D&P: Rangers could cease before end of season


Lots to chew over in this afternoon’s statement from Duff and Phelps but this nugget grabbed my attention:

“If we proceed with an offer that is based on a sale of the business and assets, then we would expect the football club share to be transferred within a matter of weeks, with a preference of prior to the end of the current season.”

This means that unless a CVA is concluded beforehand, Duff and Phelps plan to ask the football authorities to award Rangers’ share in the SPL to a new club prior to the end of this season.  This share is worth money, Duff and Phelps would be able to sell it to generate cash, so there is no harm in them asking!

The enormous problem for the league is that the Newco would not employ any footballers and the final date in the season for signing non-contracted player passed a month ago.  Rangers players are employed by Rangers FC PLC and their registrations cannot be transferred to any other football club outside of a transfer window.

In the event of a liquidation (which Duff and Phelps have not accepted as a likelihood), player registrations revert to the SFA.  They are not assumed by a phoenix Newco to pick the following week.  There is absolutely no circumstances for a club to avoid liquidation and still manage to transfer their players to a Newco outside a transfer window.

How did they concoct such a fantasy?

This is a Fifa rule and cannot be altered by the SFA or SPL.  The entire debacle has become farcical.

SPL clubs, who vote on Friday on whether to introduce a procedure which would allow a Newco to be allowed straight into the league, have the proverbial gun pointing to their heads with this statement.  They must stand firm and refused to become embroiled in the mess.

The other SPL clubs and the SFA did not design this crisis at a member club and it is not their responsibility to resolve it.  We will find out soon enough whether member clubs take account of the overwhelming voice of their supporters on this matter.

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  1. Alex O’Henley ‏ @OHenleyAlex


    Zurich, Young Boys, Sion and Servette refused licence to compete in Swiss league next season 4 financial irregularities. 5 days to appeal

  2. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Mort on 23 April, 2012 at 17:03 said:



    I understand how the Blog works m8,,:D



    ASonOfDan on 23 April, 2012 at 17:06






    plenty of time to talk about Sunday.






    Again thats quite patronising,,,im fully aware when the game takes place,didn’t know there was a certain amount time before i could discuss the upcoming game against our biggest rivals!! I



    In what could be our last ever game against them in there current form!!



    Hail hail

  3. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    There seems to be a wee minor misunderstanding relating to what happens if Duff and Duffer run out of money.



    Believe it or not, these guys want this thing settled fast. I say believe it or not because, frankly, that seems unbelievable. But the law is clear on what comes next, and that should give us a hint.



    Duff and Duffer can’t accept a conditional offer. That’s just a legal fact. As interesting, and fun, as that fact is, here’s another.



    If Rangers runs out of money to meet day-to-day running costs, those costs have to be met by Duff and Duffer themselves … oh yes.



    Duff and Duffer want out I believe that implicitly. They will stay long enough to get paid, but not long enough to have to pay. And the bidders, knowing this, are not willing to put an unconditional deal on the table, which, frankly, is the only thing that is going to move this forward.



    I said on Friday, neither Kennedy nor Murray wants to be in charge when the club does under, as it will. This is why there will be no “unconditional bid.”



    We are watching the death throes right now.



    Cheyne Stoking I believe is the term for what comes next; that rasping, gasping last breath …. The champagne is on ice.

  4. ulysses mcghee 16.50


    Superb sir that post created a picture in my mind I could picture the smile on the boys face.


    Like you I was and still am an avoider of orc games I still think if i turn them on they score (I know I know sad but true) So for me it was walking the tread off my carpet in the shawhead flats muttering to myself 0 0 is magic over and over again , Even the windows were closed in case I heard anything recalling it now I thought my heart was going to bust .


    THEN bedlam outside I knew without looking out the window at least the whistle had went and it was over at least a draw(double glazing poor in flats).


    I remember falling to my knees and thanking My God, by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs my friend was on his way over to mine I can remember the embrace till today. You see I got sober in 88 and he had started to blame me :)))) “since you stopped the swally we’ve no won the league” he used to say to me . I remember that day as if it were yesterday and saying to him see IT WISNAE my fault. HAPPY DAYS INDEED



  5. Right, if they are liquidated and there are no bidders doing this in some controlled kind o fashion then pretty much Craigy Boy has total control, am I right?



    He has the stadium, he has some sort of relationship with Ticketus, he seems to have quite a few of their names as well.



