Don’t tell me you don’t care


We live in a Health and Safety aware world.  This means that is someone with breathing difficulties can be harmed by an action, for example, lighting pyrotechnics in a crowd, that action will be subject to prohibitions (in this case, pyrotechnics need to be kept a specific distance from spectators).

I don’t suffer breathing difficulties, so I don’t have anything to worry about if a flare goes off close to me, but a few of us on here have a Celtic supporting pal with chronic lung disease, who would suffer significant distress if exposed to a flare.

If you are fit and healthy and don’t agree with Health and Safety rules, explain your objections to those with concerns.  Put your name to your actions and own your consequences.

I don’t know much about Health and Safety.  Fears over pyrotechnics may be overblown (my pal tells me otherwise), but no one is making the case that flares do no harm to those with impaired lungs.

This issue feels like an ill-considered action of the strong and healthy, insensitive to, or unware of, the reasons a rule exists.  If you think the rule is wrong, tell me you have read the research, don’t tell me you don’t care because you are healthy enough not to have to worry.

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  1. Trump used to play to the masses. Now the white trash are seeing through him. On the downside, posters like Macjay have been reduced to a whisper.

  2. Good morning CQN from a dey but cold Garngad



    So RC is banned for the next 2 games, Ross county at home and Aberdeen away.



    He will be a big miss, is Tom Rogic fit again???






    D. :)

  3. HENRY JOY on 11TH OCTOBER 2019 12:12 AM


    Nissan closing in the UK if no deal follows through. Shut the North East down, the racist filth voted overwhelmingly in favour for Brexit. Suffer Little England.





    Shocking generalisation. A CSC from the NE of England recently did a walk from the NE to Paradise in aid of the Celtic Foundation and Mental Health issues. Some may work at Nissan.


    So this is what you think of them? . Full blown fascist outburst full of hate and reminiscent of hun language.

  4. Henry joy



    Got to agree with Greenpinata a shocking generalisation. Lazy lazy use of languagr Imo.







  5. Henry Joy


    Your post at 12.12 is totally out of order. Many who voted for Brexit are not racist. The majority of folk who live in the North East of England are not racist. Sweeping generalisations are completely invalid.


    What I will say though, is that just about all racists who voted, will have voted for Brexit.


    It’s downright nasty to gloat at people suffering, even if they have contributed to it themselves. Btw, Brexit is only one of several factors causing misery to the masses.

  6. Three and a bit pages since midday yesterday says it all about this blog.


    Ye can hear the tumbleweed blowing through it.


    So this occasional poster of many a year bows out.


    White trash and racist for voting for brexit.





    Hail Hail. ☘☘

  7. Sean Thornton.


    No flouncing! The huge reduction in decent readable posts disappoints me too. CQN was my replacement for the papers – but what’s the replacement for CQN. The good guys need to post more, not less.


    From my wee player of the year survey thing I’m heartened to see votes from loads of folk that no longer post regularly on here, many citing the site access difficulties as their main problem. Just wish Paul67 would pay heed to that in an effort to reverse the tide.


    Of course, its always fairly quiet on here during International Week. And busiest whenever Celtic fail to win!


    Keep posting! HH

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I agree with Jobo. Packing it in, seems a counter productive response, to numbers on the blog being down. Until recently Ad-Blocker seemed to protect me from the worst of the technical issues that CQN has. In the last few months though, I have had to disable JavaScript, to read the site. To me, this just involves a bit of tinkering, and is annoying, rather than a major issue. For potential new posters however, I think the issues would result in them giving up attempting to sign up. The situation has been compounded by the recent en-masse migration to SC, and as a result the technical issues on this site require more urgent attention.






    Paul67 and Winning captains were quick enough to tell all and sundry about the failings of Rangers.



    Went into intricate details of where King and Co were failing the Rangers support and Scottish football.



    I haven’t heard or read (though I may have missed it) from Paul how Celtic or us the support should / could be dealing with how we go about sorting the SFA / Refs dare I say it Res12.



    My we survey of friends who don’t post anymore claim this to be their main reason for giving the blog a wide berth.



    Other reasons are.



    Weak articles



    Moderators asleep at the wheel



    Conversations allowed to fester brining the blog down.



    And as you state the intrusions of ads.



