Drama Queens, LostBhoys and where we came from


There will be no mention of ‘Drama Queens’ from me, but those who were uncontrollably distressed by ‘defeats’ in meaningless friendlies will no doubt be delighted to lean a Celtic team largely staffed by undergraduates got the better of Brentford yesterday.  The rest of us remain unmoved, although I was pleased Amido Balde received some encouragement.

As many of you will know, the LostBhoys have been broadcasting podcasts covering Celtic’s history in recent months.  It has been an incredibly professional, informative and entertaining look at our club through the years.   This weekend they broadcast a decade I helped them cover, 1950-1960.

It encapsulated a seminal period for Celtic.  When the SFA ruled the club would face suspension if they continued to fly the Irish flag, we could have gone out of business, or forever been robbed of our heritage.  The decade saw many of the great names in our history at Celtic Park: McGrory, Tully, Stein, Fallon, McNeill, Chalmers, Auld, Gribben and Hogan, as well as the ever-influential, Sir Robert Kelly, but to those at the time it looked like we were heading nowhere.  Celtic lost more games in the 50s than in any other decade, but as we know, it’s darkest before the dawn….

There are great contributions from Charlie Gallacher and John Fallon, and Terry Dick, son of Glen Daly, who recorded The Celtic Son, told us how the song came into being (it was basically the work of Charlie Tully).

You can download this episode here but catch them all, you’ll be glad you did.

Two days until football returns to Celtic Park; can’t wait.
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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Kojo 13:28 on 21 July, 2013



    I don’t consider English football to be Utopia.



    We are in the league we are in and we are unlikely to leave it.

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    derbyshirebhoy 13:23 on 21 July, 2013



    “Problem is having to suffer the dirge of games for the vast majority of the league campaign to get there.”



    We are where we are. Our club still exists – things could be much worse.



    Scottish football will continue to struggle for many reasons – Scottish football fans are realistic enough to know the standard fare is poor unlike many delusional English fans who simply believe the hype around their domestic game.



    Only the English can talk up competitiveness for a league dominated by Man Utd for the last 20 years.

  3. Everyone mocked when Sevco made a huge story about “The Bus”.


    But, do we now we know the reason for all the publicity?



    Can anyone confirm that the bus which went “PUFF” was actually THAT bus?


    Or was it some clapped out old banger, torched for insurance and hey presto, a brand new bus, looking remarkably like the old one, is purchased as replacement?



    The whole things sounds very suspicious.

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Have Parks lost the contract at deeed club to Bruce’s? Just saying like!!

  5. bit of bitching going on here today? must be the weather.


    If you want to feel better do what I have just done ; take a pint tumbler , fill to three quarters with Curries Red Kola , add a huge dollop of Equis vanilla ice cream , scoop off and scoff the delicious foamy stuff ,top up with more Kola and enjoy.


    Gorgeous comfort food , then you can also feel good about the fact that you are not a Sevconian.


    Try it.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Fitba fans .



    Fiorentina fans discussing yesterday’s pre season friendly —



    Fiorentina 9————- Team Trentino 0.



    One blogger [ who wasn’t at the game ] wants to know if it looked like Fiorentina were missing Jovetic [ gone to Manchester City for £ 23.3 million ].



    He got 1 reply ——-[ a blogger who was at the game ]



    ” Yes , we would have scored 10 if Jovetic was in the team “.



    Jovetic is a fabulous player .

  7. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    I m sick of Sevco like a bad rash, never going away.. They died,but still want and need to be in news..



    It’s infuriating ..

  8. Thick Keevins.






    From Charlotte.



    Hint: Here’s a clue as to how the old club managed way beyond their means.






    Lamb still on menu.







    MSM have got the sevco propaganda machine on overdrive!!


    Hugh Keevins latest article is another slap in the face to all those creditors




    Message to the lamb muncher Keevins.



    If you had any decency you would’ve asked the thief Sir Walter when he’s paying back his EBT.

  9. derbyshirebhoy on




    You’re right that we are where we are. I’m just concerned that in the longer run if we remain in Scotland our level will descend to meet the level of competition we face. I don’t agree about the fare in the EPL. Yes there are games which bore but the overall standard is very watchable. Its impossible to say that about the SPL. As I’ve said – if its Celtic I’ll be watching but though I do try occasionally to watch other matches those worth a look are few and far between.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Terry Dick was my ex English teacher,met him at CP a few months ago,really nice guy.

  11. SteinreignedSupreme




    You Say ..that the E.P.L. may not turn oot tae be all it is Cracked up tae be..



    Ah Hiv Paraphrased yer comment. of course..



    And That May Turn oot tae be .. a correct ASSUMPTION ,oan your Part..






    It May No!



    In Any case…



    Ah tried tae Point oot…in That Submission of Mine..



    That Celtic should Move Heaven and Earth tae Leave the Scottish League Set-up


    not ONLY, in order tae Reap the Substantial.. some may Say… OBSCENE( But Ah widnae!) Monetary Benefits, of which we wid Eagerly Partake .. as a Member of the T.V. Money Supported E.P.L..



    But also..



    We should Get the Hell Oota Dodge..