    At which point he then sells up to the like of Kennedy and the Blue Knights who say Nil Deposit



    And then we are in to how they are allowed back in to football.



    Timing it would appear is everything. So far it’s not going their way.



    It is going to be one almighty task to get a football club up and running in time to be registered for next season even now. If this goes on much longer it isn’t ging to happen.



    Please would someone come in with another made up bid and slow it all down again………



    NoCo not Newco!!

  6. We shouldn’t be purloining Tony Stokes’ song for young Tony Watts.



    Watts that coming over the hill ?


    another youngster !!….another youngster !!




  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ibleedgreenandwhite1 on 23 April, 2012 at 16:58:



    There will be plenty of time to discuss the team nearer to Sunday’s game – and that will happen.



    But to be fair, the Huns saga is the only story in town – the consequences for them are beyond anything we could have imagined even just a few months ago.



    I know what you mean about the whole thing becoming frustrating because it seems to be dragging on – but when you consider what is at stake, it’s not something that happens in a few days.



    Hail Hail

  8. leftclicktic



    I know it all too well – on the rare occasions a team have maybe gone two goals up on that mob, my experience has me saying over and over – even a draw, even a draw would be good…




  9. RobertTressell on 23 April, 2012 at 17:25 said:



    ”Please would someone come in with another made up bid and slow it all down again………”




    Every pub team in Scotland should apply to the SPL to have the huns share certificate transferred to them.

  10. seventyxseven million plus VAT & PAYE on

    Nostradamus predictions. I cant make head nor tail of it, but maybe some ghuys on here can:



    Of what not evil? inexcusable result,


    The fire not double, the Legate outside confused:


    Against the worse wounded the fight will not be made,


    The end of June the thread cut by firing.




    Fine bonds enfeebled by accords,


    Mars and Prelates united will not stop:


    The great ones confused by gifts of mutilated bodies,


    Dignified ones, undignified ones will seize the well endowed.




    From good to the evil times will change,


    The peace in the South, the expectation of the Greatest Ones:


    The Great Ones grieving Louis too much more will stumble,


    Well-known Shaven Ones have neither power not understanding.

  11. jamiebaby on 23 April, 2012 at 17:19 said:



    can i have a cord at the grave side





    Frankly I would prefer to take a pee…….

  12. ernie lynch on 23 April, 2012 at 17:28 said:



    RobertTressell on 23 April, 2012 at 17:25 said:



    ”Please would someone come in with another made up bid and slow it all down again………”



    Every pub team in Scotland should apply to the SPL to have the huns share certificate transferred to them.





    Playing 5 a side later. I’ll ask the boys if they fancy a season in the SPL…….

  13. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Stevie67






    Happy tae Meetya!



    There is a Saying that wiz mooted and booted.. Tae death.. aroon the Campsie Campfires..when Ah used tae.. sit aroon them..



    And it wiz this..



    In the American Fitba League.



    Any Team is Capable of Beating.. Any ither Team.. Oan


    Any Given Day…



    And ye know sumptin,pal..



    That Goes Fur the S.P.L. .. as weel..



    And fur Proof..



    We dinnae need tae Go Back any Further than a Coupla Weeks Ago..



    When , we.the Mighty Celtic. wur Humbled and Embarrassed by a Kilmarnock Team…



    And the Same Kilmarnock Team, that we . Demolished and Took Apart.. wan Week, Later…!



    And.the difference that coonted in Those Two games..


    Wiz the



    ATTITUDE, which the Killie Had Adopted in The Game where They Dashed oor Hopes of advancing tae the Scoattish Cup Final.






    In that Particular Game.’



    The Killie beat us. Simply , Because..



    They Wanted tae Beat us. MAIR.. than We, the Celtic Did..oan that Particular Day..



    “It is Awe Aboot, Attitude.. Virginia”



    Yep… Ah repeat…



    Attitude, kin be the great Leveller..



    Between Two teams.. where One clearly has the Better Players.





    yer Pal..who likes ye, already.



    Still , Laughin’

  14. Bobby Tait…


    4 of us in New York. We go up the Twin Towers. The restaurant was called Top of the world – one of the boys rents a phone to call his missus. Hello from the top of the world he shouts as he connects thru – his wife replied ” ur top of the world so am I, Killie won 1-0″ He shouts out the score to us, and we did an impromptu huddle on the 108th floor. Totally set us up for the Dunny game the next day.


