Don’t bet, tardy payers and immersed in our culture


Quick question for you.  Which Scottish team has won their last four home games, scoring 13 goals in the process?  St Mirren are on a run of form at home.  One of those wins was against Second Division opposition, but remember, this season, Second Division teams are on a par with AC Milan in the early 90s.

Ross County scored four at St Mirren Park but St Mirren scored five, while Hearts were despatched 2-0.  This is a team with good home form who kept their squad in place over the international break.  My best advice to you is to avoid betting on this one.

Many clubs have trouble paying their bills but the problem with Hearts and their regular tardiness when it comes to wages, evident again this month, appears to be different.  Hearts cash balances will have peaked weeks, possibly months, ago.  From now on they will be eating into ‘reserves’, or more likely, accruing additional debt at their owner’s bank.  The club have been here many times before and Vlad has dipped into the equivalent of his commercial pocket to avoid an insolvency event but I’ve always found it curious why he didn’t do so on time.  It’s not as though anyone can be surprised pay day is coming.

As such, there appears to be a degree of control over late payment.  The money is always provided but not before pain is passed down from owner to earners, which is a bit curious.

For all his faults, and they are many, Romanov and other shareholders in Ukio Bankas have ‘invested’ countless millions in Hearts, money they are unlikely to get back with the residential property market so depressed.  They have also not exposed the club to outrageous fortune – the overwhelming majority of debt is owed to the bank itself, balances at HMRC and other creditors are low, and they pay their football debts.  This means that if Hearts go into administration, the route back through a CVA would be clear.  The only serious losers would be staff made redundant, while Ukio would face a write-off, perhaps already acknowledged internally.

I was surprised at the news Danny McGrain was appointed first team coach yesterday but also delighted.  Danny’s was not a name mentioned for the position when Alan Thompson left the club but he is immersed in the fabric and culture of our club.  ‘In the days of changing ways’ a strong thread of continuity is an invaluable asset in ensuring the new generations acquire the important elements of our identity.

We are a club in touch with all that is important.

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  1. It’s surprised me that Hearts have not gone sooner. But in doing so it may provide a purpose.If Mad Vlad is waiting for the decks to be cleared at ipox before pulling the plug.Watch for the differing media approach by our tabloids they will no doubt hang Mad Vlad high.Conflict may come about when our first minister’s Alex Salmon fav team obtains differing support from both media and governing bodies to their collapse.Maybe then a goverment committe looks into the SFA’s governance.Maybe this could be Salmons finest hour.

  2. Save the Rangers £10 million in pledges in 2 days






    Rangers Fighting fund £450,000 in ?? 3 months




    I think the zombies have as much fun as us in making mythical



  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    10:39 on 19 October, 2012



    Catching up a bit the last day or two. Was really struck with the last line in Traynor’s article though:



    He also added: “What other country in the world would deal with one of their biggest clubs in the way they have and demote them to the Third Division.”


    Wrong again, Craig. Rangers had to go there because they were a new club starting over.



    Now given how much he panders to that club and its support why would he say that? He certainly wouldn’t come out with something like that without a specific reason. Could it be that the FTT verdict is out (remember Chris McLaughlin also seemed to let something slip in the Whyte interview) and this is his way of distancing the tax bill from the new club?






    On 1st September about 6pm Jabba apologised on Radio Shortbread if he had falsified the facts by stating the huns were banned from Europe and admitted it was because they were a new club without 3 years a/cs. This was in response to a text from a listener challenging this assertion. Maybe Jabba’s memory is failing rapidly?

  4. Mind and be carefully this weekend in paisley as the zombies will be decending on iPox when we head out

  5. Can I Have Raspberry On-Jealous mate,I was there when BBJ scored in the 1-1 game,have a blast HH

  6. Charlie Green will be delighted with my pledge of £19,670.



    Turning that romanticised promise into the hard cash he hopes for, however, will prove more difficult…

  7. Danny Mcgrain – brilliant.



    Thank goodness for Celtic – international fortnight had me reaching for my Herstal.



    My team for tomorrow:



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Lustig ::::::::::::::: Ambrose :::::::::::::::::::: Wilson ::::::::::::: Izaguirre



    Matthews ::::::::: Wanyama :::::::::::::::::: Mulgrew ::::::::::: McCourt



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hooper :::::::::::::::::::::: Samaras ::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Those players make for, in 4-4-2, our best right & left side, best defence, best CM, and best strike partnership. Victory would beckon from the first whistle.

