Don’t blame defenders, this one was down to tactics


It’s a well-established fact that we don’t have Beckenbauer and Baresi at the back, so the reason why we chose to play so high up the field is the most alarming element of last night’s debacle.

Dedryck was bound to misplace a pass, or Efe was bound to misread play. We all knew this. Regret over the last time mistakes like this were made doesn’t mean they won’t happen again. So when the inevitable occurred, our two full backs were 30 yards in front of the line of opposition attack, with our defensive mids well into opposition territory.

Efe’s failure to cover Kamara and Dedryck’s pass were consequences of the main mistake of the night, which was tactical.  We didn’t lose the opening goal because of a bad pass, it was lost because we left an acre of Norway unattended.

Ronny, you should never have left so much space at the back away from home in Europe, we’re clearly not good enough for such an open system, not even close.  We’ve learned nothing since what was supposed to be a lesson in Warsaw, when the same expansive errors cost us.  Molde played rope-a-dope football, they could have watched us against Malmo, Maribor and Legia, as each opened their home games against us in exactly the same manner.

It must be an absolute joy to face a European opponent at home who leaves so much space at the back, begging to be exploited.  If we had played with the same tactics we used in Amsterdam I’ve no doubt we would have won the game – no one in that Molde squad would get into the Celtic team.

There’s more.  After dominating possession and creating genuine chances, the defeat looked inevitable from the 11th minute when we went behind. Body language changed in an instant and Celtic went out like a light.  I’ll spare you what I said at the time in case it’s misconstrued, but the evidence suggests there’s more to worry about than repeating the same tactical mistakes.

Celtic have nine months and one and a half transfer windows to get ready for the next Champions League qualifiers.  There’s plenty of time to put things right, but we can’t sleepwalk into another failure.  More immediately, we could be out of a cup if we don’t pull our act together this week.

The original Holy Goalie, our own John Fallon, will be signing copies of his book, and no doubt giving you his thoughts on current events, at the Supporters’ Club on London Road on Sunday from 12:30.  All are welcome.  There’s live entertainment too, so get along and check it out.

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  1. Corkcelt



    Thanks for that song. There is another about the flag. It has I think another couple of verses, but here are the first 2…..



    For thirty years at Celtic Park, the Flag has reigned supreme


    A symbol of our unity, inspiration to the team


    But not a few old foolish men, like schoolboys in their teens


    Dare us to fly the flag on high – The Orange White & Green



    At a meeting of the SFA, oh sure we hoped at least


    To find a little sympathy from our brothers in the East


    But alas the boys from Easter Road, though their colour still be green


    By cruel fate have learned to hate, the Orange White & Green






    Come on the Champions, sitting here with my Celtic Polo Shirt on, and well up for the game today.



    I’ll be there to give the bhoys a cheer.




  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck to the Celts today. Four games to win, three at Celtic Park, to restore equilibrium after Thursday’s shocker.



    It’s down to the players and management. I’ll be there to see it all pan out.



    Celtic forever.

  3. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    I would say that many of the people on here, bar a few notable exceptions, are the very same ones who decry the symptoms of mediocrity at large at the club, but who refuse to look at the root of the problem.



    When some do, when some point out that we are sh!te because we have at the root, a PLC who refuse to see past their own bonuses, they become victims of the tall poppy syndrome.



    Through this reason, it is the fans who refuse to accept that change is needed, who are the cause of the continued malaise and long term decline of the club into the whipping boys of Europe we have become.



    The puerile comments from the chest beaters on here, change nothing.

  4. Hebcelt HH


    They are as dead as a Norwegian Blue, they have gone to join the celestial choir of angels (well maybe not in their case) they have ceased to exist.

  5. We can speculate all day long on Ronny’s team selection.


    One man makes the final decision.


    His future employment will be in serious jeopardy over the next 3 games if he makes a wrong call in selection or tactics.


    He needs everyone pulling in the same direction. His team talk will b interesting.


    Mon the hoops.

  6. Brisbane.


    It doesn’t take a genius to recognise the main problems come from upstairs at Celtic Park.


    The whole thought process needs change.


    It ain’t working.


    How we bring that change about is the difficulty. Aff oot. HH

  7. Paddy Gallagher on

    Wee Journey into the grand old town of St Helier to watch the game today.


    Helier was a Belgian Monk and he lived the life of a hermit on a rock in St Aubins Bay in Jersey. He used to light a bonfire to alert the towns folk when Pirate ships were sailing into Jersey and became a bit of a local hero.


    The Pirates eventually captured him and they chopped his head off and the emblem for the parish of St Helier is two crossed axes. Apparently he lifted his head and fled.


    Maybe a bit of lazy journalism at the end.


    If by way of losing your head you end up with the title of Saint, there is going to be a lot of Saints and public holidays on CQN. Have a great day Mon Vies.

  8. Margaret McGill on



    The execs at Celtic not only depend on clowns like you but are depending on the opposite of what you believe!

