D&P blow their own argument to shreds in court


The core essence of Duff and Phelps protests at the SFA judicial panel punishment handed out this week, as they state, is that: “in our opinion do the panel fail to have properly apportioned culpability between the Club and Craig Whyte”.

Yesterday we found out the truth about how Duff and Phelps really think about apportioning culpability between a company and a director.

The Lawyer magazine yesterday reported:

“The administrators are suing Collyer Bristow and Whyte’s takeover vehicle the Rangers FC Group for at least £25m in damages. The firm is accused of conspiracy, breach of undertaking, negligence and breach of trust, with Withey – who acted as the club’s company secretary – complicit in the allegations.”

The Lawyer goes on to say that Mark Phillips, QC, acting on behalf of Duff and Phelps, “told the court that there was no evidence anyone else at Collyer Bristow was involved, but that as Withey had authority to act for the firm, it was liable for the losses flowing from his “conspiracy”.

Get this clear; in the opinion of Duff and Phelps QC, as Withey had authority to act for Collyer Bristow, Collyer Bristow was liable.

Craig Whyte acted on behalf of Rangers after 6 May last year just as the old board acted on behalf of the club before then.  These people are using one argument to chase an enormous £25m but using the counter argument to subvert an SFA judicial panel.

The rules of the SFA are clear, Rangers are ‘liable’ for the actions of their directors, as anyone using this argument to pursue £25m should be well aware.  These people are shameless.

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  1. Just had a thought. Was it sportswriter of the year Jackhun who penned the ‘who’s the most hated man at ipox’ headline?



    If it was, who the feck voted for this guy, his family????




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    Thoroughly recommend visiting @Hampden_Museum before certain items are taken back. Open this Saturday.


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    Museum has nothing displayed belonging to RFC. We remain committed to supporting our fellow member of the Scottish Football Heritage Network


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  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Kyle Lafferty has had a three day training stint and medical at Saville Road, Chadwell Heath.






    Hail HAil

  4. Is Mise Neil Lennon on

    greenmaestro on 25 April, 2012 at 14:40 said:


    Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 25 April, 2012 at 14:35 said:


    Is Mise Neil Lennon on 25 April, 2012 at 14:07 said:


    If you have a minute you might want to take a look at this.







    You broke the survey!





  5. Lee Miller. Tragic and very sad. So sorry for your loss.



    God Bless son.




  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Al Jazeera has decided not to bid for the Premier League television rights when the next auction starts in August for a three year period. Al Jazeera had been seriously considering such a move as part of its plans to build a global sports brand.



    The form of the packages to be offered has not yet been decided, but the Premier League had been hoping that Al Jazeera, backed by Qatar’s gas and oil wealth, would go head-to-head with Sky. It now looks as if only BSkyB and ESPN will be involved in the main packages.



    A comment issued by Citigroup said: ‘The bidding process will potentially have more twists and turns, making the process more complicated to analyse. In general, though, the direction of travel is favourable to BSkyB. The move to pan-European rights, if that happens, would raise the barriers to entry into the auction while reports of Al Jazeera’s non-involvement, if confirmed, suggest the bidding process will stay rational.’



    This means that is is unlkely that there will be a significant real terms increase in revenue for clubs of the kind that has been seen in the past, but they are unlikely to see the key television revenues diminish.

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Sky Deutschland has tightened its grip on live coverage of Bundesliga football, although it will now pay almost twice as much as it did before.



    The pay-TV channel has won the rights to show matches on the web, as well as extending those for cable and satellite broadcasts, for four seasons from August 2013. The decision was a setback for Deutsche Telekom, which had blaunched a much-hyped bid for satellite and cable rights as a complement to the mobile web and IPTV rights it wanted to extend.



    Sky Deutschland will pay an average of €468m a year for the broader rights package, compared with an average of €250m a year it is paying for four seasons ending in June 2013.



    The Bundesliga will earn an additional €142m on average a year from companies such as radio stations and public TV for packages covering highlights. This takes its total average annual payments to €628m, 52 per cent higher than the current rate of €410m a year and also well above league hopes of hitting €500 a year.

  8. Why is the outcome of the tax cases taking so long? Is there a strategy as to when results are released and if so what could they be waiting for? Thanks, Breeny

  9. My dear,dear,dear,friend… Awe Naw



    Hiya, Pally?



    Hmmmmmmmm .. Right Back at ye!



    Where did ye find that oot..???



    So, Lafferty, has hid a Medical.. at the Hammers Training Grun?



    West Ham?



    Double, Double.. Hmmmmmmmm… Hmmmmmmmmmmm.





    Still, Laughin’

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    an east end birdie told me and quite a reliable chapess she is too !!



    Hail Hail

  11. Awe_Naw_



    Pretty sure I read a couple of weeks back they were looking to take advantage of the turmoil over the La Liga tv rights and purchase those.

  12. Awe naw.



    Thanks. So 2 of the worst bits of reporting of the year and It’s ‘Well done on yer award my son’



    What the feck did the bloody runner up report on to come 2nd to this fud.



