Don’t mention the (boardroom) war


With financial projections which provide entertaining reading, Rangers International promoted director, Walter Smith, to the position of chairman.  Smith immediately proclaimed, “Unity among the directors is vital”, although he was not asked about the forthcoming EGM where fellow directors Malcolm Murray and Chris Morgan face dismissal, while a third director, Charles Green, suggested he was going to resign by today, but has not got around to filling out the form yet (does this guy have ‘form’ when it comes to filling Companies House forms?)…..

They don’t do unity very well.

The only show in town is season ticket sales; for all clubs.  Maybe Celtic should appoint Martin O’Neill to the board for a few weeks to allow the newspapers to provide some bluster for those who more convinced by headlines and sound-bites than strategy?  Perhaps not.  Let’s stick to plan.

Lisbon Lion in Ayrshire, send reinforcements!

Willie Wallace will be at Waterstons in Ayr from 1-3pm this afternoon, get along (with camera) if you can.

Tomorrow Willie will be at the Celtic Superstore from 12-2pm before going to the Celtic Shop, Clydebank, from 3.30-5.30pm.  Get out and meet the man.

Great to meet so many people at Waterstons, Stirling, last night. The store sold out of Willie’s autobiography. There was actually a queue of people waiting to enter the store at one point.

Just a few days left on the auction for the signed Messi strip, a magnificent piece of football memorabilia. Keep an eye on it here.

Order your copy of Heart of a Lion, delivered before Father’s Day, below…..

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  1. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    I work for TVTapas– amongst other businesses— and they made them with Des McLean— they produce all sorts of shows in short form– small videos of less than 5 minutes– and all aimed at affinity groups– Fishing fans, Fashion, Whisky drinkers and so on,



    The TOWIB stuff is just funny– especially the Baird’s Bar and Loudon episode.



    There is another side to the business which builds online tv channels for businesses like breweries, distillers, clothes manufacturers, Universities and so on– but that is not for here as I would bore you all to death…… again lol

  2. AoW


    Must be David Livingstone site.. only one I can think off…(african missionary)


    A score will suffice..


    Haven’t been for a few years. Pkenty of space for kick around if he wants..

  3. Celtic made Scotland 20 points and put Scotland 24th, Motherwell got Zero points in Europe and won nothing…and the SPL manager of the year IS….couldent make it up could you…..well they did.

  4. I see operation boost huns season ticket sales/damage Celtic’s is in full swing. Lots of positive Walter stories and then we’re missing out on transfer targets/losing our best players. Don’y believe the hype.

  5. Celtic Underground ‏@celticrumours 11m



    As soon as Dundee utd accept a bid for Russell I’d expect celtic to match it. We’re holding off because utd will try & get more from us.




    Jim Spence has tweeted that Utd have knocked back a bid from Derby-700k.

  6. Players moving clubs is just a fact of life. If any Celtic player feels strongly enough about leaving, whether to “further” their career or just for plain old financial reasons.


    Well, let them. These are the same reasons player move to us. Better players than Hooper and Vic have left Celtic.


    And we’re still here.

  7. If my memory is right (not sure) but was it not to long ago Gordon Smith said that one of the problems here in Scotland was Catholic Schools? you would think he should have been concentrating more on his business doings than worry about kids getting a Catholic education, just a thought…wonder if his accountant went to one of thems schools ;))

  8. From STV website……surely this can’t be right re Motherwell….



    Celtic racked up a total of 20 coefficient points across the season, with Dundee United, Hearts and St Johnstone each contributing 0.5 towards the final total of 21.5. Motherwell failed to register any points across four matches.



    Sure they’ve also lost to a Div 3 team in the league cup, lost in the 1st round of the Scottish Cup but yet they still have the Manager of the Year.



    What a joke Scottish football can be at times.





    I think yer account has been hacked by KEVJ,no offence to either of you!

  10. Snake Plissken on

    If Dundee United want 1M for Russell Celtic should just pay it and give them a youth player or two on loan – perhaps Atajic and a defender.



    Celtic get a good player, United and Jackie Mac get players while manager of the year is losing his team to Sevco.


    Dayoooooot duties call.



    Racing paper-check









    Chances-hmmm,I’ll get back to you.



    Enjoy yer day,folks. And TALLYBHOY-look after that angel who has just flown in and do as she tells you! (Ask her if she knows ANGELGABRIEL from your neck of the woods,haha….)

  12. roy croppie


    09:37 on


    1 June, 2013



    2012/13 performance



    Motherwell nil pois = manager of the year



    Celtic racked up a total of 20 coefficient points across the season, with Dundee United, Hearts and St Johnstone each contributing 0.5 towards the final total of 21.5. Motherwell failed to register any points across four matches.

  13. A weekend without football … bloody close season.



    Still, at least we have events down Ibrox way to keep us entertained. Charlie Green was saying in the press this morning that it could take ten years to get rid of Craig Whyte!

  14. As I said you couldent make it up…..but they did, and then they tell you the MOTY is only for what you do in Scotland, Europe doesent count….ehhhhh and yer point?

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    You know,



    In all this rubbish about the press reporting of the maze of strange events at Ibrox and all the chat about transfers and all that stuff —- something is constantly and repeatedly overlooked and only ever trotted out when it suits the press.



    Celtic were the first club to take a large travelling support anywhere.



