Doncaster Newco proposal doesn’t get the votes


An SPL general meeting today passed several less-significant Financial Fair Play rules (pay your taxes and players) but did not approve a proposal from chief executive, Neil Doncaster, that a mechanism should be introduced to parachute a Newco into the top division in Scottish football for the first time in history.

It would have taken 8 votes to see this controversial proposal pass, which it clearly didn’t get.  The SPL reserves the right to vote a Newco in at any point in the future, but those hoping to buy the assets of Rangers were not issued a ticket to the SPL today.


Perhaps connected to the above matter….  The SPL board will this afternoon consider issues relating to allegations Rangers rigged the system for over a decade with dual contracts.

There are too many permutations for me to digest these developments with any accuracy. At first pass, the news appears to be on the upside of what I was expecting earlier in the day.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Galabank must be one of the most picturesque grounds in Scotland, perched amongst the woods above the river.


    The complete anti-thesis of everything scrofulous and Hillbilly-ish.

  2. SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster commented: “.


    The following resolutions were also approved by the Clubs and come into effect immediately:


    “And, if clubs do not keep up to date with their PAYE and NIC, they will be made subject to a player registration embargo until they are up to date.



    So today the SPL have effectively reintroduced the embargo that yesterday D&P went to the Court of Session to get lifted – nay luck

  3. The last time Mr Green attended Hampden he could not wait to address the waiting media afterwards.



    It is emerging a side door and sharp exit may have been employed this time…

  4. VertWolf



    The SPL embargo was always there. The stupid huns just chose to ignore it…

  5. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    DBBIA –



    The scrofulous Hillbillies will be able to bring their own unique brand of banter thereby imparting new kinda fabric-of-Scottish-society feel to the place that it never had before. I’m sure the locals can’t wait for the kind of larks Jandy Sardine has been describing recently.

  6. SaintLubo at 14:34



    “On the subject of shredding …”



    I’ll have a stab at this: many professional bodies produce their own guidelines on the retention of business-related documents (be they paper or digital). Perhaps the SFA and SPL do this, too.



    In terms of your ‘average business’, however, the standard period for retention of financial records is 7 years.



    Documents with potential future legal importance are often best kept ‘indefinitely’ or (e.g. proof of liability insurance cover) for periods up to 40 years.



    So I suppose it really depends on the sector and the guidelines issued by supervisory/governing bodies …




  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Natknow- we have a few Jardinytes down here, including the Village Idiot, but more at the Bluenose end of the spectrum than the Hun.


    Anyways, I’m hoping the feeling I have that they won’t be playing football anywhere next season is 100% genuine.

  8. I believe today’s vote/no vote or, whatever it was, is a blow to old Greeny because now he cannot formulate any plans for a Newclub. He simply won’t know if it will be accepted or not and, even if it is, could be subject to all sorts of unacceptable (to him and his backers) sanctions.


    I’m not surprised to hear that D&P are saying that this could delay the sale.

  9. ASonOfDan on 30 May, 2012 at 15:08 said:



    yep forgot about that – so many broken rules to keep up with




  10. So what happened to the emergency meeting that was supposed to be taking place between the SFA and its legal advisers re. yesterday’s verdict? Or did the papers get confused with the SPL meeting?



    To fudge or not to fudge? Of course they’ll fudge. FIFA doesn’t know it’s dealing with the home of 33rd Degree Masons.

  11. Wonder if Green is at Glasgow airport yet?



    naegreenshootsofrecoveryfurrahuns CSC

  12. SFA Statement released this afternoon;


    “Further to yesterday’s ruling by the


    Court of Session, the SFA is currently


    consulting with lawyers regarding the


    way forward in respect of potential


    sanction(s) against Rangers Football Club arising from breaches of SFA


    regulations. The SFA is extremely


    disappointed with the ruling of the Court


    of Session in light of the fact that the


    independent tribunal had imposed a


    transfer embargo for breaches of SFA regulations which,


    according to the tribunal were almost as


    serious as match-fixing. Despite what


    might be interpreted as a


    novel and restrained sanction, Rangers


    FC have sought to jeopardise the participation of all SFA clubs and the


    national side in international


    competitions arising from the decision


    of Rangers FC to seek recourse to a civil court in contravention of SFA and FIFA regulations. Having effectively thumbed their noses at the SFA and FIFA, presumably in full knowledge of the difficulties referral to the Court of


