D&P blow their own argument to shreds in court


The core essence of Duff and Phelps protests at the SFA judicial panel punishment handed out this week, as they state, is that: “in our opinion do the panel fail to have properly apportioned culpability between the Club and Craig Whyte”.

Yesterday we found out the truth about how Duff and Phelps really think about apportioning culpability between a company and a director.

The Lawyer magazine yesterday reported:

“The administrators are suing Collyer Bristow and Whyte’s takeover vehicle the Rangers FC Group for at least £25m in damages. The firm is accused of conspiracy, breach of undertaking, negligence and breach of trust, with Withey – who acted as the club’s company secretary – complicit in the allegations.”

The Lawyer goes on to say that Mark Phillips, QC, acting on behalf of Duff and Phelps, “told the court that there was no evidence anyone else at Collyer Bristow was involved, but that as Withey had authority to act for the firm, it was liable for the losses flowing from his “conspiracy”.

Get this clear; in the opinion of Duff and Phelps QC, as Withey had authority to act for Collyer Bristow, Collyer Bristow was liable.

Craig Whyte acted on behalf of Rangers after 6 May last year just as the old board acted on behalf of the club before then.  These people are using one argument to chase an enormous £25m but using the counter argument to subvert an SFA judicial panel.

The rules of the SFA are clear, Rangers are ‘liable’ for the actions of their directors, as anyone using this argument to pursue £25m should be well aware.  These people are shameless.

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  1. Som mes que un club on

    Awe Naw 1314



    There was definitley a mention a few days back about either Thomson, or a (Stirling?) based company he works for being due monies…



    For the avoidance of doubt, I hope for whatever family reasons Craig Thomson has to miss the game, they come to a healthy conclusion and are taken care of.




  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    THG would return in goal, and would spend the entire 90 mins blessing himself, having replaced the goal nets with a triptych of Pope John Paul 2 ,King John III Sibieski, and the Black Madonna of Chechestowa.

  3. Elbows?


    to quote a famous MP


    “Our Revenge Will be the laughter of our Children”



    especially when we relay the events of days and weeks gone by.

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    FES FM for whom Craig Thomson works are owed Stirling £80,874.93 by the hun



    Hail Hail

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    In the final minute, with the scoreline Celtic 9 Hillbillies 0 [ Larsson [6], Sutton, Hartson, Mcculloch og] Neil Lennon himself would come on to take the penalty to give a final score of 10-0, a new SPL record.