    ‘Germany invade Poland’






  13. Won’t the results be random if its monkeys filling in the survey- what will the results look like once they process the numbers through the hun enumeration engine at the big ludge? In graph form it will look like a toddlers inane scribbling…no matter I’m sure one of the hun polymaths will extrapolate some semantic relevance…it could be like extracting truth from a polygraph reading of the haystack answers & views from nowhere you would get from our Hero by proxy- Whytey.



    You could dupe that lot with lies to children type fabrications…there are none so naive as the ignorant.

  14. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Afternoon.



    As in any judicial process, before you embark on the road to the court there are always a couple of questions you should ask. The obvious one is ” what are the consequences if I lose?”. What is often not so obvious is the question ” What are the consequences if I win?”.



    Imagine appearing before an appeal body with a view to arguing that the independent disciplinary panel were too severe in handing out punishment to Rangers in relation to the recent hearing. You set out your appeal argument– an appeal argument that was so eloquently argued over the airwaves by Duff & Phelps, by Ally McCoist and later by Jim Traynor on Radio Scotland last night.



    Taking the comments from all 3 sources your arguments would be as follows-perhaps!



    1. The penalties were too severe– especially the transfer embargo– as such a penalty only leads to uncertainty for any party wishing to purchase Rangers PLC and the decision detrimentally affects the value of Rangers PLC going forward making the rescue of the club ever more difficult. As Rangers are necessary to the liveliehood of the Scottish game this should have been a factor that was taken into consideration and so in certain respects the punishment should be reduced– especially the transfer Embargo.



    2. The actions under scrutiny, covered a period of less than one season, and in particular were the nefarious decisions and actions of the owner of the club, who acting alone, guided the club along lines which lead to the breaches of the SPL/SFA and potentially UEFA rules. Other Directors of the club were oblivious to this conduct, spoke out against such conduct within Ibrox when it became public and so on. The club, of itself, did not gain from the non payment of taxes nor did it secure any financial advantage as a result of the decisions taken by the owner and Director. Therefore the club itself should share less of the blame for these actions and the punishment for the Director should either stand or be increased and the punishment for the club should be lessened accordingly.



    3. Maximum penalties have been imposed by the panel where maximun penalties are not warranted. It was the Director and owner who failed to comply with disclosure provisions and by so doing his actions have dragged the club into rule breaches. Those rule breaches did not occur in the course of the everyday running of the club but rather occurred as a result of one individual seeking to withold salient information as to his status and his capapbility to be deemed a fit and proper person. Rangers Football Club did not at any time seek to mislead the SFA nor did Rangers Football club gain any advantage as a result of the deception carried out by the individual concerned. Therefore– the maximum penalty should not be applied to the club.



    4. A transfer embargo has been applied to the club, presumably because the club has breached financial governance rules, witheld PAYE and other taxes, and failed to make payments that were contractually due in respect of player transfers. Whilst it is accepted that these offences occurred, it should be pointed out that Rangers have no prolonged history of non tax compliance. Further, funds were available to fulfil tax liabilities but the decision not to pay due taxes was again taken by one Rogue director who controlled the club. With regard to the transfers, these were entered into by a previous management in the main who conducted all transfer dealings in good faith and with every expectation that the appropriate transfer fees would be met in full.



    Accordingly a transfer embargo of 1 year is an excessive punishment, especially where such an embargo would seriously prejudice the club and its very existence in the future.



    5. The judicial panel, in handing down it decision, did not take into account the status and history of Rangers football club in Scotland and the financial disadvantage that would result to other clubs in the SPL if Rangers PLC were to go out of business partly as a result of these sanctions. The panel should have considered what is in the best financial interests of all the other clubs before determining the punishments, and that in this instance, punishments which otherwise might be appropriate should be mitigated for the financial well being of other clubs in the SPL.



    6. The punishments are excessive and not in the spirit of natural justice. they will result in the demise of the club and are therefore unfair and excessive in practice.



    I think that just about sums up the arguments presented so far.



    Now it is very easy to knock some of these arguments out. For example number1 from D&P. The independent panel are not there to consider what effect their decisions have on the value of Rangers PLC nor if it makes the job of selling the club harder for D&P. Nor should they be concerned about whether a properly arrived at judicial decision leads to some form of uncertainty about who may or may not buy the club.



    D&P were appointed as Administrators to Uncertainty FC anyway– there was uncertainty as to the amount of tax they were due, uncertainty as to the extent of their liabilities, uncertainty about the finances of Craig Whyte and Ally’s warchest. Uncertainty about the value and status of any security Whyte gained over the assets. Uncertainty about the status of Ticketus. Uncertainty about player contracts, who they were registered with, what they have now been negotiated down to and who actually holds the contracts. Uncertainty as to Bill Ng and his bid. Uncertainty as to the seriousness of Brian Kennedy. Uncertainty as to the financial viability of the Blue Knights, their very identity and their ability to take the club forward. Uncertainty as to the status of Paul Murray as a former Director of a now Insolvent Company. and on and on it goes. So you can forget No 1.