    Session would entail, the SFA will


    immediately remit the matter back to an independent tribunal for reconsideration. In view of the factual


    findings of the previous tribunal and the submissions on behalf of both parties at the Court of Session, it appears inevitable that the only realistic sanctions now open to any tribunal are suspension or expulsion of Rangers FC. Manifestly, suspension or expulsion from the Scottish Cup would be wholly inadequate, particularly given that the breaches of regulations were not matters relating solely to participation in the Scottish Cup. It is to be noted that further enquiries in relation to alleged dual contracts are


    ongoing and any punishment of Rangers FC in the event of findings against the club in respect of dual contracts will be decided with regard to the irresponsible actions of the club in respect of the above matters. The actions of Rangers FC have required


    significant, unnecessary expenditure by SFA in dealing with these legal matters and it will be the intention of SFA to seek to recoup any legal and incidental expenditure arising therefrom. The SFA notes the restraint


    demonstrated by other clubs likely to be affected by the above matters and shares the frustration of said clubs and their fans with Rangers FC. The SFA is


    primarily concerned with all member


    clubs adhering to the rules and


    essentially, operating fairly in a manner


    consistent with maintaining the sporting and financial integrity of the game as a whole.



    The SFA will also seek to land a


    man on the moon by 2015, achieve world peace and end poverty. These tasks will be developed immediately after we deal with Rangers FC in a fair, proportionate manner”



    Walter Mitty Esq., SFA


    Hampden Park



  13. See Rangers, See All them Pyrrhic victories they’ve celebrated for 140 years, What day do the Cleny dept. come round to collect the rubbish bins in Govan.


    #Waste #Disposal #Titles

  14. An Fear Dearg on

    ASonOfDan on 30 May, 2012 at 13:31 said:





    What are your thoughts on the the report Duff&Duffer could eventually pocket £17.9 Million from administering rangers.



    That article made the mistake of taking the three separate options on p37 of the CVA proposal and adding together the three possible administration/legal costs of each option. In reality only one option can be chosen so the admin/legal costs are estimated as either £5.5m (CVA) or £6.2m (newco or liquidation). Still eye-watering either way…

  15. An Fear Dearg






    Duff&Duffer £6.2 Million and HMRC getting offered less than £2 Million…

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    My post earlier re McBeth,he would never have made comments like that when he had the blazer on.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Not wanting to start a Tam Cowan debate again,he issued an apology for his Thai Tims remark in his column in the Record, and has made a donation to the Good Child Foundation,not sure if posted earlier.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    This is REAL progress……the other teams have sent a message to SFA / SPL



    “Sort that lot out now …. You have our backing.”



    And they have sent a message the bhuns…….



    “You have cheated us all for years, and you are now dragging us through the mud. Well, we are fighting back now, and you can stay in the mud, where you belong”



    I am very pleased about this vote, and I am confident the SFA / SPL will use this mandate to sort them, and this mess, out……still can’t believe they had the stupidity / arrogance to take the appeal to a civil court….. Silly bhuns

  19. An Fear Dearg on

    VertWolf on 30 May, 2012 at 15:07 said:


    SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster commented: “.


    The following resolutions were also approved by the Clubs and come into effect immediately:


    “And, if clubs do not keep up to date with their PAYE and NIC, they will be made subject to a player registration embargo until they are up to date.



    So today the SPL have effectively reintroduced the embargo that yesterday D&P went to the Court of Session to get lifted – nay luck




    In effect it doesn’t matter – RFA(IA) can’t register (new) players anyway while they’re in administration. And if they exit administration via CVA then that will effectively make them up to date with wages and HMRC.

  20. So where are we now?



    Any newco application will be considered by the 12 clubs and needs the support of 8 of them to be passed. The 12 clubs can also decide to set any conditions on the entry of a newco that they desire.



    My preferred position would be a rule saying no newcos ever. But that was never going to happen. These changes leave the door open to a newco but do not set an entry fee. That means anyone going down that road would have to gamble on both winning a vote and being able to live with whatever conditions might be applied.



    It is also clear that clubs are getting more and more annoyed at the huns – which can only be a good thing.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Just back from Catania Airport.



