Don’t blame defenders, this one was down to tactics


It’s a well-established fact that we don’t have Beckenbauer and Baresi at the back, so the reason why we chose to play so high up the field is the most alarming element of last night’s debacle.

Dedryck was bound to misplace a pass, or Efe was bound to misread play. We all knew this. Regret over the last time mistakes like this were made doesn’t mean they won’t happen again. So when the inevitable occurred, our two full backs were 30 yards in front of the line of opposition attack, with our defensive mids well into opposition territory.

Efe’s failure to cover Kamara and Dedryck’s pass were consequences of the main mistake of the night, which was tactical.  We didn’t lose the opening goal because of a bad pass, it was lost because we left an acre of Norway unattended.

Ronny, you should never have left so much space at the back away from home in Europe, we’re clearly not good enough for such an open system, not even close.  We’ve learned nothing since what was supposed to be a lesson in Warsaw, when the same expansive errors cost us.  Molde played rope-a-dope football, they could have watched us against Malmo, Maribor and Legia, as each opened their home games against us in exactly the same manner.

It must be an absolute joy to face a European opponent at home who leaves so much space at the back, begging to be exploited.  If we had played with the same tactics we used in Amsterdam I’ve no doubt we would have won the game – no one in that Molde squad would get into the Celtic team.

There’s more.  After dominating possession and creating genuine chances, the defeat looked inevitable from the 11th minute when we went behind. Body language changed in an instant and Celtic went out like a light.  I’ll spare you what I said at the time in case it’s misconstrued, but the evidence suggests there’s more to worry about than repeating the same tactical mistakes.

Celtic have nine months and one and a half transfer windows to get ready for the next Champions League qualifiers.  There’s plenty of time to put things right, but we can’t sleepwalk into another failure.  More immediately, we could be out of a cup if we don’t pull our act together this week.

The original Holy Goalie, our own John Fallon, will be signing copies of his book, and no doubt giving you his thoughts on current events, at the Supporters’ Club on London Road on Sunday from 12:30.  All are welcome.  There’s live entertainment too, so get along and check it out.

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  1. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”



    Care to say how many games we have not not won instead?

  2. CORKCELT on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 10:55 AM


    We have played 21 Competitive games this year and have lost 3. The domestic defeat away to Aberdeen was a fluke, if my memory serves me correct we were on the bad end of a couple of MIB decisions plus last minute goal. The other two were very painful defeats 0-2 to Malmo and 1-3 to Molde. In the first instances Malmo and Molde are not pub teams, if both were playing in the SPFL they would be up there competing for the Title. We have no divine right to go up to their patch and expect them to roll over.




    figures don’y lie, but they can be misinterpreted. Three losses out of twenty one makes good reading.


    However, at the time they were played, each of the three were of a crunch nature.


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/dont-blame-defenders-this-one-was-down-to-tactics/comment-page-39/#comments

  3. MWD’s Bhoy very good post at 10.12 :-)


    Very accurate D


    Personally for me and from what I’ve witnessed, but Ronny does not have what it takes to make us a better Team, more attractive to watch, and I see no sign of any of our youth breaking through ? Unless it is the ones loaned out for experience, whilst we give other clubs youth that opportunity


    ( I know young Tierney is on periphery)


    As stated drastic change in strategy required


    Ronny and Park oot would be a start



    Right Celtic time shortly, so I’m back in a good mood




  4. 5-0 for the Celts today. LG and KC to be amongst the goals with RD in his post match interview to announce that KC has been disciplined for his outburst and the issue now in the past.


    Let’s not fall into the SMSM trap and allow them to add to the abuse they already give our Club, let’s move on.


    Still trying to understand the Molde performance where the very heart of the team was exposed and it seemed that it was on borrowed time.


    I would expect a couple of changes today with every position under scrutiny including the management team.


    Still the best in Scotland!




  5. For the avoidance of doubt I think I pointed out that the Rangers no longer existed??? Didn’t refer to “fellow” Celtic supporters as ” dumbass” or “clowns “. Although being referred to as a clown by some on here should be worn like a badge of honour and at least I would be able to wear their shoes. Also didn’t launch into an imaginary diatribe between two Celtic supporters who did nothing more than point out that Rangers no longer existed whilst recognising that the same flies follow them.


