Dougie Dougie and SFA cover-up


As a consequence of items relating to lies told by former referee Dougie McDonald’s no longer being found by searches through Google’s UK portal, while reaming available on the US portal, a suspicion arose that McDonald has used recent EU ruling to have these items expunged from the search engine.

During a Dundee United-Celtic game in 2010 McDonald awarded Celtic a penalty, then quickly changed his mind.  He lied to Neil Lennon after the game, and to the SFA supervisor about the circumstances which caused him to change his mind.  Celtic Quick News published an excerpt from the supervisor’s report, which was based on information McDonald subsequently admitted was false.

Having admitted to a lie, and under pressure from Celtic, McDonald resigned later in the year, but the greater stench was that of cover-up.  Having set the chain of events in motion, McDonald realised his error and admitted what he did to the SFA on the day of the game.

Having lied, he quickly came clean, but the actions of the SFA were far more serious.  With knowledge of the lie, the SFA were now in ownership of it.  They should have told McDonald to apologise to Neil Lennon and the referee supervisor.  Instead, they publicly reaffirmed the lie.

Even after the cover-up came to light, the SFA continued to close ranks on Celtic, faces were set to stone.  If Celtic didn’t know their place when it came to the dark arts of the SFA, they became acutely aware of it then.  Nothing could ever be the same again.

I have sympathy for McDonald.  He made a mistake but quickly did the right thing.  His name is tarnished largely as a consequence of the actions of his superiors.  If he called Neil Lennon the next day to extend the apology he gave to the SFA, the matter may have ended there and then.  He was not an innocent victim of an SFA cover-up, but he was a kind of victim.

The fight to change the SFA goes on.  Peter Lawwell is now on the board and some of the faces have moved on, but it is not a healthy body.  The vast majority of the 93 member clubs are not conspiratorial in nature and have no ill towards Celtic or any other club, but overhauling the labyrinth of committees, with vested interests which have been decades in the making, will look like pushing water uphill to anyone committed to reform.

Our interests are best served leaving the SFA behind, and we’re not alone in that.

Excitement builds as the 10-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day takes place tomorrow in Aberdour, with Frank McGarvey and Len Murray!

This year we are raising money for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookiejar Foundation. We have two copies of this magnificent canvas, signed by Billy McNeill, one is available to the highest bidder on ebay here.

The other is available for raffle. Every donor to this JustGiving page gets an entry in the raffle. The minimum donation is £1, which we can all afford to participate in, although you can donate as much as you want. Our thanks to @BarryMcGonigle for the image on the canvas and OPG Graphics for creating the work.

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  1. Proudbhoy



    We were in SF three years ago and are back for a few days this August. We stayed at the Wharf Inn, which was good but a bit noisy. This year we’ve booked the Fairmount up towards Union Square. They seem to be offering really good prices for what is on offer and its fairly central. Great transport in SF so nowhere is really out of the way.



    The Alcatraz tour is brilliant and I concur on the audio tour. That really makes it. you have to book the tour in advance as there is a long waiting list for booking on the day.



    We also went on the Rocket Boat (part of the reason for going back methinks. Our daughter loved it and she picked our holiday itinerary this year).



    Up near Union Square is great too. The segway tours are good as well. Foodwise there are loads of options. We ate in the Franciscan Seafood restaurant at Fishermans Wharf which was excellent and although we haven’t tried it yet the Stinking Rose garlic restaurant is a must according to a colleague at work.



    Overall SF is a great city. I’d recommend a city bus tour to get your bearing first day then use public transport to get about. The trolley buses are great fun and a cable car at least once is a must.

  2. angelgabriel on



    How often in the past few years have we had major & various issues with the hierarchy @ the SFA ?


    I hope res12 and the “long game” Celtic seem to be playing to bring about change will move up a gear because right now it is like watching a badly painted wall dry.

  3. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Awe naw



    “So ST sales are not going so well”



    What sort of numbers, ballpark, would you put to the above statement? 20k? 30?

  4. My friends in Celtic,



    Paul 67’s article : Yet another hint about playing in an environment more befitting of our status.



    Or am I again misreading the signs.?






    PS : No matter what the governing body of Scottish football is called it will still be the same old SFA in terms of word and deed.

