Dougie Dougie and SFA cover-up


As a consequence of items relating to lies told by former referee Dougie McDonald’s no longer being found by searches through Google’s UK portal, while reaming available on the US portal, a suspicion arose that McDonald has used recent EU ruling to have these items expunged from the search engine.

During a Dundee United-Celtic game in 2010 McDonald awarded Celtic a penalty, then quickly changed his mind.  He lied to Neil Lennon after the game, and to the SFA supervisor about the circumstances which caused him to change his mind.  Celtic Quick News published an excerpt from the supervisor’s report, which was based on information McDonald subsequently admitted was false.

Having admitted to a lie, and under pressure from Celtic, McDonald resigned later in the year, but the greater stench was that of cover-up.  Having set the chain of events in motion, McDonald realised his error and admitted what he did to the SFA on the day of the game.

Having lied, he quickly came clean, but the actions of the SFA were far more serious.  With knowledge of the lie, the SFA were now in ownership of it.  They should have told McDonald to apologise to Neil Lennon and the referee supervisor.  Instead, they publicly reaffirmed the lie.

Even after the cover-up came to light, the SFA continued to close ranks on Celtic, faces were set to stone.  If Celtic didn’t know their place when it came to the dark arts of the SFA, they became acutely aware of it then.  Nothing could ever be the same again.

I have sympathy for McDonald.  He made a mistake but quickly did the right thing.  His name is tarnished largely as a consequence of the actions of his superiors.  If he called Neil Lennon the next day to extend the apology he gave to the SFA, the matter may have ended there and then.  He was not an innocent victim of an SFA cover-up, but he was a kind of victim.

The fight to change the SFA goes on.  Peter Lawwell is now on the board and some of the faces have moved on, but it is not a healthy body.  The vast majority of the 93 member clubs are not conspiratorial in nature and have no ill towards Celtic or any other club, but overhauling the labyrinth of committees, with vested interests which have been decades in the making, will look like pushing water uphill to anyone committed to reform.

Our interests are best served leaving the SFA behind, and we’re not alone in that.

Excitement builds as the 10-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day takes place tomorrow in Aberdour, with Frank McGarvey and Len Murray!

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  1. Tamrabam





    15:52 on



    3 July, 2014



    What is it with you and your sensible reasoned posts?


    Some people don’t fancy the CG signing for various reasons that they’ve stated and they’ve been accused on this blog today of, hoping he fails and hoping he gets injured.

  2. Proudbhoy…………



    re nyc,



    Stay in Manhattan, my advice as close to the park as you can…..The Hilton on Ave of The Americas is good, if you are looking for a deal – try any of the Hamptons Inn motels and if money is no object The Plaza. I’d avoid Times Sq to stay – its like Disneyland on acid.




  3. “I have sympathy for McDonald. He made a mistake but quickly did the right thing. His name is tarnished largely as a consequence of the actions of his superiors.”




    Can’t say that I agree with this. Dougie McDonald is a part of the Masonic cabal of referees that have cheated Celtic as long as I have watched them and that is over 50 years.



    The only man to tell the truth in this affair, and he was hardly a friend to Celtic, Stephen Craven was banned for refereeing for life largely at the instigation of the man who plays a major role in refereeing in Scotland John Fleming.



    Remember the furore when Gary Hooper did the unthinkable and actually told the truth that referees pick on Celtic?






    The sympathy towards McDonald is misplaced.

  4. The biggest scandal of all was Stephen Craven being banned from refereeing for life. In an age where you can’t get a referee for love or money, and certainly not to his standard,it reeks. His crime was telling the truth.I could not care less if Dougie McDonald never set foot on another football pitch. Look at the pictures of the Dundee match—look at his eyes. The wee fecker knew exactly what he was doing, but the refs in Mowbray’s year took cheating to new heights. Four years on and it still incenses me.

  5. Gorbals Tam


    as one tam to another bam



    i have no strong feelings about CG myself. I joked yesterday though that he hardly fits into the much praised practice of developing youngsters and selling them on for bags of loot!