    Go figure

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Time to get ready for the bus but no beers after the game! These three o’clock Sunday kick offs are mince, post match pint at 6:30 on a Sunday err…….no

  7. Brisbane Its 14 wins, 4 draws & 3 defeats to date.


    All I am calling for is a bit of perspective. I am not and never was a Ronny fan. I was against his appointment first day but must admit I started to warm to him as the year progressed. Now all my old doubts have returned and I would not shed a tear if he left tomorrow.


    However I feel, it’s important to be fair and balanced in your approach and the reality is that all the angst is basically down to the results of 2 matches.





    You are right about the FF example.



    Sometimes I think it’s us, the fans that either make or break the young players though. We are fickle in our opinion and criticism. Vocal too, I’d have wilted as a 19 year old hearing some of the P!sh being spouted by angry frustrated supporters. It’ll be there today, lots of it aimed at Ambrose.



    It must be difficult for any young player whether they be our own graduate eg McGregor, Tierney etc or another club’s protege’s Denayer, Forster, Blackett etc.



    We are all on CQN to offer opinion and observation. That’s fair enough, nothing wrong with discussing stuff on here. My problem is when it becomes vocal at the match – it’s neither appropriate or constructive for the players, club ie us.



    It really grates that lots of It is often ill founded and based on ignorant assumption too. Many seem to criticise based on what they read ie it’s like a herd stampeding.

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Beatbhoy your are spot on it is 10am mass, just back the queue was massive to get Miss GFTB’s card marked and that’s her 100% record for October long may it continue, nipped in to see her Aunty back of 9am as my young niece was taking us



    Kev 9.11 – I knew you would take the comparison in the jest it was written, has anybody ever saw Brisbane & Kev in the same room, they might even share the same IP address



    Away to the bookies to bet Kris C hat trick

  10. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    Thanks for the clarification.



    Not two games.



    For years Celtic have been used as a Guinea Pig for trial managers. The PLC are a bloody disgrace.

  11. Big-Cup-Winners,



    There’s a whole of truth in what you say and, if you’ve read some of Tontine Tim’s contributions, you will realise it is nothing new. The Lions, as young players, got their share, as I’m sure they could tell you.

  12. Canamalar


    Not seen anyone respond to you yet


    The Dubai Hoops, watch the games at the Dubliner, in the Le Meridien Hotel ( close to the Airport)


    Daughter visited them earlier in the summer


    Hope you get to see us take it to 15 wins in 22 games :-)



    Hail Hail




    Yes, good point. Young Tierney’s debut was an example of fans giving him real support. I remember when he misplaced a pass and was applauded for the intent. Had it been Efe or another there would have been groans.



    It is difficult to come into any team as a new player. It must be even more difficult when the expectation is to win every game.

  14. 21 games played, 3 lost, sack the coach, lol, because those three games where big games? Every game we play is a big game, but then again if your looking for and prone at being negative you will find it, we can still win that group we are in , but that’s a positive, and we can’t be having that eh?


    Faithful through an through,? Aye right shower a ……..

  15. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    Head in the Clouds FC

  16. Corckcelt…



    It’s not getting beat by Molde that is causing the anger, it’s the manner in which we were beaten.



    I don’t expect to win every game but ffs atleast make a fist of it.



    We are a disjointed team at the moment, hindered by a board that are content to plod along until the reformed monkeys show their baboon erchies in our faces.

  17. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    boabyevans on 25th October 2015 11:33 am



    Great link and post. Thanks.

  18. TD67


    I make no apologies for wanting to see a better Celtic, than the one currently being served up by Ronny


    Thurs result, was a performance we have now seen too often under him, with absolutely no sign of any learnings from previous


    For me, now seen enough in his 16 months to convince me he is in the wrong movie


    Celtic is what matters to me



    Now in saying all this, I am looking forward to supporting the Celtic later today


    Again I am avoiding the word team, I do not see us playing as a team, and I blame Ronny for that

  19. Captain Beefheart on

    We were hammered by feckin Molde.



    By Malmo.



    By feckin Maribor.



    Our turnover compared to those clubs?



