Doncaster wriggling with rules


SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, is clear on the subject of offensive singing at football games: “It remains the SPFL’s position that if it can be established that clubs have done everything required in overall management of the event pre-match, during the game and post-match then they have no case to answer”.

This may be the case, but if clubs fail to communicate appropriate instructions to fans after one transgression, which is quickly followed by a second transgression, Doncaster’s defence is moot.  The club has failed to do “everything required” pre-match and post-match, and is guilty under the rules, if applied.

Doncaster has employed a rhetorical technique.  When faced with a difficult scenario, make a statement which is in itself true, but the parameters of which do not match the scenario.

The chief executive of the Scottish Professional Football League’s comments this morning appear like an attempt to protect a member club from the League’s own rules.  He is paid to ensure rules are applied, not negated.

It is no business of his to defer responsibility to the police, or the Justice Ministry, which concocted this inept Offensive Behaviour Act in order to “equalise” criminality, where it didn’t exist, but will not lift a finger on this issue.

What do you know about Andy McAtee?  He signed for Celtic from Mossend Hibs in 1910 and left in 1924, having played 438 games on the right wing, scoring 75 goals.  He won six league titles and four Scottish Cups and was one of the earliest Celtic heroes.  During the Great War he fought in the Alps, and in Haig’s bloody field in the Somme.

When he, and other members of our first genuinely great team, retired, Celtic found it impossible to replace them.  We didn’t win another six titles until Inter manager, Helenio Herrera, watched our title win in May 1967.

The Celtic Graves Society mark his final resting place at Kilsyth Cemetery (G5 0TA) at 12:00 on Saturday 28 February.  After a graveside blessing, there will be a Q&A with Jim Craig, Tom Boyd and Pat McCluskey, at The Curling Stone pub, High Craigends, Kilsyth.  If you can make it along and support the great work of the Society, get there.

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  1. Happy Tuesday all!



    Did I wake up in an alternate world?



    Headlines this morning.



    “Suarez, unselfish and disciplined”


    “2022 World Cup to kick off in November”



    No, wait, there it is, yes, I am still on this planet.



    No action on Gers chants, hints SPFL”





    In reply to yesterday comments from the first few pages.



    Jungle Jim Hot Smoked


    13:07 on


    23 February, 2015



    Only us crazies eh?






    macanbheatha Oscar Abú



    13:23 on


    23 February, 2015



    You’ll not get upset if I watch the game though will you?






    !!Bada Bing!!



    13:37 on


    23 February, 2015



    Sadly it’s almost what you would make up!

  2. From what I’ve read they were called ‘marauding huns’ by a Wolverhampton P.C. who was unfortunate to be on duty when they brought their ‘Shock and Awe tour to his patch in 1961.



    They have also destructively appeared at Newcastle, Birmingham, Sunderland and most famously Manchester when they excelled at living up to the term ‘marauding hun’.



    Cheekily they sang it to us but it never caught on as hun really is a state of mind and we don’t have the necessary qualifications. They’ve sung it at Ibrox to a visiting German side as they tried to lose their hard fought term but they’ve never been good at songs. Being in the Broomloan in the ’90′s wasn’t often a good experience but you got some laughs; The Dambusters and various other military tunes was often belted out over the P.A. system just to aid Klos and Albertz in their warm up…



    I digress. Hun has come to mean those who blindly love Brittania but still make Nazi salutes; those who model themselves on the Billy Boys; those who believe the Tricolour is an IRA flag; those who hate Celtic etc etc etc



    If the cap fits; but this is a deflection tactic.

  3. Doncaster isn’t going to do anything against the new club. We all know that.



    We need to challenge the guilt by association that drags our club into the mire. The lazy “o** f***” problem”, both as bad as each other nonsense. There is only one club in Glasgow with a sectarian problem/

  4. He is paid to ensure rules are applied, not negated.



    ..any where else he would have gone long ago.

