Doncaster beats No Surrender Longmuir


The appointment of Neil Doncaster as chief executive of the newly formed Scottish Professional (sic) Football League was a forgone conclusion, No Surrender Longmuir was interviewed out of professional courtesy, and the clubs realised that the calibre of external candidates they would attract at the moment would be from the bottom of the corporate pile.  Frankly, a heavy hitter would not apply.

Now that Doncaster is freed from his previous preoccupation – trying to parachute a new club into top flight football – he can worry about his key performance indicators, bringing commercial income into the league.  If he can’t deliver a good deal, or scams a ‘Homecoming’-type deal, by pulling money already committed by a benefactor, like his pal along the corridor, we’re better off without him.

My thanks to Billy No’well for inviting me onto his podcast show, Desert Island Tims, available here.  I had great fun choosing material for the show and even more fun talking about Celtic, and life, with Billy.
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  1. Gene prayers offered up for your brothers successful recovery my friend!



    On the tennis…


    Del Potro just pulled a set back now 1-1.


    Got the makings of a great semi final!





    /Bishop B

  2. Dbbia



    Having left Lymm,Cheshire in May of 2012 where the congregations were roughly 40 to 50 per Mass (1 Vigil and 1 Sunday am) I went to Mass in our local parish in Highett, Melbourne where attendances again were pretty low apart from when the attached primary school were in attendance. I also took the family along to Summa’s local where the Brasilian priest was excellent but again the attendance was poor.



    We moved to the southern suburbs of Sydney 2 months ago and were pleased to find our local parish offered a Vigil and three Sunday masses (including an Evening mass which comes in really handy down here) all of which are really well attended.




  3. the catholic religion like most all religions has fewer people practicing, particularly in the western world. churches and the likes are always predominantly full of young families and older people with lots of drift between in peoples life times.



    the catholic church takes a beating, more so than any other organisation or religion in this country when crimes against children, adults etc.. occur. with the catholic religion as a whole coming under regular hostile attack by a MSM.



    funny how the COS, boys brigade etc… dont get the same level of scrutiny or forensic examination and is not given the same hostile reception.



    if a child or adult is abused by individuals who hold office in national/ local government, COS, boys brigade or family the focus is squarely placed at the feet of the perpetrator, while it is the catholic church that is brought to task for the sins of individuals.



    p.s. i know the catholic church has historically hidden vile behaviour by individuals but the catholic church is not an exclusive in this regard and has come forward on many occasions to highlight and apologies.

  4. SoT,


    Theresa May, has made the decision and claims it is already funding sub-saharan terrorist groups, she claims the UK will become the European capital for distribution if we’re no careful, so best thing to do is ban it and make it profitable for the black market, capitalism at work eh

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    14:39 on 5 July, 2013



    Tell you what, would luv to see the figures on how many orangitangmen have EVER seen the inside of a church……..





    Ah well,at least you tried.

  7. Snake Plissken on




    so it would seem, time, a flock that is ageing while the youth move onto something else, social attitudes, an increasingly secular society and scandals within the church are the real problems the church faces are the bigger problems for the church and not an imagined bogeyman.



    Glaringly predictable.



    The bogeyman of Independence should not be scapegoated as the real reason why the Church and religion in general is going to have to change and adapt in the 21st Century.


    67 HEAVEN



    You literally would not believe a tale I could tell,but the blog is not the place.



    I’ll think about the advisability of mailing it to one or two people and they can pass it on from there.



    If they so decide.



    It’s not political or anything,just not for the blog

  9. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    C1st -thanks for that; age breakdown of priests would be interesting.



    B/T- my quiet reflection is usually interrupted by Malorbhoy chunterin’ on about the favela- like conditions in the Investors Lounge.



    Queen – Ggggggggggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!



    ‘ Rock music’ for people who don’t like rock music.

  10. Snake Plissken



    12:54 on 5 July, 2013



    Ernie Lynch



    You again?



    Of course the full quotation from Alex Salmond is:



    “One of the reasons Scotland didn’t take to Lady Thatcher was because of that. We didn’t mind the economic side so much. But we didn’t like the social side at all.”



    Which means ONE reason of many and plenty people did mind the economic policy but not as many as minded the impact of her social policies which is accurate.



    As for your mind reading as to the disposition of old Tory voters who now (maybe) vote SNP (constituencies don’t have the same people living in them forever, it’s too easy to make that claim).