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    A recap




    A K Ray, Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow £150


    ADI UK, Preston £7620


    AS St Etienne, France £252,212.39


    ASL, East Sussex £2514


    Acies Group, Edinburgh £2340


    Adrian Coll, Balloch £1600


    Alan Duncan, Glasgow £1400


    Alexander West Property, Glasgow £2807


    Alison Walker TV, Bearsden £600


    Alliance Video, Surrey £204


    Aon Limited, London £14,151


    Arena Imaging, Derby £336


    Argyll and Bute Council £406.80


    Arsenal Football Club £136,560


    Astra Hygiene Supplies, Dumbarton £61.27


    Audi Stirling £396.05


    Azure Support Services, Macclesfield £523,949.71


    Azzurri Scotland, Burnley £34.63


    BTWShiells, Belfast £2917.39


    Barr Environmental Limited, Cummnock £264


    Base Soccer Agency, London £52,560


    Bauer Radio Ltd (Radio Clyde) £702


    Beyard Services, Beith £5559.60


    Bhutta’s Newsagents, Glasgow £567.45


    Big Think Agency, Glasgow £14,265.60


    Blooms UK Limited, Glasgow £70


    Brabners, Manchester £12,999


    Brentwood Estates, Manchester £42,963.06


    Brian Proudfoot, Glasgow £2,802


    British Gas £1,562.42


    BT £1,292.13


    Business Cost Consultants, Glasgow £6,240.60


    Business Stream, Edinburgh £9,727.22


    CNP Professional, Cheshire £719.96


    CRE8, Gloucester £68,406.70


    Cairn Financial, London £4,127.60


    Cairns & Scott Caterhire, Glasgow £762


    Cameron Presentations, Glasgow £8,795.99


    Campbell Medical Supplies, Paisley £3,386.73


    Camtec, Herts £552


    Canniesburn Taxis, Bearsden £269.69


    Capital Solutions, Edinburgh £11,423.40


    Capito Ltd, Livingston £1,049.69


    Carberry’s Coaches, Portadown Co Armagh £1,200


    Carnival Chaos Production, Edinburgh £672


    Carol Govan, Glasgow £600


    Cask Productions, Glasgow £1,980


    Cask Sports, Glasgow £2,919.60


    Catercare Scotland, Stewarton £420


    Charlton Chauffeur Drive, Glasgow £792


    Chelsea FC £238,345.43


    Childcare Vouchers, London £1,143.74


    Chilli It, Chester £416.52


    Chris Clarke, Kilmarnock £150


    Christine Siebelt, Milngavie £1,100


    Citrus Office Solutions, Lancashire £4,304.24


    City Electrical Factors, Glasgow £215.40


    Clyde Productions, Glasgow £180


    Coca Cola £10,133.91


    Colin Suggett, Sunderland £741.80


    Collstream Limited, Derby £5,779.37


    Collyer Bristow, London £40,691.22


    Colours Agency Glasgow £1,980


    Computer Links, Livingston £2,146.32


    Computershare Investor Service, Bristol, £23,855.03


    Craig Services & Access East Sussex £900


    Culture & Sport Glasgow £10,338.96


    Daily Record & Sunday Mail £312


    DealBureau Commercial Finance, Southend £10,000


    Decco Limited, Glasgow £174.72


    Dell Computer Corporation, Berkshire £272.85


    Direct Medical Imaging, Lancashire £230


    Disclosure Scotland £372


    Dominique S Byrne, Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow £160


    Dr David A S Marshall, Bridge of Weir £160


    Dundas & Wilson, Edinburgh £24,027.84


    E.ON £8,827.14


    Eagle Consulting, Inverness £40


    Eagle Couriers, Bathgate £96.60


    Eden Springs, Blantyre £644.64


    Edinburgh Audi £5,197.08


    Electrical Was te Recycling, County


    Durham £18


    Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Stirling £9,000


    Events Audio Visual, Clydebank £300


    Exchequer Corporate Finance , Surrey £4,000


    Executive Hire, Harlow £1,060


    FES FM, Stirling £80,874.93


    FL Memo, London £116.86


    FX Signs, Glasgow £15,546.56


    G Media Mangement, Cheltenham £995


    G4S, Surrey £295,036.24


    GTG Training, Glasgow £396


    Gareth Neil Design, Glasgow £3,200


    Gerry McGeoch, Glasgow £150


    Glasgow Audi £1,041.62


    Glasgow City Council £5,000


    Glasgow City Council (Council Tax) £2,008.21


    Glasgow Leading Attractions (The Willow Tea Rooms) £1,525


    Glasgow Taxis £TBC


    Glencairn Crystal Studio, East Kilbide £354


    Gordon McKay, Blackridge £150


    HOBS Reprographics, Glasgow £270.15


    HSS Hire Service £67.10


    Hamilton Brothers, Bishopton £115.56


    Hay McKerron Associates, Milngavie £3,600


    Hepscott Water Systems, Morpeth £1,190.28


    Hrvoje Bojanic Beethoveova, Zagreb, Croatia £2,898.42


    Hutchesons Eductational Trust, Glasgow £550


    ILC Media, Preston £2,040


    IMG Media, Chiswick £180


    Impact Signs, Cumbernauld £9,482.79


    Integrated Cleaning Management, Hampshire £3,329.19


    Iris Chorus Application Software, Devon £5,973.60


    Iris Ticketing, Devon £37,210.42


    Iron Mountain, Livingston £1,271.16


    JCM Business Consulting, Paisley £2,745


    JJB Sports £19,390.59


    James Gordon (Engineers), Galston £1,437.68


    Jewson, Glasgow £930.60


    Joe Lennon Picture Framing, Bearsden £840


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    MSM Solicitors, Paisley £420