    Happy days

  15. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    The choice is stark.



    It is Scottish Football or Rangers.



    The SFA cannot claim to be the governors of our game if they fail to govern.

  16. Tait…



    on way to Forfar St Fergus Supporters night out…



    car nearly ran off the road due to my old man taking his hands off the wheel to celebrate..


    What a night we had..Forfar bridie on way home …next day obviously…o))

  17. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 23 April, 2012 at 17:09 said:



    You forgot about chewing gum



    “Times! Ceetezen!”


    “Chewing Gum! Macaroon Bars!”

  18. My Dear Kojo…..



    I see that you have been alerted to the burgeoning potential of Ryan Donnelly,currently playing for Airdrie Utd.



    At 20yrs old,(b.1991),he is a little older than you suggested.



    There were reports in the MSM back in January that Chris McCart was ‘running the rule’ over him.



    Last month,he went down to Wigan for a one week trial,and they are reported to be keeping tabs on him.



    Interestingly,Gary Mackay Smith,the promising Dundee Utd. winger,also came through the ranks at Airdrie….so it would appear that they have a useful youth set-_up.



    With Celtic being ‘flush’ with Champions’ League riches for the forseeable future, wouldn’t it be an astute move if someone associated with the Celtic Board bought Airdrie Utd outright ?



    The Youth Teams could be merged,and it could be used as a ‘feeder club’,where our starlets could benefit from regular and meaningful league competition.


    Furthermore,they would have the benefit of the excellent facilities at Airdrie,with its own comfortable microclimate,several degrees warmer and drier than balmy East Kilbride.



    Incidentally,my relatives in Canada,who move in the same social circles as Fergus McCann,inform me that he is a big buddy of Windy Miller,from way back….



    Were you aware ?




  19. Please! Please! Please! Let them survive until Sunday so we can humiliate them one last time…as I said before: it would complete a wonderful historical symmetry (like karma in action) of us winning the first ever match on 28th of May 1888 and winning the very last one on 29th of April 2012…Alpha & Omega.

  20. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 23 April, 2012 at 17:36 said:


    Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 23 April, 2012 at 17:09 said:



    You forgot about chewing gum



    I swapped the gum for the hun club….you know, no matter how hard you try to scrape them off the sole of your shoe, little bits just always take that wee bit longer to die off.


    Just like the huns.



    This Bill Miller guy has a real mental problem.


    Typical yank wants to make the rules up as he goes.



    Stupid Hurtin Hun!!

  21. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    The whole point about football rules is to try and see fair play, although some players go down easily to con a ref.



    But this is like the player trying to be the refree himself so that he can decide what is and what is not a penalty on the day,no matter how Norrisesque or Columesque the decision.


    Surely by now the SFA have to put Rangers out of our misery by telling them if they carry on as they are they will lucky to get a licence to play in a Sunday league.

  22. “For There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers


    No not one and there never shall be one”



    Self prophesy there so, looks like that’s sorted then, someone switch the lights out, oh forgot they got cut off for not paying their bills!!!

  23. James Edward McGrory 408 goals in 408 league games on

    I really hope we give a few more youth players a run out this weekend. I wouldnt mind seeing how some of them faired in the cauldron of the derby (refuses to say old firm) atmosphere.



    The league is won, the game is meaningless even though it is against the cheats. But who cares they will be dead soon. So on that point we should give players like Joe Chalmers, Tony Watt, John Herron, Dylan McGeouch, Jackson irvine & Rabiu Ibrahim a run out. Even better if we cuff them!






    Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Chalmers



    Herron Irvine Wanyama McGeough



    Watt Ibrahim



    NL will never pick this team though :p




  24. Could a delberate move towards having RFC relegated open an avenue for the Newco to then play a season in the 1st division as opposed to the 3rd?

  25. I am coming round to the idea of wanting them to survive into the beginning of May.



    Just for super dramatic effect, I’d love for the electric to be cut during their Wed evening home game on 2nd.

  26. The singing detective



    I believe you referred to me in a post addressed to Kojo at some point yesterday with regards to young Tony Watt and his fantastic debut.



    Can you please clarify for me why I was mentioned at all. Thank you.

