Don’t mention the (boardroom) war


With financial projections which provide entertaining reading, Rangers International promoted director, Walter Smith, to the position of chairman.  Smith immediately proclaimed, “Unity among the directors is vital”, although he was not asked about the forthcoming EGM where fellow directors Malcolm Murray and Chris Morgan face dismissal, while a third director, Charles Green, suggested he was going to resign by today, but has not got around to filling out the form yet (does this guy have ‘form’ when it comes to filling Companies House forms?)…..

They don’t do unity very well.

The only show in town is season ticket sales; for all clubs.  Maybe Celtic should appoint Martin O’Neill to the board for a few weeks to allow the newspapers to provide some bluster for those who more convinced by headlines and sound-bites than strategy?  Perhaps not.  Let’s stick to plan.

Lisbon Lion in Ayrshire, send reinforcements!

Willie Wallace will be at Waterstons in Ayr from 1-3pm this afternoon, get along (with camera) if you can.

Tomorrow Willie will be at the Celtic Superstore from 12-2pm before going to the Celtic Shop, Clydebank, from 3.30-5.30pm.  Get out and meet the man.

Great to meet so many people at Waterstons, Stirling, last night. The store sold out of Willie’s autobiography. There was actually a queue of people waiting to enter the store at one point.

Just a few days left on the auction for the signed Messi strip, a magnificent piece of football memorabilia. Keep an eye on it here.

Order your copy of Heart of a Lion, delivered before Father’s Day, below…..

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  1. Highlights of last years T in the park on BBC2


    getting me in the mood for a superb summer of music.

  2. Scores on the doors!



    Can’t believe I’ve got a tiebreaker on my hands (after tonight I resign).



    Corkcelt – 32


    Doc – 32


    UnionbearBhind – 31


    Burghboy – 28


    TET – 18


    Prestonpans bhoys -12


    West csc – 9


    Paddy Turner – 7


    conzaloni – 5


    jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants – 5



    Corkcelt .v. Doc – tiebreaker (first to answer).



    Q? From formation of the EPL/ Premiership in 1993 to season 2013/14 – name the only non-English EPL side to win the F.A. Cup?

  3. !!Bada Bing!!


    Are you after Jobo’s job of EK’s weatherman


    I’ll stick with Judith.



  4. Bought a few bottles of decent vino today.



    On offer at Lidl, 4 for 13 euros, quite probably in britland as well, as they have brit writing on the label.



    Rioja, 2008, Marques de Grinon, quality drop of Crianza.



    I’m enjoying anyways >}

  5. Praecepta



    Many thanks.


    Cork Celtic / Doc congratulations



    A Sevconian type implosion from me on the last question !

  6. Heading down to Stranraer for a close friends mum’s funeral in a few hours.


    Taken too young and far too quickly.


    Sadly my own dad’s big C is back too. Just found out tonight


    Say a prayer for both please.

  7. unionbearBhind on




    thanks for the entertainment



    Doc, Corkcelt well done to both of you & thanks to everybody else it was a hoot!



    good night & God bless



  8. TET



    Ship me a crate over – came close to getting through 2 bottles trying to juggle that quiz tonight.



    Memo to self – never volunteer! :-)

  9. In all fairness praecepta, I have to disqualify myself. I was out when you asked the last question when I scrolled back I saw Doc’s answer and it rang a bell. I genuinely don’t think I would have come up with it, if I hadn’t seen his answer. I will accept the runners up spot if I may but I declare Doc the winner. Thanks very much for a goodnights entertainment, and this time its a real good night from me. HH

  10. The Singing Detective Demands The Resignation Of Campbell Ogilvie



    00:47 on 1 June, 2013



    My Dear Petec…..



    The Second Album I Bought….


    With My Own Money…



    Neil Young’s “After The Goldrush”..Was The Very First….





    You just can’t stop yourself having a dig at the Huns, can you. ;))

  11. Ghuys really appreciate the thanks.



    I take part in CRC’s quizzes most Fridays – enjoy the banter. Think – this is easy just print-off a list of questions and a score grid – what could be simpler?



    Bhoys – I was stressed out (but enjoyed it). Questions answered (side comments/ queries/ steward’s enquiries) – and that’s without a photo-round.



    Thoroughly enjoyed it – but if I ever do it again will definitely kick-off earlier!




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