Doncaster Newco proposal doesn’t get the votes


An SPL general meeting today passed several less-significant Financial Fair Play rules (pay your taxes and players) but did not approve a proposal from chief executive, Neil Doncaster, that a mechanism should be introduced to parachute a Newco into the top division in Scottish football for the first time in history.

It would have taken 8 votes to see this controversial proposal pass, which it clearly didn’t get.  The SPL reserves the right to vote a Newco in at any point in the future, but those hoping to buy the assets of Rangers were not issued a ticket to the SPL today.


Perhaps connected to the above matter….  The SPL board will this afternoon consider issues relating to allegations Rangers rigged the system for over a decade with dual contracts.

There are too many permutations for me to digest these developments with any accuracy. At first pass, the news appears to be on the upside of what I was expecting earlier in the day.

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  1. weeminger on 30 May, 2012 at 14:11 said:



    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 30 May, 2012 at 14:07 said:



    And in any given vote, your talking about clubs voting to potentially lose access to Europa and prize/tv money. Which they might find is greater than any benefit from the NewClub being in.



    I’d say that you’re probably guaranteed at least 3 votes against every time a NewClub is put to the vote.

  2. The Honest Cover-up (13:39): “Given all that’s happened recently, I think I’d settle for even just 1 season without them in the SPL to be able to enjoy my football without it being tainted by our replusive, cheating, bigoted neighbours.”



    It would actually be really interesting to compare the plethora of dubious refereeing decisions over recent seasons with the number of same occurring during a season withour RFC in the SPL. This could give us a good indicator of whether or not their actually is a further strand of impropriety worthy of investigation.



    A Son Of Dan (13:42), so Dunfermline would potentially have faced a points deduction for failing to pay their players on time while they were awaiting monies due from RFCIA towards the end of last season!

  3. Good on John McBeth.



    Not seen a rejection vote of Newco Parachute proposal anywhere else.

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Yeah no appetite for it. Easily proposed



    It is a game of wait and see.



    I suspect this to run a while yet. 10m of hun ST is not to be sniffed at and killing it off or trying to redistribute it year upon year will never be contemplated regardless of what we are being told.



    I honestly believe that we aint seen nothing yet !! ;-)




  5. greenjedi on 30 May, 2012 at 14:09 said:




    Clyde news never mentioned that they voted against allowing a new club to be parachuted straight in, just that no sanctions were voted through.




    There wasn’t a vote for this because there isn’t a new company to be voted in yet. The non agreement to Doncaster’s soft proposals to let a new company in in the future would not have given D&P/Green any confidence that they will sail back in.



    A worrying few hours for D&P. Their comment that this morning’s decisions will delay the sale process is interesting. Will Charlie be asking for his £200,002 back. I hear Leeds are looking for new owners.

  6. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on

    In the interests of sporting justice, Sally McMoist has demanded that John McBeth is named!




  7. bunburybhoy @ 14.01 I would go one step further. I was saying to a fine Celtic man last night that if Murray had swallowed his pride in 2008 and called in the administrators then they would have gotten away with EVERYTHING

  8. And the worm turns…



    St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour has expressed his anger at Rangers for taking their fight against the imposed transfer ban to court.



    Lord Glennie yesterday ruled a 12-month transfer embargo enforced on Rangers was unlawful as the punishment was not contained in the Scottish Football Association rules.



    Gilmour, speaking at Hampden after a Scottish Premier League meeting on financial fair play issues, said:



    “The law is an ass. I think that sums it up.



    “What’s a court getting involved in football for? The decision had been made.



    “Are we going to take every single sending-off to court? Is that what we are going to end up with?



    “Sport should stay within sport.”

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I take two things from todays decision



    there will be no hun in the spl next season



    they will require league restructure to get back in via newclub entry vote as all shares will be accounted for.


    happy happy talk


    talking happy talk


    talk about things you’d like to do

  10. All 12 SPL clubs met today at Hampden Park to consider a number of different matters relating to newcos and financial fair play.



    It was agreed that, in future, any decision on the transfer of a share to a newco from any club will be considered by all member clubs, rather than the SPL Board, with flexibility to impose sanctions appropriate to each individual circumstance. The resolutions proposing fixed penalties on a newco were therefore withdrawn as being obsolete.



