D&P: Rangers could cease before end of season


Lots to chew over in this afternoon’s statement from Duff and Phelps but this nugget grabbed my attention:

“If we proceed with an offer that is based on a sale of the business and assets, then we would expect the football club share to be transferred within a matter of weeks, with a preference of prior to the end of the current season.”

This means that unless a CVA is concluded beforehand, Duff and Phelps plan to ask the football authorities to award Rangers’ share in the SPL to a new club prior to the end of this season.  This share is worth money, Duff and Phelps would be able to sell it to generate cash, so there is no harm in them asking!

The enormous problem for the league is that the Newco would not employ any footballers and the final date in the season for signing non-contracted player passed a month ago.  Rangers players are employed by Rangers FC PLC and their registrations cannot be transferred to any other football club outside of a transfer window.

In the event of a liquidation (which Duff and Phelps have not accepted as a likelihood), player registrations revert to the SFA.  They are not assumed by a phoenix Newco to pick the following week.  There is absolutely no circumstances for a club to avoid liquidation and still manage to transfer their players to a Newco outside a transfer window.

How did they concoct such a fantasy?

This is a Fifa rule and cannot be altered by the SFA or SPL.  The entire debacle has become farcical.

SPL clubs, who vote on Friday on whether to introduce a procedure which would allow a Newco to be allowed straight into the league, have the proverbial gun pointing to their heads with this statement.  They must stand firm and refused to become embroiled in the mess.

The other SPL clubs and the SFA did not design this crisis at a member club and it is not their responsibility to resolve it.  We will find out soon enough whether member clubs take account of the overwhelming voice of their supporters on this matter.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ASonOfDan on 23 April, 2012 at 16:18:



    “I liked Ally’s best case scenario over the weekend of a rangers U19 team competing in the bottom six every year.”



    His comments say a lot about the mind-set that exists among the Huns.



    I’d fancy our Under19s to make the top six, because they are at a big club and have a winning mentality. Falkirk’s young team got to the semi-final of the League Cup, having dumped Rangers out of the competition, and were given plaudits for their performance against Celtic.



    We currently have a young team – average age of 23 – who are continually learning and quickly developing.



    Yet the idea of having to play a young team – and not have access to millions of pounds clearly terrifies McCoist.

  2. what a day to be without CQN..


    at least duff and duffer didnt pull the plug till I got home…

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on




    None of us pick the team or play in it – so that leaves plenty of time to discuss other topics.



    Had every Celtic supporter ignored what has been happening with the Huns we would not know even quarter of what we do at the moment.



    It’s in our interest to keep tabs on what is going on at Ibrox – otherwise our club will get shafted.

  4. It’s strange that Paul Murray is one of the people quoted in that official statement. A bit of a lack of objectivity on Duff and Phelps’s part, perhaps, or at least open to interpretation as such.

  5. Where were you…?



    Well back then I’m sure it was a Safeway. In Uddingston, next to the garage. Christine and myself had hightailed it out of town – shopping. I suffer from, always have, always will, a deep distrust of watching or listening to a Gers game. I firmly believed at one point that anytime I did they quickly scored and that was somehow my fault. This was a biggie, had to be away from temptation. Went shopping in Glasgow. We’re heading home – I switches on the radio – because it should be nearly finished. NOWHERE NEAR FINISHED – BUT IT’S 0-0. I quickly switches off the radio – ‘Quick in there, we’ll get the shopping…



    0-0 is massive. 0-0 is massive. In my head like a mantra. Over and over again. Watching the trolley fill up with ‘stuff’. 0-0 is massive. 0-0 is massive.



    I can remember the aisle of the shop I was in at the moment… Milk, yoghurt, etc. Up near the back of the shop, where you would have the thick, see-through plastic doors. There’s a young boy (15/16 years old) positioning a metal crate of milk. A another young boy sticks his head through the plastic door – gets the boy’s attention – 1-0 he beams. That’s all he says. Plastic door shuts. The milk boy is turning round biggest smile in the world on his face.



