Don’t tell me you don’t care


We live in a Health and Safety aware world.  This means that is someone with breathing difficulties can be harmed by an action, for example, lighting pyrotechnics in a crowd, that action will be subject to prohibitions (in this case, pyrotechnics need to be kept a specific distance from spectators).

I don’t suffer breathing difficulties, so I don’t have anything to worry about if a flare goes off close to me, but a few of us on here have a Celtic supporting pal with chronic lung disease, who would suffer significant distress if exposed to a flare.

If you are fit and healthy and don’t agree with Health and Safety rules, explain your objections to those with concerns.  Put your name to your actions and own your consequences.

I don’t know much about Health and Safety.  Fears over pyrotechnics may be overblown (my pal tells me otherwise), but no one is making the case that flares do no harm to those with impaired lungs.

This issue feels like an ill-considered action of the strong and healthy, insensitive to, or unware of, the reasons a rule exists.  If you think the rule is wrong, tell me you have read the research, don’t tell me you don’t care because you are healthy enough not to have to worry.

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  1. Gooood afternoon CQN


    From a cooling down St Elias, Protaras, Cyprus



    Was just sent a wee photo from the Scotsman printed on 25th May 2017


    Several prominent CQN’rs in this


    we had just got off the bus from Airport, in centre of Lisbon, about to start a celebration


    Brilliant memories 👍👍👍



    ( the photo was taken on 23rd the day we all arrived)

  2. Did you hear about the bhoy from the Green Brigade who broke into a fireworks factory?


    The Police let him off!


    Let him off! Geddit? LOL



    they dontwritethemlikethatanymorecsc

  3. Re Flares. Most folk, especially the young, have mobile phones. Like the 67 display, why not let the standing section get their mobile phones out and take photos continually, with the flash going off . Okay I get it nowhere near as effective, but better than nothing and totally safe. Or is this just daft :)) por cierto

  4. I was just a couple of sections away from the GB when the flares went off. They were very impressive but, of course, you knew immediately that yet another fine was coming.


    I trust the GB will be sending a cheque to the club to cover the fine. If not, why not? And if not, why are Celtic not demanding payment rather than issuing the same worthless statement every time. They know exactly who these guys are so I fail to understand the continual kid gloves treatment.

  5. POR CIERTO on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 4:42 PM




    Its not a daft suggestion,but it does not fulfill the objective of challenging whoever the current bogey man is,be it the Board,the Police,UEFA,or the SFA.



    We do not need this aggravation,or a bunch of dafties to represent us.



    Effective immediately,shut section for Ross County.



    Who is in charge here.

  6. If those who continue to moan about the fines that are bestowed on the club re the fines, take a look in the shops and see how much they charge for pictures of the Green Brigades displays, Pyro included, this might give those who are hell bent on moaning a bit of an insight why the club are happy to keep paying the fines, or not depending on what you want to see and believe.


    Or just carry on with the moaning, at least it’s keeping the blog alive.

  7. Does UEFA not let off fireworks and pyros after the presentation of trophies at EL and CL Finals? por cierto

  8. Father Jack et al,



    I have been banging the drum for days now about the iconic display being used for merchandise.



    As for fumes , How many gas guzzlers were used to go to the game. ?


    If you are all concerned about the health implications then just follow the example of our Chinese students and don a mask. ( tongue and cheek guys )



    Eco friendly cold “flares ” are the way forward, a simple Google check will explain, but I posted a link last night anyway.



    Maybe it’s because my lungs are shot through welding and grinding fumes over the years that I am slightly sceptical over exaggeration of health scares.



    Its a standing area, youthfully atmospheric, known for such energetic displays and strenuous lateral movement. Why would elderly persons with health issues choose to stand there ? ( Apologies to VFR and Jobo )



    HH to all.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Fairly repetitive debate always involving individuals who don’t actually set off pyrotechnics.



    Surely there must be one “flarer”? on social media?



    Calling CQN, Sentinel Celts, etims, video Celts … can you provide a platform?



    I would GENUINELY like to read a post which begins “I set off pyrotechnics at Celtic matches because ……..”



    Hail hail

  10. FATHER JACK on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:18 PM



    Seriously,you really don’t think the Club want our reputation damaged to sell a few pictures.


    I was engulfed in green smoke recently at Ibrox and although I do not have any respiratory problems,it was impossible to breathe,its no joke.