    Lets then jump to No 5. The need for Rangers. Presume for a moment that the entire nation is in agreement with this proposition– that Scottish Football needs Rangers. No one– not even Rangers nor anyone connected with Rangers– is arguing that they have not broken the rules and there there should not be a punishment. So, on that basis, here is the question.



    On these issues alone– what is the appropriate,dignified, fair and just, and acceptable sum that each of the other clubs should benefit by in return for reducing the otherwise appropriate penalties that should be imposed on Rangers or indeed in return for no penalty at all?



    If the argument is that the punishment should be lessened because of the disadvantage to other clubs if Rangers are properly punished– lets put a figure on the amount of disadvantage concerned. For what price do you sell integrity, presuming that it is for sale in the first place.



    Is it the price of the Sky deal? Or a proportion thereof?



    Lets say that is the price.— Well that price should be payable by Rangers– whether Rangers PLC or Rangers New Co, The Texas Rangers, The Lone Ranger or the Power Rangers or whoever comes along. What would be the logical argument against such a proposition?



    if you can only really continue because we would be disadvantaged financially for doing the right thing– then hey you pay that prie for continued existence! Does that seem fair and just?



    Lets then presume that all other arguments are used and noted in what turns out to be a successful appeal. It is agreed that the punishments are too hard. That the transfers were entered into by the management and Directors of the time in good faith, with the intention of paying. Let’s say that it is accepted that that the majority of the reprehensible conduct was the work of one or two men, acting alone, who others criticised where possible and who tried to govern the club properly. Let’s say that it was also conduct which arose out of extreme penury and desperate circumstances– when financial hardship drove individuals to act wrongly and desperately into breaking the rules. Let’s also acknowledge that, non payment of transfer fees and ticket money aside, Rangers Football club as a whole did not gain financially as a result of such actions other than to fill a cashflow shortfall which may have been cured by players sales in the future and by cost cutting measures — we will ignore the megamillions offered for Jelavic and refused for the moment.



    Let’s say that it is in the interests of the rest of Scottish football that other teams are not prejudiced financially as a result of Rangers actions— and that for all these reasons– the penalties should be lessened and the transfer embargo reduced or retracted.



    No one argues that Craig Whyte should not be banned from football.



    So you appeal successfully. Your argument has succeeded, your grounds noted, your reasoning vindicated.



    And then comes another judicial decision. A judicial decision that shows that over something like a 15 year period, the very same club contracted with 77 different players of substantial value in footballing terms and engaged in a scheme that was designed to avoid paying millions of pounds of tax. Further, many of those players, together with members of the coaching staff and the Directors involved, were not only paid through that scheme, but had duplicate or second contracts which were never disclosed to the football authorities in breach of that authorities rules. Further, this was not a scheme by a sole Director or a rogue Director or two– no this was a scheme designed and advised upon by professionals to the full board of Rangers football club and where not a single long term serving Director spoke out or criticised the scheme at all. Hugh Adam aside.



    This was a scheme designed to gain unfair financial advantage for the club in a poor league in financial terms and which was embarked upon at a time when the then owner openly boasted about the finances and the spending power of the club. Not a scheme borne out of panic or desperate times, but a scheme designed to further enhance the financial advantage already attained, and a scheme designed to entice players away from other clubs-some in the SPL- who could not afford such players bt way of legitimate payment. a scheme designed to ensure that this club would gain year after byear from the riches of European and UEFA governed football and the associated TV rights and exposure– which exposure leads to lucrative sponsorship and the ability to attract ever higher profile players.



    This was a scheme designed to bring on field success and the money that goes with that. Consequently, as a result of these rule breaches and the operation of such a scheme, it follows that other clubs were financially disadvantaged– year after year after year– some potentially to the tune of Millions of pounds.



    Worse still, is the fact that those who served Rangers at the time, were by their position within Rangers Football Club, asked to serve the national interests of football in Scotland. As men of integrity they were asked to fulfil national roles whilst all the time failing to disclose their own involvement in rule breaches which benefited their club and they themselves financially.



    Lets say that this decision castigates such a prolonged and directed course of action as a course of fraudulent or wrongful trading– designed to gain benefit by way of an unlawful practice which, once discovered, they chose not to stop & in the full knowledge that the consequence of this practice once discovered and haalted would be complete and utter insolvency for the organisation concerned.



    If you have argued that the absolute maximum penalty should not be invoked for the actions of season 2011/2012– what excuse do you have for avoiding maximum sanction for seasons 1998-2010 at least?



    If Craig Whyte should be banned for life for his role over 8 months– what should the sanction be for those who were involved in such conduct over decades?



    If the rest of Scottish Football should not be financially prejudiced as a result of Rangers ceasing to exist– how do you plan to compensate Scottish Football for the financial disadvantage it suffered as a result of a prolonged unlawful act.



