Don’t mention the (boardroom) war


With financial projections which provide entertaining reading, Rangers International promoted director, Walter Smith, to the position of chairman.  Smith immediately proclaimed, “Unity among the directors is vital”, although he was not asked about the forthcoming EGM where fellow directors Malcolm Murray and Chris Morgan face dismissal, while a third director, Charles Green, suggested he was going to resign by today, but has not got around to filling out the form yet (does this guy have ‘form’ when it comes to filling Companies House forms?)…..

They don’t do unity very well.

The only show in town is season ticket sales; for all clubs.  Maybe Celtic should appoint Martin O’Neill to the board for a few weeks to allow the newspapers to provide some bluster for those who more convinced by headlines and sound-bites than strategy?  Perhaps not.  Let’s stick to plan.

Lisbon Lion in Ayrshire, send reinforcements!

Willie Wallace will be at Waterstons in Ayr from 1-3pm this afternoon, get along (with camera) if you can.

Tomorrow Willie will be at the Celtic Superstore from 12-2pm before going to the Celtic Shop, Clydebank, from 3.30-5.30pm.  Get out and meet the man.

Great to meet so many people at Waterstons, Stirling, last night. The store sold out of Willie’s autobiography. There was actually a queue of people waiting to enter the store at one point.

Just a few days left on the auction for the signed Messi strip, a magnificent piece of football memorabilia. Keep an eye on it here.

Order your copy of Heart of a Lion, delivered before Father’s Day, below…..

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  1. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Fortunes Favour Mibbes:



    Maybe Craigie would have Paulo Di Canio as Manager and Tony Blair as Director of Ethics and BS.



    The establishment is protecting the huns; the establishment will always protect the huns. Sure half the establishment are huns, or cousins thereof. (wee exaggeration I know, but I claim bloggers license)

  2. A Stor Mo Chroi



    Hadn’t heard that interview before.



    GG never fails to amaze me with his genius. Very very clever. He brought all this out imo.



    Hun mentalism no 1: “he [Diouf] played well in games outwith the “old firm” games


    Hun mentalism no 2: get Scott Brown’s name in their somewhere to try and justify Diouf’s hun mentalism


    Hun mentalism no 3: He [Diouff] tries too hard to please hun mentalism


    Hun mentalism no 4: the rozzer reaction, that said game should be banned or played behind closed doors, was “an immediate reaction”.


    Hun mentalism no 5: the rise in tension between “old firm” players is because in the past “old firm” players knew each other on the street: they weren’t job-stealing immigrants, and hun teams were a friendly footballing side before being infiltrated by said job-stealing immigrants


    Hun mentalism no 6: the current hun players are more disassociated from the fans now (in answer to the question from GG, are foreign players to blame?)


    Hun mentalism no 7: players from outwith the hun mindset that go on to become evil huns are being conditioned by the meeja, not the hun management.


    Hun mentalism no 8: the trouble on the pitch that night spilled over from the Celtic v Liverpool game


    George Galloway mentalism no 1: Moisty and the myth would never have got involved in that way, the way Neil Lennon did. Ahem. [A clever prod from GG imo, as was the whole interview]


    Hun mentalism no 9: Problem with Neil Lennon…”from a Ranger’s supporters point of view, that he looks a certain way….”


    Hun sense shockeroonay no 1: “how can you say that alcohol’s involved when the players and management were involved during the game…”


    Hun sense shockeroonay no 2: “the Scottish Parliament should be involving the players and management to get to the bottom of this problem”



    My conclusion: a conditioned hun – there’s some sense in there dying to get out. But it would take a lot of work which could only be begun by the discontinuation of denial. Central Scotland isn’t alcoholic, it’s sectarianaholic :))

  3. A Stor Mo Chroi @ 04:29



    Exaggeration?? No way amigo – that was a conservative estimate !



    Things have definitely become exasperated here in recent years due to this hun-preservation nonsense and Celtic demonization process.



    My brother’s going through hell at his work due to hun and mason protection rackets amongst dim-witted wee guys. He’s in a management role, but very much a natural worker’s man (it’s in his blood). He’s seen the embezzlement of the union funds going on between wee masonic wannabees who made a comlaint about him when they heard The Fields on his phone (while they blast out the Tache my Father Wore, BB etc etc). Ironically, his good friends are the older masons, who apparently are sickened by it as well. This is my point – things are definitely getting worse here, not better. But I thought this would happen anyway when the independence movement was gathering pace. The old divide and conquer tactic was a certainty. What amazes me, is how badly Salmond has dealt with it. He’s actually lost to that tactic. He must have under-estimated the Scottish people – true irony. (apols for raving on, amigo).