    Like the guy staring up at Harry Callaghan’s .44 magnum – I gots ta know…



    Milk boy gets himself in check, remembering his surroundings as I asks the question. He plainly says – It’s wan nil tae Kilmarnock Mister…



    And his grin is born of my grin, I gives him a half cuddle, needing to signify the moment – S’Brilliant – he says.



    I walk off back to our trolley. Christine appears a few seconds later. Catching my look of, well, joy I think. I tells her the score. At this point Milk Boy has been joined by his pal. She does not believe me. The boys are in earshot – Tell her – I says – Wan nil tae Killie Misses…



    It travelled around that store like electricity. The place was charged. You could feel the atmosphere change. Most folk out shopping at that key time either didn’t care about football or were Celtic supporters. Smiles were exchanged. We knew. Or at least – we hoped…



    I didn’t know til much much later, years later, about Tait and his request and how it backfired – this was pre-CQN mind.



    When I did find out it was the completion of the circle for me. Life likes that…




  6. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on 23 April, 2012 at 16:44 said:



    At the moment there is some doubt whether the huns will still be existence for the game to go ahead.



    IF D&P have run out of cash, and have no prospect of a £500,00 windfall to see them through, then they have to liquidate, whatever other factors are in play, and whatever the consequences are for the SPL.

  7. Imagine just IMAGINE!!!!!!


    There was no CQN,RTC or PHIL MAC to explain all this to us and give us a chance to discuss this farce.


    just IMAGINE we were dependent on the Laptop Loyal i.e DR, HUN ,SNYDE & SHORTBREAD to spin this to us what would we be like now.


    Thanks to The NEW MEDIA aka Paul67 and others this nightmare thought will never again be possible & like the huns the lying LL are dying as we speak so again thank you Paul , RTC and all the new media for setting us free from their spin & lies.



  8. February 12th Rangers till I die ………………………….


    February 13th Rangers till july (Maybe 12th )………………….


    April 23rd Rangers till next week..we are rangers till next week…………………

  9. The Token Tim on




    sorry mate but have to disagree re Ernie’s post to you.



    It wasnt overly agressive, in fact i wouldnt call it agressive at all.


    More a bit sarcastic.



    He can be a bit OTT at times, but not this time….IMHO.



    But have to admit the second to you and quonno did make me laugh.



    Sorry, but it was funny.






  10. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on 23 April, 2012 at 16:44 said:



    And another thing.



    How many times have we played the huns since the Club was formed?



    How many times have they been liquidated?



    Which is the bigger event?

  11. Rangers now have a new bidder from China that says he will pay off ALL their debt,buy new players, refit the stadium and return Rangers to their former glory.



    Mr Nay Foo Kin Chans will meet with Administrators this week.

  12. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Steinreignedsupreme on 23 April, 2012 at 16:50 said:





    None of us pick the team or play in it – so that leaves plenty of time to discuss other topics.



    Had every Celtic supporter ignored what has been happening with the Huns we would not know even quarter of what we do at the moment.



    It’s in our interest to keep tabs on what is going on at Ibrox – otherwise our club will get shafted.




    Whatever happens at Mordor Happens,,,we cant influence the outcome any more than we already have,,,all we have on here nowadays is crap rumours about the Huns dying in the next 24 hours,,we have been hearing this for an eternity now and they are still kicking!!



    If its going to happen it will happen but far too many are obsessing on hers about it!



    I know none of us picks the team but it never stopped the entire Blog trying to pick Lenny’s team for him in the past ,,,thats what us Celtic fans do,,,talk and speculate about Celtic our team,players,tactics etc!!



    im not trying to argue or fall out with any of you,,just sick fed up listening to all this Hun crap!!



    Hail hail

  13. celtic underground on twitter



    Meanwhile, to rub salt into the wounds, I hear the Celtic powers that be have already started to plan for the champions league qualifiers.

  14. Whit Wull it Tak, fur us…tae Beat the G.A. in the Next . .Confronto?



    There is …



    Only…. WAN, Assured Way!



    and That is….



    Oor Team Must WANTA Beat the G.A. .. a LOAT MAIR..


    than the G.A. .. wanna Beat Us!






    Damn . Right!





    Laffiing Away.. as Usual.

  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on





    How long? Not long.


    Cos what you reap is what you sow!



    Rage Against The Machine. How apt.