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    Manchester City FC £328,248.71


    Manea Florin Bucharest £37,500


    Mar Hall, Bishopton £5,511.90


    Marsh Ltd UK, Norwich £779.10


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    Media House, Glasgow £19,200


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    Murray Group Holdings, Edinburgh £278,964.30


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    Umbro £1,756.05


    University of the West of Scotland £135


    Vodafone £204


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    William Henderson, Glasgow £275


    Yuill & Kyle Solicitors, Glasgow £1,486.80


    Celtic FC £40,337


    Dundee United FC £65,981.49


    Dunfermline Athletic FC £83,370.13


    Heart of Midlothian FC £800,000


    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC £39,805


    SPL £22,500


    SFA 11,089.04


    HM Revenue & Customs £14,372,042


    Ticketus, London £26,700,000


    Debenture Holders (various) £7,736,000


    Season Ticket Holders (various) £TBC


    Employees Various £TBC

  7. Hmmmmmm



    So Murray is brought in fur the last game.






    disnae mak sense to us.



    Still…..Laughing Loudly.

  8. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I am really, really hoping that Stirling Albion can miraculously escape relegation from Div 2 and that Stranraer get promoted from Div 3 through the play offs…that would mean that Rangers 2012 would alphabetically be bottom of the Scottish League structure on the opening day of next season.



    Imagine that – all other 41 teams above them in the league – how symbolic that would be.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Mayo D- I wonder if Keevins will use one of his overused favourite words “sinister”,to describe McCoist’s outing of the 3 man panel.He has put these guys and their families’ at risk now,you only have to see snippets on here from their vile websites to understand that.Strathclyde Police should pursue Dingwall and RM and charge guys who are breaking one of Salmond’s new laws.HH.I blame Neil Lennon myself……..

  10. Carrigan has nailed it. Hugh Dallas has gone. But the son of Hugh is on his way and in the meantime, the Scottish refereeing clique still seems to live in the shadow of Hugh and by the system of Hugh.



    Dallas didn’t invent anti-Celtic and pro-Rangers refereeing, but he seemed to have quite a system in place, in which the guys making the ‘right’ calls get a space at the trough and guys who don’t or don’t do it often enough are left vainly trying to squeeze in for a wee while before giving up.



    It turns my stomach.

  11. Is hat Paul 67 thats on the list?


    Ooyala, California £733.92


    Opal Telecom £169.72


    Orebro SK £150,000


    Oxford Hotels & Inns (Carnoustie) £3,709.96


    PR Newswire Europe £300


    PTS – Plumbing Trade Supplies, Leicester £30.42


    Paramed, Howwood £1,050


    Parklands Country Club, Glasgow £500


    Parks of Hamilton £7,256


    Paton Plant, York £1,450.16


    Paul Brennan, Glasgow £18.88


    Perform Group, Middlesex £346,097.43


    Pineapple Aroundshot, Co Durham £2,316.96


    Pineapple Photographic, Co Durham £5,875


    Ping Network Solutions, Glasgow £4,020.25


    Plum Films, Edinburgh £3,000


    Posh Deli, Glasgow £260

  12. So Thomson is owed money by RFC, quite clearly a conflict of interest there and quite right that he should stand down even with the old “family reasons” chestnut



    Yet the replace him with someone who little less than a week ago was more or less exposed as a liar by Celtic and Neil Lennon: no conflict there??? Really??