    We, The Celtic FANS, changed the entire shape of European football– we made travelling as a support a business, a phenomena, a spectacle and an essential part of what is now the business of UEFA.



    That is not an idle boast– it is a straight hard fact.



    When they announce co-efficients and points gained for Europe– I get that it related to playing performances and results on the park. I understand that football scores are the measure over 90 minutes.



    However, if you really want to measure the impact and the value of football in true European culture and business terms, then the results over 90 minutes can not be the true measure.



    The Celtic Fans — make a difference in Europe– no less than Andrea Pirlo made that very point this year when he talked about always welcoming Celtic in Europe because of what they bring and what they represent.



    He did not mean the players on the park– vital though they are.



    He meant the fans– the support for the club—that is something unique, something different.



    We, the fans, bring the Celtic story– the history of the club going back to 1887 right up to yesterday– and football fans– real football fans of most other clubs— welcome that story, that history and want to hear it and talk about it– as well as their own history and ambitions of course.



    So– as we approach the summer holiday period and some of us head off to sunnier climbs– remember that as you pull on your hooped T shirt, Celtic flip flops, Celtic swimming shorts or whatever— YOU— are the club– WE– are the club– the club does not represent us– WE represent the club and always will.



    If we want change in Scottish Football through Europe– then sod the press– sod the blazers at the SFA– sod the politicians— do the only thing we can do off our own back without the need for consent from anyone else— go and make show!



    Invade Europe with Celtic fans at every opportunity– show what a support we have and we are and what we bring.



    Force people in Europe– yes including Mastercard and all those who effectively fund UEFA– too see and feel the force of that Celtic support.



    We only know that if there is going to be a show then the Glasgow Celtic should be there!



    Sorry– rant over.

  16. Ref Johnny Russel



    1 Mill is a hell of a lot for a non international during a time in which it has never been easier to get into the international team

  17. charles kickham on

    Alex O’Henley ‏@OHenleyAlex 5m



    As speculated Thomas Rogne has left Celtic.

  18. Sun’s gone and so has my cheery mood, after reading back. I used to think Brown was just an ordinary football man doing his best. He seems to have learned quickly that the only way to get a handout from the media in Scotland is to give them an anti-Celtic story. I remember him once (when he was manager of Motherwell, I think) praising us for a win against them and then, after a few leading questions from Chick (I think) happily implying that we won by cheating, primarily by wee Shaun conning the MIB into giving us a penalty.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    * lionroars67


    10:08 on 1 June, 2013



    Ref Johnny Russel


    1 Mill is a hell of a lot for a non international during a time in which it has never been easier to get into the international team






    he must be a Tim then.:-)

  20. History-makers


    Bayern would become the first German team to win the treble of league, cup and European Cup, and the seventh overall after Celtic in 1967, Ajax in 1972, PSV Eindhoven in 1988, Manchester United in 1999, Barcelona in 2009 and Inter Milan in 2010.




    Bayern Munich try to enter this elite club.




    Once again we were the first.

  21. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Saw a great book in Waterstones yesterday– no not THAT one— but another one.



    It was called FIFTY TEAMS THAT MADE A DIFFERENCE IN WORLD FOOTBALL– fifty sides whose impact changed the game.



    And guess who was there?

  22. South Of Tunis on

    Wanyama / Inter .



    Speculation is that Inter will try to sign Wanyama if they fail to sign Valon Behrami from Napoli..



    Don’t think Inter are in the position to move quickly. An Indonesian businessman wants to buy Inter for 280 million euros . He is also offering to pay Inter’s debts and provide 100 million euros to buy players.. Italian media think it might happen.

  23. I remember when Craig Brown came to Canada to do some coaching clinics paid for by the CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) he done more Lodge meetings than coaching clinics, and he was half pissed at the clinics, an arse of a man if ever I met one and of course his pal Knox was with him 2 peas in a pod.

  24. 50 shades of green on

    Boys football this morning .



    In ek as well so no long journey.



    Just catching up from the night shift.



    Seems like one smith in and one smith oot :-)



    Now it seems to me that if i had a big boat with a hole in the hull and it was needing plugged ,thats what i would do plug it.



    But on the good ship sevco they change the masthead.



    Got to loath that lot. Halfwits them all.





    LOOK LOOK its Walter we are saved , here take my shiny baubles, can i put my head back in the sand now ¿¿

  25. That STV article about the great work Celtic did in gaining 20 coefficient points has a photo of Celtic beaten by Juventus with the caption “Celtic failed to add to the Scottish coefficient in their two last 16 Champions League games with Juventus”



    Is it possible to have put a more negative spin on a great achievement?

  26. South Of Tunis on

    First time for everything ..



    I have never laughed at the misfortunes of others but the news re Gordon Duffield Smith brought a smile to my face.

  27. BRTH- ah that explains it. Fantastic stuff. Who scripts it (collaboration)? Enjoy this time you are having with a Celtic legend.



    BT- that’s the one DL centre, thx.


    Alas, despite 4 years of taking the wee mhan to football training of a Saturday morning he just doesn’t get it! He’s more into photography and books ffs:-) But he is kinda excelling in those fields so mustn’t grumble too much.



    Good luck on your MOT on Tuesday mate. HH

  28. It’s being reported that Gordon Smith is skint and his businesses are being put into administration, never caused him a sleepless night when the same shenanigans were going on during his tenure at the bigot dome.