    A No vote is a Tory vote, a UKIP vote, a leaving the EU vote, an eventual war somewhere under Washington orders, a Trident vote, a Bedroom tax vote, a Red Tory vote (because they’ve admitted they’ll follow the Tory plans) – they play to the south of England because that is who now elects every UK government, an eventual removal of the NHS as we know it vote, an eventual top up fees for our young people at University and the erosion of public services vote and the removal of the Scottish parliament vote (it can be done you know).



    ALL of those reasons listed above are good enough for me to say Vote YES to avoid as many of them as possible and remove quite a few for sure like more boys dying in wars coming back with a Union Jack draped over them because Dulce et decorum est Pro Patria mori.



    All I’m going to say to you is if you vote no and even a third of what I listed above remains or gets worse do not DARE complain about it – you voted for it.



    If I read anyone on here or elsewhere moaning after a No vote in 2015, 2017, 2020 or beyond they will be reminded every single time – YOU VOTED FOR THIS, you have no right to complain.



    If you believe Miliband, Balls and Lamont are going to do anything to reverse or change Tory policy you are deluded in the extreme and if you think Miliband is a leader, good luck with that.



    Stop telling people that Scotland is going to turn into a hellhole with Independence, it’s going to get worse within the Union for Scotland – it is no Panacea as it stands but it will get worse. The country’s resources will be used up eventually and then they’ll give Scotland Indpendence because they’ll ask the English electorate who’ll see us or more likely generations to some as they increasingly are now – Subsidy Junkies. That may be hyperbole but it’s no less plausible than the constant lies and scaremongering from Bitter Together or Project FEAR as it really is.



    One lie too far came out this week about roaming charges in England for Scots with mobiles in England. The EU is abolishing it next year but wanna bet those roaming charges might come in in a UK outside the EU? You’d get odds on that somewhere.



    Vote No and that is what you vote for.



    And let’s not make this about the SNP.



    Google :



    Labour for Independence


    Liberals for Independence


    Women for Independence


    Radical Independence


    The Jacobite Party


    The Scottish Greens


    The SSP


    and many others.



    It isn’t a party political issue.



    Who knows what kind of Government we’d get in 2016 – a coalition one? We can’t know.



    In an Independent Scotland I believe the true good guys in the Labour party can come to the fore and be worth voting for again simply because they won’t be following orders from the London office.



    At present if the Labour party want the Scottish vote to help them win the General election then it’s about the party and not the people they purport to represent and certainly not the people of Scotland regardless of their background.



    Just remember this is the party who lied to us about the oil and suppressed the truth to keep hold of power and as a result of their actions we have 1 child in 4 living in poverty in Scotland indirectly if not directly because of those actions. Their actions let Thatcher in, not the SNP’s. That oil fund that was going to get set up by the Westminster parties – never happened. We could have been like Norway but we’re a “region” of the UK. It disgusts me.



    The McCrone report stated there would be an embarrassing surplus of oil and we’d have had the hardest currency in Europe with Independence and yet we’re living in a Scotland where Glasgow has the highest Knife crime rates and some people don’t reach the age of 55 in the East end not far from Celtic park.



    Better together?



    For who exactly?



    As I say, it’s your choice but don’t even attempt to complain when (not if) it goes the other way.



    Remember Lamont and the “Something for nothing” society”. To paraphrase Owen Jones, she sounds like a Tory MP seeing as you like quotations.





    Keep talking Snake.



    I’ve always advocated that everyone should be allowed to say what they want to say, usually, like this post, it is heart felt.



    You are getting me thinking, as Kojo says, that is a bad thing in this day of Group collectivism.



    Keep posting m8ty, there are a lot mair Celts out there, other than us Shouters and Ballers and they are the most educated, hopefully very individualist, Celts, God made us all that way, even HE likes a bit of excitement. And I hope I’m not struck down by lightning for saying that.



    I’d be a lot more worried about a generational curse. When the Celts were formed there was a lot of PIDRADIO stuff going on, yesterday, we bumped into a Hartlepoolian we hadn’t seen for a long Time. He loves the spooky stories, we ALL love the spooky stories, this massive guy is very jumpy about even the most vague of connections to the Spirit World, He is as cool as a cucumber when there is a ghost talking to him.



    Fact or Fiction?

