Don’t bet, tardy payers and immersed in our culture


Quick question for you.  Which Scottish team has won their last four home games, scoring 13 goals in the process?  St Mirren are on a run of form at home.  One of those wins was against Second Division opposition, but remember, this season, Second Division teams are on a par with AC Milan in the early 90s.

Ross County scored four at St Mirren Park but St Mirren scored five, while Hearts were despatched 2-0.  This is a team with good home form who kept their squad in place over the international break.  My best advice to you is to avoid betting on this one.

Many clubs have trouble paying their bills but the problem with Hearts and their regular tardiness when it comes to wages, evident again this month, appears to be different.  Hearts cash balances will have peaked weeks, possibly months, ago.  From now on they will be eating into ‘reserves’, or more likely, accruing additional debt at their owner’s bank.  The club have been here many times before and Vlad has dipped into the equivalent of his commercial pocket to avoid an insolvency event but I’ve always found it curious why he didn’t do so on time.  It’s not as though anyone can be surprised pay day is coming.

As such, there appears to be a degree of control over late payment.  The money is always provided but not before pain is passed down from owner to earners, which is a bit curious.

For all his faults, and they are many, Romanov and other shareholders in Ukio Bankas have ‘invested’ countless millions in Hearts, money they are unlikely to get back with the residential property market so depressed.  They have also not exposed the club to outrageous fortune – the overwhelming majority of debt is owed to the bank itself, balances at HMRC and other creditors are low, and they pay their football debts.  This means that if Hearts go into administration, the route back through a CVA would be clear.  The only serious losers would be staff made redundant, while Ukio would face a write-off, perhaps already acknowledged internally.

I was surprised at the news Danny McGrain was appointed first team coach yesterday but also delighted.  Danny’s was not a name mentioned for the position when Alan Thompson left the club but he is immersed in the fabric and culture of our club.  ‘In the days of changing ways’ a strong thread of continuity is an invaluable asset in ensuring the new generations acquire the important elements of our identity.

We are a club in touch with all that is important.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on




    Thanks for your reply.



    Let’s look at a case study:



    A supporter, let’s call him Fan X, is in everyday life a business man, an entrepreneur, runs his own business to a reasonable level of success, and considers himself knowledgeable in the affairs of business – Tax Compliance, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and so on.



    Fan X starts a blog, let’s call it the Club Herald, and uses that blog to publish his considered thoughts on matters affecting the club.



    He gets fairly successful, is widely read, and gets the odd TV interview which increases site visitors and in turn, his credibility.



    Only he doesn’t provide his own thoughts. He takes the statements made by Club, however unlikely or unreasonable, and presents a superficial justification for them.



    When challenged on a given point, he simpy refuses to engage discussion.



    Why does an otherwise good judge of business, finance or management subvert his own logical analysis of events to promote an unfeasible or unlikely explanation, one that is contrary to his own experience and better judgement?



    Fan X has many contemporaries, let’s call them Fan Ys, many similarly experienced, educated and knowledgeable, yet equally determined to subvert rational explanation for what is often little more than propaganda and sophistry.



    Is it really as simple as you suggest: That they’re all just liars?



    Is there nothing more going on here?







  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:19 on


    19 October, 2012



    Too true….the zombies are falsifying the truth in their desparate attempts to drag Celtic down into the gutter with them …… I was at the Ibrox Disaster’ game, and the Celtic Fans, to a man, we’re very saddened / stunned when the tragedy unfolded…….. The John Greig joke related to ‘walking away’ ……..

  3. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    I’m away to talk Celtic elsewhere. You lot with your agendas and penchant for taking yourselves too seriously are ruining Paul’s brainchild.



    Then again, that in itself has been your agenda all along.

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I dont recall Paul Wilson song being about darkies but Pakis …which had not fallen foul of the PR brigade in the mid 70s nothing ti be proud off but at least Paul Wilson could play for one of the Glasgow giants in the mid 70s




  5. Che



    I’m off soon for a lads weekend… As if I’d throw in a hand grenade and then do a runner!




