Doncaster beats No Surrender Longmuir


The appointment of Neil Doncaster as chief executive of the newly formed Scottish Professional (sic) Football League was a forgone conclusion, No Surrender Longmuir was interviewed out of professional courtesy, and the clubs realised that the calibre of external candidates they would attract at the moment would be from the bottom of the corporate pile.  Frankly, a heavy hitter would not apply.

Now that Doncaster is freed from his previous preoccupation – trying to parachute a new club into top flight football – he can worry about his key performance indicators, bringing commercial income into the league.  If he can’t deliver a good deal, or scams a ‘Homecoming’-type deal, by pulling money already committed by a benefactor, like his pal along the corridor, we’re better off without him.

My thanks to Billy No’well for inviting me onto his podcast show, Desert Island Tims, available here.  I had great fun choosing material for the show and even more fun talking about Celtic, and life, with Billy.
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  1. Kilbowie Kelt on




    It is not Scotland’s hostility that has damaged The Church, or ever could do so after independence


    . The Church thrives on persecution. Always has done.


    No. Sadly the Church itself has brought about its OWN destruction.


    There is a shortage of priests because young Catholics have become so disillusioned by the behaviour of the Church itself.



    Maybe,as you say, Francis can be the catalyst needed to restore our dying faith.


    Let’s hope so for the sake of those still struggling to hold on.



    Good luck.

  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    saint stivs.. 1356..



    I thought it was just me…..” Just waiting on the weather dear.. Through in a minute..”




  3. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA @ 13 47



    ” the empty pews ”



    Said to be @ 80 % in Italy .



    There was a wee rise in attendance when the new guy got the gig .



    Heard a liceo based Religious Studies teacher talking on a radio documentary recently . He said that he and his colleagues had gone from facing rooms full of ” bored indifference ” to rooms full of ” openly expressed hostility “

  4. Iz It…or… Wiz It It… A Coup?






    Tae be more tae the Point..



    When is a Coup, No a Coup. at awe?



    Noo, that’s a much easier Question tae Answer.



    Which… Ah wull,



    FORTHWITH… ( Ah jist luv … a Forthwith.. Noo and again.. Don’t You?)



    Tae Return tae Ma Point.



    A Coup is NO a Coup.. when it is,in answer, tae a Plea!



    That’s Bettah……. a Whole loat.. Bettah!



    and it is Even a whole loata Mair Bettah than.. even, THAT..



    Should the Plea be Furnished by the Vox Populi.



    Noo.. Ma Reader may be Prompted tae Enquire, in puzzled .. well.. Enquiry .. in reaction tae this Unexpected Piece of Information..



    “Whit’s a Vox Populi?”



    Well… Ah must say, in exercising Ma Ain Prompt Reaction tae their, Prompt Reaction..



    Ah wid then be Tempted tae reply..



    “A Vox Populi, Wiz an Early Attempt by the N.B.Loco, tae enter intae the Nascent, but, nevertheless, Burgeoning and Reviving, British Post War Automobile Market”(And..If ye kin Say that withoot taking anither breath.. ye hiv jist earned Ma Lasting Admiration!)



    The Vehicle, in question , wiz a Cross Between a Vauxhall Victor and a Ford Popular





    Sadly, it goat…Tanked… and, frlankly, because it Happened tae be a Locomotive,didnae help, wan bit!



    But, Ah wullnae!……………………………..



    Ah hope the above … well.. Enlightenment, wull satisfy some of You folk oot there in Blogoland..



    Who still wanta Know,







    The Egyptian Army’s, Timely and Efficient, Intervention… and Subsequent, Disposal of the Sitting President of that Unhappy Nation,



    Iz or Wiz… a Coup… or.. No.







    Still, Laughin’

  5. Empty Pews??????




    Standing (an’kneelin’) room only…………..in ma bit o’ Cork.



    (half-time collection done by Brinks………….)

  6. Celtic_First on

    The Church has not destroyed itself and never can. The gates of the underworld, et cetera.



    Vocations may be few in Scotland and in Europe in general, but candidates are being turned away in lots of parts of the world because there isn’t room in the seminaries.



    Empty pews is it?



    Trying getting a seat at Mass in India or Vietnam or Kenya or Colombia or Mexico or the Philippines.



    The Church is one. The Church is God’s. We who are weak have to make up its presence on earth, with all our faults and frailties, all our mistakes and all our sinfulness, but there you have it. God’s plan. God’s work.

  7. Couple of things caught my eye in the British section in the Doha Times this morning;


    1. The classification of qat (a mild stimulant used by Africans) to a class C drug status against the advice of their advisors (that it is harmless and there is no evidence of black market involvement). Upshot likely to be criminalise 90000 and force it onto the black market thus providing funds for terrorists overseas,excellent strategy to keep the planet in turmoil.


    2. The BBC will be broadcasting the islam call to prayer during Ramadan, to shoe inclusiveness to the Islamist minority in the UK, I done remember Metins ever being broadcast, it’s amazing what fear and oil will gat you eh

  8. Celtic_First on




    To be fair to the BBC, it broadcasts on Radio 4 (albeit relegated to Long Wave) and the World Service a daily service, every morning at 9.45. It broadcasts Sunday Worship, also on Radio 4, at 8.00 on Sunday morning. It broadcasts Thought for the Day at 7.50 every morning on the Today programme, a source of perennial complaint. Best of all is choral evensong on Radio 3 at 4.00 on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons (same programme, repeated).



    Regional stations have plenty of output too, mostly on Sunday.

  9. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    C1st – you will know much more than me [and probably anyone else on here] about what is happening worldwide in tems of the Faith



    When our PP retires this summer then the PPs in Dumfries will have to cover the whole of Eastern Shangri- La.