  5. Gordon_J



    “There is only one club in Glasgow with a sectarian problem”



    Spot on Gordon.




  6. Caesar



    I’d try the Dubliner, but they’re unlikely to be showing anything other than ELP games.


    You are 100% sure to see the game if you hop on a train to Malmö (about 30 minutes from Copenhagen) and go to Sir Toby’s, where all Tic games are shown for the Malmö CSC.


    Tell them Damo sent you.




  7. Bless,the poor wee sensitive succulent lambs have had their feelings hurt, what happened to no one likes us we don’t care? Huns forever.

  8. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi fellow Celtic Fans! :-)



    I am looking for a good album of Celtic songs to download onto my android smartphone and laptop (and willing to pay for it), or a CD is fine also. I had a look on Google Play but my search mostly came up with ‘Celtic Women’! Now, I love all women, and Celtic Women in particular, but this wasn’t quite what I was looking for! :-)



    The compilation needs to include some of the good Celtic tunes they play at Celtic Park like the Willie Maley song, Four Leaf Clover etc. Any suggestions/links would be appreciated! :-)



    Yours in Celtic,






    P.S. Bournesouprecipe I got home safely on Sunday evening, despite the bad weather and an 8-hour drive. I just wanted to say again what a Fantastic time I had on Thursday evening! :-) Thanks again! :-)

  9. Every time Doncaster and Co. come out with these decisions/statements they only confirm just how unfit for office they are.



    They bring the game into disrepute every time they open their mouths.

  10. Pail67,


    What are the SPFL board doing about it ?


    I thought we had representation on that board, what has that representation done about it ?


    Blaming Doncaster for following his instructions from his employers is a pathetic cop out, again.

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Team for Thursday:




    Fisher, O`Connell, Ambrose,Waters


    McGregor Rogic Wakaso Boerigter ( If fit);


    Scepovic, Tonev.


    Picks itself, really but in the spirit of all inclusiveness, can anyone think of an improvement?




  12. Celticmalmoe






    “I’d try the Dubliner, but they’re unlikely to be showing anything other than ELP games.”



    As long as they’re not showing any of their concerts!

  13. So the ex editor of the Hootsman has no problem with the word Hun.


    Excuse me if I have got this wrong but does that paper not ban the word Sevco from its comments page as it is deemed sectarian

  14. I tell you…it takes some neck, for bigots to claim they are the victims of sectarianism.


    A massive brass neck to be precise.


    Am I dreaming this….the worst bigots and cheats in world football….complaining about being called huns.


    Surely not.


    The mind boggles.





  15. Mea culpa,


    Including the Celtic representation, no statement because they agree with the decision old firm are we

  16. Paul67



    When RFC were sanctioned by UEFA in 2006, there was mention of their being required to keep a record of measures they would take to tackle the problem.



    It would interesting to know what form that record took and if it is still being kept.



    What better way for ND to demonstrate to the world that TRFC have taken all steps possible?



    My memory is that rather than tell their supporters singing TBBs was wrong and why, they said the police would arrest those signing. Passing the buck it’s called.

  17. Alain Badiou: “The goal of all enemy propaganda is not to annihilate an existing force (this function is generally left to police forces), but rather to annihilate an unnoticed possibility of the situation.” In other words, enemy propaganda tries to kill hope: the message of this propaganda is a resigned conviction that the world we live in, even if not the best of all possible worlds, is the least bad one, so any radical change could only make it worse.

  18. Canamalar


    12:48 on


    24 February, 2015



    I agree with you on this. With one exception. The board do not oversee Doncaster on a day to day basis, and the decision hasn’t actually been made as yet. This is all conjecture based on heavy hints at the moment.



    It’s only after the event (although they’ve had plenty of other reasons) they could say listen Neil enough’s enough you’re out.



    I don’t think they will but we can’t make that call until they do (or don’t as it were).

  19. In any other country in the world, Doncaster & Co would be slammed by the press.


    But, this is Scotland.


