Doncaster deal allows clubs to offer season ticket package


From what I hear, there has been a divergence in season ticket sales across Scottish Premiership clubs, some have sold very healthy numbers while others have scarcely moved the dial.  There are a number of headwinds but one particular doubt lifted yesterday – what will happen when games are played behind closed doors (BCD).

The League and Sky TV agreed that clubs will be able to sell streaming content for games played BCD to fans in numbers limited to last year’s season ticket sales.  This allows clubs to bundle watch-at-home rights to BCD games with season tickets.

On top of the SPFL agreement with Sky to limit rebate on last season to £1.5m (payable over 5 years), this is a great win for Neil Doncaster.  Many revenue streams will still be down at every club, watch-from-home will not fill club shops pre-match, sell food or lucrative hospitality seats, but clubs can offer fans a season ticket package.

In Scotland, season ticket sales are the most fundamental aspect of clubs’ income.  Apart from a couple, who budget on income from TV, pitch hire and three bumper away crowds per season, most Premiership sides need to sell consistent numbers of season tickets to maintain existing levels of spend.  This deal will allow most, including Celtic, to continue trading at something close to normal levels.

My suspicion is sales will be healthy at Celtic – it is THE season, we will all want to be there at it’s conclusion and see as much of it as possible when BCD.  Hibs sales are already healthy – I think of this as the Ann Budge Bounce, Dundee United will sell numbers not seen in a decade and Motherwell will see a bounce after such a good year.

My gut feel is that Newco will sell well.  If nothing else, they have played to their base in recent months.  Selling the Staunch ticket may be the only option open to them after all, there’s not much appeal in ‘Be here for Celtic’s 10 season, we’re sure to finish second’.  No more on their financial matters for now.

There are a clutch of clubs I expect to suffer, Aberdeen, St Johnstone and Kilmarnock.  Rightsizing the player pool will be a major challenge for each.

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  1. The Onlooker on

    PC- Spurs and Arsenal in for Fraser, will be funny money, never seen the attraction TBH.



    Bada Bing


    Just logged on and almost choked when I read this ….


    scrolled up to Por Cierto’s post to discover it was Ryan Fraser and not Fraser Forster.



    Phew !!



    The Onlooker



  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    THE ONLOOKER- VG….😁,Forster will be a huge part of next season, might be another loan if he can’t cut a deal with Southampton.

  3. Sevco’s accounts for the last few years show strong season ticket sales. This summer will be no different.



    The MyGers nonsense, I suspect hasn’t done too much but I’d expect them to shift 45K season tickets.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    WDH- I just read that,not a good look after spending fortunes on a new stadium, hope you are keeping better. HH

  5. Poor Jimmy the Hun on Snyde there hating everyone in Scottish fitbaw for what they done to Rankers in 2012 😂😂😂






    Rewritinghistoryfc strikes again



    D. :)

  6. In fact I used to work with Jimmy many moons ago in Royal Mail and took the piss out him at football and I loved every feckin minute of it.😂😂😂



    D. :)

  7. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    embdy on FF



    financial reality hit yet?


    still bangin on about the injustice of the spfl following rules


    delusional hopes for next year?

  8. Kelvin Bhoy



    I was going to comment about many not being internet savvy but I couldn’t get my modem to dial up

  9. AN DUN on 4TH JUNE 2020 6:15 PM


    Sevco’s accounts for the last few years show strong season ticket sales. This summer will be no different.



    The MyGers nonsense, I suspect hasn’t done too much but I’d expect them to shift 45K season tickets.





    Does covid19 and all it’s consequences not impact on the huns?



    I’d be surprised if they get 45K season tickets.



    IMO and with respect.

  10. It’ll hurt them like us when it comes to match day income, Phillbhoy. By virtue of our bigger capacity, we’ll be hurt more than them in that respect.



    I don’t think either Club will see any significant changes to season book sales but we’ll see what happened once the year ends are published.