    Mass on Sunday is busy, but that’s because we have only one Mass, whereas not so long ago we had 2, or even 3 at the weekend.



    I was on holiday in Portugal last year, a much, much more ‘Catholic ‘country than Scotland, and the similarities were striking; an elderly priest covering a geographically large parish and elderly faces in the pews [myself excluded ;/)]

  10. C_F,


    I honestly had no idea there were so many RC service broadcasts, I sit doon corrected, thank you.

  11. Celtic_First




    13:59 on 5 July, 2013



    I assume that Asonofdan thinks that Labour or SNP (the only realistic parties to govern here) are anti-Catholic !.

  12. Celtic_First on




    Sorry, they aren’t specifically Catholic. Only occasionally. They are mostly from Anglican and other Protestant churches. Didn’t mean to give you that impression.

  13. Celtic_First on




    There were 410,593 priests in the world at the end of the last decade.



    There were 405,009 in 1999.





    Queen fan from the early days of the glam rock wars.



    In preference,against the tide,of yer Bolan,Bowie,Slade and Sweet bandwagon jumpers.



    Though I had a soft spot for the latter.



    They were superb in their early days,and provided a much-needed contrast to my other tastes in those teen years.



    Seriously,give their stuff a go,up to the LIVE KILLERS album. You might be surprised.

  15. Whatever became of hamiltontim?


    Rumours abound he is in hospital having that mitre ball he tried to eat at tannadice removed from his gub,





    Your podium ability is magnificent


    Ya oul tart.

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    Awe Naw



    Per various other comments, the merged leagues represent a transfer of undertakings, and thus all staff are protected under TUPE.



    Since there is a post of Chief Exec in the new organisation, the holders of the equivalent post in the pre-merger companies are protected at law.



    The two post holders cannot both be redundant as the post of CEO with equivalent responsibilities remains and requires to be filled.



    Doncaster has been given the gig until he leaves or is fired. Longmuir will get his rights paid up.



    There’s little point in berating SPL for bending the rules to suit as they have done previously, and then berating them for applying the law in this case.



    There are plenty of things to berate them for, but applying employment law transparently as in this case is not one of them.

  17. C_F,


    Sorry I never made myself clear.


    I was referring to minority religious groups such as RC’s


    I thought Matins, it might have helped if I’d got the spelling right doh

  18. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Hope your brother recovers.



    HH & KTF



  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    C1st – any fishal figures on number of priests/ Mass attendances for Scottish dioceses?





    BESTALUCK on Monday,mate. And sweet dreams,assuming the sedative is the good stuff!



    All these philistines on here just forget the options in those days-limited in the extreme!




  21. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on

    Tom McLaughlin



    Positive thoughts & every for positive test results for you on July 17.



    HH & KTF



  22. jungle jam67 on

    right own up……..!!!



    who sold their shares in TRIFC



    a total of 5 shares earning the seller £2.60




    i know times are hard


    then again agent whyte bought the origional outfit for £1 from the last owner


    ha ha




    when are them audited accounts due?


    maybe mr green will return and save the day











    Sorry,but it’s happy hour and I forgot my cards…..

  24. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on

    Aw Naw



    See my post from last night.



    Keep playing that song



    We can all still keep the faith in what matters to each of us.






  25. Gene. Thoughts and prayers.



    Che.. I explained my reasons for being top kiddy..





    Out parish is thriving with young families in attendance. As well as the oldies who still think it is ok to talk when others are trying to get some quiet time in church for reflection.

  26. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I have heard all their stuff up to, and including, Live Killers – a few of my pals were really into them and I used to have to suffer their output in various bedroom throughout the 70s.



    I just never got on with them, although I liked a lot of the glam stuff – especially T-Rex, Roxy Music and Bowie. Then Thin Lizzy came along and released the best live album of the decade in my opinion.



    Back to Queen though – Sun City simply summed them up for me. Horrible, arrogant bassas. When I first moved to London I worked with a guy who was familiar with Mercury’s pastimes … iffy.



    I actually owned a white label copy of the first album – which I was given by another pal, whose uncle worked for EMI. Sold it at a tidy sum a few years later.

  27. Tonight we are having a night for the 25th anniversary for fr brian lamb our current pp.



    Some of you bhoys may know him..

  28. .






    Our Local Church has a young Brazilian Priest and have 3 to 4 Seminarians at All times..



    Being brought up a Protestant l did Not go to church much back Home..



    But these Young Priests and Seminarians seem to be a breath of Fresh air..Our Church is Very Multi Cultural..



    They do the Old School chanting and Music throughout Mass..



    My Wee Ghirl Loves Going..




  29. South Of Tunis on

    Khat to be Class C in the UK .?



    It’ll be ristretto next .



    Can’t see it being a goer in Smugglers World —- you need to chew a mound of leaves the size of a lettuce to get the same hit you’d get from 2 ristrettos

  30. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    jungle jam67



    14:41 on 5 July, 2013



    One of the instutional investors…….. The sevco myth is starting to crumble, like the ‘big hoose’……..

  31. Celtic_First on




    The Scottish Catholic Media Office accepts the 2001 census figure (this was the first time people were asked on the census about their religion) of 750,000 as being “largely accurate”.



    On the first Sunday in November 2008, attendance at Mass was 185,608. That’s 24.7%.

  32. Celtic_First on

    In 2010 there were 740 priests.



    This is the most recent figure I have seen. It’s from the website of the bishops’ conference.

  33. Celtic_First


    14:32 on


    5 July, 2013





    There were 410,593 priests in the world at the end of the last decade.







    a new world record ?

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