    If a transfer embargo is not warranted because at the time the transfers were entered into in good faith– what excuse is there for no embargo being imposed on a club who conducted a transfer policy whereby all football authorities the world over were deliberately mislead about the true nature of player contracts and proper player registrations?



    What sanctions should be placed on a club where that club’s Directors were in flagrant breach of their duties to the SFA and SPL and possibly UEFA? Breaches which are openly admitted to have resulted in the passing of considerable sums of money to the individuals concerned for their own private benefit.



    Should any such Directors escape a lifetime ban from football?



    Should any coaching staff who were party to such a prolonged failure to abide by the rules have any future in football– if it is shown that they were party to the signing of players under these conditions and the registering of players under false declarations?



    No the problem with embarking on any court case is the question what happens next?



    In this instance the appeal would be lodged by Duff & Phelps, and God help them they cannot trust or have any faith in the past activities of former Directors of this football club. Nor can anyone else– not Traynor, not McCoist, not the SFA or the SPL, and certainly not anyone who is going to do due dilligence on the activities of Rangers PLC and its former Directors. There is then problem– you cannot trust the past integrity of this club for fear that it will come back to haunt you and the very arguments you want to advance with this current set of punishments



    That is why any appeal is fraught with danger.



    You can be afraid of the case that you are facing… but you should be bloody terrified of the case that might yet be to come…………. and you should do nothing that might make that worse!!!

  15. Margaret McGill on

    From 6 weeks ago……




    The role of London lawyers Collyer and Bristow and partner Gary Withey are


    likely to attract more attention as the events behind client Craig Whyte’s


    takeover of Glasgow Rangers- effectively with its own money – unravel.



    Withey was at the centre of the takeover negotiations with Sir David Murray.


    Funds were to go through a Collyer Bristow client account. Undertakings for


    5m pounds of future funding for the club appeared under Collyer Bristow


    letterheads. Gary and Craig seem to have become close once Pritchard stockbrokers, where


    Whyte was a shareholder/backer and company secretary, acquired the private client business of brokers Wills & Co. after it was effectively closed down by the Fundamentally Supine Authority in 2010. Withey acted for Wills.


    He had previously been observed socialising with Craig Whyte at a PLUS Stock Exchange dinner in 2009, where Whyte was a Wills guest. Now the FSA has effectively shut down Pritchard.


    Whyte and Wills are not Collyer Bristow’s only colourful clients to attract attention. Danish conman Bjorn Stiedl was convicted of fraud on a Scottish pension fund in 2004, but not before he had been engaged in promoting failed film tax schemes with the aid of advice from Collyer Bristow.


    Also involved in the Balfron fraud was struck off lawyer Paul Baxendale-Walker, whose employee benefit trust tax scheme is at the centre of Rangers’ financial problems. Meanwhile, perhaps the FSA will direct itself to a statement in the Rangers shareholder circular last June announcing the Whyte purchase: ” The information contained in this document for which they accept reponsibility is in accordance with the facts and does not omit anything likely to affect the import of such information”.



    The club, rather than the directors, was last week fined 50K pounds by PLUS for failing to disclose that Whyte had been disqualified as a director for 7 years in 2000. But what about the funding for the Rangers takeover—provided by mortgaging future ticket revenue—and the 26.7m pounds Whyte promised to provide for players and investment which has not materialized?



    No doubt Gary Withey and Collyer Bristow have complete explanations.

  16. Awe_Naw,



    Having missed out on Jelavic they have gone for the No2.



    Could be a wee bit disappionted…

  17. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Awe Naw






    Thanks fur the info,pal..



    If this Tit Bit hiz legs, then …. it’s Very Guid News.



    Lafferty, is one guy, whom Ah hiv never liked… seriously…


    and this wull destroy his.. “Ibrox Legacy”.. Big Time..



    And ,every Ex.. Ger…



    Values, his.. “Ibrox Legacy”… so much..






    Bad, Bad, Fellah.



    Anyway, Thanks , Again,pal..





    yer pal..who thinks yer Swellegant.



    Still, Laughin’

  18. SSN



    Greg Clarke, Football League Chairman.


    Saying ‘ think Portsmouth will fold over the summer as it owns tens of millions of pounds and has very few assets’.


    ‘I expect liquidation if a new owner with lots of money doesn’t come forward’



    When told of the huns position he said


    ‘ hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..their f£$%&*’

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘No one argues that Craig Whyte should not be banned from football.’ -call me ole fashioned but I like the cut of his jib; he’s certainly contributed a lot to the merriment of this season. We’ ll definitely miss him when he goes.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    ALLY McCOIST insists Rangers would be unable to cope with a year-long ban on signing players after claiming other managers are already “sniffing” about the administration-hit club’s squad.



    The Glasgow giants were hit with a £160,000 fine and 12-month embargo on registering players aged over 17 by the Scottish Football Association’s judicial panel after being found guilty of five charges in relation to their finances and the appointment of Craig Whyte as chairman.



