Don’t blame defenders, this one was down to tactics


It’s a well-established fact that we don’t have Beckenbauer and Baresi at the back, so the reason why we chose to play so high up the field is the most alarming element of last night’s debacle.

Dedryck was bound to misplace a pass, or Efe was bound to misread play. We all knew this. Regret over the last time mistakes like this were made doesn’t mean they won’t happen again. So when the inevitable occurred, our two full backs were 30 yards in front of the line of opposition attack, with our defensive mids well into opposition territory.

Efe’s failure to cover Kamara and Dedryck’s pass were consequences of the main mistake of the night, which was tactical.  We didn’t lose the opening goal because of a bad pass, it was lost because we left an acre of Norway unattended.

Ronny, you should never have left so much space at the back away from home in Europe, we’re clearly not good enough for such an open system, not even close.  We’ve learned nothing since what was supposed to be a lesson in Warsaw, when the same expansive errors cost us.  Molde played rope-a-dope football, they could have watched us against Malmo, Maribor and Legia, as each opened their home games against us in exactly the same manner.

It must be an absolute joy to face a European opponent at home who leaves so much space at the back, begging to be exploited.  If we had played with the same tactics we used in Amsterdam I’ve no doubt we would have won the game – no one in that Molde squad would get into the Celtic team.

There’s more.  After dominating possession and creating genuine chances, the defeat looked inevitable from the 11th minute when we went behind. Body language changed in an instant and Celtic went out like a light.  I’ll spare you what I said at the time in case it’s misconstrued, but the evidence suggests there’s more to worry about than repeating the same tactical mistakes.

Celtic have nine months and one and a half transfer windows to get ready for the next Champions League qualifiers.  There’s plenty of time to put things right, but we can’t sleepwalk into another failure.  More immediately, we could be out of a cup if we don’t pull our act together this week.

The original Holy Goalie, our own John Fallon, will be signing copies of his book, and no doubt giving you his thoughts on current events, at the Supporters’ Club on London Road on Sunday from 12:30.  All are welcome.  There’s live entertainment too, so get along and check it out.

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  1. the glorious balance sheet on 25th October 2015 12:55 pm – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk————



    No argument that our transfer policy seems flawed, I was just commenting on the Sammy “no contract” issue.



    Another PR issue really, Celtic should just be honest and say we can’t afford to offer a new contract for player X so that’s why they are leaving.

  2. NEGANON2 on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 12:38 PM


    I see that TonyD is still on here spouting agendas and no doubt accusing everyone of being a lurking Hun.







    His childlike desire to defend a corrupt and incompetent board at CP means he will never see straight.







    He pure loves the daily record though.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/dont-blame-defenders-this-one-was-down-to-tactics/comment-page-41/#comment-2703875




    Corrupt Board?


    Daily Record? Your pal Bmcw tried that wan, very childish, playground stuff.

  3. Summa of Sammi @ 3.11am



    Great post and very timely sentiments. Hope you are well and surfing on that emotional high.







    Reading this morning’s post, I reckon our inner flat track bully is alive, thriving and putting on weight, but he’s not directing his intimidation and victimisation anywhere near Dundee United. It’s that scrawny kid Peter and his pal Dessy with the dodgy ‘tache that are getting their balls whacked for 6



    I see that the lyrics for the song were posted, and thanks to whoever posted them but you forgot to add the tune on video so that thee GB (and Vinnie) might resurrect it



    The Flag that Flies on High

  4. lennon's passion on

    KC is only out for KC. HE tried the same crap with Lennon until he got told we can sort this out like men. Few days later false neck brace on all a joke. Also he looks like a HUN

  5. St. Stiv’s



    My family were rescued from a tenement fire in the early 60s in which a man died. It got covered in the front page and they managed to get names wrong in their desire to publish quick news.



    Mind you, it was a better paper with a higher reading age then and it had not yet been corrupted by Rupert’s Fox News standards when he launched The Sun and started the race to the bottom

  6. Supersutton/the_Huddle



    Coloccini seemed to be pointing out to the ref that the ‘keeper was getting the ball, so no clear goal-scoring opportunity, not a red.



    Question then is, why risk bumping Flecher so hard, shoulder or not?

  7. SFTB. T’was me that posted the lyrics but I’m an ol’ duffer when it comes to posting links so I leave that to the young and the clever.