    Following the circulation to creditors of CVA proposals, the SPL Board withdrew the resolution to consider a transfer of Rangers FC SPL share to a newco. No newco proposal is currently under consideration by the SPL.



    The following resolutions were also approved by the Clubs and come into effect immediately:



    – An increase in the sporting sanctions for any Club going into administration in the future, from ten points to the greater of ten points and one third of the Club’s SPL points total in the preceding season;



    – An extension of the sporting sanctions regime to the situation where the parent company of an SPL Club goes into administration;



    – Updates and extensions to the definition of ‘Insolvency Events’ in the SPL Rules to track recent changes in insolvency law;



    – Specific requirements for SPL Clubs to pay their players and HMRC on time and be subject to sanctions if they do not. Clubs must also report to the SPL any failure to pay players or HMRC on time.



    The members’ resolution to amend SPL voting rules to an 9-3 vote in all cases was adjourned to the SPL’s Annual General Meeting on 16 July.



    SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster commented: “The new rules will impose more onerous sanctions on clubs which go into administration in the future. By making any failure to pay players on time a disciplinary issue, the SPL has sent a clear signal of the vital importance of clubs living within their means. Equally clubs which fail to live within their means will be punished proportionately.



    “And, if clubs do not keep up to date with their PAYE and NIC, they will be made subject to a player registration embargo until they are up to date.



    “This is a progressive and bold package of changes, for which clubs should be congratulated.”

  11. Luxcelt, cheers



    Airdrie was a different scenario; they bought Clydebank’s share in Div2. Their membership of the league is a continuation of Clydebank FC. So i don’t think it’s a direct comparison with Green’s proposal.



    Derry City and Fiorentina are examples of newclubs forming and entering the league set up anew. I just wondered if IFA/Italian FA/UEFA had ever formally recognised these clubs as a continuation of the old ones.



    Also, in company law, the creditors would have great difficulty pursuing a new corporate entity (new constitution/directors/company registration/name) for debts owed by a dissolved company. Your premise makes absolute sense from an ethical point of view (walk away from the debt and walk away from the entitlement to lay claim to the success which was financed by that debt) but I wouldn’t be surprised if newclub held itself out as an entirely new entity to creditors, but as a continuation of the oldclub to the footballing authorities, who may be more than willing to turn a blind eye to the blatant shicanery. This scenario, newclub straight into SPL, regarded as a continuation of odclub, would be a real disaster for sporting integrity. The SPL should simply say that no newclub will ever be allowed to waltz straight into the SPL, forget about sanctions.

  12. greenjedi on 30 May, 2012 at 14:09 said:


    Clyde news never mentioned that they voted against allowing a new club to be parachuted straight in, just that no sanctions were voted through




    SSN are doing the same mate.


    Just saying that their future is now in the hands of the other clubs, but no mention of the vote against a newco come back.



    Suppose they’re getting bored as it’s the last item of 5! ;o)





    /Bishop B

  13. Paul67 et al



    Too early to tell whether we are finally beginning to feel the winds of change in Scottish football but the SPL vote against Doncaster’s proposal to change the rules to change the rules to save Rangers FC is as you say worthy of a cautious welcome. And that is what it is getting. For Doncaster, the SKY deal is all, and yet, is it all that? £20 million pa and all the chaos it causes for supporters of Scottish football, not least for Celtic supporters. I happen to believe that a return to Saturday afternoon football could raise that through the turnstiles. (And supplement it with some TV income). Celtic could just about replicate their season share through one big European night. I have stated on here that Celtic should be prepared to consider an alternative to an Old Firm SPL, including the option of a bigger league than the ten or twelve, or fourteen if you include Peter Lawwell’s own contribution, proposals on offer. We are almost, but not quite at that point. Slowly, surely, inexorably, the Scottish footballing public is coming round to the idea of life without Rangers. The SPL and the SFA have not quite grasped that concept, it is time they did!

  14. ASonOfDan on 30 May, 2012 at 14:20 said:



    He won’t be the last, when the worms see the huns are getting cuffed all ways they’ll all be at it..

  15. traditionalist88 on

    Looks to me like they’ve just taken it off the table(for now) because a CVA has been proposed…




  16. The Comfortable Collective on

    I see that a new creditor is on the list owed money from rangers as of May, who were not one of the creditors when duff and felch took over in February.



    Shred-it to the tune of £484.80.



