Don’t tell me you don’t care


We live in a Health and Safety aware world.  This means that is someone with breathing difficulties can be harmed by an action, for example, lighting pyrotechnics in a crowd, that action will be subject to prohibitions (in this case, pyrotechnics need to be kept a specific distance from spectators).

I don’t suffer breathing difficulties, so I don’t have anything to worry about if a flare goes off close to me, but a few of us on here have a Celtic supporting pal with chronic lung disease, who would suffer significant distress if exposed to a flare.

If you are fit and healthy and don’t agree with Health and Safety rules, explain your objections to those with concerns.  Put your name to your actions and own your consequences.

I don’t know much about Health and Safety.  Fears over pyrotechnics may be overblown (my pal tells me otherwise), but no one is making the case that flares do no harm to those with impaired lungs.

This issue feels like an ill-considered action of the strong and healthy, insensitive to, or unware of, the reasons a rule exists.  If you think the rule is wrong, tell me you have read the research, don’t tell me you don’t care because you are healthy enough not to have to worry.

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  1. Father Jack from earlier



    “They are seen as scum”



    Glad you used the word “they” er Father


    Because you can be sure of this….


    There is no”we”.

  2. Ireland Under 21s are a very decent team. Playing top seeds Italy tonight, Italians released 2 from their Senior squad to bolster Under21s whilst Mick McCarthy did the opposite & raided our Under 21s & promoted arguably the best player to Senior Squad. In addition Afolabi picked up an injury & he misses out as well.


    Even so Ireland are giving as much as they are getting. Still scoreless at half time.


    Lee O’Connor got an elbow in the mouth in his own 6 yard box, no free, early training for a career with Celtic.

  3. Russia demonstrate how to take a corner. Their keeper could be sitting in the stands. Not one single save to make.

  4. CELTIC MAC on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 8:54 PM


    When I read my post back I saw that it was the wrong thing to say, no edit facility so I have to live with it, if you think I am not of the Celtic persuasion and I am indeed scum, I’m Ok with that, it’s the internet, I can’t be responsible for what people think.




    How can Northern Ireland be doing so much better than us? Their performances with limited resources defy belief.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I wonder if the disco lights strobe effect has an affect on epilepTICs?



    We can all find an issue, just some of us don’t need to be told when it needs to be made an issue.



    I remember a few years ago whilst climbing the stairs at Celtic park there was a black out, the big problem wad that none of the emergency lights worked and everyone on that staircase was in pitch black darkness, I raised it on here an not a word from our host. Is it strange that when real major problems are identified that affect the majority of customers and identifies the Plc’s failure to meet their responsibilities for customer health and safety out host is/was posted missing.



    I remember identifying on here the negligence of the Plc in their responsibilities to protecting the interests of the shareholders against fraudulent activities, even raised a resolution that gave the Plc the solution to address the problem, our host was and remains silent on the issue.



    Why do I get the feeling a squirrel just ran past and I’m no impressed with the dog barking at it?

  7. SIPSINI on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 9:24 PM


    Thank you, not being the brightest button in the box is a problem for me at times.

  8. Bloody Refs. Troy Parrott & an Italian came together Parrott didn;t lay a finger on him, Italian pushes him in face. Ref gives straight red to Italian harsh but probably correct, then for some unknown reason gives Parrott a yellow which was a second so he is off as well. Never seen such an unjust sending off in my life.

  9. I did fear a doing. And unfortunately that is how it has, albeit eventually, turned out. Ho hum…

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Poor old Steve Clarke . Builds up a wee bit of a managerial reputation at Kilmarnock , then goes and takes the Scotland job………

  11. CORKCELT on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 9:35 PM


    Bloody Refs. Troy Parrott & an Italian came together Parrott didn;t lay a finger on him, Italian pushes him in face. Ref gives straight red to Italian harsh but probably correct, then for some unknown reason gives Parrott a yellow which was a second so he is off as well. Never seen such an unjust sending off in my life.



    Parrott with a yellow then a red….next frame is crucial

  12. Nice one Bada, In the end both teams were snookered so it was a share of the points.


    Iceland away next, No Parrott, Connolly or Afalobi hope the new boys don’t freeze,


    Lee O’Conner played very well tonight.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Last time I was at a Scotland game was June 1982 world cup in Spain, 37 years ago. Still got the match set programme. No need to understand Spanish you just need to look at the photos of the Scotland squad and look at what I watch until Russia scored today. Doing irony that last game in 1982 was 2:2 against USSR or whatever they were called then 😱

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    To put a smile on your face before bed Defoe wants Der Hun to extend his contract until he’s 40😵

  15. Cyprus 18 goals better off than Scotland in goal difference. Both the Kazakhs and Cypriots lost 1-0 in Russia, so what does that tell us about our defense? There is no way this team will qualify for the Finals via the playoffs, as we are utterly bereft of talent. If by some miracle we do, we will be humiliated. The SFA should be hunted on Sunday (assuming anybody turns up to see the mighty San Marino), officially the worst team in the world, and who have NEVER won a game. Well, there is always a first time.

  16. corkcelt on 10th October 2019 8:00 pm


    BGFC. Leo better not have sold us out. We haven’t gone away you know.




    We have gone away. The physical force ran her course. The Brits, nor the Free Staters, will open the door for a community led insurrection. Jaw jaw….

  17. “Setting off fireworks.” A nice little earner for Uefa, making sure they get an extra cut of the gate money. Keeps their corrupt officials in caviar and champagne 😉






    Celtic are not the only team fined on a regular basis for pyro. Personally I agree with banning them for H&S reasons but they are not going to disappear from football matches anytime soon. Bhoys will be bhoys.

  18. Nissan closing in the UK if no deal follows through. Shut the North East down, the racist filth voted overwhelmingly in favour for Brexit. Suffer Little England.

  19. Pog- we were charged for similar stuff other clubs were not, and we never contested them,IMO PL is on multiple Committees now,that’s why we bend over every time. The flares/fireworks, whatever you want to label them are unnecessary and needs to stop.

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