26. Sumbdy mention Judy………………………….?


    La Judith –


    ……………….. The Sexy Specsavers Seductress ‘n’ Siren fae the Sooooooside………………….



    WarmFrontRisin’ CSC

  27. A white shirt has appeared on my wee billy next door neighbours washing line here in The Plean. He’s a bit early this year or maybe they are starting early because next saturday is the 13th, unlucky for some and all that. May all the luck they have be of the bad stuff.

  28. WeefratheTim on

    Afternoon all






    Thoughts with yourself and your brother.



    Weefra HH

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