    Run by the establishment, for the establishment club.



    It all goes to show just how massively they cocked things up.


    To have every authority in the land protecting you, doing their utmost to ensure you succeed, and you still manage to go bust.


    Quite astonishing.

  20. “Wriggling with rules” is spot on Paul. Another case of “doing a Sandy Bryson”. In truth did we expect anything else from ND though?



    Although it has not been confirmed if any will be taken, surely WHEN they say there is no case to answer this can be challenged by the SPFL clubs themselves. Its not as if it was only a handful of peepil that sung these songs at Kirkcaldy, or a handful of people that apparently heard the chants. It was quite clearly the MAJORITY of sevconians who participated, and heard by thousands across the live TV feed.



    So ND is saying that even if the match delegate includes it in his report, there will be nothing done, no matter how many times this happens, as long as “the club” (or should that be company?) are seen to have done all that they can?



    From the wording of his statement ND agrees that it happened, that these songs were sung, and is not denying that it occurred. Therefore a warning should surely be issued to the club (company?) that if it continues to happen then sanctions will be taken.



    And then a big pink pig will fly right past my window.




  21. As was stated earlier Hun can apply to anyone of whatever faith they profess or none if that is their choice.



    For example Neil McCann is a Hun, he is, or was (I neither know nor care), a Roman Catholic. This does not effect his Hunnishness. Emilio Izzaguirre is not a Roman Catholichowever he is not now and never has been a Hun, a hunskelper yes but I digress.

  22. Doncaster has a ready-made excuse for letting the Huns off the hook. Raith Rovers insisted on selling tickets to away supporters. This fact will be used in defence of Sevco.

  23. Oh right…ive got it now.


    Its ok to stand in George Square…and throw Nazi salutes at a war memorial.


    But….don’t call them huns.






  24. HT,



    I don’t think so neebs. Yes a Muslim can plan to join but I think he’d have to change his religion.




  25. jungle jim hot smoked



    12:48 on 24 February, 2015



    There’s no way that team will get through. But if we play James Forrest on his own we’ll Definetly go through he’s that good (he’s due a good game) :-) HH

  26. It is not the actions of the club/company/entity which matters here, it is whether or not the problem has been effectively dealt with.



    In this instance, the sectarian/racist singing has continued unabated at EVERY game both as Rangers and as Sevco.



    It makes no difference who the opposition is, still the same bile from the Ibrox faithful.





    Contrast the actions between the Tonev incident and the Sevco chants.



    In Tonev’s case, he was given a 7 man ban based on one man’s word against another (ie heresay). But when concrete evidence exists…..?




  27. hamiltontim@ 12 52.



    Membership requires being a Protestant.The rules allow for being something else in the past but proof that you are now a Protestant is required.

  28. Ernie L,



    By referring to Nil By Mouth as “middle class clowns” you shame yourself and the memory of Mark Scott, who was also by your definition “middle class” – he was a catholic attending a private non-dom school.


    When Mark was murdered – what did you do?


    What did Celtic / Rangers do?


    what did the Catholic church / Church of Scotland do?


    What did Scottish society do?



    Nothing – shrug the shoulders and move on.



    It took a protestant friend of Marks, Cara,(who was 15 when he was killed) and who had sat thru the trial in 96, listening to Donald Finlay try to justify the actions of Jason Campbell, and then had to watched the same DF on tele in 1999, singing “up to my knees in fenian blood” to do something. She set up NBM.



    Cara was awarded the Evening Times “Women of the Year” award 2 weeks ago – Are you bitter about that also? Her speech was humbling and a good place to start if you want to think / talk about sectarianism in this country.


    But her well considered thoughts are probably too middle class for you.



    I’ll happily meet you before or after the Aberdeen game on Sunday to discuss this, but to call them clowns shows you up to be the no-mark troll most on here thing you are.



    BTW, The guy who currently runs NBM would also laugh in your face if you called him middle class.

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