  5. Paul67 et al



    Forget me Forget me not


    Forget me Forget me not




  6. LV



    Apologies I’m posting between chores :-)



    If we’ve signed Gordon as a replacement for FF then I’m concerned. Most supporters I know will be too.

  7. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Where is the evidence of CFC being committed to SFA reform ?



    Ogilvie is still in post ……MIB continue to cheat us



    CFC is all about money …nothing else matters …don`t rock the boat and hope that we can gain ourselves entry to the EPL without SFA resistance



    sad that we have been reduced to this corporate money machine

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    LB- The Director of Football / Owner buying players in Europe,has been around for years with varying degrees of success. You said earlier it happens when clubs don’t have a manager. It is a system which doesn’t sit well with me,last time I checked we don’t have a Director of Football,do you think RD had heard of Craig Gordon?

  9. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    we`re not signing Gordon as a third choice …we have back up in Zaluska …we have keepers in the youth set up



    FF will be sold we`ll be told we tried really hard to get someone else in , but failed , and we`ll be left with Gordon and Zaluska ..that`s if they don`t sell Zaluska too ( he`s in the final year of his contract )

  10. Dougie Dougie



    Dougie, along with thousands of others, is taking advantage of a recent court decision which allows people apply to Google to have their biographical details wiped in certain circumstances. Google can challenge their applications and reinstate the information, but that could cost them. The wiping of records only applies to Google Europe. The decision has no effect elsewhere. It has backfired in that his lying is now in the press for another week, as is the SFAs attempted cover up and Dallas’s role in the episode. We should be happy that the issue is getting another airing.



    When reading back there, I thought that I had logged into an article from last week in error. The posts from ernie lynch were almost identical to the pash he was spouting last week.

  11. PFayr



    Yep that’s my concern.



    Unfortunately on here if you express concern about a signing or club policy then you’re considered a shite Celtic supporter or rocking the boat purely for the sake of it.



    It’s laughable at times.

  12. angelgabriel on

    Hope everyone enjoys Aberdour tomorrow.


    Unfortunately my cousin has picked tomorrow as the day he marries his long term girlfriend.


    Looking forward to the wedding I just wish it was another day.


    The weather forecast is gash ,however with the wedding being at Somerset Park,the covered terracing known locally as the coo shed will come in handy..




    Glad u were on.



    Back to keeping the country on its feet.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    pfayr- I’m not sure if we are better with PL on the inside of this particular tent pi$$ing out. We are being seen to condone a multitude of actions and people,who would lie and cheat CFC IMO.

  14. My friends in Celtic,



    I have absolutely nothing against Craig Gordon the person.



    What I do question is that, should we be the club to begin the restoration of his career.?



    Two years out of the game tells its own story. I hope this does not convey any message of future policy and / or ambition.



    However I will always give any Celtic player the respect the shirt demands,




  15. I didn’t realise that Aberdour was during the school holidays otherwise I’d have applied :-(

  16. pedrocaravavachio67 ST’s about 45k my reasoned deductions are as valid as anybody elses!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Can a Freedom of Information application be used to find out who wiped out McDonald’s shameful past?

  18. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Till later all


    Ronny & JC how will it go.


    We’ll see ,


    But I’m in


    C’Mon the Hoops

  19. glassford03



    13:29 on 3 July, 2014





    Great info buddy, really appriciate it.



    Got booked into the 6.20pm alcatraz tour.. Ex prisoners/guards tour. Really looking forward to it.



    I’ll check that hotel out.






    Whats the rocket boat ?



    As a poor swimmer the sound of it alone scares me

  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    never been fussed about public perception ……couldn`t give a monkey`s toss about the thoughts of the board lackeys on here



    i know many folk from this site …..they are all CFC supporters , many with differing views …..doesn`t mean their support of CFC is any less

  21. .



    They should have told McDonald to apologise to Neil Lennon and the referee supervisor.



    If Celtic didn’t know their place when it came to the dark arts of the SFA, they became acutely aware of it then. Nothing could ever be the same again.



    I have sympathy for McDonald.



    If he called Neil Lennon the next day to extend the apology he gave to the SFA, the matter may have ended there and then. He was not an innocent victim of an SFA cover-up, but he was a kind of victim.



    The fight to change the SFA goes on.