  11. Mickbhoy1888


    We spent a couple of hours yesterday morning discussing that very issue.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    On the ole Sevco bus they while away the hours travellin’ to Forfar, Brechin, Stenhousemuir etc by playin’ Connect 1.

  13. From Celtic



    DURING our 125th Anniversary season we conducted our most extensive survey ever of Celtic supporters and, based on the feedback received, made a commitment to take decisive action on a number of issues highlighted by the fans.



    As part of a pledge to our supporters ahead of the 2013/14 season we stated that we would make strides to improve the overall matchday experience for fans at Celtic Park. With the recent improvements and changes that we have set in place, since the first announcement was made last week, we believe we are well on the way to achieving this.



    The first exciting announcement was the news that we’ve teamed up with Sports Revolution and Cisco to bring our supporters intelligent, high-density Wi-Fi throughout the stadium, through Cisco’s Connected Stadium Wi-Fi. Once installed we will be able to boast one of the most technologically advanced Wi-Fi networks available in any sports stadia in the world, putting us on a par with Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.



    Next up was the confirmation of our new supporters’ bar, right here at Celtic Park, which will open its doors for the first time on the night of July 23, ahead of our UEFA Champions League qualifying clash with Cliftonville. Open to all fans attending on matchday, with families made welcome, the 800 capacity Kerrydale Bar will provide a fully licensed bar, with hot and cold snacks available, and an on-site betting facility. The bar will also have pre and post-match entertainment in place with live music, and Q&A sessions with ex-players planned throughout the season.



    Hot on the heels of this we provided details of our brand new Family Stand Experience, which will be located in sections 115 – 177 of the Lisbon Lions Stand.



    The new Family Stand will be host to regular live entertainment, children’s activities and giveaways for our young supporters on a matchday in Paradise. Regular themed events, as well as magicians, caricaturists, balloon artists, jugglers and musicians will feature in the new area, as well as of course regular visits from Hoopy and members of the first-team squad.



    Our latest announcements were made in the last 48 hours, as we were able to confirm an extensive refurbishment of our North Stand Lounge areas, as well as the introduction of a stunning brand new facility – cafe 1888 – as we revamp our hospitality areas to more suitable meet the needs of our supporters.



    Our supporters were instrumental in last season’s success, backing the Bhoys to a league and Scottish Cup double, and roaring them all the way to the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League, inspiring some epic performances in European football’s premier tournament.



    We wanted to share that success back with the supporters, and a £100 reward on all adult Season Tickets has been made available for the 2013/14 season. We’ve also re-introduced a series of highly competitive pricing for kids up to and including 18 years of age, with an under-13 Season Ticket available for just £50 (the equivalent of just £2.38 per match) meaning there really is no better time to #BeCeltic, Belong.



    For more info on the ongoing improvements we are making for our supporters, and on how you can #BeCeltic, Belong in season 2013/14 visit http://www.celticfc.net/beceltic




  14. South Of Tunis on

    Steinreignedsupreme .



    Queen ?



    I have a pal who used to help out in a very popular Edinburgh second hand vinyl store .



    There was a period when the shop was plagued by someone writing things on album sleeves . They never caught the person responsible but he /she stopped . I remember my pal stating that the unknown sleeve defacer was fond of adding this to Queen sleeves –




  15. Celtic_First on




    I think the days of dashing, strapping young priestlings are behind the old diocese of Galloway for now. However, what we need are consecrated hands to bring the Eucharist to the people of God and to bring God’s forgiveness to them for the sins they confess and repent of.



    Almost everything else can be done by others.



    They will be older. When we have ordinands, they will be older too. Some of them will be widowers in their 60s. But if we ask God to send labourers into the harvest and he sends some, it’s quite churlish of us to say in return, “Thanks, but have you not got any younger, handsomer ones that are good singers?”



    It’s the consecrated hands that count.

  16. Snake Plissken on




    Thank you and believe me it is heart felt. I believe it with all my heart that the best way forward to end the injustices and the hatred of the past is to do away with the system that is creating the inequality – the current political system.



    I think a YES vote is a vote for hope.



    I hope.



    I hope.

  17. Snake Plissken


    14:56 on


    5 July, 2013





    so it would seem, time, a flock that is ageing while the youth move onto something else, social attitudes, an increasingly secular society and scandals within the church are the real problems the church faces are the bigger problems for the church and not an imagined bogeyman.



    Glaringly predictable.