    Players last month agreed wage cuts of up to 75pc to avoid redundancies and will revert to their original contracts on June 1, with some securing clauses which would allow them to leave for a specific fee.



    Administrators are appealing the SFA decision, but McCoist fears the worst if the verdict stands.



    He said: “We can’t cope with it. We have lost players already this season.



    “Individual players have clauses in their contracts individually by themselves which indicate they may leave for more suitable terms for them themselves for their own benefit. I would have to ask them the question: would they be happy with us not being able to bring in new players? They absolutely wouldn’t.



    “There are already managers way down south sniffing about our players — I know of that. They are like vultures around our squad at the moment, which angers and disappoints me.






    “But that is the territory we are moving in at the moment. We are a seriously wounded animal dying with cancer and with severe athletes foot I am not joking you honestly”



    “It’s a double-edged sword. If we can’t strengthen the squad then those within it currently may want to leave.”



    McCoist accused the SFA of not doing enough to help Rangers during one of the most turbulent periods in their history and urged them to follow the lead of English football authorities and their treatment of Portsmouth. He said: “You don’t know if the SFA will see sense.



    “There was nobody prouder than me to represent my country. I was really fortunate to represent my country on a good number of occasions.



    “But I just feel the governing body is just not doing nearly enough to help the greatest club in the world in the present current situation as it is today.”

  21. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Dontbrattbakkinanger on 25 April, 2012 at 15:22 said:




    ‘No one argues that Craig Whyte should not be banned from football.’ -call me ole fashioned but I like the cut of his jib; he’s certainly contributed a lot to the merriment of this season. We’ ll definitely miss him when he goes.




    Aye but would you leave him in charge of the petty cash or the medicine cabinet?

  22. Awe_Naw – your info is good. Messrs Naismith and Davis will also be plying their trade in the capital next season…..and not Auld Reekie

  23. I need a pick me up.



    Surely ‘Crazy Bill Miller’ will be making a statement soon?

  24. craigwhitesoptometrist says u have 21/20 vision, is that even possible? on

    I thought it was keevins that done the article regards Lennon being more hated than tax man just before the old firm match at their grip.

  25. A Tale of Father SFA and its Naughty Son Billy




    SFA – look Billy, we love you to bits, but we have warned you many many times before about this, we just can’t keep covering up for you – not with UEFA and the new media watching us. UEFA want Fair Play and they want you to act responsibly – this is a final warning Billy – you will not be allowed to play with the big boys of the SPL if you don’t at least try to clean up some of your mess! How about starting with the papershop bill? phonebill? leccy bill?



    Billy – What mess? That’s no fair ! You said you would always protect me !!! You said I could keep the titles and trophies and the glory that we have colluded together to cheat to win !! What about them ? What about Lennon and their skools? What about all our shared hatreds and prejudices ? Our love of Bigotry, the Ludge !!! Whataboutery ? I am getting the referees commitee onto you !! You will regret this SFA ………………



    THE MESS :


    A K Ray, Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow £150


    ADI UK, Preston £7620


    AS St Etienne, France £252,212.39


    ASL, East Sussex £2514


    Acies Group, Edinburgh £2340


    Adrian Coll, Balloch £1600


    Alan Duncan, Glasgow £1400


    Alexander West Property, Glasgow £2807


    Alison Walker TV, Bearsden £600


    Alliance Video, Surrey £204


    Aon Limited, London £14,151


    Arena Imaging, Derby £336


    Argyll and Bute Council £406.80


    Arsenal Football Club £136,560


    Astra Hygiene Supplies, Dumbarton £61.27


    Audi Stirling £396.05


    Azure Support Services, Macclesfield £523,949.71


    Azzurri Scotland, Burnley £34.63


    BTWShiells, Belfast £2917.39


    Barr Environmental Limited, Cummnock £264





    SFA – look Billy, we love you to bits, but we have warned you many many times before about this, we just can’t keep covering up for you – not with UEFA and the new media watching us. UEFA want Fair Play and they want you to act responsibly – this is a final warning Billy – you will not be allowed to play with the big boys of the SPL if you don’t at least try to clean up some of your mess! How about starting with the papershop bill? phonebill? leccy bill?