    Mark my words, knowing how deranged the RFC support is at the moment (no thanks to their rabble rousing manager) I’ve no doubt he’ll be determined to keep trouble at a minimum; i.e ensuring Rangers win.



    Fully expect a few more dodgy decisions on Sunday; up to us then to up our game to beat the ref as well as the Huns.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on 25 April, 2012 at 13:53 said:


    THG would return in goal, and would spend the entire 90 mins blessing himself, having replaced the goal nets with a triptych of Pope John Paul 2 ,King John III Sibieski, and the Black Madonna of Chechestowa.






    Have you just let slip the three panel members on the.Independent Judicial Panel???;

  14. Sorry, meant to add.



    One of the main points is that, whether the code is written down or not, the all seem to know what it is. They all know the system. Some play along, some don’t. Most seem to me to play along because the rewards are too hard to resist.



    Make the calls against Celtic and you get rewarded. Make the calls for Rangers and you get rewarded. Heads they win. Tails we lose.

  15. Defo don’t want to see Loovens anywhere near the team on sunday. Don’t know if Broony will make it. If he doesn’t I would pick Dylan McGeoch. I know its not like for like but we have to attack attack attack right from the off! No more pussy footing containment of the hun “threat”…lets just go straight for the throat & put them out of their sorry sorry misey.






    We can always bring on Paddy, Commons, Brozak or Stokes if we need to…

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    Last time I saw, Craig Thompson was a full time referee, first of his kind in Scotland, having chucked his job to pursue his dream of becoming the Greatest Living Referee since Bob Valentine.

  17. Oh dear.



    The witch-hunt is going very well over on Follow Follow.



    Turns out none of them are taigs and the independent panel is in fact independent. WIth a well respected QC who is an Aberdonian rugby man. The Raith chairman is in fact known to have sympathies with them, as is the retired former journalist.



    Good to see the herd mentality that got you in the mess you are in is still going strong.



    Welcome to the level playing field you cheating half wits.

  18. Oh and the best irony is they are arranging to boycott Raith as, and I quote “Raith can’t be allowed to get away with their chairmans actions”.



    Surely a timposter as that is too obvious….

  19. RL


    aye but hat information apart theyre all tim sympathisers



    The Big Job Centre Must Stay Open

  20. The Battered Bunnet on 25 April, 2012 at 14:03 said:


    ”Last time I saw, Craig Thompson was a full time referee”




    This is Scotland.



    Being a full time referee doesn’t mean you can’t keep your day job.

  21. tomthelennytim on

    RogueLeader on 25 April, 2012 at 14:06 said:


    Oh and the best irony is they are arranging to boycott Raith as, and I quote “Raith can’t be allowed to get away with their chairmans actions”.



    Surely a timposter as that is too obvious….



    Hehehe – stupid huns

  22. What happened to their “no-one likes us we don’t care”?



    Has that been changed to


    “No one likes us we do care and we’re a quite offended, who are you and where do you live we’re gonna boycott you. It’s no fair it wusny my fault anyway”

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    not quite accurate.



    FES agreed to sponsor his career to allow him to become Scotland first full time professional referee

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TBB-doolittle posted that any reference to Thomson being replaced,wouldn’t look good,think it’s for a family reason mate.HH.

  25. South Of Tunis on

    AWE NAW @ 13 56



    ” US Citta di Palermo _£ 205,513 04 ”



    Some of the Directors of Palermo FC are the last people I would want to owe money to.



    ” In life one needs pessimism of the reason and optimism of the will ”



    Antonio Gramsci CSC —- way down south.

  26. Bob Valentine had a day job, at Timex in Dundee.



    He was on a one-man mission to bestow Timexes on referees in other parts of Europe as gifts, either from the company or from Bob himself.



    If you want to know how I know, a taxi driver told me. But it was a taxi driver who was on the FIFA list between 1977 and 1987.