  11. GREENPINATA on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:38 PM


    I read your post last night and it was spot on.


    Your point about being a welder, my brother was a welder.

  12. EXCATHEDRA44 on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:42 PM


    Can you explain what reputation you are talking about, as I can’t see it, outside Scotland nobody cares, that is the reality, Celtic have no reputation in Scotland, they are seen as scum.

  13. GREENPINATA on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:38 PM



    Elderly persons,if they choose to stand in the Celtic Park standing area should accept the possible risks,however Away games are different as this group congregates wherever they like,to the detriment of those with legitimate seats,and the Police and Celtic stewards do nothing to assist .

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FATHER JACK on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:51 PM



    EXCATHEDRA44 on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:42 PM



    Can you explain what reputation you are talking about, as I can’t see it, outside Scotland nobody cares, that is the reality, Celtic have no reputation in Scotland, they are seen as scum.





    wtf – who sees us as scum?

  15. FATHER JACK on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:51 PM


    EXCATHEDRA44 on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:42 PM



    Can you explain what reputation you are talking about, as I can’t see it, outside Scotland nobody cares, that is the reality, Celtic have no reputation in Scotland, they are seen as scum.




    “No one cares outside Scotland” really,it would appear UEFA care as they bombard us with fines.



    “No reputation in Scotland seen as scum”


    That is a shocking comment to attach to Celtic.




  16. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FATHER JACK on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:58 PM



    ROCK TREE BHOY on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 5:56 PM



    Are you blind and deaf ?





    Drop the attitude and just answer the question – who sees Celtic as scum`?

  17. Just bumped in a pleasant chap in the restaurant


    Had his 67 t-shirt on


    Travels down from Inverness to watch upthe Bhoys




  18. So you don’t like Father Jack’s use of the word ‘scum’?


    Let me put it another way.



    Who does the SFA Love? Celtic or them?


    Who does the Scottish media love? Celtic or them?


    Who does the masonic establishment love? Celtic or them?


    Which country loves anti-Catholic and anti-Celtic parades?


    Who do referees love? Celtic or them?


    Which team got away with industrial cheating for years? Celtic or them?




    Father Jack is 100% correct.

  19. JIMTHETIM53 on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 6:26 PM



    I recognise all of these conditions, and abhor all of them,I think you will find what you describe as prejudice.



    Scum is not a term I would use.

  20. I agree it is mostly prejudice. At a guess maybe only the bottom 20% of the population look upon us as scum. Maybe the next 30% simply look down their noses at us. The rest either love us or don’t give a shit.



    But I can totally understand Father Jack’s use of hyperbole. When he used it he is speaking within the football environment. In that case the use of ‘scum’ rises dramatically. Maybe 80%?

  21. JIMTHETIM53 on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 7:01 PM



    Of course there is a large majority out to damage us in any way possible,so we must not allow silly situations like flares to be exaggerated and feed the gutter press.




  22. Just saw the Scotland team. Pleased James and Ryan are benched. I think Clarke is using these games as training for the play offs. Quite right and might produce a defence in time for that. Might be at the Euros yet

  23. Can’t see Scotland getting anything other than a bit of a doing tonight. Prove me wrong, lads!


    COYBIB ;-)

  24. Thanks JimTheTim53


    The ones you highlighted see us as scum, I make no apologie for using the word, they tried back in the 90s to kill us, they failed, given the chance they will do everything in their power to kill us, thankfully our board, who I have serious problems with in this instance have us on an even keel and the real scum who run the game in Scotland are hamstrung.



    Paul67 highlighting that pyros must be a certain distance from spectators is frankly risible. Celtic FC cannot control the wind .orthe direction of the smoke from their own displays. If the smoke is dangerous, ban them all. Celtic FC have a duty of care which is sadly lacking when celebrating title wins at Celtic Park.






    It’s a simple process required by law, do a Risk Assessment.

  26. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    See the Free Staters are abandoning us to the English again – surprised?









  27. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Can’t for the life of me figure out why someone would go to CP or elsewhere and harm someone. Health and safety saves common folks lives. Stop the flares. It harms people.



    michael gove is a loyalist cnutjob btw

  28. It wasn’t ‘flares ‘ that got set off,it was sparklers .


    Watch the next round of European matches and count the ‘flares ‘


    Big deal about nothing

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