    Me,,im just a happy wee soul that’s had abuse and shrugged it off and got on with it some can’t.



    To many take themselves and their posts too serious…. Its a blog , it brings people of all backgrounds, of all physical and mental situations together and gives us all an outlet to have our say in a polite and reasoned manner, for that Paul67 deserves tremendous credit.



    Apols for the long post, hopefully the missing will return to revitalise what used to be the best by far blog on the Timternet.

  10. Just a wee bit of info re the Brexit shambles.



    “It is not widely known that it costs the UK more to support Northern Ireland than it does to be in the EU!”


    Hail! Hail!



  11. father jack (from earlier)



    Thanks for getting back to me I do appreciate it.


    Lest not our enemies’ language use.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Good post. I especially agree with your point about some posters responses to another poster disagreeing with them being irrational. My advice – Don’t get offended! It’s just someone else having a different view to you. No need for a public argument that sometimes last days.



  13. The Battered Bunnet on

    One of the reasons for the reduction in activity on the site is that there are no (or greatly fewer) battles left to be fought.



    CQN was in its pomp in the years leading up to and following the demise of Rangers. The quality of observation from posters, and the lead given to them by Paul67, was utterly compelling over a considerable number of years. This site, along with RangersTaxCase and the blogs by (sorely missed) Paul McConville were the touchstones for virtually everyone with an interest in what was a defining period for the Game in Scotland.



    This site was read and quoted by all of the talking heads and scribblers in the game, it’s influence reaching further than most contributors might have grasped.



    Along with the observations, analyses and discussions, was a quite remarkable sense of humour. There were times when the blog was pure comedy, and goodness knows how many workplace monitors were splattered with tea and coffee by skiving posters and lurkers alike, doubtless causing startled bewilderment amongst their more diligent but CQN-oblivious colleagues.



    All of that, plus the friendships that were formed, the good causes that were supported, and goodness knows what else.



    The friendships grow stronger offsite, and the instinct to do good remains and has spread to other channels too, but there are very many fewer football causes to rally around, and the humour has followed Dick Byrne and NeilR and EdwardUrsus and Zbyszek and so many others out the virtual door.



    What we’re left with are the legacies and artefacts of that period, together with whatever occurs match to match, week to week, season to season.



    The (relative) vacuum has been filled with – let’s say – somewhat less engaging material, so much ad hominem and invective, and so little informed discussion and mischief making.



    That’s a shame, but it’s also the way it is. Perhaps things might change as the mania of *inarow deepens this season and (hopefully) next, when hitherto inexplicable decisions on and off the pitch become compellingly explicable, precipitating another cause to rally to, another campaign to fight. We’ll see.



    Until then, I’ll continue to love this site for what is was, what it gave me, and what it still stands for. And if I post less often than previously, and if it takes less time to read through the posts, that’s just the way it is.



    Hat tipped to Paul67 and those who continue to value what he has created here.




  14. The main reason for the decline of this forum is the difficulty of access.



    It might not be the initial trigger for everyone who decides to leave but I suspect it’s enough to tip the balance for many.



    It will also prevent others from joining.



    People just don’t want the hassle of disabling this, or downloading that simply to read a screen or post a comment.



    I’ve never encountered a site anywhere else on the internet that’s so user unfriendly.



    It’s so out of step with the rest of cyber world that you have to wonder whether it’s intentional. It certainly suggests a degree of disdain, bordering on contempt, for the target audience.

  15. Lads, please post your Week 9 selections on here today…



    Latest rounds of results are updated here:





    Does anyone know the identity of “Henry Joy” ???



    I’ve not seen any Nap selections from this account name previously… is this a ‘nom de plume’ of one of our regular napsters? … or someone that is deciding to join the competition late?






    Cheers, fleagle1888

  16. It’s not often an AP O’Brien/RL Moore combo is priced at 33/1…



    …and I can’t believe either would be bothering their collective a*ses if this nag was a hopeless cause, so a very tentative (but hopefully rewarding) nap goes to:



    Cypress Creek (Newmarket 16:10)



    Good luck y’all!

  17. fleagle1888 on 12th October 2019 5:18 am




    Latecomer, if that’s ok?


    1.45 Newmarket – Ascension.


    Forecast – 1st. Ascension 2nd. Powertrain


    Ave Ave

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