    Billy – What mess? That’s no fair ! You said you would always protect me !!! You said I could keep the titles and trophies and the glory that we have colluded together to cheat to win !! What about them ? What about Lennon and their skools? What about all our shared hatreds and prejudices ? Our love of Bigotry, the Ludge !!! Whataboutery ? I am getting the referees commitee onto you !! You will regret this SFA ………………



    THE MESS :


    A K Ray, Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow £150


    ADI UK, Preston £7620


    AS St Etienne, France £252,212.39


    ASL, East Sussex £2514


    Acies Group, Edinburgh £2340


    Adrian Coll, Balloch £1600


    Alan Duncan, Glasgow £1400


    Alexander West Property, Glasgow £2807


    Alison Walker TV, Bearsden £600


    Alliance Video, Surrey £204


    Aon Limited, London £14,151


    Arena Imaging, Derby £336


    Argyll and Bute Council £406.80


    Arsenal Football Club £136,560


    Astra Hygiene Supplies, Dumbarton £61.27


    Audi Stirling £396.05


    Azure Support Services, Macclesfield £523,949.71


    Azzurri Scotland, Burnley £34.63


    BTWShiells, Belfast £2917.39


    Barr Environmental Limited, Cummnock £264


    Base Soccer Agency, London £52,560


    Bauer Radio Ltd (Radio Clyde) £702


    Beyard Services, Beith £5559.60


    Bhutta’s Newsagents, Glasgow £567.45


    Big Think Agency, Glasgow £14,265.60


    Blooms UK Limited, Glasgow £70


    Brabners, Manchester £12,999


    Brentwood Estates, Manchester £42,963.06


    Brian Proudfoot, Glasgow £2,802


    British Gas £1,562.42


    BT £1,292.13


    Business Cost Consultants, Glasgow £6,240.60


    Business Stream, Edinburgh £9,727.22


    CNP Professional, Cheshire £719.96


    CRE8, Gloucester £68,406.70


    Cairn Financial, London £4,127.60


    Cairns & Scott Caterhire, Glasgow £762


    Cameron Presentations, Glasgow £8,795.99


    Campbell Medical Supplies, Paisley £3,386.73


    Camtec, Herts £552


    Canniesburn Taxis, Bearsden £269.69


    Capital Solutions, Edinburgh £11,423.40


    Capito Ltd, Livingston £1,049.69


    Carberry’s Coaches, Portadown Co Armagh £1,200


    Carnival Chaos Production, Edinburgh £672


    Carol Govan, Glasgow £600


    Cask Productions, Glasgow £1,980


    Cask Sports, Glasgow £2,919.60


    Catercare Scotland, Stewarton £420


    Charlton Chauffeur Drive, Glasgow £792


    Chelsea FC £238,345.43


    Childcare Vouchers, London £1,143.74


    Chilli It, Chester £416.52


    Chris Clarke, Kilmarnock £150


    Christine Siebelt, Milngavie £1,100


    Citrus Office Solutions, Lancashire £4,304.24


    City Electrical Factors, Glasgow £215.40


    Clyde Productions, Glasgow £180


    Coca Cola £10,133.91


    Colin Suggett, Sunderland £741.80


    Collstream Limited, Derby £5,779.37


    Collyer Bristow, London £40,691.22


    Colours Agency Glasgow £1,980


    Computer Links, Livingston £2,146.32


    Computershare Investor Service, Bristol, £23,855.03


    Craig Services & Access East Sussex £900


    Culture & Sport Glasgow £10,338.96


    Daily Record & Sunday Mail £312


    DealBureau Commercial Finance, Southend £10,000


    Decco Limited, Glasgow £174.72


    Dell Computer Corporation, Berkshire £272.85


    Direct Medical Imaging, Lancashire £230


    Disclosure Scotland £372


    Dominique S Byrne, Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow £160


    Dr David A S Marshall, Bridge of Weir £160


    Dundas & Wilson, Edinburgh £24,027.84


    E.ON £8,827.14


    Eagle Consulting, Inverness £40


    Eagle Couriers, Bathgate £96.60


    Eden Springs, Blantyre £644.64


    Edinburgh Audi £5,197.08


    Electrical Was te Recycling, County


    Durham £18


    Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Stirling £9,000


    Events Audio Visual, Clydebank £300


    Exchequer Corporate Finance , Surrey £4,000


    Executive Hire, Harlow £1,060


    FES FM, Stirling £80,874.93


    FL Memo, London £116.86


    FX Signs, Glasgow £15,546.56


    G Media Mangement, Cheltenham £995


    G4S, Surrey £295,036.24


    GTG Training, Glasgow £396


    Gareth Neil Design, Glasgow £3,200


    Gerry McGeoch, Glasgow £150


    Glasgow Audi £1,041.62


    Glasgow City Council £5,000


    Glasgow City Council (Council Tax) £2,008.21


    Glasgow Leading Attractions (The Willow Tea Rooms) £1,525


    Glasgow Taxis £TBC


    Glencairn Crystal Studio, East Kilbide £354


    Gordon McKay, Blackridge £150


    HOBS Reprographics, Glasgow £270.15


    HSS Hire Service £67.10


    Hamilton Brothers, Bishopton £115.56


    Hay McKerron Associates, Milngavie £3,600


    Hepscott Water Systems, Morpeth £1,190.28


    Hrvoje Bojanic Beethoveova, Zagreb, Croatia £2,898.42