  16. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Have Thems deceased, departed, died, expired, passed away, shuffled off this mortal coil yet?



    Oh I see, not yet but it’s imminent. Watch this space. Count slowly to one hundred and ………. tick, tock, tick, tock, ……..

  17. ibleedgreenandwhite1



    Posters on the blog start conversations and can go off on tangents from the blog leader all the time.



    Might be a little too early in the week for the majority to start thinking off team line ups etc for Sunday, esp with bigger news potentially on the way, but if you provide us your views and hopes for the game, many others may join in with you.




  18. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    ernie lynch on 23 April, 2012 at 16:58 said:


    ibleedgreenandwhite1 on 23 April, 2012 at 16:44 said:



    And another thing.



    How many times have we played the huns since the Club was formed?



    How many times have they been liquidated?



    Which is the bigger event?







    They are still alive and kicking at this precise moment,there has been no event yet,,,dont get me wrong though Ernie,,when they die i will be more than happy to get stuck right into them!!



    At this time though the real Event is the game on Sunday,,,at this moment the game is going ahead so it warrants our full attention,,if this is the final Derby game i dont want to lose at home to those Rats that would be unbearable!!!



    Hail hail

  19. right again Kojo



    right again



    the team that wants to win the most




  20. Hats, scarfs, badges and your club, buy your club here.


    Err ra Macaroon bars.


    Hats, scarfs, badges and your club, buy your club here.


    Err ra Macaroon bars.


    ‘ Da ,Da can I hiv a pound tae buy sumit fae ra man?’


    ‘Aye, but don’t be wasting yer pound buying that club get sumit that wull last ye like a Macaroon bar’

  21. Now for some lateral thinking.



    What if Arbroath were to purchase the SPL licence from D&P, and play in the SPL, at the same time selling their / handing back the licence for SFL membership

  22. Em, am I missing something?



    If by some bizarre twist of Scottish Football Fate or bias Newco RFC gets in to the SPL this season I assume they are a new club and start on Zero points and thus get relegated??????



    Seriously? You cannot buy SPL points any more than you can buy history? Surely?

  23. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Mort






    This Blog is a Forum.. and as such..



    It is a Platform where. Contributers kin



    Air Thur Views.. and.. Unlike.. In Yankee Stadium..








    In ,ither words..



    Wan kin write aboot any subject that Comes Up thur Humph ..


    so long as whit they Write..



    Is Couched in .. Terms, that are suitable tae be read by


    Children, Grannies.. Mothers……and Drunks.





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater




    Still, Laffin,tae.

  24. I’ve related our Bobby Tait moment before.



    We lived in Leeds at the time, with just one wean, and she was only just over five months old. Mrs First had gone to town for a break and to get some shopping, but she knew the situation before she left (she was born in South Wales and says she supports Nottingham Forest, but I would be willing to bet our house that she couldn’t name a single one of their post-Brian Clough players). The deal was that if Celtic had a chance of winning the league the next day, we were going up the road, not to Dunfermline, but to watch the game with my brothers.



    It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, so I had the wean in the swing in the garden, pushing her back and forth while listening to Radio Scotland on an old transistor radio on the crackly MW reception that you could pick up in Leeds if you were really, really, really keen and didn’t mind 80% crackles and 20% language. When Kilmarnock scored, I just picked the baby out of the swing and started leaping round the garden with her in my arms. Just at that moment, her mother drove along the lane and saw us.



    “Kilmarnock didn’t get a draw, did they?” she asked, a wee bit unenthusiastically as it was she who would have to drive up the road as I had no driving license (and still don’t).



    “No,” I said.



    “Well, I must say you seem in a good mood,” she observed, relaxing a little.



    “They won 1-0 with the goal coming in the 96th minute,” says I.



    She just said: “Oh my God,” and started to put stuff in overnight bags.



    When I went back for the St Johnstone game the next weekend I was on my own. Blindlemon and I had to take his weans to a feis in Toryglen that morning and make our escape for Celtic Park in the middle of it. We didn’t get into the game, but joined the joyful thousands outside. Wouldn’t have missed that for the world, and I agree with Gordon that the Dunfermline equaliser the previous Sunday set it all up nicely, although at the time Mrs First wasn’t amused.