  6. The last few days have seen yet more re-hashes of the usual rubbish about Alex Salmond, the SNP & Independence for Scotland: the guilty in this case are too numerous to name, but Snake Plissken & pggtips2 deserve a mention for trying to stem the tide of nonsense.


    Among the objects of so much contempt, the only one which I support with any enthusiasm is the 3rd, i.e. Independence: I put no trust in the SNP or its leader. I have been an unwavering Nationalist for 54 years (which explains my scepticism about Eck & his mates). My first votes were cast for Labour, but no sooner had I done so than it became clear that the Wilson government had failed: I joined the SNP in 1966. Far from finding myself in a nest of anti-Catholic vipers, I saw that the Party had a good share of Catholics & was, moreover, very free from bigotry: my only encounter with the latter came in the 1980s in the Highlands, but not from some warped old Presbyterian – the bigot was an extreme left-winger, not unlike some on this blog. Also, the “Scots Independent” – the organ of the SNP, which I began reading many years before joining – had a consistently positive attitude towards the Irish Republic. One of the Party’s leading lights in the 1960s was Oliver Brown, an irreligious schoolmaster from Milngavie who was accused by Unionists of being “the Irish Republican teacher”.


    One of the smears levelled against the SNP here has been that it was set up “to campaign against Irish Catholic immigration”: what utter nonsense! The precursor of the SNP was set up some 80 years ago: at that time, prejudice against “Irish Catholic immigration” was so widespread in Scotland that it would have been complete folly to set up a new organisation to campaign against it – even more soTO CAMPAIGN FOR SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE AT THE SAME TIME. It may be true that some of the Nationalist founders were anit-Catholic (John McCormick has been mentioned in this connection) but that would be completely unsurprising in the circumstances & worlds away from what is alleged by the smear.


    My bottom line here is that tho’ I neither vote SNP nor trust it, I know that the allegations of “anti-Irish-Catholicism” are rubbish, just as the very same allegations were when made to me by Mrs ICs relatives over 40 years ago. BTW this is my bottom line for the moment: I don’t know whether I’ve tired out anyone else, but I have myself so I’m taking a break. This will give everyone a chance to take cover, especially those who don’t wan’t to give up their illusions in favour of the facts

  7. kitalba



    15:17 on


    19 October, 2012





    Believe me, the words are basic and the tune well known.


    Pretty horrible.



    But it happened.



    I understand many people will not have heard these songs.


    But this does not mean they are not sung.

  8. 67 Heaven with the really long NL bit at the end…



    Thanks. I knew I was right, my mammy says I’m awfy clever.



    Che and I have agreed to move onto the old ‘support the board’ argument. Later, I may challenge Philvis over Cameron’s latest comedy gold in relation to domestic fuel prices and the management of the ‘free market’. You can come in on my side, if younlike.




  9. Listening to ssb last night, I lost count of the number of times darell the king said sir watty should be the next scotland manager, then a smart caller came on later and reminded him that watty walk away from the job when scotland were on there way to at least a play off spot, but still he insisted out of all the other names he was the only one, I hope wgs does not take the job if offered, ex celtic man msm would go to town on him first points dropped.





    watched clint eastwood during the republican conference, look and sounded as mad as a certin mr whyte.

  10. TBB



    “Is it really as simple as you suggest: That they’re all just liars?”



    Hey, I called them perverts and crooks too.



    I do believe there is some conspiratorial behaviour and fraud going on too.

  11. Invercelt



    15:30 on 19 October, 2012













    Check him out.

  12. Right…..tomorrow : Lennon v Lennon. Should be good.


    Tuesday : 5:00p.m. Spartak v Benfica, followed by some Catalans and Celts…..oh aye, Barcelona F.C. v Celtic F.C.


    The huns and leggo are welcome to each other. A p*sh stained alky aggregation of indescribable and disgusting horror.

  13. Mort


    15:19 on 19 October, 2012




    No problem. Have a play around with it. There may be links to other posts on there as well which might help you find what you want.





