Don’t worry, it’s just a penalty


Last night’s drama in Copenhagen was the proverbial game of two halves.  Celtic could and should have been out of sight by the break.  I am not sure what Stale Solbakken did to change things at the break but Celtic no longer had the freedom of Denmark.

Despite scoring the all-important away goal, Odsonne Edouard is unlikely to recall this game with much enthusiasm.  He could have scored four and comfortably put the tie to bed.  Instead, we take a good result back to Glasgow, but we know to our cost 1-1 away in the first leg still leaves a lot of work to do.

I was genuinely not concerned when Copenhagen were awarded a penalty by VAR, the first intrusion of this technology for a Scottish side.  Such is the confidence in Fraser Forster, we now know to say, “Don’t worry, it’s just a penalty.”

The more penalties he saves, the more likely he is to save future kicks.  Penalty takers will be tempted to aim closer to the posts, or hit the ball harder than usual.  Fraser is in a positive feedback loop.

Hoping to blog this afternoon on other matters.

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  1. We’ve been excellent overall in Europe.



    A 1-1 draw away from home in the last 32 is cause for panic

  2. Celtic away results in Europe for this season















    0-2 in a meaningless game with a second string 11





    Excellent form away from home

  3. When we have players on loan from leagues that pay wages way higher than ours it’s simple to say that there’s no chance of us getting them permanently. A related argument is usually along the lines of ‘if we offer to pay them £60K a week that just leads to an unhappy dressing room and all other players looking to be similarly paid.” However, in my humble opinion, you can make a different case when it comes to the position of goalkeeper. Having a reliable keeper, willing to play for us even when in many domestic games he’ll have little to do is a huge bonus.


    I’d say there’s a case for paying whatever it takes (within reason!) to get Fraser on a permanent long term deal. When we let our minds drift to next season we tend to look at potentially having to replace Edouard, or Brown, or Christie, etc. I think the goalkeeping position is of even more importance.



  4. RON67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 12:17 PM



    No team/ player likes to be pressed hard and even fewer enjoy a physical battle, that is not a particular weakness in out team that is a universal fact. There are many players who are more comfortable than others I grant you that. Big hartson seemed to enjoy a battle but ask hartson if he would prefer someone breathing down his neck or not and i am sure he would prefer a free run at it.



    I like Ajer thing he has good potential but he needs to be placed right of centre. Attackers tend to turnout and run between centreback and fullback and when that happens he is having to adjust to get a tackle in, we are setting him up to fail from the get go due to playing him on the left of a 2 or 3.



    Our fullback needs to hold position better when other teams come forward (tendency to drift into centre areas) creating too big a gap for their opposite numbers.



    Starting position of our fullbacks in defensive positions is 8 to 10 yard to central, making the switch of play very easy, almost risk free and giving the opposition player 20 yards of space and time to collect, think and action when the ball lands at their feet. To me that positional issue should be worked on during team shape and with individual players.



    Sort the easy out balls, make opponents have to work and think and our midfielders will get closer to opponents and will cause more mistakes and force teams to turn out of attack more often.



    In my opinion, If we could sort out those wee issues we would see significant improvement in out team and we would be much harder to play against.



    We got a decent result last night and i hope we can win the at home.




  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I agree with Michael Stewart and disagree with Neil Lennon. Not a penalty, VAR sucks.



    The only unnatural position of arm against ball was in a frozen screenshot. In real time, Ryan was jumping to make a clearance moving his arms normally to gain height and impetus for a header. Did I mention VAR sucks?



    Next Thursday will be tough, an away 1-1 wasn’t enough to beat Cluj. Bring back Ryan the Rocket, this Calamity Christie persona isn’t winning friends.

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 12:58 PM


    Muir is the one who flies under the radar, has wronged us much more than some of the usual suspects.



    agree , hearing he is getting lined up for this season Scottish cup final.

  7. I have seen some references to Ntcham 1s error which led to their goal taking place on the 18 yard line.Maybe unimportant but it was more like thirty yards.

  8. I think we need to get last night’s game into perspective. In the second half we surrendered possession and not the game. If VAR had done its job properly their goal would not have stood. For all their possession the stats still read:


    Copenhagen 5 shots on goal, 2 on target.


    Celtic 11 shots on goal, 6 on target.


    If it hadn’t been for their keeper and VAR that was unfit for purpose we’d be looking at an away win for the Bhoys.


    FtSFA turning into UEFA with petty fines to pay for their jollies abroad!

  9. As much as I love Lenny,he has to start picking a team.Not shoehorning in his supposed favorites.Christie out on the right does not work.Jamesy on the left to accommodate this,does not work.Team ends up with no balance.As in the Hun games,we cannot afford passengers.Rotate for games,and give everyone a game in their position.Frimpong,does not have the experience at the moment to play in a game like this.Not in a back 4.Bauer should have been played,he has experience,and can defend.I thought when I saw the team,this was a crazy decision.We get it right then we arse about with ,not so much,formations ,playing guys out of position.


    Lenny has to stop tinkering.

  10. STEPHBHOY67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 1:34 PM


    RON67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 12:17 PM


    No team/ player likes to be pressed hard and even fewer enjoy a physical battle, that is not a particular weakness in out team



    our midfield and central defence certainly don’t , fact.

  11. A crossword clue which is annoying me:



    Clown to cure back (almost) with large nut (4,2,3)?



    -o-o / -e / -e-

  12. Turkeybhoy



    I thought Forest in first half on left was superb



    Not same effect when switched to right Last night

  13. I think both Braga and Celtic had a similar air of naivety last night.



    At half time I posted that I wanted a boring , nothing second half .Instead we were still end to end until the 93rd min, Typified by Johnny Hayes floating in a high speculative cross into their box in injury time when all we should have been doing was killing the game.



    A dull second half and a 1-0 victory and we would now be thinking of next round opponents.

  14. I also don’t think Eddys chances were all down to poor finishing.Goalkeeper,who was excellent last night,was out like a shot to smother his attempts.The one in the second half was a brilliant effort,keeper just stuck out a leg.Brilliant movement by Eddy,against a defence that has been miserly in all comps.Hopefully it augurs well for next week.They will be terrified off him,and with Griff hopefully back,give them big problems.

  15. JC2,


    Yes he had a good 1st half,but not his position.Ryan,non existent.Second half,the team was way out of balance.


    I am not too happy with Lennys decisions sometimes.Sometimes we win in spite of them.Hopefully with Ryan out next week,we will see Rogic play.

  16. RON67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 2:09 PM


    STEPHBHOY67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 1:34 PM





    RON67 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 12:17 PM



    No team/ player likes to be pressed hard and even fewer enjoy a physical battle, that is not a particular weakness in out team



    our midfield and central defence certainly don’t , fact.



    Well spotted, I said they like most other players don’t like it much. Negativity does my nut in what about the wonderful eduard finish, the great pen save, the outstanding fist half, jullian being great whole second half, no positives = poor analysis = what is the point?




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