  4. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Fortunes Favour Mibbes;



    Dawson was subtly saying it was Celtic’s fault. As it turned out that is the way the media portrayed it; they focused on Neil Lennon.



    Digressing a wee bit but still on the same of the establishment.



    The ‘Establishment look after their own, if you get a chance you should read “The Minister And The Massacres” by Count Nikolai Tolstoy . A national disgrace. Then decades later The Establishment circle the wagons and bite back.



    This book apparently goes a long way to explain the farce that was the libel suit against Tolstoy. – The Cost of a Reputation: Aldington Versus Tolstoy – The Causes, Course and Consequences of the Notorious Libel Case



    I haven’t read this one to date, waiting for it to arrive, but apparently there were some strange ‘legal’ firsts born against Tolstoy.



    For balance you might want to also read A Looking-Glass Tragedy – Christopher Booker

  5. A Stor Mo Chroi @ 05:15



    Thanks amigo. Have bookmarked the page for future reference. In all honesty, I don’t read at all these days – sadly I feel the effects of alcohol eating away at my brain cells and rotting my teeth. But I’ll certainly look into the books you quote…the last book I read and thoroughly enjoyed funnily enough was GG’s book, back in 2002 I think, re New Labour. Every political book (I’ve about ten of them unfinished) since then, just pissed me off and put me off reading!! [hah, so it wasn’t alcohol then:))]. But I’ve just remembered, the only other book I read since was the Trigger Men. Maybe it was reading that that finally killed off my enthusiasm for reading anything on western politics :(( (no offence to Martin Dillon – it was the content that depressed the life out of me – but the fella deserves praise for writing honestly on such a difficult subject. The folk I’ve loaned that book to have went on to read all his others, with much praise).





    My tongue was firmly im my cheek and I envy your comfort……

  7. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Fortunes Favour Mibbes:



    I agree – some books can be distressing and/or depressing; however, when I read books that cause such emotions I try to put it all into perspective inasmuch as I compare my life with those of whom I am reading about.



    I find reading is good for the liver, you can’t get lashed and hold a book up the right way. Now with the introduction of the internet and blogs you don’t have to hold the book up anymore, hence the liver is once again under threat.

  8. A Stor Mo Chroi



    :)) Very wise words ! With the introduction of tablets and Kindle etc mibbes the liver can be saved again though :))



    Although, in all seriousness, alcohol seems to have seized a hold in Scotland in what seems like an irreversible way, particularly amongst the fairer sex of the younger generations.



    In fact, not just Scotland, elsewhere in Europe as well. Causes seem to be desperate unhappiness…unshakeable despair and depression amongst young women which isn’t getting addressed. They’re being sent away with obscene, damaging, lifetime-dependent pills, by doctors who are gullible to the pharmaceuticals sales tactics. It’s clear to me that society as it is, is falling down the drain. We’re facing a generation of depressed, apathetic souls and the lust for life is being eroded beyond repair. For me, the biggest depressing thing about this is that it has most likely been engineered.



    Can you tell I’ve been in a negative mood today?:)) I should go eat a bar of chocolate…

  9. …now as I watch the BBC morning news program, and look at the bland faces of these soul-less presenters, I feel the urge to yank them through the TV screen and show them the poverty and despair of the every household in the country that they’re preaching at. Pretentious propaganda-touting pillocks.



    I now realise why rock n roll stars chuck TVs out of hotel windows. I wish I was in a hotel now, cos I ain’t chucking my own out – it cost me 300 quid. Once a week there’s 20 mins of TV worth watching…. :))

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    maleys bhoy



    Thoughts and prayers with you and yours.



    Take care.

  11. Good morning friends from a lovely dry, clear skied bright and calm East Kilbride.



    Trying a different venue this week and will be running the Tollcross ParkRun at 9.30.




  12. a stor mo chroi



    Too late. Immediate impression was that those commie Ruskies have invaded most of the world and are to blame for us all being alkies. They forgot to invade Norway though.

  13. So Who’s Gonnae Organise The Whip-A-Round…?






    (From The Daily Record)



    Aubrey Washington/SNS Group



    By John Ferguson  |  1 Jun 2013 07:07



    FORMER SFA supremo Gordon Smith has been declared bankrupt, the Record can reveal.



    The Rangers legend and former Ibrox director has stacked up massive debts of £644,411.



    He could now face losing his £500,000 home and possessions, including treasured medals he won as a player.