  9. Forster, Matthews, Ambrose,Wilson,Mulgrew, Lustig,Commons,Ledley,Wanyama,Miku, Samaras



    Gordon, Lustig, Boyata,Ambrose,Izzy,Brown,Bitton, Johansen,Commons, Armstrong,Griffiths.



    Comparing above panels, 3 players in both panels, of the rest both top class keepers, panel 1 Victor & Sammi class., panel 2 Brown & Bitton. The remaining 6 in each panel much of a muchness. Overall not an obvious gulf in class between both.


    Panel1 beat Barcelona 2-1, panel 2 lost to Molde 1-3. What was the main difference influencing both results.



    In my opinion Tactics.

  10. angelgabriel on 25th October 2015 10:29 am






    It doesn’t take a genius to recognise the main problems come from upstairs at Celtic Park.



    The whole thought process needs change.



    It ain’t working.



    How we bring that change about is the difficulty. Aff oot. HH




    Getting rid of PL and DD won’t make Celtic and Scottish football suddenly cash rich and more attractive for fans, TV companies and sponsors.

  11. Lots of bs talked about formations….modern football.


    Seemingly RD is a new breed of technical coach….and of course ,his football knowledge is beyond the understanding of mere supporters.


    Ive got nothing against anybody who wants to wax lyrical about football, and their understanding of how the game should be played, and how they want to put it into practice, however,,,,I don’t think Celtic should be used for some technical, no gain, without pain strategy, on the back of the musings of a Norwegian football guru like Delia….who has the unfortunate habit, of getting beat every time he faces a fellow Norwegian guru.


    Football is a simple game…..you mess about with it too much, it gets complicated.


    Trying to intellectualise something so straight forward, just leads to confusion.


    I think we need a different football direction….keep it simple.


    We have lost our way, there is only one outcome, and you all understand what that is.


    We need to get back to being Celtic, and not some failed technical experiment.


    We need change.


    Make no mistake….it will happen,…and soon.





  12. ArturBorrocksGreenWhite’n’GoldRebelliousCrucifix.




    “Theres’s no further debate required. Celtic are finished and to be honest should close the doors immediately.


    The club has no future and should disappear. Kiris Commons has shown though his passionate demonstration that there is no further point. None. The game is lost and can never be won.


    Lawwell and Desmond are everything,…….. EVERYTHING Celtic are not. They should be prosecuted for what they have done.


    Supporting Celtic is a pointless endeavour and lacks any dignity.”

  13. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Intelligent conversation between to CQN intellectuals Gearoid to Hebcelt



    Gearoid… “The huns are dead”



    Hebcelt.. “Aye, too right.”



    Gearoid… “Who have we drawn in the cup.”



    Hebcelt…”The huns.”



    Gearoid…”I thought they were dead”



    Hebcelt..”They are”



    Gearoid…”Should be an easy game them.”



    Hebcelt…”Aye, because they don’t exist”



    Gearoid..”What’s the point of going to the game then, if there is no other team?”



    Hebcelt…” Er, I don’t know, to see us beat the huns.”



    Gearoid…”So, what you’re saying is, that a team who don’t exist will turn up not to play us.”







  14. Thanks Maggie.


    Your real swell. What is it about invective being the last refuge of the scoundrel. I used to scroll on by your posts because I thought you were on crystal meth, now I know it’s something stronger.


    Oops, is that invective????




    Good post.

  15. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    MoonbeamsWD on 25th October 2015 10:30 am



    Aye. A bitter tonic, but better than a long term malady.

  16. Brisbane


    From an intellectual perspective should that not be “two” rather than “to”. Here I’ll make it easier for you use the 2 button.

  17. I’ve known a ghuy for a wee while on here.



    I’ve met him personally at a couple of the Hootenannys and I’ve met his lovely Mum and Dad too.



    I have suffered from depression and sharing my problems with this ghuy has been a great and welcome help.



    I found him to be so mild mannered that I actually believed he was maybe the new Clark Kent.



    But…………………….BMCUW…………….THAT post proved you most definitely are not!!



    I just can’t stop laughing!



    I’ve copied it and when I’m feeling down I will read it again to cheer me up!



    Thanks my friend and keep up the good fight!

  18. The Huddle



    It doesn’t need a change of owner or CEO. It needs a change in strategy and focus. The strategy designed by Peter back in Moscow and agreed by Desmond all those years ago now needs to be ripped up, shredded and burnt before a new strategy prioritising success on the field equal to that on the books is agreed, were Peter collects his bonus weighted on Euro success (CL qualification, Europa qualification + post Christmas participation) and Domestic Championship victory.



    That’s all that is needed.



    It’s simples.



    Focusing minds on their personal financial gain relying on football success at all levels is the only way to turn this disaster around.



    Changing the existing management team for another will be a short term solution that will appease until new management team proves no better than last or walks like NL due to lack of support for the footballing department from the boardroom.




  19. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    You’re = you are




  20. corkcelt



    Something I think being overlooked is just how much Charlie Mulgrew brought to the team.



    I’d like to see some stats about games won with Charlie playing alongside Broonie both for Celtic and for Scotland.



