Don’t ask question you don’t know the answer to


‘Don’t ask question you don’t know the answer to’; great advice.  Mike Ashley will know the questions he’s proposed for Rangers International.  All the bluster around the company failing to get a Nomad due to the litany of complaints submitted to AIM under the old regime will be laid bare.  Allegations of blame made in haste will be revisited in detail.  It was an act of outrageous folly to attempt to play poker with a billionaire.

It is perfectly possible that Ashley will get his £5m loan repaid, the assets connected to it are so enormous, we should assume the money will be found.  I hope it is.  I hope the new regime gain all of their assets back from Ashley as soon as possible.

Ashley is one of the last men I would want owning my football club, but he is vastly more capable than those currently in notional charge.

The Machiavellian method – get the board to vote to return your money, or watch them vote to keep you on-side, is a thing of beauty.

Good luck to King, I hope he has the money and wins as much control as he needs.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Willie Collum has been chosen to referee the Scottish Cup final between Inverness CT and Falkirk



    A ref who was dropped from top flight this season because he was mince gets the final…………………


    THE EXILED TIM 1334(previous)



    A genuine concern of mine too,bud. And why we need full application of FFP immediately.

  3. Auldheid


    16:33 on


    12 May, 2015


    moonbeams wd. wee oscar’s our bhoy and kano’s our mhan. the vow – critically rebuked by 45% of this fine nation.



    12:24 on 12 May, 2015






    No holding a minute from me. You may not like it but it is the truth of the matter.


    It is my view whether you agree or disagree.




    Your view on the matter is no more the truth than mine.



    What I’m objecting to is you using something I said to support your “truth” and adding a layer to it that to me suggests JF was the architect of the Roadshows.



    I think they would have happened regardless of what suggestions were discussed so it’s unfair on JF and I to make that construct.



    As regards the actual Roadshows themselves I’m not sure what the alternatives were, so cannot argue one way or another.









    I note it was you who said Jeanette made the offer to Celtic therefore stating that, in your words, she was the architect of creation of the Roadshows. I never said she was the architect. I have said she was wrong to make the offer as chair of the previous meetings. I do not believe that such an offer was discussed and agreed upon at the previous four meetings to the creation of what turned out to be PR roadshows used to gain support for NL as manager.



    Again I’ll state my view that it was a mistake to make the offer to PL and I am disappointed that it was Jeanette who made the offer which killed off the meetings that were gaining momentum and support evidenced by the growing number of fans attending metting to meeting. That forum died the day the Roadshow was grasped by PL. previous to your acknowledgement that Jeannette offered this up to the PLC and PL I was not aware that the offer had been made.



    Having attended the meetings the 4 meeting previous to the Pile of Pish PR Sell Neil Lennon roadshows and knowing fully the discussions that took place, the anger amongst the support who attended, the grievances held etc. at no point was it agreed that Jeanette Findaly should offer a olive branch to sell Neil Lennon but that she as chair was to discuss the grievances of those in attendance in meeting with the clubs heirarchy. The Olive branch was subsequently grabbed as history has proven, the Roadshows turned into PR operation to sell Neil Lennon to wider support. Happy clappers, many of whom aired their anger at those who attended the initial meetings on these pages, turned up and attended on mass to the normalised Roadshows. Grievances from that point on were not aired properly or taken seriously by club.



    The forum created for fans to air their grievances, a forum that was gaining momentum and support by every passing meeting was kicked into touch.



    It took 1.5 to 2 years for similar forum to to take place again in the CSC this time rather than St Mary’s and the same grievances were afforded air time along with many new grievances with regards the GB and how they were being attacked from within the club and the treatment of them by police withijn Celtic park and outside Celtic Park, home and away (kettling etc).



    I layered nothing. I’m telling you what happened. The only fact I was unaware of until you told us on here was that Jeannette offered the club a olive branch. She may have done this in good faith thinking the grievances aired at the meetings would be taken seriously and acted upon. They were not.