    It’s understood the married dad of two – who has had a string of business interests over the last 15 years – applied for bankruptcy without going through the courts. He was sequestrated through Scotland’s official Accountant in Bankruptcy agency in October.



    The 58-year-old’s estate – which will include his villa in an exclusive estate in Newton Mearns, near Glasgow – is now in the hands of AiB-appointed accountants tasked with selling off any assets to repay creditors.



    News of Smith’s financial crisis will shock football fans who have followed his career as a successful player, agent, top-earning chief executive at the SFA and stint as director of football at Ibrox.



    Last night, a legal source said: “A personal bankruptcy is a painful and potentially devastating process.



    “Businessmen will generally prefer to see their company go into administration or liquidation so that personal assets such as their house are not on the line.






    “An individual will apply to AiB to be sequestrated because they know they are in real trouble and creditors will soon be taking legal action.



    “It seems odd that someone who would appear to have had a successful career would find themselves in this position.



    “But you never know what sort of bad deals or legal wrangles someone can have been getting into behind the scenes.”



    As Smith didn’t go through the courts, details of his creditors have not been made public, though they will be listed on files with AiB.



    Accountant Donald McKinnon, of Glasgow firm Wylie and Bisset, has been appointed to sell off Smith’s assets



    A spokeswoman for AiB said: “I can confirm that Mr Smith was sequestrated on 12/10/12 declaring debts of £644,411.00 and that the Accountant in Bankruptcy was appointed trustee.



    “Unfortunately, AiB cannot disclose case specific details other than those contained within the free and publicly accessible register. ”



    Mr McKinnon has refused to comment on the case. Smith has set up a string of companies over the last 15 years and has held 18 directorships since 1997.



    But a Companies House search yesterday confirmed he has resigned from all his


    positions on boards and closed down all his businesses.



    He started his career with Kilmarnock before signing for Rangers in 1977, where “Smudger” won the hearts of fans after scoring 27 goals in a first season that saw the club win the treble.



    He went on to play for clubs including Manchester City and Swiss side FC Basel before retiring to become a players’ agent, pundit and newspaper columnist.



    Smith was perceived as a shrewd business operator and was appointed chief executive of the SFA in 2007, a post he held until 2010. He went on to become director of football at Gers during Craig Whyte’s disastrous reign – but stepped down when the club went into administration.



    Smith has a son, Grant, 32, and daughter, Libby, 24, with wife Marlene, 58.



    In 2009, it was revealed Smith had been helping finance Libby’s music career. She had formed girl band Accent with pals Bianca Redpath, Ashley Jenkins and Kathleen Cooney.



    They twice made the X Factor bootcamp but split a year later.



    Smith declined to comment when we contacted him yesterday.

  14. a stor mo chroi



    My goodness. Compared UK,Ireland,France and USA.



    We really are in league of our own here. And to think Scotland will likely be pulling up the UK average makes it worse again.

  15. The Boy Jinky on

    Every dog has his day ;)




    Poor old duffield … bankrupt.



    Just when your thinking the cheats get away with everything : Smith ” must score” misses another open goal and it all goes belly up.



    Och well. . Im sure ra bears will play a testimonial against real madrid and help the legned out ;)

  16. Good luck, and welcome to the BBC, Gordon Duffield Sevco, following the relegation of your bank account to Solo card transactions only. Feel free to ask your previous clients for an investment of £20M via stockmarket floatation using George P as a frontman.

  17. Gordon Feckin’ Smith


    I seem to remember that 2 of his medals were for runner-up on each side of the border within the space of seven days.






    Teuchter ár lá

  18. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Fortunes Favour Mibbes:



    Abuse is an accepted ritualistic sub-culture in Scotland and until it is stigmatised with conviction then people, families, social infrastructure are all going to continue to suffer.

  19. jungle jam67 on

    the latest fakeover from the shun



    by bob thomson aka story teller



    WALTER SMITH last night insisted he will NOT be Rangers chairman for the long haul



    (all depends when the ship hits the iceberg)…..imho



    But he insists he will stand down once the club is back on an even keel.



    (aye at the bottom of the sea in an ocean of debt again) ….imho



    Smith said: “I don’t particularly see myself as a long-term chairman, in the sense I would always think the job would be for someone who has far more business acumen than I have.



    ( so its all about parting the zombies from their cash again)….confirmed imho




    “But we have been going through a ropey period, even after the club going on the stock market and everyone thinking it would settle down.



