Double-header danger


Consecutive games against the same team are dangerous, even when you win the first convincingly.  We only need to think back to the 7-0 drubbing we dished out to St Mirren in 2009.  The Paisley team were so far outclassed they should not have been on the same field as Celtic that day, but a week later they knocked us out of the Scottish Cup.

Hibs were awful in defence on Wednesday and should have done better with the chances they had going forward, but they will have a point to prove this afternoon and can be relied on to fight “tooth and nail” to puncture Celtic’s title credentials.

If James Forrest is able to float into a central position Celtic should have enough, but they don’t have many game-winners like Forrest.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Hately on ratboy getting stretchered off..`nobody likes to see that`



    Wanna bet Marky ol’ son?

  2. Halt time at Pitoddrie



    Aberdeen held Rangers fairly comfortably, but present little of a goal threat of their own.



    Talking point of the first half was undoubtedly the tackle by Naismith which saw Milson with blood streaming from his leg


    and not even commented on let alone punished.



    Minutes later Naismith collapsed in a heap with a probably serious knee injury.



    The Dons would need to sneak a goal, but a draw looks like our best hope.



    The biggest threat in the second half will come from Willie Collum as he will award a penalty in one of the forthcoming


    simulations inside the Aberdeen box.

  3. ItaliaBhoy says:


    29 October, 2011 at 13:03




    best of both worlds now Italiabhoy he has sustained an injury and if the review panel is doing its job a certain red card for the tackle.

  4. Malone19



    Bookings for fouls. Just related to Celtic and Rangers.









    Fouls committed – 420


    Bookings – 73



    A booking every 5.8 fouls



    Fouls against – 466


    Bookings – 88



    A booking every 5.3 fouls






    Fouls committed – 92


    Bookings – 13



    A booking every 7.1 fouls



    Fouls against – 143


    Bookings – 23



    A booking every 6.2 fouls









    Fouls committed – 416


    Bookings – 63



    A booking every 6.6 fouls



    Fouls against – 484


    Bookings – 94



    A booking every 5.1 fouls






    Fouls committed – 118


    Bookings – 16



    A booking every 7.4 fouls



    Fouls against – 126


    Bookings – 23



    A booking every 5.5 fouls





  5. jude2005 at 13:08



    Maybe Colum was facin the wrong way at that tackle??



    I thought he had eyes at the back of his head. I’m sure i can remember hiom giving something when looking the other direction.




  6. i think Mort’s stats show that, in both years, rangers get to commit more fouls than Celtic before a YC is produced and their opponents get to commit fewer fouls against them before a YC is shown than in equivalent Celtic games.

  7. I firmly predict that Mr Collum will decide how to give the points to the huns here…….



    Its inevitable



    Can I ask a question – the huns were singing a tune to the famine is over ditty – is it the same song with the same words? Does anyone know?

  8. Snake Plissken on

    Well I’m away to do some cooking.



    The filth have the points now.



    The sheep are terrible.

  9. SFTB



    The stats are even more stark when comparing games between Celtic and Rangers and even more when Craig Thompson is in charge.




  10. Eyes Wide Open on




    I have a wee question hopefully someone on here now can answer.



    Just doing my football bets on for the day and noticed there was a wee TV sign next to the Celtic Hibs game.



    When I clicked on it it took me to a list of different games, which I presume also had wee TV signs next to them.



    I know this sounds like a dumbass question – but what does this mean?



    If I have a paddypower account can I get to see it through them, is it a new form of pay per view tv or what is it.



    I havent heard anything about any new and ‘above board’ means of watching games through gambling sites…