    Watching Benfica at the moment. They’re playing recordings of the support over the tannoy which surprisingly works quite well from a tv point of view.

  11. I get the argument that a lot of people don’t / won’t have the money to renew season tickets this year due to lost income because of the Coronavirus and this might affect season ticket sales



    However, there are an awful lot of people (myself included) whose jobs have not been affected by the pandemic and have more money than ever before. For nearly three months now I have had nothing to spend money on



    Its been boring as hell, but great for my bank account

  12. It would appear that there are almost 8000 fans on the Celtic ST waiting list as of today. It will be interesting to see how that pans out after 30th June.


    On another subject, have the 800 Celtic fans who forked approx £50 a head for the game at Ayebrokes been refunded yet?

  13. The UK has recorded more deaths from coronavirus in one day than the whole of the European Union put together.





    Good to see Grand Brittania getting a grip of things.

  14. Jinkyredstar on

    An dun – canned laughter has been used since the year dot fir tv sitcoms. It wouldn’t take a genius to have several channels of sound lined up from clips of existing games – team announcement, walk on, hail hail, general background, green brigade’s (f’n annoying) drum, oooooh for just missed, roar and applause fir great play, total joy for goal, in the heat of Lisbon on and around the 67th minute etc – a decent mixer with a competent DJ – job done.

  15. Jinkyredstar on

    Basically a bit like the old piano player accompanying a silent movie – or a normal game at Pittodrie 😀

  16. BADA BING,and others on here who don’t rate McKenna up in Aberdeen,fine but to come on and say horrible names about him is just not on,His Dad was a season ticket holder at Celtic,he probably comes on here to see what’s happening at the club,then the man sees supposed to be Celtic Fans saying terrible name calling to his son,You BADA BING ,for someone who seems to know all.at what’s going on with Celtic Football Club ,your is derogatory remark.about McKenna is coming from a very ignorant person.

  17. Out for my daily walk today and ran into a couple of lhads , one of them sits in the same row as myself at CP. Only in talking with them did I find out that the Village Idiot from the White House was holding the Holy Bible upside down. Says a lot does it not?

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Timbhoy- apologies to you,Mr McKenna, his boy,and anyone who knows him,I don’t rate the guy but could have phrased it differently. With respect, you don’t know me,but one thing I know I’m not, is ignorant. HH

  19. I really hope Jack Hendry’s da doesn’t look in…..:)



    Look, I’m sure McKenna will make a good career for himself and make his old lad very proud. Which is good.



    I don’t think he’s good enough to play for Celtic because the bar is higher than his capabilities.



    Shirt. Inferior players, shrinking and all that jazz…..

  20. JINKYREDSTAR on 4TH JUNE 2020 9:16 PM


    Basically a bit like the old piano player accompanying a silent movie – or a normal game at Pittodrie 😀






    dont forget the manic whistler of hampden,


    spoiled every cup final for me for the last 19 years

  21. McKenna is a better defender than Jozo, but a less accomplished footballer.


    i guess it depends on what your priorites are for a centre half. He didn’t have a particularly good season, so he would be better VFM than when we were supposedly in for him a couple of seasons ago. Most Dons fans wouldn’t be too unhappy to see him go if they got a decent fee for him.


    That says a lot to me, but then again, we’ve had worse defenders. 🐏

  22. BATEEN BHOY on 4TH JUNE 2020 10:08 PM


    McKenna is a better defender than Jozo.




    He really isn’t.

  23. What worries me about McKenna is that we were in for him under Rodgers. And Rodgers has a simply horrendous eye for a defender.



    But McKenna has been a mainstay in an Aberdeen team that for the most part have got the better of Sevco under Gerrard.



    If Lennon sees something then that’s good enough for me but not as Ajer’s replacement. Bring him in for Jozo.

  24. greengray1967 on

    SAINT STIVS on 4TH JUNE 2020 10:17 PM



    Cracking photo of Jay. Babs is one of his biggest fans

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