Don’t worry, it’s just a penalty


Last night’s drama in Copenhagen was the proverbial game of two halves.  Celtic could and should have been out of sight by the break.  I am not sure what Stale Solbakken did to change things at the break but Celtic no longer had the freedom of Denmark.

Despite scoring the all-important away goal, Odsonne Edouard is unlikely to recall this game with much enthusiasm.  He could have scored four and comfortably put the tie to bed.  Instead, we take a good result back to Glasgow, but we know to our cost 1-1 away in the first leg still leaves a lot of work to do.

I was genuinely not concerned when Copenhagen were awarded a penalty by VAR, the first intrusion of this technology for a Scottish side.  Such is the confidence in Fraser Forster, we now know to say, “Don’t worry, it’s just a penalty.”

The more penalties he saves, the more likely he is to save future kicks.  Penalty takers will be tempted to aim closer to the posts, or hit the ball harder than usual.  Fraser is in a positive feedback loop.

Hoping to blog this afternoon on other matters.

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  1. RON67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 12:15 PM





    JIMTIM on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 10:07 AM



    RON67 on 20TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:24 PM



    also we do not like playing against teams that get in our face and our centre backs detest playing against physical strikers .




    lel me put it another way



    we do not like playing against teams that don’t give us time on the ball and our centre backs detest playing against physical strikers .

  2. Scott must be rested 100% against the clydes & lesser teams.


    Neil trusts him but needs to remember his age.

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    I think tactics and formation cost us again last night and not for the first time this season. While we have some gifted players who can threaten going forward, we are a complete shambles in setting up a solid formation and reacting to the opposition’s tactics.



    See link to last night’s chances-



    In the first half I think all our good chances came in the first 15 minutes. I assume this was on account of our intensity when compared to Copenhagen’s rustiness having not played competitively for the last 2 months.



    Copenhagen made a tactical change midway through the first half by dropping their striker (Santos) back into midfield to provide more protection. After that, chances for us did dry up (we still threatened on occasion in the 2nd half on the break). I also think the head injury to Jullien allowed them to re-group and re-set.



    However, look at some of their opportunities and the shape/structure of the team:



    2:16 into the highlights is Copenhagen’s chance in the first half. When they win the ball back it is near enough a 5 v 3 in their favour and when Jullien (and Frimpong) step out to make the tackle it is a 4 v 2.Christie, a midfielder and not a winger, is playing very narrow, letting their full back run free. Frimpong gets attracted to the ball, even though Jullien and Christie are in attendance and so leaves space for their full back to get the shot off.



    2:25 – Worst of all Hayes is around 30 yards out from our goal when the shot is taken. Their RW has a tap in if a rebound falls his way. A catalogue of defensive errors stemming from a complete lack of shape.



    2:43- their goal.



    Once again, we lose the ball and it leads to a 4 v 2 in their favour and both our full backs are pushing up the park and are far too wide. leaving their wingers acres of spaces to come inside and attack the space. Midfield again all ahead of the ball.



    We really need to work on our shape and tactics. We cannot be so ill-disciplined at this level of competition. In the SPFL everyone can flood forward as most teams do not have the quality to punish us. Why the full backs are being told to bomb forward is completely beyond me.

  4. Last night was a strange night indeed , we could have won 3-1 or lost 2-1, so a 1-1 draw seems like a fair result.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    I think last night’s second half collapse and a possible second collapse at Sevco are both worthy topics.

  6. GFTB


    Where are you when i need you? as usual Paul has


    cut me off at the knees lol.


    H.H . Mick

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Macjay off the subs bench.








    Hello again all you young rebels.







    Walking about locally today, usual comments, “good result Mick.”





    “Do them at Celtic park ”





    Don’t know why so much negativity from some of our fans, but it’s





    been that way for as long as i remember.





    It will never change, but point a bayonet at them and they will scratch





    your eyes out.





    Anyhows, thought Broony looked a yard off the pace last night is it





    time to introduce Soro?





    H.H . Mick

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    RON67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 12:38 PM







    its all about opinions ,keeps the blog lively










    Too true.


    Our host deserves our support .

  9. Thank you my Antipodean friend.


    Really need to get my comp. skills up to speed.


    Wee Grace my 5 year old will be here the weekend


    she’ll give me a going over.


    H.H . Mick

  10. A bit of credit has to be given to their keeper who was excellent.


    You could say that he kept them in the tie

  11. Adi- I think Broonie was injured in the challenge he got booked for, I thought he said calf to NL when he came off.

  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Is there any word on Kilmala? He has now missed the last 3 matchday squads- injured or dropped?



    Eddy didn’t get much in the way of service in the 2nd half but still looked like he was running in treacle near the end. Bayo to start this weekend hopefully.

  13. posted last night when them’s score was 0-2 and praised the barga keeper for dealing with everything he was asked to do , regret it now should have waited to full time , think I jinxed him.



    Another project who is showing up well in training

  15. Live from Copenhagen airport..head just about clearing from 2 days of cheap beer and singing like an eijit..



    The undercover Celtic supporters treated brilliantly from a support and stewards who were second to none. Terrific people and I hope we give them a great welcome next week before gubbing them.



    Need my man Moi up to speed and to fast track Soro too. Time to use the squad.



    Hail hail

  16. Muir is the one who flies under the radar, has wronged us much more than some of the usual suspects.

  17. BIG WAVY



    Agree with that, watching the game again now, the atmosphere


    seemed to be like, just enjoy, and seen a few headshakers or


    bangers in my case yonks ago.


    But yes, lets welcome FCC and let them go home ecstatic being at


    Celtic park but out of Europe.


    H.H Mick

  18. Thing is about Klimala….



    Its very difficult to take a starting job at this stage of the season when the team is winning every week. You have to somehow get noticed when you get 10 mins or so.



    Not easy. I just hope this six months gives him the chance to get used to Glasgow and his team mates. Maybe get some minutes if the league is won early

  19. With a full house packed into the stadium last night in Copenhagen the place was really rocking and to achieve a result in that cauldron and and score an away goal was a job well done. Copenhagen looked like a team who hadn’t played competitive football in two months and Celtic could have been out of sight after the opening fifteen minutes, being quicker to every ball and creating chances. Perhaps it was over confidence but Celtic let the Danes back into the match and momentum was lost but still created some great chances but poor decision making fluffed great scoring chances. Thanks to Fraser’s brilliance we held out for a result.



    Caught some of the Newco match and I thought Braga looked very suspect at the back and was not surprised when i heard the final result.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Mate. If I can do it anyone can.





    Your Grace. What a lucky wee lass she is .




    We really need to work on our shape and tactics. We cannot be so ill-disciplined at this level of competition



    Our results in Europe this season, including last night suggest you’re wrong

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