    Hutchesons Eductational Trust, Glasgow £550


    ILC Media, Preston £2,040


    IMG Media, Chiswick £180


    Impact Signs, Cumbernauld £9,482.79


    Integrated Cleaning Management, Hampshire £3,329.19


    Iris Chorus Application Software, Devon £5,973.60


    Iris Ticketing, Devon £37,210.42


    Iron Mountain, Livingston £1,271.16


    JCM Business Consulting, Paisley £2,745


    JJB Sports £19,390.59


    James Gordon (Engineers), Galston £1,437.68


    Jewson, Glasgow £930.60


    Joe Lennon Picture Framing, Bearsden £840


    John Deere, Gloucester £41,191.59


    K7X, Ayr, £240


    Kalamazoo Secure Solutions, Birmingham £4,017


    Keith Hawley, Glasgow £2,600


    Kevin Cameron Radio Service, Paisley £600


    Kube Networks, Glasgow £7,672.08


    L & S Litho, Glasgow £17,035.04


    Lothian Power Clean, Larkhall £194.34


    LSK Supplies, Glasgow £178.58


    Lawrie Furnishings, Paisley £607.20


    Limelight Networks , Arizona £2,333.49


    Link Seating Limited, Worcestershire £606.98


    Loomis UK, Nottingham £2,248.08


    Louis Grace Electrical, Glasgow £1,087.84


    Lyco Direct Limited , Milton Keynes £2,381.27


    MSM Solicitors, Paisley £420


    MacGregor Industrial Supplies, Inverness £106.76


    Mackinnon Partners, Gourock £200


    Manchester City FC £328,248.71


    Manea Florin Bucharest £37,500


    Mar Hall, Bishopton £5,511.90


    Marsh Ltd UK, Norwich £779.10


    Martin Dawes, Warrington £654.74


    Media House, Glasgow £19,200


    MediaCom, Edinburgh £11,544.42


    Menzies Hotels, Derbyshire £257.40


    Michael Douglas, Glasgow £100


    Milngavie Mini Market £413.29


    Modular Property Holdings, Glasgow £20,930.22


    Motif Promotional Clothing, Glasgow £27.29


    Murray Group Holdings, Edinburgh £278,964.30


    Nairn Brown (Glasgow) £1,492.50


    National Car Rental, Leicester £162.52


    Navyblue Design Group, Edinburgh £6,960


    Newline Products, Glasgow £7,001


    Newsquest (Herald & Times £1,500


    Nexo S.A., France £1,799.37


    Nicola Young, Glasgow £3,500


    Noble Grossart, Edinburgh £18,612


    Nordic Scouting, Oslo £20,000


    North Glasgow College £11,041.80


    OHSS, Edinburgh £234


    OfficeFurnitureOnline.co.uk, Dumfires £338.40


    Ooyala, California £733.92


    Opal Telecom £169.72


    Orebro SK £150,000


    Oxford Hotels & Inns (Carnoustie) £3,709.96


    PR Newswire Europe £300


    PTS – Plumbing Trade Supplies, Leicester £30.42


    Paramed, Howwood £1,050


    Parklands Country Club, Glasgow £500


    Parks of Hamilton £7,256


    Paton Plant, York £1,450.16


    Perform Group, Middlesex £346,097.43


    Pineapple Aroundshot, Co Durham £2,316.96


    Pineapple Photographic, Co Durham £5,875


    Ping Network Solutions, Glasgow £4,020.25


    Plum Films, Edinburgh £3,000


    Posh Deli, Glasgow £260


    Postage by Phone, Essex £510.80


    Premier Cash Registers, Glasgow £12,600


    Prime Commercial Properties


    Management, London £10,805.53


    Professional Pre-Season Tours (Libero), Glasgow £60,000


    Quick Shift Tyre Service, Glasgow £48


    R.F.Brown, Hamilton £1,681.44


    RBS WorldPay, Cambridge £180.66


    RS Components Limited, Northants £204.95


    Rangers Lotteries Ltd, Glasgow £105.80


    Reed Business Information, Surrey £2,764.80


    Renfrewshire Council HQ £108


    Restore Scotland, Paisley £579.74


    Rigby Taylor Limited, Bolton £10,762.16


    Rodgers Sercurity Systems, Glasgow £342.50


    Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow £770.50


    Ross Promotional, Glasgow £1,022.88


    Royal Mail £3,262.54


    SDL Group, Glasgow £1,350


    SG World, Cheshire £577.56


    SIR Teknologi, West Sussex £TBC


    SK Rapid, Austria £1,011,763.44


    STRI, West Yorkshire £17.28


    Saffery Champness, Glasgow £31,028.01


    Scot-West Business Forms, Glasgow £749.60


    Scotprint, Haddington £7,514


    Scotrae Productions, Greenock £17,058.94


    Scottish Ambulance Service £8,438.40


    Scottish Hydro Electric £62,527.30


    Scottish Power £302.44


    Search Promotional Merchandise, Buckinghamshire £6,240


    Shanks Waste Management, Southampton £122.58


    Sharon Agnew, Glasgow £460


    Shawfield Timber, Glasgow, £786.24


    Shell UK £7,637.94


    Shields Land Rover, Glasgow £246.75


    Shred-it Glasgow £444


    Sign Plus, Dunfermline £2,473.22


    Signature Industries, London £1,507.90


    Simplewaste Solutions, Clydebank £17,626.26


    Sinclair Pharmacy, Glasgow £1,909.79


    Slater Menswear , Glasgow £688.31


    Solutions.tv, Glasgow £2,652


    Sound Acoustic Productions, Glasgow £12,000


    Souters Irrigation Services, Cumbernauld £456