    Strange Article and Strange comments..?



    What about the Linesman that Day..?



    Who as far as l believe Quit Football and has Never came back..(Could be wrong)..




  22. leftclicktic



    We could ask him but suspect on legal advice he’d would not agree to come on CQN.



    On a separate point, it always amazes me that some people on here seem to wish Celtic nothing but the worst. I have always found that it is in the bad times as a Celtic supporter that you really understand just how much the club means to us.



    By the way, BRTH is hatching a plot to organise something in Edinburgh for CQNers prior to the Champions League Qualifiers. Drink will be involved, he’s organised a hotel near the stadium and he is talking about a CQN Marquee. When I say it is a hotel, apparently it is a LODGE!



    CQN at the Edinburgh Lodge! Who’d have thought it?






    Places will be limited. BRTH will advise in due course!

  23. Paul


    Unless you have information to the contrary that you aren’t sharing with us, it doesn’t look like Celtic are involved in a fight to change the SFA and even if I am wrong and the club are involved in SFA reconstruction you can bet that its being “sold” as reconstruction for the good of fitba in general, rather than reconstruction because of shameful acts by shameless individuals.


    I don’t think that the clubs silence on the shenanigans has helped their credibility at all and the oft repeated mantra about “not interrupting your enemy” nowadays seems a wee bit hollow as the sevconians are (probably) 12 months away from the SPL pretty much under their own terms and we still haven’t opened our mouths.


    Good little bhoys

  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Hebcelt, pedro



    I also was informed by someone who is related to PL down on this time last season. That was part of my deduction. I agree with you however that they are sleekit and not to be trusted.



    Everbodies guesstimate is as reliables as the other. Same as rigid belief systems.




  25. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    winning captains


    Thank you for reply.


    Right off to catch my bus:))))

  26. !!Bada Bing!!



    Craig Gordon has a rake of Scotland caps. I would be surprised if Ronny hadn’t heard of him.


    Let’s cut to the chase here. Do you think Peter Lawwell signed Craig Gordon?




  27. Pfayr



    As you know I’m a sensitive soul and I take it too personally when folk question your commitment to Celtic because you disagree with things the club are doing :-)

  28. Thanks to all who replied and sent info on san fran an new york.. No doubt i’ll be asking the same again.. And for tips on vegas and boston.



    Great variety of people on here and location well spread aswel.. At work so copying and sending replies to missus. She asks where u getting this.. CQN . Reply – lol you must be able to get everything on there.



    Anyway bedtime here.. Wont see the celts 2nyt sadly. Looking forward to seeing line up .




  29. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Haven`t kicked off the new season yet and those that would scream the loudest for BARABAS while Paul67 washes his hands are very much in evidence. Those that earn from Celtic should be morre wary about their criticism from those that dont. Especially those drawing millions.




  30. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    See me.I`m a Celtic supporter.


    See me.I hate Peter Lawwell.



    See me.I`m a Tim.


    See me. I hate the Celtic Board.



    See me.I love Celtic.


    See me.I hate the Celtic Board and P.L.



    See me.I`m a hypocrite.





    Come on you boys in green.

  31. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    13:17 on 3 July, 2014



    Delaneys Dunky


    13:09 on


    3 July, 2014


    Loved Alfie, was shocked when I went into Jarvies Yoker in ’82 and Alfie served me.




    His father was,I think, one of the famous five Hibs forward line of the fifties.


    For me,it was Jock saying: ignore the past,we`ll have you.


    If he were a hun,he wouldn`t have signed.


    Viz. Craig.


    If he`s signed for us,then that`s good enough for me.





    Not that it matters a lot, but Alfie’s father was not one of Hibs Famous Five, ( Smith, Johnston, Reilly, Turnbull & Ormond), but was one of Hearts equally legendary front trio of Conn, Bauld & Wardhaugh.

  32. celtictom


    12:55 on


    3 July, 2014,



    I agree totally.The amount of bare faced cheating we,as a club seem to have accepted,is beyond belief.Not helped by the myriad of Celtic fans who keep trotting out the”We are biding our time”,”What can we do”.The support being the only ones to pursue the SFA,through Res 12,should shame our custodians,but no.Nothing will change,I have accepted this shameful fact,its time the rest did the same.

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