    Again, thanks……




  14. Awe Naw



    Sorry to disagree again but the words we sung to El Condor Pasa were ” I’d rather be a Darkie than a Hun” though it may have been later modified as you suggest.



    We cannot use the excuse that we were being post-ironic as this was pre the post-ironic period.



    Nonetheless, I agree that we felt we were more liberal and inclusive by ranking our discriminations. I do remember singing this one when younger and, looking back, it did not feel that we were being intentionally provocative. It was a retaliatory chant to their overtly racist taunt. We thought we were being liberal but we were naive and ill-informed on such matters then.

  15. I’m 45, was brought up in Drumchapel in the 70’s – Drumchapel was a real mix of huns and us. They used to beat us up when we mixed at Partick station, I’ve lived with the orange walks.



    We fought them and chanted many horrible things at one another.



    Noy once did I hear anything derogatory about the Ibrox Disaster. In fact it was the only thing that occassionaly unified us. I wasnt even aware there was a “song”. Drumchapel was not a place for nicities and if anywhere it would have been heard there.



    As for the Daleks thing – they are now making up their own imagined insults to feed their growing paranoia and anger.



    They always have.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I think the fact that Georgie Porgy is desperate to próby the whole songs and not just the titles and dates as requested is highly revealing.



    That is not damaging enough. Desperately wanting too print them but scared of a CQN ban.



    What kind of supporter keeps those lyrics close at hand ?



    Or even worse is willing to SOT down and compose them ?







  17. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    The “darkie and a hun” thing was pretty bad with the benefit of hindsight – but you’ve got to remember that programs like “The Comedians” and “Love Thy Neighbour” were quite happily using terms like “Darkie, coon, nig-nog, sambo etc.” in prime time telly slots during that period…

  18. tomtheleedstim on

    Celtic defender Charlie Mulgrew believes an over-emphasis on winning at youth level has left Scotland’s players short of the technique needed to succeed at the top.



    “When I was younger I remember a lot of emphasis was on winning the game and it didn’t matter as long as you won the game and that’s wrong,” Mulgrew says.



    from the BBC

  19. I love the sound of this.



    The Share Issue



    There are 22,670,000 shares in Sevco, owned by Charles Green and his consortium. Initial £12 million investment added to £10,670,000 of season ticket sales. The remainder of


    27,330,000 new share will make up a total equity of 50,000,000 £1 shares. They then add the £ 27,330,000 income from the share issue placing an equity value of the company to £73,330,000.00. Charles Green and his consortium will own 50% which is £38,665,000 in share value. They will then sell their shares back to the Company. The Company will have to acquire the shares and will empty the bank to pay them. This would push Sevco 5088 into administration and they have cashed in covering Ticketus and Investment debt and they still own the assets. They will then sell the assets on the cheap and it’s job done.


    Charles Green was reported to the FTSE rules in 1998. Sheffield United’s Board of Directors reported him for similar misselling of their floatation. Charles Green alone has set back Sheffield United 12 years and almost bankrupted them at the time.

  20. Mort:



    Over the moon with that link mate but one burning question… whatever happened to Cabbage McFlabbergaster?

  21. Invercelt – I read your post with interest.



    I have no knowledge of what the SNP is like inside or what their founders were like. So I take what you say as true.



    My point isnt about the SNP but the latent sectariansim in this country. Once unfettered it will run riot – and the tendancy within the current SNP is to pander to it. Hence Salmond’s interjections to save the Sevconians, but more startling the new bill to introduce political sectariansim. Tell me what did that new bill say about Scotland?



    As for smears against the SNP – dont make me laugh – I get the Sunday Herald delivered and every week they attack anyone who crtiicises the SNP. It has become a pro-nationalist comic and there are politicians who will tell you that the SNP smear campaigns are incredibly nasty.

  22. On a trip to America and Canada by Charles Green and Imran Ahmed found some funding by selling a further 20% of equity.



    zombies heading for the knockout blow…