D&P blow their own argument to shreds in court


The core essence of Duff and Phelps protests at the SFA judicial panel punishment handed out this week, as they state, is that: “in our opinion do the panel fail to have properly apportioned culpability between the Club and Craig Whyte”.

Yesterday we found out the truth about how Duff and Phelps really think about apportioning culpability between a company and a director.

The Lawyer magazine yesterday reported:

“The administrators are suing Collyer Bristow and Whyte’s takeover vehicle the Rangers FC Group for at least £25m in damages. The firm is accused of conspiracy, breach of undertaking, negligence and breach of trust, with Withey – who acted as the club’s company secretary – complicit in the allegations.”

The Lawyer goes on to say that Mark Phillips, QC, acting on behalf of Duff and Phelps, “told the court that there was no evidence anyone else at Collyer Bristow was involved, but that as Withey had authority to act for the firm, it was liable for the losses flowing from his “conspiracy”.

Get this clear; in the opinion of Duff and Phelps QC, as Withey had authority to act for Collyer Bristow, Collyer Bristow was liable.

Craig Whyte acted on behalf of Rangers after 6 May last year just as the old board acted on behalf of the club before then.  These people are using one argument to chase an enormous £25m but using the counter argument to subvert an SFA judicial panel.

The rules of the SFA are clear, Rangers are ‘liable’ for the actions of their directors, as anyone using this argument to pursue £25m should be well aware.  These people are shameless.

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  1. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    How convenient that Calum Murray should be available to take over on Sunday. The powers that be know that this will be the last ever game between Celtic and Rangers 1873 and that Mr Murray will ensure we will not go down in the record books as winners of the game.



    Scottish football is institutionally corrupt.

  2. Calum Murray, good grief, they can’t help themselves.



    Fleming is an idiot and it is about time that Celtic pulled this fraudster up.



    Will Regan punish sleekit McCoist for his comments? no chance but if Lenny had made those same comments then he would been suspended already.



    I wish they would just die and let Scottish football get on with it.



    KTF new scandal match on it’s way.

  3. Song for Sunday;



    When will I see you again?



    By The (Thirty) Three Degrees




  4. Jelly And Gelato on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 25 April, 2012 at 12:14 said



    I see RFC(IA) are represented in court today by Ms “Ower”. How very fitting!

  5. I dont care who the ref is for sunday, they could bring back bobby tait for all I care,


    sunday is about a soon to be extinct club coming to the home of the champions, sunday is about us.


    Welcome to Paradise Mr Murray Home of the Scottish Champions for the forseeable future,


    despite your efforts

  6. Serge on 25 April, 2012 at 13:23 said:





    The worst thing is they will attack & abuse anyone who stands in their way, whether it be woman or child. A disgusting vile lot. I hope all tims stick together before and after the game. They will be out to do damage, It’s everyones fault but their own. We see how vicious they are in victory, in defeat & death i dread to think what they will be like. I would not be suprised to see them turn murderous, thats how evil and full of hate they are. That’s why i asked Paul if he would kindly put up a warning to everyone before the game. HH




    Totally agree, Serge, thought the same at Ipox when we could have won the league. Fortunately because they won there are more Tims on the planet today than would have been had the result been the other way.

  7. Allan Muir should have got his chance for those of you debating.



    Brines,Collum,Murray,Thompson and Norris are bent referees who are motivated by getting UEFA games and to do this they must be anti-celtic and pro-fraudsters.




  8. traditionalist88 on




    Good shout- I’m sure our more experienced fans will take the necessary precautions but for some of the younger lads they need to be aware of the threat. Also, any bhoys having a few celebratory drinks- don’t be caught wandering alone down Argyle Street belting out the Fields after having a few down the Gallowgate. Common sense goes a long way!




  9. tomthelennytim on

    Che on 25 April, 2012 at 13:29 said:


    I dont care who the ref is for sunday, they could bring back bobby tait for all I care,


    sunday is about a soon to be extinct club coming to the home of the champions, sunday is about us.


    Welcome to Paradise Mr Murray Home of the Scottish Champions for the forseeable future,


    despite your efforts



    Excellent post mate.

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on





    surely John Fleming that paragon of virtue appointed him



    Hail Hail

  11. Song for sunday?


    Im reminded of the one HMRC sing to our Hero, cant recall the title but it goes,


    “whadya wanna make those eyes at me for, when they dont mean what you say”

  12. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on 25 April, 2012 at 13:25 said:



    Believe it or not i’d rather have Brines over any of the likely remaining refs. At least he’d be equally as incompetent for both teams.



    Thomson, despite his faults, is the best in the country by a long way, and i hope whatever problems he’s got aren’t too serious.

  13. BobbyRussell



    We can all laugh at their death but there will be an aftermath from it and unfortunately it wont be nice. We all know their evils know no bounderies. It’s important all Tims are aware of what can and will happen when they die. HH

  14. hen1rik on 25 April, 2012 at 13:03 said:


    This old chestnut lol lads.


    “SFA say Craig Thomson unable to referee Old Firm game on Sunday due to family reasons. Calum Murray replaces.”



    Duffield is available.


    Not to referee but to look after family matters and he has experience.

  15. Billy’s Bhoy on 25 April, 2012 at 13:18



    lol. I asked for that.


    Ok with that in mind myself and NFL’ team on Sun will be.





    Matthews/Lustig(not a game for the Cha)






    Izzy (put a few fivers doon his sock and wee Sone will be putty)


    Broony, Vic, Joe, Commons(the huns really struggle to pick him up)


    Sammy and Hooper.



    If that team gets beat with that division 3 shower i’ll eat my BBB.