    Spike Multiedia, Giffnock £5,312.50


    Sporting iD, Tyne and Wear £144.70


    Sportopps.com, Belfast £150


    Sports Alliance, Bury £2,006.65


    Sports Revolution, London £5,034.52


    Stellar Football, London £72,000


    Stirling Fire Protection £1,149.30


    Stockline Plastics, Glasgow £258


    Strathclyde Police £51,882


    Striking Imagery, Cumbernauld £113.51


    Stuart MacMorran, Clydebank £422.50


    Summit Asset Management, Surrey £70,555.88


    Susan Thomson Your Sonsie Face, Glasgow £40


    TNT £1,255.39


    Tabs FM, London, £1,980


    Tellcomm Limited, West Midlands £6,435.89


    The Arco Group, Hull £443.43


    The Brite Bulb, Bishopbriggs £3,209.64The Burnbrae, Bearsden £1,403.88


    The Business & Property Bureau, Bearsden £7,376


    The Business Incentives Group, Glasgow £1,893.60


    The City of Edinburgh Council £90


    The Fees Company, Edinburgh £118.16


    The Financial Times £3,480


    The Scottish Football League £3,859.92


    The Premier Property Group, Edinburgh £103,210.96


    Thistle International Freight, Paisley £128.42


    Thistle Storage Equipment, Cumbernauld £140.40


    Thomas Cook Sport, Manchester £129,216.56


    Ticket Team, Netherlands £873.36


    Ticketline Network, Manchester £11,668.67


    Trade UK (Screwfix) £77.01


    Trident Trust Company, Jersey £40,689.90


    UK Fast, Manchester £689.78


    US Citta di Palermo, Italy £205,513.04


    Umbro £1,756.05


    University of the West of Scotland £135


    Vodafone £204


    Voicescape, Manchester £786.84


    William Henderson, Glasgow £275


    Yuill & Kyle Solicitors, Glasgow £1,486.80


    Celtic FC £40,337


    Dundee United FC £65,981.49


    Dunfermline Athletic FC £83,370.13


    Heart of Midlothian FC £800,000


    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC £39,805


    SPL £22,500


    SFA 11,089.04


    HM Revenue & Customs £14,372,042


    Ticketus, London £26,700,000


    Debenture Holders (various) £7,736,000


    Season Ticket Holders (various) £TBC


    Employees Various £25 – 60 million

  26. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I told her if she is right I will take her for dinner. I would love to take her for dinner even if she is wrong ?




  27. Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 25 April, 2012 at 14:51 said:


    greenmaestro on 25 April, 2012 at 14:49 said:



    How do you know I take cornflakes with my lager.


    Next you’ll be saying theres something wrong with Merlot and Weetabix.


    I bet you put that milk stuff in your tea…..strange!! ;)






    Didn’t intend to cause offence.



    Anyway shouldn’t it be white wine with weetabix, red with museli, something like a Muscat with sugar puffs or those other sugary cerials. Though I’m never sure what’s best with Chocos, probably just a champagne, especially if you add some strawberries.

  28. Off subject for a mo. Just viewed news article on BBC1 on MI6 guy who was found dead in a hold all (padlocked) in his flat. Report states that police believe there was someone with him when he died!!!! No kiddin Sherlock……



    My money’s on Debbie MacGee :)))))

  29. Afternoon guys ,



    Due to the normal vagaries of event planning , we have some spare capacity for the Kano night on Saturday.



    If you fancy coming along (esp if you’re in town for Rangers game and want to spend it in good company) , drop me a line at sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com



    Looks like we’ll have 420+ at the night – should be a good one.



    The Kano Foundation



The Kano Foundation End of season fundraising dance will be held in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park on sat 28th April. Tickets will be priced at £25 per head this will include a 3 course meal. Entertainment will be from Britiains no1 Michael Buble tribute act and a disco to finish off the night. We will be holding our usual raffle (prize donations welcome) and for the first time we have a fantastic auction prize. We hope to have a few special guests as well. We hope you will join us for what will be a great evening.


    If you’re interested , please email sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com



    Current attendee list is

































    Jobo Baldie



  30. I thought that mob had scraped the scum off the bottom of the desperate get out clause barrel…but this Eric Bristow & Co stuff looks like it has furry mutant legs on it…

  31. The only reason I agree with the Whyte Knights ban is it sets a precedent, if/when the BTC lands Mr Whyte would only have done what numerous RFC Directors did



    Life bans a’ roun’…

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