    Tae Be No Longer under the Thumb..or … the Boot.. of the Sinister and Celtic Hating






    Doncha know,pal.



    that Those Guys..



    Do Not Like Celtic.. Wan we Bit?





    Still Laughin’

  12. The Boy Jinky on

    Meanwhile at muirfield … ian poulter is on fire …. no connection to the bus

  13. Summa of Sammi….



    Thanks for that video post…. made my day.


    I have shared it on our clubs Facebook page too.



    Think you should re-post due to new article as we all need to watch that as it is what we are and why we are what we are IMO.



    Thanks again.

  14. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Kojo 14:43 on 21 July, 2013



    I hear what you are saying – obviously if it was that easy Celtic would be out of the Scottish league already.

  15. It staggers me that people still care about what Hugh Keevins thinks. The man made two crucial errors regarding potential Celtic managers. The result is that he now has a vendetta against Celtic. Who cares what he says?



    Camalar, your attack on Derbyshire bhoy was not becoming of this site. Paul asked us all to refrain from personal attacks. I won’t comment on yesterday’s antics but I will certainly say that many Celtic supporters have a smug attitude that we are superior to others and seldom do anything wrong. Anyone who deviates from the position that Celtic supporters are beyond reproach is considered to be a ‘hun’.

  16. The Boy Jinky on




    Good point






    Day as yer telt and get the link to the video reposted now



    Btw… I noticed the bus company was called bruce’s … any antipodean connection ;)

  17. Afternoon all



    Enjoying the golf ( except from the usual drivel from Alliss) but reading that garbage from Keevins (formerly a dyed-in-the-wool Celt let us not forget) as well as the other junk in what passes for a free press in the country the question really is what do Jack Irvine ( and SDM) have on each one of these hacks?




  18. The Boy Jinky on

    Back to the gowf… ian poulter sunk three birdies in a row



    Swally was up in arms until he realised it was birdies and no bridies

  19. Steinreignsupreme



    Ah Know that there is a Heap of Trewth,in whit ye say…



    That.. Celtic, …In Your Opinion. Hiv very Little Chance of Escaping tae England..


    (Ah am Paraphrasing , again.. Hope It meets with your Appoval)



    Yes.. Indeed Celtic as faur as Making a Breenge , South of the Border.. do… Not Have A Midge’s Chance of Making a Feast , oan Kojo, because he disnae Live.. where they Dae!.



    But,ye never Know.. Kojo May pay a Visit tae the Highands.. Wan Day..



    Same as..



    Celtic , may Manage tae finally.. well… Manage, tae Free Themselve frum the Shackles of .. S.P.L Anonymity.



    Who Knows..?






    Alyss, Knows.. but She is No gonna tell Ye!





    Still Laughin’

  20. I am always amazed – when I travel on a supporter’s bus – by the amount of Daily Hun type papers being read by other passengers. I appreciate it is a habit for many but still it annoys me when one considers how these papers have treated Celtic through the years.

  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    derbyshirebhoy 14:33 on 21 July, 2013



    “I’m just concerned that in the longer run if we remain in Scotland our level will descend to meet the level of competition we face.”



    We are in a similar situation to the Portuguese league – the big advantage they have is attracting Brazilian players for buttons. But despite the league being poor, their teams do well in Europe.



    “I don’t agree about the fare in the EPL. Yes there are games which bore but the overall standard is very watchable.”



    It’s interesting for me where I am. Arsenal is the local team, who I used to go and watch a fair bit. I used to meet up with about a dozen Gooners on the North Bank – they never missed a match and many of them travelled to all the away games.



    Only one of them still goes and he is a steward at the new ground. Priced out, fed up and not buying into the media hype about jokers no one has heard of being paid obscene amounts of cash. Arsenal are not winning anything now either, but the people who go and watch them appear to be content with that – it’s the most expensive place to watch football in Europe. A fool’s paradise.



    There have been some decent teams in the last 20 years in England – Man Utd and Arsenal having the best of them. But with every passing season the standard is dropping – the current United team is average at best and Arsenal are not even mentioned in terms of challenging for ‘the most competitive league in the world’ as the English media like to claim.



    It is only a matter of time before England start to struggle to qualify for tournaments – in fact they are by no means certain to make it to Brazil next summer. When they become regular non-participants in big tournaments, that is when things will start to change and the madness may stop.

  22. Threatening to ban Celtic over the tricolour in the 1960’s was a shameful episode in Scottish public life.



    Curiously enough some of the “players” are still around and in the SFA right now.



    As they say…..you can take the boy out of the scheme……

  23. Greendreamz



    My da told me that one of the main guys trying to force us to take down the tri colour was a certain Harry Swan , chairman of Hibs at the time.



    For a club of Irish descent this seemed to be strange behaviour for the Chairman.


    He also ordered the Harp to be removed from the front door at Easter Road?


    Appears Mr Swan appeared to have an agenda?


    Where have we encountered that in the intervening years ?

  24. Burghbhoy, your father was right. Swann was one of the main individuals who wanted Celtic to dispense with our heritage.

  25. celticrollercoaster on




    that is the hand the feeds them….



    Read the Keevins article (on line) and must admit it is nearly as cringeworthy as Jabba’s succulent lamb piece. No wonder they are dying with articles like this.







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