THE SCOTTISH MAINSTREAM MEDIA’s ongoing decline in circulation shows no sign of changing. The downward spiral continues with the new figures released by ABC, the official circulation bureau. The Daily Record, which apparently at one point had ambitions to sell a million copies a day, is now selling just 189,439 copies – down from 211,336 – fall of over 10%.

Falling below the 200k mark will be psychologically draining for the paper which in recent months has focused on supporting the Dave King The Rangers takeover. However it seems that the Bears haven’t been brought back into the fold by this pro-King strategy. Many Celtic supporters waled away from this paper after the Thugs & Thieves front page lies they carried about our players.

Meanwhile its sister paper the Sunday Mail  has suffered an even bigger  11.2 per cent down drop in circulation – down from 235,188 to 208,856 copies.  If this trend continues then the Sunday Mail too will very soon be below the significant 200k circulation level.

If you were go back a decade and some guy tells you that in ten years time The Daily Record would have a circulation of under 200k copies, that Labour would have one MP in Scotland after a General Election and that Rangers FC would have been three years dead you would have thought that you were speaking to a madman.

Of course he’d also tell you that Celtic would be Champions again for the fourth time on the way to ten. That you would believe!

Here are some of the mainstream media stats…

Daily Record – 10.4 per cent drop = from 211,336 on average during April last year, to 189,439 last month;
The Scottish Sun – ten per cent drop = 248,419 to 223,745;

Scottish Daily Express – 13.5 per cent drop = 50,613 to 43,773;

Scottish Daily Mail – 2.3 per cent drop = 92,177 to 90,041;

Meanwhile, the Sunday titles’ sales figures in Scotland were as follows:

The Scottish Sun – Sunday – 13.1 per cent down = 178,600 to 155,263;

Sunday Mail – 11.2 per cent down = 235,188 to 208,856;

Scottish Mail on Sunday – 4.8 per cent down = 82,029 to 78,075;

Scottish Sunday Express – 12.5 per cent down = 28,670 to 25,093;

The Sunday Post – 10.1 per cent down = 150,936 to 135,661;

Source: ABC, May 8 2015.

Please note: The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, The Herald and the Sunday Herald now appear in the twice-yearly ABC regional newspapers report.
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