  8. Jordan Crabb ‏@jordxncrabb


    “Sion fans forum claims that Kyle Lafferty is “The worst signing in the history of Swiss football” as he “lacks talent and desire”. HAHAHA.


    Retweeted by RetroScot


    Expand Reply Retweeted Favorite

  9. I think appointing Danny Mcgrain,to the first team coaching position,is a wrong move. Now don’t get me wrong,Danny is a legend,in my eyes,I seen him playing from his first to last game for Celtic,he was the best full back of his time,by a mile.


    The game has moved on,we need young,fresh ideas for the modern game.IMHO.

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Disagree, Danny knows the game better than most, I doubt there will be anything new in the modern game he’s no dealt with on the park.

  11. Took my yougest daughter to parkhead not long after we had stopped the cheats winning 10.


    As she was getting her photo took with Tom Boyd at the entrance Danny appeared “Whit aboot me he said” my daughter was confused as I made the 8yr old take a handfull of snaps of me and Danny with Tom getting into one.


    She still talks about how I raved and explained to her about the LEDGEND that is Danny McGrain.



  12. Snake Plissken on




    Only could Sevco fans think Lafferty was worth having and it wasn’t for his footballing ability. We know which sections of society loved him and for what reasons. It certainly wasn’t for his goal-scoring prowess, his fair play or his sublime skill.



    They loved him because he was a thug and a cheat.



    They love a bit of that on the South side.

  13. Danny McGrain as a footballer was well ahead of his time. There is no substitute for quality – on and off the park.




  14. I don’t think we will see Commons,Forrest,Brown or Samaras and Hooper tomorrow.Time for the pool to be used Watt,Paddy,Twadzig(if fit),Miku,Lassad to come in.

  15. fanadpatriot



    It’s folly only to look to the future for the best ideas. Danny McGrain was at Lenny’s side coaching the development squad during what was a pretty miserable and uncertain time for our manager. They forged an excellent working relationship, and I’m quite sure Neil hasn’t brought him in for his legendary status alone..

  16. The best footballer in the Celtic dugout used to be the kit man.



    Not sure that’s still the case now.

  17. leftclicktic


    13:06 on


    19 October, 2012






    Daughter also confused ,when dad helped with her homework.

  18. fanadpatriot 12.58,



    Very harsh judgement on Danny’s promotion.



    ‘ The game has moved on,we need young,fresh ideas for the modern game.IMHO.’



    What makes you think that Danny won’t bring innovative & fresh ideas to his new position ?


    His work with the Development Squads suggests that he is a football ‘thinker’.


    I can find NO reason for him not to have been given this promotion.



    Go to it, Danny.

  19. Hopefully we see McGeouch replace Forrest rather than McCourt tomorrow. Paddy’s time is up, time for him to move on in January.

  20. Son of Gabriel on

    St Martin’s Bhoy





    We are indeed.


    same to you!



    I dont think I will be but I’d expect the old boy to be there.

  21. Nothing to do with the football side, but Danny looks fantastic for a mhan who won’t see 61 again and who was diagnosed with diabetes 38 years ago.



    More power to him.



    God bless you in your new job, Danny. May you have all the luck in the world.

  22. Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase


    @AllanGPrice @rangersfctrust But Govan (which included Ibrox) was not within Glasgow until 1912. How could it have been a Glasgow derby?

  23. Great to see Danny with the first team. One of my favourite all times Celts, just behind Dalglish, Larsson, Johnstone and Connelly. However, at international National level for Scotland he’s probably the best ever Scot.

  24. tomtheleedstim on

    Maurice Edu ‏@MauriceEdu


    Tired…feeling zombie-like…massage, food, then home to bed…zzzzzzz….


    Retweeted by Celtic Underground

  25. I have never heard a single Celtic fan say anything derogatory or offensive about the Ibrox Disaster. This includes any reference to “daleks”.



    I feel it is very unlikely that we would use offensive terms when referring to what happened at Ibrox in January 1971 for 2 reasons. Firstly, the ground contained a large number of Celtic supporters. I have dealt with many people over the years who have suffered psychological trauma. This can occur even where an individual is not directly involved in the event itself. However, where someone has been present at a disaster, it is quite likely they would suffer some trauma . For Celtic supporters to make offensive remarks about the disaster would be like they were insulting themselves.



    Secondly, Jock Stein was directly involved in the aftermath of the disaster. What happened that day was all too close to home. If anything, I have heard sympathetic comments from our own fans many times about the events of that day. It is quite despicable that anyone would suggest otherwise and perpetuate a repellent and wholly fabricated lie.