    I also hope we win the pre season game too


    but much more than that i hope we qualify for the CL. I will be miserable and back on this blog if we dont.

  6. ulysses mcghee – a demographic of one





    12:37 on



    3 July, 2014








    Dark days indeed.



    My abiding memory was Hugh Dallas’s metaphorical sprint to a certain radio station’s studio the next evening to embed the ‘truth’ in the nation’s psyche.



    Such a parcel of rogues in an association – to paraphrase a familiar apron wearer…




    It was because I listened to Dallas tell unashamed porkies to Speirs that night on Clyde (along with some myth about a new approach giving linesmen more say) that I penned this article for Celtic Underground.



    It got lost when they revamped their site but the original can still be read at






    There is a link in that article to what was the Clyde broadcast but that got pulled a while ago.



    Dallas was lucky he got hunted on the back of an e mail, the hinging he would have got had he not been fired for that but for telling the Scottish public lies, would have been too good for him and yet dishonourable men thrive in what is a dishonourable industry without morals. (c) Gordon Strachan.



    On stuffing the SFA, as history shows on Lord Nimmo Smith, even when you have what looks like a slam dunk, along comes a Bryson to hold the net.

  7. Paddybhoy 1888



    First class service & price



    Guys I would look no further than paddybhoy for advice on what work


    you need done on your car , car fitted out with new tyes , more traction


    to cope with ACGR’s kerrioot to the pool day , anyhow thanks again


    Paddybhoy to you and your staff , first pleasurable feeling leaving a garage:)))

  8. Tamrabam



    I’ll expect nothing less than a 9-0 or heads should roll.



    CL qualification depends to a great extent on who we’re drawn. I’ll be gutted if we don’t get to the group stage and I’ll certainly bump my gums about it. Won’t stop me turning up every 2nd week though.

  9. Proudbhoy


    There are lots of options in Manhattan, away from Times Square, upper west side or UES.


    Options include apartments rented direct from owners.


    A hotel friends return to is the Bentley.



  10. Jungle Jim





    15:53 on



    3 July, 2014





    I am probably in a minority here but tonight`s friendly means about as much to me as any pre-season training session. Of course, I will be happier with a victory than a defeat but I will still consider the game as simply another aspect of training. I certainly will not be expecting a brand new Celtic ! Neil`s Celtic was an attacking force and Ronny`s will be ,too. I don`t expect any major difference.





    Are you saying that because you remember the hysteria from last season’s friendlies or because you have forgotten it? :)

  11. Tim Malone Will Tell 12:49 on 3 July, 2014



    Interesting thought about the google deletions relating to Dougie, Dougie. If people like the Guardian – and our good selves – write articles highlighting the original incident and questioning the deletions – are those new articles then also subject to google deletion or are they then a separate entity that require a different legal judgement.



    Images of huns chasing tails and perpetual insanity if the internet bampots play their cards wisely on this one…








    I posted the result of my USA google search yesterday.



    The US portal still shows the original articles plus yesterdays articles from the Guardian and the BBC.






    Seems to me that google.co.uk might be less frequented as more folk use the google.com.



    The light should shine so much more on the SFA and Dallas than on Dougie. He screwed up badly, confessed to his supervisor (Dallas) and was then obliged to follow the party line until his resignation. At some point he must have held out some hope that his career would recover, but his decision making and integrity were seriously compromised by the whole affair.



    As it transpired, the SFA/Dallas strategy of damage limitation produced exactly the opposite result, and Dougie had to resign.



    The PR handling of that resignation also stinks. The media blurb was not that his position was untenable, but that Celtic fans threats to his life made his resignation inevitable. I don’t have the press reports from that time, but it was very clearly a well orchestrated campaign to shift blame from Dougie, Dallas and the SFA to Celtic, the club that had been the victims all along.



    Celtic were expected for the good of the game in Scotland (now I wonder where we’ve heard that before) to accede to the wishes of the SFA in how they handled the whole affair. This at a time when Neil Lennon was the whipping bhoy of the Scottish media and whose life and that of his family were at risk from the morons in the tabloid’s reading circle.



    Lennon was the villain: Celtic were the villains: even the poor linesman, Steven Craven, was a villain.



