Double-header danger


Consecutive games against the same team are dangerous, even when you win the first convincingly.  We only need to think back to the 7-0 drubbing we dished out to St Mirren in 2009.  The Paisley team were so far outclassed they should not have been on the same field as Celtic that day, but a week later they knocked us out of the Scottish Cup.

Hibs were awful in defence on Wednesday and should have done better with the chances they had going forward, but they will have a point to prove this afternoon and can be relied on to fight “tooth and nail” to puncture Celtic’s title credentials.

If James Forrest is able to float into a central position Celtic should have enough, but they don’t have many game-winners like Forrest.

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  1. err isnt that a straight kick at a player and doesnt that mean it should be a red card???



    Oh Wullie you do all you can for them eh? Are you still sad that Dallas got sacked?

  2. And Wullie strikes – and its an absolutely disgraceful sending off – well done Mr Collum – he continue to show your hand (err credentials).



    Its an utter disgrace that this guy can referee can continue – display after display he shows his incompetence and bias.



    How on earth can that be a sending off

  3. good afternoon everyone so mcgregor is not infallible,did not see the first half so cannot comment,as has been mentioned like every team they will get injuries and they do not have a big squad,regarding Column,penalty and sending off good afternoons work. a Dallas clone

  4. One rule for the Huns one rule for everyone else, no change there then, Wullie will continue to referee in his appalling fashion for the rest of the season….

  5. I’ve been reading A Life Too Short about Robert Enke, the german keeper who took his own life. There is a section detailing how continental keepers advance far up the pitch, allowing the defence to push up and making it impossible for the opponent to hit long balls behind the defence. This has been our achilles  heel for months. An advancing keeper also gives the defenders an extra option to pass to. It occurs to me that if FF was coached to venture out to the edge of his penalty box we might benefit from these points, particularly at Parkhead. He stays in his 6 yard box the whole time. 



    Anyway, having said all that, the particular book serves as a good reminder that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter all that much…



    Willie Collum…F**k ye

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Youve to hand to wee colum sharp as a tack he is. He knows if he books jelly its a second yellow = red.

  7. Fallon was sent off for leading with his elbow; there was no swinging deliberate arm. it was a typical aerial challenge as perfected by Lafferty and McCulloch. If those rules were applied, each of those players should get 4 RCs in every game and 8 when they play us.



    Having said that, the damage had already been done and Aberdeen were not good enough.


    Correct me if I’m wrong the Huns had 3 shots on target including the penalty and not including the header that went over the bar


    I’m sure they had similar stats last week.


    So Celtice fans don’t be fooled they are rubbish and no one ever mentions those stats.


    Anyway I’d rather watch us than them they are Fiji ki rubbish and horrible



    Hail hail

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Shortbread claiming Lenny is the shortlist to replace Sven at Leicester.



    Hunfuffrey or what?



    I’m away to the Gazebo to tap DBBIA an e-Lite before the game.

  10. Latest de-stabilising idea from Radio Shortbread is that Neil Lennon is on the short list for the Leicester City job and they intend to ask Neil about it today.



    Neil, you have my permission to tell them where to go.

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    My son played in goals and was always on the 18yd line if the play was up the park. Only common sense. I blame Wood the gK coach. Get Speroni from C Palace in Jan.

  12. Green Oak Tree on

    How can someone be yellow carded for kicking an opponent off the ball….



    Straight red for violent conduct every single time…Disgraceful ref display..

  13. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Whers brines when you need him?? He wd have booked jelly for kickin the ball away? Or am I jellooozing masel??