    Our co efficient is going down.



    But everything is wonderful…




  20. Cowiebhoy


    And I make no apology for liking what I see and as far as I’m concerned looking at the big picture, and I too will be there cheering on my TEAM, but I’ll repeat my self, if your looking for negatives? You will find them as many in hear do, the difference between you and me going today is I’m 100% behind everything at Celtic park today, where as you are going looking for faults, enjoy the game, although some how I doubt you will.

  21. Sitting here thinking……….I’d bet if Samaras had stayed, we’d be on our second champions league campaign under Ronnie. We’ve been playing with no out ball and no ariel threat since he left, no running power, no craft to beat a man.



    Sammi truly was three times as good as anything left behind. Criminal to let him leave and sign Scep, Ciftci.

  22. If today’s game is as as entertaining as yesterdays Scottish Cup 2nd round tie (EKFC 1 Forres mechanics 1) I’ll be even happier than my normal happy. The young female ref took a fair bit of stick from both sets of fans although absolutely none of this related to her gender. I did suggest to TBB that we start a chant of ‘Who’s the Maisonette in the red’ but received no support.



    Now I’m pretty certain that there won’t be any dramatic changes in formation today but how I’d love us to try the ole 3-5-2 using the following players –





























    Subs –















  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    TONYDONNELLY67 on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 11:33 AM


    its not as simple as Go v Stay


    RD should win the league and a cup (if not both cups) domestically


    If he does not win the league there should be a public flogging – even you could win the league as Celtic Manager


    The issue is our club need CL football to move in the right direction


    CL football provides better finances and attracts (allegedly) better players – its all about momentum and not getting stuck in a domestic rut or the EL


    So RD (right;y) is judged on European progress – he has not done very well



    My view don’t panic – keep RD until next May (unless Jose gets the chop declares a love for Celtic and wants to come today!!)


    Between now and May explore the options



    Who ? I have no idea – but I do know long term its not RD



    Tony its not a hate campaign or an anti Celtic thing – its a big tough job – not everyone can do it


    Finding the right man is difficult util we do


    Its RD for me and I hope a good win for the Bhoys today




  24. the glorious balance sheet on

    Tony donnelly67 1133am-



    An equally pertinent record is played 4, drawn 7, lost 8.



    That’s Ronny deila’s record in Europe managing Celtic when results against part time Icelandic opposition are set aside.



    I believe that 14 of those matches were played against teams with a lower co-efficient/ranking than Celtic.



    Maybe that is why Celtic fans are asking questions about Ronny.

  25. Think the most disappointing aspect of the defeat on Thursday was that it bore all the hallmarks of a rookie manager not long in the door still trying to find his feet. Well he’s had over a year now and I’m asking what has he learned in that time? The defence is all over the place and if he doesn’t sort that out soon it will cost him his job. OK – that’s a worst case scenario. He has to bounce back with a solid performance today. Thats a given. Then beat Molde and Aberdeen. Nothing less that that will turn off the heat.

  26. I certainly wouldent say everything is wonderful, but I will say it’s not as bad as the drama queens in here are saying, not by a long shot, I’v supported many Celtic teams way worse than this one, time you all calmed down ffs.

  27. Captain Beefheart on

    It is difficult to think about anything positive.



    No exciting youth prospects. Europe? Thankfully Ajax are also crap but we have to now beat Molde at Celtic Park. Our, er, 5 million Croat is nowhere to be seen. Our manager has accepted KC’s lack of professionalism (expect a Mourinho type collapse in player relations). We have utter crap upfront.



    Positives? Neganon hasn’t blown up Paradise in frustration at the board.

  28. the glorious balance sheet on

    Cool more mafia



    Another attribute samaras had in Europe was his prowess at defending set pieces. In the last 2 European games 2 goals have been lost in part due to griffiths being asked – and failing- to defend set piece attacks on the Celtic goal.

  29. TD67


    Unsurprisingly, you totally miss the point, on Ronny not learning from repetitive mistakes


    Ok you like that



    Coolmore mafia


    I Was no Sammi fan ( in the SPFL he was uninterested, different story for Europe), but I can accept your point there


    Time to get ready to go and support the Celtic :-)