    Dark arts indeed.



    Celtic, just get out of this horrible league!




  12. traditionalist88



    15:26 on 3 July, 2014


    Is Callum McGregor going to make the grade at CP do we think?






    I hope do he looks a good entertaining player

  13. Sargassosea





    02:09 on



    3 July, 2014








    For some strange reason the ’38 team was recited to me much more than the Coronation Cup team. Maybe my father thought I should remember that one myself, as I was born in ’49.



    *me tae although I’m a couple of years older than you. I suppose it’s because it was the last great team that my da recalled. That soon changed on October 19, 1957 when he taught me that team which is like a litany to me.

  14. From the late edition of the Daily Record



    “Craig Gordon’s move to Celtic was completed today when he signed a 4 year contract.



    In doing so however he sprained his right wrist rendering him out of action for 6 weeks.



    Further bad news was to follow as he went to hand in his sick line when he pulled a muscle lifting it off the table.



    His frustration was evident as he walked passed a schools football match when he ran onto the pitch as one of the teams took a corner and promptly headed the ball into the net from 6 yards”

  15. Auldheid,


    One would have to have very short memory retention to forget hysterical responses on CQN 0:-)


    Cheerio for now,




  16. whitedoghunch on




    I don’t know specifically on that wine. 2005 was a good year for many European producers.






    15:35 on



    3 July, 2014




    You mean gladly you are off the bevvy health wise and I would not bet on her indoors welcoming a return.

  18. Obviously today is just about getting match fit and the result doesn’t matter, but I still want Celtic to win..

  19. WDH


    Yes, I was aware of that. So much so, in fact, that for a while I ignored the fact that there have been other good years since!!


    Thanks again and a definite cheerio this time!




  20. corkcelt





    16:23 on



    3 July, 2014



    Aye. I bet I still shout at the telly.

  21. Here’s my guess…



    If FF and CG both remain fit.. CG will be no 1 GK choice by 2015.



    He is basically a better keeper imo

  22. Regarding Dougie Dougie et al …



    They were simply protecting the integrity of Scottish football as a business, Armageddon was threatening … That was their unpalatable ‘truth’ .


    Sporting integrity was secondary….That’s my unpalatable ‘truth’.

  23. Any team news on the game tonight yet? I’m still at work and will be here for a while.




  24. PJ Bhoy…………



    while yer aboot…


    I saw that you are coming over start of august?????


    I’m over your way till the 15th august, any chance you’ll be back by then?



    I’ll drop you a text……..




  25. Bankiebhoy


    I fly back here on the 15th.


    Drop me a line , will get you taken care of at Capitol Grille this time for sure.



  26. WeefratheTim on

    Good afternoon all.



    I thought the game kicked off at 4.30. Nothing but choons on Celtic TV.



    Weefra Hh praying to Wee Oscar.

  27. PJ………….



    You’ll do anything to avoid yer round…..





    BTW yer main man at The Grille looked after us just grand, thank-you very much (again)



    Give my regards to best wee German Irish boozer in Manhattan, at least the scouser wont have to waken me from planking on top of the bar


    :))))))))))) best kip o’ my life.



    Best to your gang!




  28. Zaluska; Lustig, van Dijk, Mulgrew, F. Twardzik; Brown, Johansen, Commons; McGeouch, Stokes, Boerrigter (MH)

  29. Subs: Fasan, Matthews, O’Connell, Waters, Findlay, Kayal, McGregor, Pukki, Griffiths, Atajic, Fridjonsson, Balde, Watt (

  30. The Exiled Tim.



    I’ve bought from a Spanish exporter a few times and I never thought they were expensive with the shipping charges, around 25-30 euros,It may have been a bit cheaper, but they were always good wines.

  31. WeefratheTim on




    Thanks for that buddy. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  32. stpatricksbhoy on



    16:40 on


    3 July, 2014


    Weefrathe 5.30 Celtic Park Time.



    Hi,can you watch the game live on Celtic TV in the UK.


    Hail Hail

  33. WeefratheTim on




    You sure can bud. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.