  27. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Getting it wrong and losing it


    June 18, 2007


    Email Print


    By Dave Roberts


    I know it is hard to believe but we referees do have bad days, occasionally. Mine came eighteen months ago in an S-League game between the top two professional teams in Singapore. Poor Craig Thomson, his match-to-forget came just a couple of days ago in the UEFA Under-21 Championships shown live around the world on ESPN.






    Craig Thompson played it by the book but at what cost?


    This time of year UEFA give their ‘Elite’ officials a rest, the Merks, Cantalejos and De Bleeckeres are allowed to sooth aching legs after enduring punishing Champions League and European Championship campaigns. So the B-list officials get their run out and up stepped Thomson, a Scottish referee obviously keen to impress after living in the shadow of Hugh Dallas.



    Israel against Belgium U21s should not have caused any problems, but as the eyes of the world watched on, it did. The problem was typical of what happens to the best in the business; in the best competitions, more of that later.



    Thomson’s first yellow card on twelve minutes to Belgium’s Marouane Fellaini was harsh but not too early. There is a refereeing train of thought that a very early card sends out an equally early message to players that you will not stand for any nonsense.



    Personally, I cannot subscribe to this as I think you are provided plenty of opportunities in most games to pull out a card, so why go looking for them. After all if you are consistent, as players and managers demand, and give them cheaply you will end up with a sack full.



    But alas the bed was made for the Scottish referee and he was about to lie in it. The same player made an even less innocuous challenge just 6 minutes later and instead of common sense prevailing with the muttering of ‘You’ve just been booked and you’re still at it. Stop it, or next time you will be off’ Thompson went by the book. Immediately, the red card cost him far more than he could know.



    All respect from those around him evaporated like a snowball in a volcano, he had lost control of the game, and more tellingly himself, on just eighteen minutes. The tackle warranted nothing more than a warning, but somehow his 6th sense failed him at the moment he so badly needed it, foresight.



    There are key times in a match when even in these days of black and white interpretation of the laws of the game you have to protect what is in front of you, the match. You have to feel its pulse.



    Thomson knew a yellow card for that challenge was not mandatory, but he still pulled it out. His real mistake was failing to consider what effect the card would have on his match control. The thought takes only a split second but it can save your bacon.



    He fired too quickly from the hip. You could see his eagerness to pull the cards out, to impress those who need to be impressed. These were the first of ten yellows and one red, well, two red cards if you count the one he showed by mistake to Belgium midfielder Anthony Vanden Borre. Proof, if proof was needed, that he had lost it personally.



    This is the reason why in England referees have used an almost circular red card. If you are the type of official to keep both cards in the same pocket, and that is not advised, you can feel which to pull out first  but that is another story.



    Back to Thomson. Now do not get me wrong here, I’m not for one moment suggesting referees should shirk their duties to make their lives easier. When tackles are reckless they deserve a yellow card, followed by a red if the player has already been cautioned.



    After all I write as a referee who sent off a goalkeeper in the 88th minute with his side trailing 6-0. He had committed the so-called ‘professional foul’ denying an opposing striker the chance to make it seven. It was so tempting to agree with the players and coaches that the game was over and I should be sympathetic.






    Belgium’s Anthony Borre appeals to referee Thompson after sending off Marouane Fellaini.


    What I’m saying is there are many situations, ‘opportunities’ I like to call them, where not everything is black and white. The grey area allows experienced referees to assess what the game and its players need and if that simple assessment dictates whether a card is needed or not, that is good officiating.


    What Belgium v Israel certainly did not need was such a petty dismissal by such a senseless officiating. What it produced was typical; a powder keg waiting to explode. Fortunately it did not, though that had nothing to do with the subsequent officiating, but by the self-control of the players. A frightening scenario.



    So why did Craig Thomson do it? He probably knew the consequences, but thought being only an U21s match he could go on and control it. I touched on why earlier, ‘pleasing the men upstairs’. The very same reason refereeing in World Cup Finals changes mid-tournament.



