Don’t look at the stats, Celtic need a win tonight


I don’t buy into the “Anything better than a 0-3 defeat” talk; we need a win tonight. If you want to be taken seriously as a Champions League team, you have to win occasionally on the road (check), and rack up victories against vulnerable opposition, as Anderlecht are right now.

The victory in Brussels in September was a huge achievement. We needed to start winning games away from home in this competition after so many years of failure. Our single away victory, by Neil Lennon’s team, in Moscow, is most remarkable for its rarity. In truth, we should have beaten 10-man Anderlecht in 2003, and don’t get me started on Aalborg, or several others.

So this Celtic team has already recorded a memorable achievement in this competition, but more needs to be done, not just for Celtic, but for the manager.

Brendan has 17 Champions League group stage games under his belt, but only two wins, that game in Brussels and a victory for Liverpool at home to Bulgarians, Ludogorets Razgrad. It is a record he will be desperate to improve, starting tonight.

Anderlecht are not the team we faced in September. They now have an excellent manager, Hein Vanhaezebrouck, who in a single season as manager of Gent, recorded Champions League group stage wins against Zent St Petersburg, Lyon and Valencia, eliminating the latter two in the process.

I’ve been tracking Vanhaezebrouck since his Gent days and have become a bit of a fan boy. Yesterday’s comments from the Celtic Park media room lived up to expectations:

“I can already predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. There will be noise as soon as we come on the pitch. The crowd will be behind them and they will fly like hell!

“The start will be devastating. If we can survive and stay level, then maybe we stand a chance to do something.”

You heard the man, there will be noise and we will fly like hell! Let’s do it.

Jim Craig live on CQN Wednesday evening

Lisbon Lion, Jim Craig, will be live on CQN from 6.30 until around 8.30 tomorrow evening for a Q&A session and to spend time with us. His new book, Right Back to 67, published by CQN, recalls his memories from inside the dressing room during that iconic year.

Let’s hope Jim is reflecting on a great win over Anderlecht.

*JIM CRAIG – RIGHT BACK TO 67, THE LISBON LION DIARY is published this week by CQN Books. You still have time to get a SIGNED copy by ordering at www.cqnbookstore.co.uk and if you would like a personal dedication added to your book by Jim then simply email your massage to david@cqnpublishing.co.uk after ordering and we’ll do the rest!

And if you haven’t done so already, listen to Jim Craig on the CQN Podcast below. You will love it!


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  1. S,


    Thanks for the team news.



    On the night when Scotland`s Champions and only remaining representative in Europe play a very important game, BBC Scotland Website leads with Kris Boyd saying McInnes will and should go to Ibrox; the second article is by the Andelecht manager ; the third is that Ryan jack`s red card will be appealed and the FOURTH article is about Celtic and tonight`s game ! Impartial ?




  2. Would rather see Ntcham than Armstrong start tonight. Better suited for Europe, better passer and stronger defensively. Played very well on Saturday.

  3. To everyone attending tonight , sing loud and proud …



    Eurochamps 67 hope you had a result and can watch tonight.

  4. Not quite gone -time for this –



    Guy from La Repubblica on the radio –



    ” The fabulous mess rumbles on — it’s getting hard to resist the comedy amongst the tragedy -the latest is a bunch of backwoodsmen ( and women )still living in the Seventeeth Century screwing up the very thing they make so much noise about being Loyal to”

  5. Big Eyed Beans from Venus – if you know your history



    Released around the time of Celtic 2 -Upjest Dosza 1 .



    2 goals from Kenny Dalglish

  6. bournesouprecipe on 5th December 2017 11:24 am






    Doctors delighted with him through his op sitting up already



    Special thanks to all CQN’rs for prayers and good wishes.





    Marvellous news! Hope his recovery goes well too.

  7. Great news re EuroChamps.


    There was a full flight over from Dublin this morning with Ryanair and easily 80% of those were Tims going to the game. Great fun and a little sing-song was had for good measure also.


    Now off to do a quick spot of shopping with my nephew before I meet AngelGabriel, CorkCelt and other CQN’ers in BV.



  8. You know, I was talking to Queenlubo this morning about our 67 not out record. Just think what has happened since we last lost a domestic game, a helluva lot. It takes some thinking about just how good things are for us just now, amazing and long may it continue. Enjoy it




  9. Good morning Celtic.


    Here we stand on the platform and wave goodbye to the departing Champions League campaign.


    Now we must make our way to the Bus Station and wait in anticipation for the arrival later of the Europa Adventure.


    Here’s hoping that we have a long journey ahead together.


    Hail Hail

  10. BT @ 19:13 last night




    Not any more, my bhoy who isn’t registered for the away ticket scheme has had a ticket for every away game this season via his bus. Serious consideration will be given next season as to the renewal of my season ticket as it no longer affords the benefits it promises. The sole reason I subscribed for a more expensive ticket was the increased likiehood of a ticket for away games but this no longer seems to be the case. They can keep their rock hard pies and fancy cream cakes for the day trippers now. Maybe I should go down the road of the man from the east bearing gifts to increase my chances of an away ticket.




    Dear Member,




    Hibs v Celtic



    Sunday 10th December 2017




    Due to the allocation we received for the above match it was deemed necessary to conduct a ballot/reduced allocation, unfortunately the amount of applications we received from corporate and premium members outweighed the amount of tickets we had to allocate.




    I regret to inform you that your application to apply for tickets for the above game was unsuccessful.




    Please accept our apologies for the disappointment this may cause.

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 5TH DECEMBER 2017 11:28 AM


    Big Eyed Beans from Venus – if you know your history



    1972 I think! Year I left home for Uni, and many tales of drunkenness and debauchery!

  12. On pages 1 & 2 ( PREVIOUS ARTICLE ) I’m the excited jimbob71 who told the happy story of taking my daughter to the game on Saturday.




    I’m not the jimbob moaning about the cold weather!!!





  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Indeed was best perk of the ticket as half time can resemble feeding time at the zoo especially on evenings like tonight..



    Not to mention the early half time pie chasers who then return after the 2nd half has started



    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 5TH DECEMBER 2017 11:28 AM



    This game? :) https://imgur.com/vpj8NoY



    My Dad on the Left my younger sister and yours truly on the right (17yrs) :)




    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 5TH DECEMBER 2017 11:28 AM




    This game? :) https://imgur.com/vpj8NoY




    My Dad on the Left my younger sister and yours truly on the right (17yrs) :) por cierto

  16. I think we need to win well and with great confidence.



    When we join the Europa League I want other teams to see our Anderlecht results and fear playing us as there will be similar and better teams than Anderlecht we can potentially face.



    Getting through tonight with a draw or, God forbid, a 0-1 or 0-2 result would leave potential opponents thinking they’ve had a favourable draw getting Celtic.



    Let’s score another 3!!!

  17. Looking forward to tonight. Really hope we can win against a team much improved since we last played them. Chilly weather offset by warm reception. Mon the Hoops!!!

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