  16. Elbows, Whittaker or Bartley will cause a Celtic player some long term damage on Sunday



    Murray will issue a yellow card for the challenge



    The fact that the club have highlighted on the official site that he handled the last derby, tells you what they think of the appointment

  17. The end is near not only is their rage reaching a dangerous level but they are also starting to turn on one another.


    The decision by Dupe & Duper to shine the light on Murray in my opinion will result in the MSM & Media house turning on them.


    Minty has been protected & hidden in most of this him & his cohorts will not be best pleased with the chuckle brothers.



  18. My team for Sunday would be





    Lustig Rogne Loovens Mulgrew


    —–Brown Wanyama Ledley—-





  19. Utterly ridiculous that the SFA can see it fit to allow Callum Murray to ref Sunday’s game after what went on at the last derby he reffed; do they honestly think we had just forgotten about he and his officials lies about our manager?

  20. I always expect chicanery when we play them. Appointing Murray certainly fits the bill. The only consolation is that it will be the last time we have to face them. I would play big, tough lhads for the first hour. They will try to make it a hacking match. Match them, then bring on the likes of Paddy McCourt to run them ragged.



    Please, Celtic, do NOT play our young lads. McCulloch will try and end their careers.

  21. Awe_naw 13:32



    Yep, i cannot understand why Phil Mac said he was a good guy, he is just the same as Dallas.




  22. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    With the right song choices on the PA and fan involvement I can see the terraces(sic) resembling the “Fwee Wodewick!” crowd scene from the Life of Brian, people rolling on their backs, kicking their legs in the air, hooting with laughter.

  23. SCOTT BROWN is battling against the clock to be ready to lead out Celtic against Rangers at Parkhead on Sunday.





    The Hoops captain has been joined in the treatment room by Ki Sung-Yueng, who limped out of last weekend’s 3-0 win at Motherwell with a hamstring tear which has ended his season.



    And there was even more bad news for Neil Lennon when he discovered Jaroslaw Fojut – who in January signed a pre-contract agreement to join the Hoops from Slask Wroclaw in July – has sustained knee ligament damage and will not play again for the Polish club.




    The unlucky 24-year-old was sidelined for four months last year, and the Hoops are disappointed the centre-back is facing another long period out of action.



    But it is the doubt over Brown which is giving manager Lennon imme-diate cause for concern.



    Assistant manager Johan Mjallby confirmed the captain is now facing a race against time to recover in time for Sunday’s Old Firm game.



    He said: “We don’t really know about Scott right now. He is a still a question mark for this weekend.



    “We hope he is going to be able to be in contention for that game, but right now he is injured.



    “He is struggling a little bit with a groin injury.”



    The combative midfielder has been battling through the pain of a groin injury for the past two months.



    Lennon left him out of the games against Motherwell and Aberdeen when the problem first appeared at the end of February.



    The skipper had to come off early at Hampden when Celtic lost their Scottish Cup semi-final to Hearts 10 days ago, and was omitted completely from the game at Fir Park last weekend.



    It was hoped rest might resolve the problem for the player, who has already missed three months of the season with an ankle injury which required surgery.



    With the title race won, the temptation could be to allow Brown to join Ki and James Forrest in calling a premature end to their campaign.



    With Beram Kayal now back in full training after recovering from the ankle injury, there is a ready-made replacement for the captain.



    Adam Matthews has declared himself fully fit after his bout of illness, and Lennon is already looking forward to having a full complement of players again for pre-season.



    But he is hugely disappointed to discover Bosman signing Fojut has succumbed to another bad injury.



    He had to come off after only 39 minutes of Slask Wroclaw’s draw at Gdansk last weekend, and scans have confirmed he has suffered ligament damage to his right knee.



    Slask’s club doctor, Wojciech Sznajder, explained: “He has first-degree knee ligament damage. There is a very serious injury.



    “The player is immobilised in a leg brace, and in two weeks will be checked, after which we will be able to accurately determine how long his rehab will take.”

  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I would bring back ole Dianbobo [ still playing in France] for Sunday’s game.

  25. The Cure



    The blind man refused to see the fact


    Although he knew, he wouldn’t act


    Couldn’t see it staring him in the face


    Just wanted to hide in his dark place



    The blind man refused to face the truth


    He had been like this since his youth


    Knowing full well there was a cure


    Cleansing of the soul to make it pure



    The blind man finally got back his sight


    Found that the cure was to be contrite


    Take your medicine and pay your bills


    Because liquidation surely kills

  26. Notice the picture used on the website article is the foul on Samaras (unpunished) that had Lenny fuming from the last derby



    Just when we thought the SFA might have been growing a set as well.

  27. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on







    Phil has regularly refused to answer the question. :-)



    Hail Hail

  28. Kayal33.


    Only one diff from mine and I can see where your coming from with Loovens. But Izzy getting sharper, is quicker than POTY and I believe POTY is better at CB. IMO obv.



    BobbyRussell on 25 April, 2012 at 13:36


    Ha. Yes Indeed, and it aint a willy wonka made of liquorice one, it’s full on felt mate. We better win then eh!!




  29. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    And I would play a front three of Hartson, Sutton and Larsson.


    Just to remind them of the true meaning of pain.

  30. Paul67 or moderators


    Given the comments from doolittle, I would be grateful if my post at 13.33 be deleted

  31. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    So Thomson ducks out of Sundays game but dont worry theyve wheeled another MIB. Its our old pal calum murray. The same guy that sent Neil and 2 Celtic players off in the last O F game. Shocking!! Did this guy not conspire with brines to get Neil sent off???



    Somebody please correct me if Im wrong.

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