  25. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Afternoon,



    If anyone is interested, over on the BBCi player you can catch a very good radio adaption of JB Priestley’s masterful play An Inspector Calls.



    For those of you who are not familiar with the play, it tells the tale of a successful businessman and his family enjoying a dinner to celebrate the engagement of the businessman’s daughter to the son of another successful bussinesman in the area. In the course of the evening you learn that the businessman has been successful politically and is anticipating that he will be nominated for a Knighthood in the near future.



    The others present, other than the soon to be happy couple, are the businessman’s wife and his adult son who we later realise is a youngish vagabond who drinks too much and lives the higlife around town.



    This happy family occasion is interupted when An Inspector calls from the Police. The purpose of the visit is to make enquiries about the death of a young girl who committed suicide by swallowing strong bleach. It turns out that each and every one of the party present played a different role in condemning the poor girl to a life of poverty and despair and by the time the inspector leaves, the engagement is off, the family are in tatters and a hitherto upstanding reputation is in ruins. Life, it would appear, has been a sham hidden behind a false facade!



    However, all is not lost, because the groom to be deduces that the “Inspector” was not a policeman at all and further enquiries reveal that no such girl has in fact been reported dead and that the local Police know of no such Policeman. The whole evening was a hoax.



    With this news, the businessman and his wife revert to their old indignant and morally bankrupt ways, lose all the remorse shown in the course of the inspectors visit and effectively forget all about their involvement and the way that they treated the poor girl. Their Children however see the position differently and are appalled at the hypocrisy of their parents.



    Then the respite from the horror is interrupted by a phonecall from the Police to say that a young girl has just died in the Infirmary from drinking bleach– and that a Police inspector is in his way to the house to ask some questions.



    And there— the curtain goes down!



    I listened to the play last night and thought of this blog.



    How often have contributors on here made points and advance facts and circumstances which have been derided in the MSM as nonsense and the work of Internet bampots?



    Do you recall many months ago when AJ nodded his head and then denied that he had done so?



    Do you recall all the misinformation provided as gospel about Craig Whyte and how any suggestion that he was a tainted individual in business terms was scoffed at as nonsense or just not reported at all?



    And lo and behold.. all of it turned out to be correct and true



    Later today we may well hear more on the issue of the two contracts, and on the issue of Craig Whyte being fit and proper, what punishments there are for Rangers and so on.



    Possibly this week, we will hear of the Big Tax Case and all that ensues therefrom– much of which, the signifance of which and the impact of which— has been predicted on these pages– at times to the tune of derisive comments of others!



    Lastly, we get the issue of football club licences, the issuing of licences to a New Co, the argument that the might Glasgow Rangers is too big to disappear or be refused a licence and that whilst Italy or Spain could punish a Juventus a Parma or a Real Mallorca, the wee leagues such as scotlan cannot afford to act with such moral courage and that the expediancy of money must prevail!






    Well step forward the SWISS FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION– because they have refused top dividion licences to FC Zurich, Young Boys of Berne, FC Sion and Servette Geneva. All of this follows the complete and utter expulsion of Neuchatel Xamax earlier in the year!!!



    The clubs concerned have been refused licences for a variety of reasons including financial irregularity and for purposes of maintaing a proper league infrastructure. Not only that, the accounts and finances of the clubs have been examined from every angle unlike in past years.



    An interesting article on the detail of the Swiss purge of offending football clubs can be found here:






    Those who would have us believe that football is not in a revolutionary mood when it comes to cheats, charlatans and tax dodgers should stop and consider what they are saying.



    As for those who run Scottish Football they should consider their past actions and failings….. Before the UEFA Inspector calls…………………….

  26. From RTC blog, pretty much sums it up for me:



    jpmuk says:


    23/04/2012 at 5:12 pm



    corsica says:


    23/04/2012 at 4:45 pm



    Corsica, are you possibly suggesting that D&P don’t actually want the bids to go anywhere and are just drawing this out until their, and their chum CW’s real objective (Liquidation) becomes the only real option?



    That’s what I’ve suspected all along and it looks like it’s the most likely option.

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