  8. A big week domestically about to kick off for us, followed by a home tie in Europa we must win to keep any hope of progress alive. Not sure of injury situation, but feel we need a settled defence for these 4 matches.


    Our manager needs to accept that Stefan Johansen is currently contributing nothing to the team and that his continued protected status is having an negative effect on others. Let’s give Stuart Armstrong a run of games in a central position and challenge him to make that position his own.

  9. beatbhoy on 25th October 2015 1:11 pm






    Coloccini seemed to be pointing out to the ref that the ‘keeper was getting the ball, so no clear goal-scoring opportunity, not a red.



    Question then is, why risk bumping Flecher so hard, shoulder or not?




    Yep, there was doubt that he was getting the ball and even then whether he was going to control then score. So no red for me.



    Fletcher was kind of cute, he was expecting the shoulder barge so made sure he was getting knocked over.

  10. Cowiebhoy,


    Thanks for that, the dub liner is a bit far from where we are (downtown) and the traffic heading towards the airport is a wee bit too much.


    Hail Hail

  11. Hope today is that watershed moment when we come together as a team and show what we are capable of.


    Hope the sudden frieze in the final third disappears.


    Hope the midfielders discover where the final third is.


    Hope the team learns to play as a compact unit and learns not to leave acres of vulnerable space.


    Hope we give youngsters a chance.


    With hope in our hearts.


    Walk on.

  12. Give me joy in my heart, Henrik Larsson,


    Give me joy in my heart I pray,


    Give me joy in my heart, Henrik Larsson,


    Give me Larsson till the end of day….

  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    Heading off oot tae Paradise for hopefully the first of four wins in a row. In fact, I would say it is four must wins in a row.







    THE BARCA MOLE will give you the info on Dubai,mate.

  15. Small few waiting as Mgt & team arrived. Ronny off first to silence followed by Mgt Team, Players led by Broonie & Gordon, Kris Commons was about 5th or 6th. Guess who got the cheer.


    P.S. Surprised & Happy to see Wee James, thought he was injured.

  16. The short walk to Celtic Park, doable in 15 minutes, from lower East Kilbride provided you’ve sensible shoes.



    Stonelaw Rd, Farmeloan Rd, nip through new Dalmarnock and your’e in the shadows of heaven via in the improving East End



    Zip round the stadium see the happy shiny Tims.



    Oh daddy take me to Paradise.

  17. Right, time to go collect The Bhoy and head off to The Park via The Corner of course. Do say hello.




  18. BMCUW,


    I’ve got the CTV and settled but was looking to be with tims, barcamole is probably busy, so by the time he gets back the game is likely already on.

  19. Enjoy the match today folks, I hope there will be a decent attendance.



    I bought into Ronny from day one but after Malmo and Molde in particular, I don’t think he is good enough for Europe. However, I will support him and the team today and into the future.



    MaureenO Hara, RIP. My favourite film of hers is Only The Lonely which also starred John Candy.



    Off to Malaga for a week later this evening. Will be in The Celt in Los Boliches on Wednesday and Saturday to support the HOOPS.


    Waiting to see whether RD has the cajones to;



    1. Drop SJ


    2. Drop EA


    3. Select KC


    4. Ditch 4231

  21. Delaneys Dunky on

    The West Dunbartonshire train to Paradise is the quietest it has been before any match this season, including Raith Rovers. I fear for a low crowd today. :(





    Mail him for the info for future reference. I assume your job over there isn’t in Planning(!)

  23. Tierney, Simunovic and GMS supposedly playing today. Commons to start, wrong decision IMO but might change my mind if he scores a hat trick :-)

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 4-2-3-1 formation. It’s a strong shape. And a flexible one.



    The problem is when you let all the wee boys run up to try to score a goal and end up with a 1-3-6 shape.



    Like on Thursday night.

  25. Delaneys Dunky on




    Bon Voyage. Hope you enjoy our two wins whilst you’re in Malaga.


    Hail Hail

  26. Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc


    Celtic v @dundeeunitedfc Gordon; Ambrose, Boyata, Simunovic, Tierney; Brown, Johansen; Mackay-Steven, Commons, Armstrong; Griffiths (MD)

  27. 18s18 seconds ago


    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc


    Celtic subs: Bailly, Blackett, Bitton, Ciftci, Rogic, Lustig, McGregor (MD)