  27. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Craig Whyte has to pay Sir David Murray an agreed upon fee based on thier pre agreed asset evaluation. What would be of concern to them will be the loss of player evaluation. Paul Murray is not serious, never has been. He like Whyte is only doing his masters bidding. Keeping the local based mafia for the mediocre on side. The MIH share float that was absorbed will be set aside after an asset sale for the benefit of both initiators.






    At the end of the season of course

  28. James Edward McGrory – I agree, if for no other reason than they need to ne shown that they’re not special, they’re no different to any other club. If we play kids against Motherwell, we’ll play kids against them.

  29. Ah memories of that Killie game!



    I was at university in Sunderland, for some reason that I cannot remember all my house mates were out and I was struggling to listen to Radio Scotland on MW but could just about tell what was going on threw the static! The phone went and it was my then girlfriend phoning from her work to see if I wanted to go out that night, now it was deep into stoppage time and I couldn’t believe how long the MIB was playing when I heard what could only be a goal but because Beckie was prattling on in the background I had no idea who scored. I put the phone down and walked closer to the radio to hear so Rangers 0 Kilmarnock 1 and the referee blows for full time! My screams of joy would have wakened the dead, I was jumping up and down like a complete maniac lost in my own wee world of celebration!



    After a couple of minutes of ranting and raving about cheating masonic you know whats getting what they deserved I remembered Beckie was still on the phone! I picked the phone up to hear her laughing and when I said hello she said I take it that was good news! That was a major understatement!



    I remember the next day the Sunderland Celtic bus went to a wee town in he borders were you could pick up BBC Scotland as if I recall correctly the Celtic – Pars game was on TV. Pretty sure it was Brampton we went too but to be honest I don’t remember much about that day.



    The next week it was off to Paradise with the Sunderland Celtic boys and boy what a party we had! Stopping the ten was just amazing and we bounced back to Sunderland that night!



    I will never forget where I was the day Killie beat the huns at Ibrox and threw away the chance to win Ten in a row, any time I feel down I think about that day and have a smile. What makes my smile wider is the fact that Bobby Tait was a scumbag cheat who requested that game as it was his last match and did everything he could to try and give his team time to win and ironically they lost. There is a moral in that tale somewhere but I just like to think GIRFUY ya cheating hun scum and when the huns die that will be the prevalent thought in my mind.



    Hail Hail and Keep the Faith!

  30. Tennessee Tim on

    @Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!!


    Last week Kojo suggested Mr. Bill is actually an Englishman – though his company is based in my home state of Tennessee. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I’ve been trying a bit to confirm this but have had no luck.

  31. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective..






    Guid tae Greet,ye .. wance mair.



    Ah must Say.. straight Aff…



    That Ah wiznae Aware that The Bunnet.. wiz Palsy or… Walsy.. wi’ … Bill Miller..






    The Bunnet, is Ma Kinda Guy.. and Mebbe, Miller, is , as Weel.. fur Ah jist luv a Conniver. and A Rogue.. but, the Rogue must be a Lovable Wan.. like .. well.. .ME!



    Ma Sainted Mama used tae Tell me..




    “Son, If ye wurnae Ma Ain Son. . Ah wid Dis- Own Ye!


    …. ye Wee Rogue..”



    Anywey.. Ah digress..and ,Also, am gien away too miny… Home Trewths!



    Ah think yer suggestion that Celtic, should Buy .. Airdrie United..


    It is a Very sensible Idea.



    In the Past.. Ah did Suggest that We should Buy, Albion Rovers..and use that Team as a Feeder..



    There are a few Continental Clubs who have Done That kinda Thing.. buying, another Team and using it as a “Feeder Club”


    for the Main Team..



    Airdrie,clearly, as ye point oot.. Hiv a very Good Scouting System in situ.. which, would further add, aloat, tae oor Organiztion ….if


    we took them over..



    Ah congratulate ye,pal…



    Ye hiv come up wi a Sound Suggestion..



    Nice chatting, wi ye..


    always a Pleesure,





    yer pal..who likes ye mair and Mairer.



    Still..Laughin’ like a Gay Cavalier..




    Whit Am Ah saying!!!

  32. Stringer Bell on

    Duffandphelps official @Duffandphelpsofficial.


    Consolidated statement due, summary is the cry was no contenders.

  33. Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 23 April, 2012 at 16:40 said:



    I remember an older Irish fellow had the seat next to my gf against St J and as the whole upper tier bounced he worriedly asked ‘does this stand always move like this’


    My answer ‘ I dont know we’ve never won the league with this stand before’





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