    I think that they play well together.

  21. I posted here a while ago about brave decisions regarding Broony, I believe that has now been superseded by Ronnies decision to continue with Efe, in my opinion he should never have been allowed to wear a Celtic shirt ever again after the Fenerbache game, and any manager that picked him was putting their job on the line. I believe that the Celtic support would have supported a decision to play a young reserve if none of the other signings/loans were good enough, Ronnie came on a ticket of promoting youth and improving them, so where has that Ronnie disappeared too. Kris Commons, whilst he may have crossed the line, all I can say is thank god someone did, because our captain disappeared into his own overinflated a**e, no leadership a distinct lack of skill and no game nous/knowledge, so unless he can find something soon I think he will be part of the problem and Celtic will continue to slide, especially in Europe.




  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly…



    Good post mate, sadly nice bloke that he is, RD’s time is coming to an end, unless as you say he pulls a rabbit from the hat.



    With his dogmatic style I don’t see it happening. HH

  23. The Battered Bunnet on

    Just in case BMCUW is looking in, may I say…



    I am not, and never have been, a friend of Peter Lawwell’s.



    Although saying that, he did a kindness for my son that I appreciate greatly, and he has always been engaging and interested on the few occasions I’ve met him.



    Bit like BMCUW in that respect.



    Elsewhere, a young team needs an experienced head. Someone who can see what’s happening and has the wisdom to sort it out.






    28, 24, 27, 29



    —-30, 23—-



    -32, 24, 23-






    But… That’s not a young team. The average age of the starting line up v Molde is 27 years old.



    So it’s not a problem of a young team needing an experienced head. So let’s scrap that idea.



    Maybe it’s just the problem of a team needing a leader who knows how to make it all work.



    I get quite knarked when I read folk stating that Ronny Deila is a ‘young coach’ ‘lacking experience’ in a ‘fledgling career’ to date.



    The guy’s been managing football teams since 2008. He’s won the Championship of a country that’s ranked higher than Scotland. He’s been a football manager for as long as Gordon Strachan was when he got the Celtic job.



    Ronny Deila is an experienced football coach. He should be judged on his results, not his age.



    If Ronny Deila can’t see what’s wrong by now, it’s a vision thing.



    If Ronny Deila is still naïve, it’s congenital.



    If Ronny Deila can’t get a team to perform, it’s because he just can’t. He’s hit the ceiling of his talent.



    My sense is that he was given the job in the hope/expectation that he had something new, that his approach to the game was innovative, well conceived. The he was a guru in waiting.



    Turns out he isn’t a guru. And it’s looking as though he doesn’t have an innovative approach to the game either. Looks like he’s just copying the methodology of others, without understanding it. That’s the emerging impression.



    The Karaoke Klopp, so to speak.



    Which if true, would be a shame for him, and a bit of a bother for us.



    Best for Ronny to start performing, or there is an inevitable conclusion to this chapter in the Celtic story.

  24. Brisbane



    Explain to me exactly what will change by losing another game, changing the managerial team, winning the league, new management team employed on cheap, no investment in team, no change in strategy, under investment, selling our best players to balance books?



    How does your short term plan work long term?





    BRISBANE 67.



    Why the hostility ? Calm down eh, it’s pretty much all Celtic supporters on here.



    The hostility, accusation……..snide stuff gets us no where.

  26. We have played 21 Competitive games this year and have lost 3. The domestic defeat away to Aberdeen was a fluke, if my memory serves me correct we were on the bad end of a couple of MIB decisions plus last minute goal. The other two were very painful defeats 0-2 to Malmo and 1-3 to Molde. In the first instances Malmo and Molde are not pub teams, if both were playing in the SPFL they would be up there competing for the Title. We have no divine right to go up to their patch and expect them to roll over.

  27. Our transfer strategy has to be a balance of players ready now and prospects. We know we can’t compete with the biggest spenders because we’re in a small country. We know we can’t attract the top players because we’re not in a top league,



    I’ve always said that all transfers are a gamble. There are no sure things. Players sometimes don’t settle or fit in. In theory a better player is more likely to succeed but it doesn’t always work. And spending more money is no guarantee of success ( cf Flo v Larsson).



    Prospects are even more of a gamble than established players. No one gets it right every time. Some will fail. Some will become good players and stay a while. Some will become very good players – but then they will want to move to bigger leagues.



    In the financial climate we operate we don’t have any other realistic strategy. We can’t spend big every year on the hope that we recoup the cash somehow. We need to invest small and invest well. And it can work. Remember the howls of derision when we took Newcastle’s third choice keeper, initially on loan? He did ok for us, and we got a big payment in the end too. That;s what can happen.

  28. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Big Cup Winner



    Care to read the last few pages? If you’re going to point the finger, make sure you’ve got the right man.

  29. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    What’s the point of a new manager?



    Is that a trick question?



    Maybe win some games: important ones, like the best opportunity we’ve had in years to get into the CL proper and our ‘manager’ sh@t it.