    A lot of stuff shredded between February and May.





  17. On the subject of shredding, anyone got any info on the legal requirements for shredding? Are shredding agencies legally allowed to shred legal documents?


    I am sure HMRC have rules & regs regarding minimum retention times for any documents regarding employee payments etc….

  18. Anyone hear that Celtic are supposed to be playing Ajax over at the Amsterdam Arena in a glamour friendly on the 21st July?

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    A lot of stuff shredded between February and May.



    4IAR T-shirts?

  20. @The Comfortable Collective on 30 May, 2012 at 14:32 said:



    good eye! I wonder what they were shredding too. The company sends out cars to shred stuff, thats a lot of paper…

  21. IF the decision not to vote on the newco issue was down to the CVA content or should I say lack of content, then that surely isnt any great surprise,


    it was full of ifs buts and mibees, quite apart from D&P taking circa £5m from the potty, theyre actually asking the creditors to vote for a CVA without actually advising them how much the CVA is worth to them…whit?


    “look Hector its like this ah know we owe the country millions, well lots of millions, how many millions? ah dunno but its lots and well tell you when the accounts are audited, so what to do Hector is err vote aye for the CVA and well give you err…well well give you something dunno what, but itll be something, come on Hector truse us eh ah mean somethings better than nothing right?”



  22. The CVA has all the feel of:



    “Hey Jim, lend me a tenner and I’ll gie ye back that fiver I stole of you last week.”

  23. BarryBhoy on 30 May, 2012 at 14:34 said:


    Anyone hear that Celtic are supposed to be playing Ajax over at the Amsterdam Arena in a glamour friendly on the 21st July?



    its true.



    never mind that what about Rangers playing in the Renfrewshire Cup.

  24. celt for life on

    How did Dungcaster keep a straight face on Sky where he talked about sporting integrity going forward?


    10pt penalty for admin or 30% of previous years total will be deducted, whichever is higher.


    “Clubs live within their means, must be upto date with the taxman or will suffer automatic player embargo”, Players wages must be paid on time, blah blah.



    Worryingly for me any new application to SPL will be dealt with on a case by case basis, with no set penalties, so Huns back in with opens arms is what they have set up. Disgraceful

  25. tell me this.



    how come the Rangers players, and staff are all still driving about in thier big company cars.



    surely an easy saving to be made there , right away.

  26. Where did ye hear about the Ajax friendly Barrybhoy ?????? Please be true !!! Livin in Singapore now, but back in Amsterdam for Budget meeting on 19th July !!!

  27. SaintLubo on 30 May, 2012 at 14:34 said:



    generally the company wouldnt be aware of the reason the documents are being shredded, in most cases they wouldnt even be aware what the documents were, IF they knew there was an act of deception/criminality then theyre in bother

  28. jock steins celtic on

    would bills incurred since 14th Feb appear within the list of creditors ?

  29. My point isn’t whether the shredders are aware of why the documents are being shredded. Rather that the documents have legal standing and legal retention requirements.

  30. jock steins celtic



    would bills incurred since 14th Feb appear within the list of creditors ?



    They shouldn’t as when an administrator is appointed he agrees to cover all costs of any new contracts he enters into.



    The discrepencies between the previous creditors letter and this most recent one will be because more creditors will have come forward with their claims.




  31. SaintLubo on 30 May, 2012 at 14:47 said:


    dependent on the nature of the documents there are legal retention timescales in place, dunno what it is for financial matters maybe one of our esteemed money men can advise

  32. I love the turn of phrase with the picture description.


    ‘A paper-shredding lorry parks up outside Ibrox as administrators continue to review the club’s current financial plight’



    Is review Hun-ish for destroy?





    /Bishop B

  33. Clashcitybhoy on

    St Stivs / all


    Re Tell me this




    Why in the long list of money spent by RFCIA , running into tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even multi millions, did they only spend £61.27 on hygiene services:-)

  34. Paul67 et al



    “Last year I was travelling to Europe to watch them. Now, I am braced to watching them at Annan”


    Well one Rangers supporter looking beyond the SPL. Andy Cameron, interviewed in the Herald.

  35. It might explain why they are having so much difficulty cleaning up all the sh*t they’ve left behind.

  36. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Braced to watching them at Annan’?


    -it’s polite to wait ’til you’re asked.

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