  26. South Of Tunis on

    Daniel Fergus McGrain .



    A fabulous footballer . A fabulous defender . A real thing Celtic great ..



    Wasn’t wanted by the club he supported due to dumb ass assumptions in respect of his name ..



    Bigoted fools ..

  27. The Battered Bunnet (from earlier)



    You asked whether Asch Conformity or Third Wave Syndrome could account for the uniformity of position held by Rangers supporters over their recent farcical developments.



    I have seen some of the original Asch experiment films and a lot of the conformity being shown was due to the unimportance of the facts being agreed upon e.g. the length of vertical lines on a graph. People agree with each other for the sake of a quiet life and social harmony without having “true” agreement but, when more important values are involved, will not be slow to demur or disagree. The issues involved with Rangers being alive or dead, are too important to be explained by the Asch conformity model.



    What is also evident in the Asch footage is the number of prickly non-conformists who would not agree even when there was no great incentive for them to do so, stick to their point. Even in the face of 7 other, seemingly intelligent, confederates disagreeing with their perception, they stuck to their guns and many quickly suspected a hoax. There were a lot more Bomber Browns uncovered by the Asch experiments.



    I am on less sure grounds re Third Wave Syndrome- so I will leave that to someone else to have a go.



    Anyways, since the only non-conformist I am aware of, in the Rangers Saga, is Bomber Brown, we do have to ask where are their other prick…….ly non-conformists? It is a strange thought that, when Hollywood makes the film of “Downfall”, some Handsome Harry from California will have to play Der Bomber’s part.



    To be fair to the Bear Bredren, there is, to my mind, actually a fair degree of disagreement amongst their ranks. Dingwall is seen as a money grabbing opportunist by their Supporters Trust, Leggate embarrasses many of them, Union Bears will split from Vanguard Bears on minor but inflated issues of doctrinal importance, but, it is true to say that most have rejected the Bomber Brown position and most blame Whyte more than Murray. However, they present a more united front to the outside world than is reflected in their debates on their own forums.



    I have two readings on this, and remember this caveat, I do not have enough understanding of their mindset and inner thinking to be sure on this.



    My first is the generous interpretation. They are frightened and scared. They do not want to look at the truth square in the face as it is painful. They reinforce each others collective amnesia on the “failed CVA means club death” narrative that they spoke about when they were under the delusion that they were too big to fail. They have made a collective agreement not to refer to those days because they have to defend the new fiction that they are still the same club as they “bought” the assets with official SFA and HMRC approval. Therefore, Timmy is wrong, still wrong, and always will be wrong. It remains important to them that Timmy is wrong; it is a comfort to them in their darkness. Like defeated Confederates in the 1870s and 1880’s, they need to know that, though they lost to the Yankee banks, they can still lord it over the freed slaves/ Timmy.



    My second explanation involves a bit of self diagnosis.



    We, on our side, retain a level of paranoia about establishment favour being applied to Ranger’s benefit. We have seen a series of fakeover manoeuvres being seemingly approved by both HMRC and Football’s governing bodies. We have seen them turn out in the same strip on the same pitch singing the same songs and the rest of the Scottish Press are acting like Asch experimenter “ringers” in telling us that they are indeed the same club.



    So, my second view is that they are all crooks, conspiring in an attempt to dump debt and carry on with minimal damage and being aided to a quick recovery. It was no official sanction that sees them operating in Scotland’s fourth tier, but the will of a number of prickly non-conformists from Aberdeen, Celtic and elsewhere in Scottish football that said “No, you are joking, that line is never the same length as that one (and that club is dead)”.



    The narrative for this second view paints the Rangers support in a very unflattering light. They are colluding, like Edinburgh jurors, to deny the evidence they have just, incontrovertibly, witnessed. They are continuing to lie, under oath, to pervert the course of justice.



    My second theory is, therefore, that they are liars. perverts and crooks.

  28. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Fanad – I’m intrigued on two counts as to your assertion that Danny wont be able to cope with the modern game.



    1. Danny was as good a tackler, a passer and an over-lapper as I’ve seen – are these not relevant for a right back any more?



    2. Danny played alongside David Moyes – is Moyesie similarly out of touch with the modern game?

  29. hoopeddreams



    13:22 on 19 October, 2012



    ‘I have never heard a single Celtic fan say anything derogatory or offensive about the Ibrox Disaster.’





    Then you’ve lead a very sheltered life.

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