    The bogeyman of Independence should not be scapegoated as the real reason why the Church and religion in general is going to have to change and adapt in the 21st Century.






    think your right that the church has to adapt and to be fair it has evolved over time and continues to do so in a slow and progressive manner.



    not sure we are becoming a more secular society as our moral compose and attitude is formed via the churches and faith. not so sure attendance at place of praise, religion and belief correlate and calculate in the simple form of fewer people attending church etc… hence less belief in god or more secular society.



    we certainly see more consumerism in religion, questioning and cynicism, is that more the case now than it was in the past, imho, no and history tells us that societal beliefs and values have formed and reformed.

  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    The average priest in Scotland is 58 years 5.396872 months.

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    C1st – you’re right; already we have [ ironically mainly female] parishioners who are taking over more and more of the liturgy.



    In the meantime the heavy burden is being borne by a cadre of elderly padres.

  20. .



    Our Brazilian Priest..



    First time l Met Him..He was on a Loud speaker Commentating on a Football match betteen the South American Seminarians and the Local..



    He had a Brazil full strip on with His Collar under..And when there was a Gooooooaaaaaallll..He Did the Brazilian thing..Ha..



    A Week after Celtic beat Barca l had to take Stuff to the Parish..



    I Asked Him..



    Did You see the Celtic Vs Barca game Father..?



    He Replied: 001 I See Everything..



    Asked Him if he Seen the First Leg..



    He Replied: 001 I see Everything..



    I tHen Asked Him if He would See the Next Brazil World Cup qualifier..



    Again: I See everything 001..



    So dropped the Stuff off and Said Goodbye..



    As l was Reversing My Van from the Back of the Church..I Noticed the Biggest Satellite Dish l have Ever seen..on Top of His House..



    No bloody Wonder..’He Can see Everything..’




  21. Che, Maybe HamiltonTim, is upset about the competition coming from the newco/ sevco bus and he is maybe putting in a new turbo, go faster stripes and a microwave fur ra steakbakes in his bus for the comfort of its patrons this season!!!

  22. Celtic_First on

    Snake Plissken


    14:56 on


    5 July, 2013





    so it would seem, time, a flock that is ageing while the youth move onto something else, social attitudes, an increasingly secular society and scandals within the church are the real problems the church faces are the bigger problems for the church and not an imagined bogeyman.





    No idea what you mean. That bears no resemblance to what I’ve said.

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Nonsense its because no corporate big hitters would touch it with a barge pole ;-)



    Because its so amateur ?



    Because its full of criminals and criminal activity ?



    Leading to a closed shop ?



    WHO knows ? Certainly not us fans and investors ? Why should we expect openness and transparency…from our own plc ? Never mind a tad of honesty.



    Hey as we all know even if Doncaster was signing off his own devised system of tax free contracts in side letters for years thereby reducing the game to its lowest level possible, even if he gave one to himself we would only if pushed express mild surprise and certainly would not oppose his succession. Thats very clear and not even up for debate unless you want to appear slow in the head or bum sookingly ingratiating for no admitted reason based on sense or reasoned deduction.



    Since when did our plc get bestowed with papal infallability or is that part of the gig in being a tim these days ?



    Guess what ? I am not berating the SPL. ;-(




  24. Snake Plissken on




    I would agree with that.



    You’re right though, change can be a slow process but I like the new Pope a whole lot more than that last one. I never could take to him the way I had with John-Paul II.



    Perhaps he will bring some changes.



    We will wait and see.

  25. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Hooper sets Celtic targets



    Celtic striker Gary Hooper has given his strongest hint that he will be at the club next season.



    Hooper has been the subject of intense media speculation regarding his future since the turn of the year.



    The Former Southend and Scunthorpe favourite has so far failed to commit himself to Celtic, who have offered a new contract to the player.



    Norwich a failed to land Hooper in January with a bid of over £7m, while Hull City had a smaller offer dismissed last month.



    But Hooper insists his focus is improving on last season’s success with Celtic – which included a Champions League victory over Barcelona.



    “I want to beat my tally from last season, that´s the aim because I´ve done it every season,” Hooper said.



    “I also have to get 20 or more league goals because I didn’t get it just there, I only got 19.



    “I want to play in the Champions League again, get into the group stages and get that feeling again.



    “I know I wasn’t playing in the game against Barcelona but it was still amazing. We also want to retain the title as obviously the league is still our priority.”

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