    (the last club was hung out for the spivs to feed on…..now the new investors will want feed from the wealth of the 500 million fan base)……no money= no club…imho



    He added: “The main priority is just to get everything settled down and to a situation where everyone, first and foremost, is talking about the football team instead of what is happening in the boardroom or off the pitch.


    “Unfortunately it looks as though there will be some aspects of the previous time that have rolled over into this one, which will maybe continue for a number of years.



    ( too right wattie…..when are them audited accounts due?)…..its in the fine details bhoys



    meanwhile in la la land the orcs are loving it in the SFL



    this could be the highlight of the whole sevco history


    a division 3 championship



    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha







  20. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    I always thought Gordon Smith was a plonker but I can’t say I can find any reason to celebrate his going personally broke.

  21. Whats the current total of unpaid debt caused by hun cabals at now??? 5 times the previous world record? Thank goodness it was just Duffield’s parent company accounts that were liquidated.

  22. celticrollercoaster on

    Could one of the zombie clan loan poor Duffer an EBT?



    Makes a mockery of his former position in power within the tinpotSFA.







  23. Just home from an absolute magical evening.


    Went to see the Stranglers play in Toronto – Jeez, the ole Teuchter rolled back the years tonight.


    I would highly recommend it for any of the auld team, when they hit yer toon.


    Teuchter ár lá

  24. Morning,



    SCOTTISH giants Celtic are weighing up a


    swoop for Newcastle United duo Conor


    Newton and Paul Dummett.


    The Geordie pair have sprung to


    prominence north of the border after


    some fine displays on loan at St Mirren


    in the second half of the season.


    And their form – which included helping


    the Buddies lift the Scottish


    Communities League Cup – has alerted


    SPL champions Celtic.


    Newton and Dummett aren’t short on


    offers now. They are free agents in the


    summer but have been offered new


    contracts by Newcastle, while St Mirren


    were so impressed by their performances


    and attitude that they want to sign them


    on a permanent deal next season.


    Spencer Downey, who represents the


    pair, admits that they face a tough


    decision over their future.


    He told the Gazette: “They both made a


    massive impact up in Scotland.


    “St Mirren are really keen to keep them,


    but there has been interest from other


    clubs, including Celtic.


    “Celtic are one of those clubs who if you


    do well against them, they keep an eye


    on you.


    “Conor did particularly well in midfield


    against Victor Wanyama and Joe




    Newton scored in the League Cup Final


    at Hampden in the 3-2 win over Hearts,


    while Dummett played 36 times for the


    Buddies, impressing at left-back.


    They have now gone on holiday, having


    finished the season back playing for


    Newcastle in the Hong Kong Sevens


    tournament, which saw the Magpies lose


    in the final against Leicester.


    “They haven’t ruled out St Mirren yet,”


    added Downey of the 22-year-olds. “St


    Mirren have shown their desire to both




    “They’ve gone away on holiday now –


    they deserve a good rest after a long




    “They came back from St Mirren and


    then went off to Hong Kong for the


    sevens tournament.


    “I spoke to both Peter (Beardsley) and


    Willie (Donachie) when they were out


    there and they both said they could see


    an improvement in the lads after St



  25. celticrollercoaster on

    Morning Bhoys



    Just rolling out on bed for a game of 5s.







  26. What is that wee mason Brown all about? Having a good moan about Commons going on holiday. Another hurting zombie…

  27. The Boy Jinky on

    A stor



    I want to see all the cheats get their dues







    Saw them at titp 2010 … they were excellent. Youngters around me couldnt believe I saw them 30 years before that performance.

  28. a stor mo chroi



    Disagree strongly with that solution amigo. In my opinion the source of the problem is political. Am in my scratcher now-if you’re interested I’ll elaborate next time I’m posting with a bottle of aggressively sweet zinfandel in my hand :)

  29. From the Smith bankruptcy story. I bet we could have a good guess. He was well in there with Craigy bhoy.



    “But you never know what sort of bad deals or legal wrangles someone can have been getting into behind the scenes.”

  30. valentinesday on

    Gordon Smith…..just another hard working,


    pay your way Scottish Presbyterian.

  31. TBJ


    Dave Greenfield held the whole shebang together tonight with some excellent keyboards.


    You are bang on……the young bucks don’t make music like that anymore.


    Hail Hail and goodnight Timland.


    Teuchter ár lá

  32. Via twitter.



    F*** the media & F*** Craig Brown. Media went looking to set up Commo today by asking Brown about his hols & Brown jumped right in.




    Wake up & get the blood boiling right away with the smsm up to their usual smear campaign against Celtic.



    No doubt Sir Walter will get the same treatment :))