    The lovely lady from Padova’s flight was delayed so I went for a granita .


    Amazed to find a copy of the Scottish Sun [ lying , doesn’t it always ]on the counter –



    As bad as it ever was but I did notice two headlines —-



    Ban Out of Order —– a wee pro Hun piece .



    Kick out Gers —— a wee anti Hun thing.



    Optimum Old Firm marketing



    Warm [ high 80s ] and sunny -way down south

  22. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Oldfirmfacts ‏@Oldfirmfacts1


    At £5.5m, Rangers have paid as much for Duff & Phelps as they did for Andrei Kanchelskis. Duff & Phelps pose more of a threat going forward.

  23. jock steins celtic on

    why did HMRC back down when their first reaction was to oppose Duff & Phelps as administrators ?

  24. ProphetOfRegret on

    if ra rangurs arent in the spl next season, do dunfermline get back in? or will they promote ross county and dundee?



    if it was the latter, couldnt the northern clubs make more money from the dundee derbies and ict/ross county games and soften the financial blow of there being no huns in ra spl.



    and if this was clarified, would it change how clubs voted?



    apologies if this has been asked/answered before

  25. Kilbowie Kelt on






    Peacefully at Hampden Park, after a long & painful struggle, surrounded by well-wishers who had tried everything possible to avert his inevitable demise, the Mighty Hun died with the same lack of dignity which had marked his long life.



    1872- 2012.


    May he rest in peace.

  26. An Fear Dearg on

    The Spirit of Arthur Lee on 30 May, 2012 at 15:39 said:


    Oldfirmfacts ‏@Oldfirmfacts1


    At £5.5m, Rangers have paid as much for Duff & Phelps as they did for Andrei Kanchelskis. Duff & Phelps pose more of a threat going forward.



    Aye, pleasing to see the money raised by the sale of Jelavic put to such good use!

  27. jock steins celtic at 15:39:



    why did HMRC back down when their first reaction was to oppose Duff & Phelps as administrators ?



    Perhaps they are keeping their powder dry until liquidation and then oppose a motion by D&P to act as liquidators. I think things happened very quickly around Valentines Day and HMRC opposed the appointment as there was chat that Rangers weren’t really in administration and would have a few days to decide for certain. HMRC’s intervention ensured they went into administration fairly quickly thereafter and with HMRC’s opposition on the record, they are in a good position to oppose D&P if and when they apply to become liquidators.




  28. Juarez is away according to spanish reports.



    The reports that Juarez Ciudad Deportiva, on vacation in Mexico, is considering signing a contract with America, as the club has agreed to transfer all the roles with Celtic, the current owner of the Mexican.



    Juarez, yielded most of last season with Zaragoza, was disappointed in his second season in Europe and the Celtic had clearly not had for Neil Lennon, which his departure was imminent.



    An executive of Club América has confirmed to Goal.com that the team is really interested in signing the player. Juarez made ​​his debut with Pumas, his rivals after winning fame as part of the Mexican U-17 team that won the World Cup in 2005, along with Giovani dos Santos and Carlos Vela.



    In total, Juarez played only 21 games with Celtic before being transferred to Zaragoza, where his assignment finished before the end of the season 2011/2012.



    The signing of Juarez would give America its second summer signing since Adrian Aldrete, formerly of Morelia, was the first to sign with the Cougars.

  29. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    South of Tunis


    You have a lovely lady on the mainland, requiring picking up from the airport? You are Inspector Montalbano and I claim my £5.

  30. Dontbrattbakkinanger on 30 May, 2012 at 15:42 said:




    Looks suspiciously like…..or reasonable facsimiles thereof [allegedly]….and other such legalese/gobbledygook.


    Barbarians were called so because to the ancient Roman ear the language the huns spoke sounded like,”bar-bar-bar-bar”…..like all scrofulous huns they were probably just looking for an establishment selling Bucky.


    : )

  31. perhaps hmrc have known all along of the fishy smell of duff and duffer and know


    liquidation was always the route but will step in with their own liquidator’s to make


    sure there is a proper sale of assets instead of the green stitch up, i think by letting


    this play out as it has so far will make duff and duffer’s chances of being liquidator’s


    very unlikely.

  32. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    DBBIA –



    Everything But The Sink?



    Apparently so…