    History has proven my view to be correct just by the fact that passing time saw the recreation of what has now turned out to be known as The Fans Forum from an intial few meetings held independatly of the club for a few months at the beginning of 2014.



    2014. Apologies, I got my previous assumption wrong as I said year and a half to 2 years with regards the recreation of the forum to afford fans a voice again. I should have said 3 and a half years.



    So yes the club took advantage of an offer that in my view should not have been made witjhout agreement from the fans who attended the initial meetings and postponed the possibility of a real fans voice for 3 and a half years.



    So it looks like we will have to strongly agree to strongly disagree on this one.



    MWD said AYE

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    prestonpans bhoys



    13:40 on 13 May, 2015Willie Collum has been chosen to referee the Scottish Cup final between Inverness CT and FalkirkA ref who was dropped from top flight this season because he was mince gets the final…………………



    Sums the whole pantomime up mate,a total incompetent,who you wouldn’t put in charge of 2 school teams.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Is it possible Ashley knows they can’t pay up and just wants to get L&L back in-situ?

  6. prestonpans bhoys



    13:40 on 13 May, 2015



    McLean,Muir and Dallas must be at the Orange walk that day :-) hh

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    While not diminishing Ashley’s business acumen if he had wanted to take a firm grip of the omnishambles he could have done it years ago; he seems happy to watch them struggle from crisis to crisis, like a wee boy pullin’ the legs off an ole fly.





    Hmmm,that particular pleasure not delegated to your butler?





    Again,agreed. We should give up,mate this agreeing stuff is bad for me!

  10. Hi Paul67,



    ‘Don’t ask question you don’t know the answer to’; great advice.”



    Spot on, Mike Ashley will want to expose Dave King as a mendacious operator and pressurise the new Rangers regime into paying him his dues.



    However I can see this empasse carrying on for sometime if the Board refuse to budge and MA losses the EGM resolution.



    From last post – The exiled tim & BMCUW,



    Of course, in order to take control of all the Rangers assets MA would have to get rid of the other shareholders, in order to do it would have to be a liquidation.



    I’m not sure the two Directors being voted off the Board would necessarily be a breach of the conditions’ of the loan. The shareholders’ mandate to DK et al at the last EGM and the SfA’s sanctions make it awkward for MA to nominate Directors but I believe he still has the right to do so.



    I’m not at all sure RIFC are in breach.



    Now with the ST money coming in and many players out of contract at the end of the month, and the reduced running costs during the closed Season RIFC are entering their solvent period.



    So some sort of default seems unlikely in the short term. So It’s difficult to see how MASH could enforce a liquidation.



    With such a stalemate TET’s 3 bears, MASH alliance is eminently sensible for them.



    Hail Hail

  11. BMCUWP



    I asked Celtic about progress on FFP and was told it is on its way.



    I think there might be a reason to explain why which is although all (or most)clubs agree with it in principle, some might find it difficult to comply with in practice and whilst TRFC are first amongst the some, it might not just be TRFC that are delaying it’s introduction.



    It is certainly an area where greater transparency in terms of each club’s readiness on where they stand would help.



    Regardless of the numbers ready for it, it seems to me that before any steps are taken to allow DK or MA take control at TRFC the SFA/SPFL should to establish their commitment to FFP.



    MA would seem to have no problem based on how he wants NU run, but how on earth could DK get the nod when topping Celtic by any means seems to be his only business plan?



    It is a great pity that more business minded journalists have not replaced dinosaurs like Keevins and Guidi and Jackson.



    The latter perpetuate the myth of the SDM business plan that DK appears so willing to repeat.



    It’s not only that THAT RFC that are dead, so to is the thinking that killed them, but in what passes for our sports reporting media there are guys still playing Patrick Swayze in Ghost .

  12. Posted on the last thread and then I realized…



    Heresy I know but….



    VVD seems to be able to play well within himself in the SPFL – just how it seems to me.



