Doors closing across Europe


I watched as passageway surfaces were wiped down at Celtic Park ahead of kick-off on Saturday, an early visible sign that a public health alert is on the horizon.  Actions will not stop at a bucket, cloth and a dash of Dettol.

Games are already being played behind closed doors in Italy and France.  Today’s total of confirmed cases in the UK is 285, France surpassed that figure five days ago, it is possible public events will face similar restrictions here within a week.  If Germany and Spain take similar restrictive measures in the next few days, the UK will inevitably follow.

Celtic have one home game between now and when the league resumes after the split on the weekend of 18/19 April, so there will be little commercial impact if games here are played behind closed doors, but there is a crucial Scottish Cup semi-final on 12 April.  We would all rather be there than watching on TV.

The issue is more likely to see complications for our players who travel across Europe and beyond on international duty this month.  France under-21s travel to Liechtenstein in two weeks, which is 160 miles from northern Italy.  We have more than a passing interest in that game.  The principality is served by air from Zurich; it is impossible to tell what travel arrangements will be like in central Europe at that time.

We should also spare a thought for those with the burden of financing community clubs, where survival worries will be very real right now.

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  1. IS it the 11th or the 12th, seems to be some differing info online re that, id thought it was the 12th at 1500?

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 9TH MARCH 2020 12:00 PM


    ernie lynch @ 11:30




    Thanks for that.






  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘Twenty-seven people have died from methanol poisoning in Iran after rumours that drinking alcohol can help cure the novel coronavirus infection, state news agency IRNA reported.



    Drinking alcohol is banned in Iran for everyone except some non-Muslim religious minorities.



    A spokesman for Jundishapur medical university in Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan, said 218 people had been hospitalised there after being poisoned.



    The deputy prosecutor of Alborz told IRNA the dead had drunk methanol after being “misled by content online, thinking they were fighting coronavirus and curing it.”



    If ingested in large quantities, methanol can cause blindness, liver damage and death.’




    My Guess would be 5 mins after the 2 main leagues are concerned….. Npot sure what rugbys situation is…

  5. Hrvatski Jim on 9th March 2020 12:22 pm


    The current position of the UK government is that sporting events will continue but we will need to see how long this lasts.










    Just what you would expect from a weak, populist government.

  6. celticforever on

    Thats the season ticket renewals up if you have an account


    on the celticfc website



    rise for me from 647 to 666 from Last year for Section 105

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    “Kelly” runs the Highland Paddy, an establishment with obvious Scottish/Irish connotations, Highland = Scottish, Paddy = Irish, “Kelly” has 6, (six), boxes to use for live football, “Kelly” chose not to put the record breaking current Scottish champions on live, using any one of the 6, (six), boxes available, instead playing live English also ran games( no doubt playing the verminous ones yesterday, “Kelly” probably thought the fiesta was for some local nonsense and not the Griff’s hat trick, “Kelly” is cordially invited to away and f••• herself. As for the muzzle and whip shop, I already am in bondage to the Yankee Dollar. Come the revolution……

  8. Regarding the semi final how the feck are we on the Sunday again.



    we were first team out of the hat ffs.



    D :)

  9. Any word yet when the compliance officer will cite Rangers* and Hearts under Rule 204 for surrounding the referee in last week’s Scottish Cup match?

  10. Also why bring the sheep fans down at 3pm on a Sunday, surely the most sensible option would be to bring them down on a saturday

  11. PAUL67



    285 confirmed cases.



    3 dead, sadly.



    How many of the remaining 282 have recovered?



    I think we should be told.

  12. celticforever on

    Celtic removed ”ticket history” section from online accounts I think


    to stop us checking when we renewed in previous years.



    March seems a month earlier than previous years



    We do have until May 1st to renew however

  13. It’s a disgrace that we have been moved to the Sunday for the Semi Final , when we were first team drawn out.


    Personally I will miss it as I’m off on holiday on Saturday afternoon.

  14. Despite the government advising that games do not need to be played behind closed doors, Sevco fans have voluntarily adopted a policy that they will be played in front of closed eyes.

  15. If the Hibs Hearts semi does go ahead they should have it at Murrayfield and thus at least minimise thousands upon thousands squeezed onto over congested trains.






    … we should know by the end of this week whether these events are going to happen at all – or behind closed doors.

  16. following on from the announcement that Saturdays game was a sell out and going by the number of empty seats at the game I think is time that there is a system that if season ticket holders were not attending the match for whatever reason then they should be able to inform the club that they are not attending and allow them to sell their seat for the game say £20 and that the Celtic foundation could be the beneficiaries £15 and the ticket holder get a £5 credit from their season ticket for next season if they did.

  17. Silver City 1888 on

    There are advantages in having your players gaining experience outside of the club. Considering the numbers of games our guys play, I’d be happier if they got the summer off.

  18. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    All soccer matches in French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 will be played with a maximum 1,000 spectators until 15 April due to the coronavirus, the journalist Yohan Roblin from the French news channel LCI has reported.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CF- the wee runt is skint,and causing mayhem in the Village in EK,tapping money and drink, he got sorted out shortly after the video I believe…..

  20. If we get to the point where games are played behind closed doors then the broadcasting really ought to be free to air. Otherwise pubs and clubs would be more than usually crowded with a greater risk of infection.


    Sky, BT and Amazon wouldn’t like it but it’s about saving lives not profits.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    More Naco than Nacho .



    Naco is a derogatory term with racial and class roots that Mexicans use to describe people whose manners and tastes are considered to pertain to the lower classes. The word apparently originated in colonial times and referred to an indigenous servant of the Spanish gentry.





  22. stpatricksbhoy on

    Very good the Club are looking for our Season Ticket money.I emailed JP Taylor yesterday I wonder if I will get a reply,my season ticket in in the Lisbon Lions stand.There has never been hot water in the toilets the taps are blanked off and on Saturday at half time there was no soap in the dispensers and no paper towels.An total disgrace in the current Coronavirus environment the Health and Safety Executive should close the stand.I am sure the executive boxes and board room have hot water and towels.The Celtic family !!!!!!!!!! they couldn’t care less about the supporters.


    Hail Hail

  23. CARPETCRAWLER on 9TH MARCH 2020 12:10 PM



    Ironic that a Pandemic might kill the Zombies !




    It won’t be the cough that carries thems off – it’ll be the coffin they carry thems off in…

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