    Do you remember the farce of France 1998 where referees dished out cards like confetti in week one? Players, coaches and the public rightly complained, even current UEFA president Michel Platini at the time stepped in. After the furore dissipated much more sensible officiating was seen. One or two over officious officials were sent home.



    It is also the reason Graham Poll was so annoyed at his ‘three card trick’ in Germany last summer. All referees want ‘a final’ and if the paymaster was to instruct the men in black/ blue/ yellow to say ‘Wear a blonde wig’, the response would be ‘For how long?’



    Thomson knew to progress in the tournament he had to do it by the book. If not he would scupper his chances of ‘a final’ and also his progression to UEFA’s Elite List. Think about it; big nights in Moscow, Athens, Paris, Munich in the confederations elite competitions… yes, I would wear the wig too.



    The unfortunate thing in all of this is that the referees at this level are great officials but when we come to the big stage the rules change.



    The very thing a referee has consistently done to get right there at that very moment is simply thrown away. Special directives are issued before tournaments like this: ‘Clamp down on shirt pulling’, ‘Come down hard on tackles from behind’, ‘Punish reckless play’, referees are driven by the very people who appoint ‘the final’ to officiate in robotic style ‘for the good of the game’.



    Almost every time the game suffers in the early stages and referees are then allowed to revert to the very style that has impressed ‘those above’ and normality returns. How do we get round the recurring problem? It is difficult. You see all us referee types have a little thing inside us called ego. Do not believe any one who tries to tell you different. We referee for the ego.



    I am no exception. I crave that golden verse at the end of every match, ‘Great game ref!’ I was in my element walking out into the cauldron of Calcutta’s Salt Lake Stadium 18 months ago to referee one of the world’s most hostile derby matches, East Bengal v Mohun Bagan, with all the furore surrounding it, live TV cameras and 110,000 fans in the stands.






    Graham Poll: The infamous three card trick


    Right now I desire more than anything to get back to refereeing in the professional game, but alas red tape and bureaucracy in my new found home of the United States bars all but US Citizens and Permanent Residents to officiate in the ‘Pro Game’. No exceptions, no matter how talented, even a fully fledged FIFA badge wearer has to get a Green Card to referee. I am a resident alien, can legally work, pay taxes and buy property, but I cannot whistle in the MLS. There you go, it is all ‘ego’.


    And it is that ego that drives top flight referees to do whatever is asked of them to get ‘The Final’.



    If FIFA, UEFA, CONCACAF, etc tell their officials to caution every blade of grass that moves, they will. So why not try a novel approach, let us remind the officials of what is expected from them in major tournaments, but let us also encourage the referee to utilise the very natural talents that first brought him to the notice of the governing bodies.



    Dave Roberts is a regular part of the ESPN Soccernet Press Pass team and anchor on Sportscenter. He is also an international referee.

  28. good afternoon cqn


    look I think its time to own up I was on the three man panel Allistair mentions,my Address


    Whitecrook Tim


    c/o Celtic quick news

  29. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Ta for that. Dont want wee shug snappin the nose off me tonight.Spoke to him yesterday on the Hotline and jokingly said that I hoped thomson would be on top of his game come Sunday as molly weir wouldnt be around to make his decisions for him. Feel such a fool now.



    ps It didnt make print, <o)))))

  30. The Battered Bunnet on 25 April, 2012 at 14:08 said:




    ”Scottish referee Craig Thomson gives up the day job




    Craig Thomson, the official entrusted with last weekend’s Old Firm match at Ibrox, has become the first Scottish referee to give up his day job in order to enhance his chances of making it to the pinnacle of the sport.



    Optimistic: Craig Thomson believes he can become an elite referee if he dedicates more time to becoming fitter, fresher and more prepared



    Thomson, 36, has resigned his full-time post with the law firm of Maclay, Murray and Spens, and has accepted a new position with Forth Electrical Services which will see see him work two days per week.”