    It might just be his style or demeanour but he looks like the big bhoy in the weans’ playground.



    Sometimes he loses concentration, but seems to believe that he has the speed, strength and ability to compensate for and fix any problems that his lapses cause. Most times he does but sometimes… His ability is not in question but he looks like he is in a cosy comfort zone playing for us, which is great if we want to keep him, but not so good when we want to sell him. The very top teams will do their due diligence on him, and they are the ones that would have no problems spending 20million on a CB, but not from the SPFL.



    We know that far from being a one team league, that SPFL means that we face cup tie games almost every week as the smaller teams raise their game to show us how big we are not.



    If Virgil is to realize his ambitions and we are to realize our valuation then he has to step up a gear, and I don’t think that saving that extra gear just for any CL campaign is going to work for anyone. He’s more likely to get exposed at that level if he hasn’t raised his general level of performance



    Otherwise he’ll be offered a fat paycheck from some middle ranking EPL teams.



    Will Victor Wanyama move to an EPL top five side in the summer?




  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    hun skelper


    13:49 on


    13 May, 2015


    prestonpans bhoys


    13:40 on 13 May, 2015



    McLean,Muir and Dallas must be at the Orange walk that day :-) hh



    If they disappear from around 15:30 then you are right, the County Grand Lodge has one in Glasgow that day!

  14. Bedlam on Hun Media at the moment.To their credit,they are 99% slaughtering King,and Mini.


    Someone from there posted this gem from FF.








    Club Legend



    35,880 posts






    Posted Today, 08:37 AM


    Had a quick swatch at FF.


    A lot of them on there seem to be viewing this differently, they are piecing together our meeting with fatty, then the police raiding his HQ and now asking for his cash back, for some strange reason they think that means he’s panicking and we have him over a barrel.


    Quite taken aback by the double standards.






    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,once again,more proof of the rank stupidity of these morons.


    You have to hand it to old big hands.He had this mob sussed in a month.

  15. I know it is easy to laugh at others, noone should ever do that.



    Celtic – Glasgow Celtic, is all.



    I’d rather hear about a promising player like the future John Kennedy, My Dad rated him big Time, than so many articles about “thems”.



    Adding a lot of credence by just talking about them so much? I know nothing, absolutely Nothing.

  16. Mountblow tim on

    Good afternoon CQN



    That’s me all set up for next season with my SB renewed



    Come on you Bhoys in green and white



    Hail Hail




  17. petec



    John Kennedy was the next Billy McNeill. A tragedy he was lost to the game so young in a daft friendly.




  18. prestonpans bhoys


    13:40 on


    13 May, 2015


    Willie Collum has been chosen to referee the Scottish Cup final between Inverness CT and Falkirk



    A ref who was dropped from top flight this season because he was mince gets the final…………………



    The last time he was on view,the Motherwellv Killie game,he was utterly inept.Two stonewall penalties denied,and a host of baffling decisions.


    Totally useless.

  19. In all the political arguments on here recently,a few “Good news”results were completely overlooked.


    Brian Donohoe,arch Mason,Lodge member,and Hun to the core,Ayrshire MP,dumped out on his erchie.He has a sidekick,cant remember his name,also bulleted.


    Every cloud.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    in all the wafflin’ on on Shortbread about how the Scottish game can be ‘improved’ [bigger league/smaller league, better pitches, summer football , help the Horribles] no one has mentioned improving the standard of refereeing.



    I can’t imagine any of the SPL managers are happy about it.

  21. LiviBhoy



    14:21 on 13 May, 2015






    John Kennedy was the next Billy McNeill. A tragedy he was lost to the game so young in a daft friendly.








    When Celtic TV was there on tap, Ma Old Man talked about John. John was going to be one of the best CH’s in the World, and he would have stayed at Celtic forever.



    Yes, a terrible shame. These things are all part of the Big Guys plan, I hope the 2 Johns are listened to intently, every Chapter and Verse.

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