Double time for Celtic


It is nonsense to talk about Hampden Hoodoos, Celtic’s five defeats there since Neil Lennon became manager have been a result of poor performances, not superstition (fighting the urge to mention two last minute penalty decisions).  Celtic were unquestionably the stronger team on four of those five occasions, arguably all five, but they have been tactically out-thought at the national stadium time after time.

We are vastly stronger than Dundee United but once the whistle goes tomorrow, unless we can match them for hunger, arrest the defensive lapses which have blighted us all season, and find the key to breakdown what will be a tight defence, there is no reason to believe the outcome will be any different than when we faced a weaker St Mirren.

Shortly before that St Mirren defeat I said we were not playing consistently to win the treble we were short odds for.  Consistency hasn’t improved much since, which is why you are hearing talk coming out of Lennoxtown about this being the biggest game of the season.

It’s double time….
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  1. I fully expect this Commission to get to the bottom of all this. They will find links to Green and Whyte and lies made to gain a licence from SFA.



    They will volunteer to revoke their own licence and take Sevco to the lowest of the junior leagues.



    They will beg to be admitted and apologise to the people of Scotland for sullying part of the fabric of society.



    This white coat is tight and why do they spoon feed me. What does psychotically delusional mean???

  2. Paul67



    It would make for a good cup final spectacle, Hibs after that great fightback and the Celts going for the double, we must win tomorrow. A great test for our young lions.


    Hampdens gonnae be Green and White!



  3. FOLLOWING a meeting today, the board


    of The Rangers International Football


    Club PLC issued the following statement:


    “The Board has announced today it is to


    commission an independent examination


    and report in view of recent allegations in


    the media concerning the Chief Executive,


    Charles Green, the Commercial Director,


    Imran Ahmad, and their management of


    the Club.


    “The decision to commission the


    examination was taken unanimously by


    those in attendance at today’s meeting


    including non-executive and executive




    “The independent report will be


    commissioned and completed as speedily


    as possible and presented directly to the


    non-executive directors of the company.


    “The Chief Executive will not be involved


    in the conduct of the examination. The


    Board wishes to make clear that is not


    prejudging any of the issues involved and


    that the object of this exercise is to clarify


    the situation to the satisfaction of


    shareholders, supporters, staff and Board




    “Instructions recently given to lawyers in


    England and Scotland with a view to


    taking legal action to challenge these


    recent allegations will form part of the


    independent examination.


    “Also at today’s meeting, the Chief


    Executive of the Club apologised


    unreservedly to Board members and the


    wider Rangers support for any offence


    caused by remarks he made in an


    interview last week regarding Imran




    “Mr. Green told the Board that in trying to


    make a point in the interview that, as


    Chief Executive, he would not


    countenance any form of prejudice


    towards employees or players at the Club,


    he had exercised poor judgement in the


    words he chose. He apologised.


    “The Board accepted the explanation that


    there had been no intention to cause


    offence and accepted the Chief


    Executive’s apology. The Board is


    satisfied that the Chief Executive did not


    act in a racist manner but reminded him


    of the importance of all office bearers at


    Rangers upholding the standards


    expected by the Club.


    “Mr. Green will deal with the pending


    S.F.A. charge on this matter on a


    personal basis. The Board wishes to re-


    iterate Rangers is a Club which is


    opposed to all forms of prejudice and has


    a long-established policy of working


    extensively in the community through a


    variety of programmes and initiatives to


    tackle issues such as racism and



  4. Good afternoon CQN. Any bets the Independant Commission find no wrong doings over ole Ipox way?



    Weefra HH

  5. Another Hampden horror show will be difficult to take



    Our performances at Hampden during Lenny’s tenure have been unacceptable for a team of our ability and resources



    Better attitude and application required

  6. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    The Celts are here.. Great match at hampden today.. Poor crowd..



    Roll on tomorrow..




  7. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Why bother with an independent commission if you’ve done nothing wrong?

  8. Aye P67 what about the Hampden hoodoo United have any time they play us



    This hoodoo thing is not unilateral



    Hoodoos are for sharing csc

  9. Have a feeling the independent commission may be about as impartial and truthful as the Warren Commission.


    Yet again the arrogance and stupidity of these people reaches new heights .



    I have a simple solution jail them all.

  10. re independent commission, are the SFA finally being investigated?



    They are the ones responsible for applying the Governance process, they are the shield that allowed this corruption to go on for over 11yrs.




  11. The Boy Jinky on




    Im sure nfl knows that his hampden record is diabolical and must improve



    The players must be angry with their performaces there too


    Im glad we got utd in the semi and if we make the final its hibs



    Less chance of underestimating opponents

  12. Paul67




    Who’s Dat A knocking at da Ibrox Door?



    Who’s Dat Creatin’ LotsaTrouble Galore?



    Who’s Got Greenie Pinned to the Floor??



    It’s Barney Google…



    Wit’ da Great Big Googly Eyes!



    Barney Google, Wit’ da Great Big Goog Googly….. Eyes!





    Tail’s Awaggin’, Awaggin’



    Hiya, Paul?

  13. Paul67



    Green playing a blinder. This will enable charles to get the ST monies when he delays the outcome of any inquiry and / or gerrymanders the ‘independent’ commission set up by themselves ( hunbelievable ).

  14. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    SEVCO. a long established policy…to tackle issues .. Like sectarianism..



    Yes that’s why for over a century they discriminated against, and were allowed to, Roman Catholics..



    Some policy …



    The MSM will highlight these matters..

  15. I hear amateur propagandist Graham is up speaking on behalf of Sevco again on this evenings Sportsound Extra

  16. Repost


    Could anyone tell me how the bhuns setting up their own independent inquiry into themselves can in any way excuse the SFA from nailing the barstewards..This is an internal matter for Rangers and should have no bearing on assurances given by them to the SFA

  17. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    the boy jinky



    17:34 on 13 April, 2013



    Also at today’s meeting, the Chief


    Executive of the Club apologised


    unreservedly to Board members and the


    wider Rangers support for any offence


    caused by remarks he made in an


    interview last week regarding Imran






    Why didn’t chuckles apologise to the people who were the object of his offensive behaviour? Like a famous advocate, he’s not apologising for, or acknowledging the offensive effect of, his behaviour.


    He’s apologising for getting caught!!

  18. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    How does a hoodoo have an effect on two teams at the same time?


    Does sevco have an honesty hoodoo?

  19. Too often we start games at a pedestrian pace. Its as if “We know” we are the better team and sooner or later we expect our quality to show and we will then win the game. Hunger and desire is a great leveler and we have to at least match The Arabs in that department. I want Celtic to go out from the start and play with pace & purpose and impose our game on them. If we do that I’m sure we will win and keep the season buzzing right up to the last game.

  20. Thindimebhoy



    Why is this idiot Graham getting airtime …he adds nothing to reasoned debate and is simply a sevco cheerleader ….he is a study in subjectivity

  21. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I suspect that even the Hun hordes aren’t stupid enough to be duped by this ???



    Still – there will be no excuse whatsoever for either plod or the SFA ignoring the real issue…

  22. “John Barnes claims credit for giving Shaun Maloney his debut as a 16-year-old at Celtic.”


    It’s a good thing he didn’t give our Shaun dietary advice.

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