Dropping Gordon was ballsy, now manager has other decisions to make


After the defeat at Ibrox on 29 December, we anticipated changes, but the most significant decision Brendan Rodgers made was the most unexpected.  Celtic’s man of the match that day was goalkeeper, Craig Gordon, without whom the score would have been significantly worse than the 1-0 defeat.  Remarkably, he was dropped and has not played since.

The reason for this has nothing to do with Craig’s ability between the sticks, it gets to the reason we lost control of the game: how quickly and accurately we move the ball.  Despite a man of the match performance, Craig was dropped because Brendan realised our game plan can be easily dismantled if we are pedestrian in possession.

While Scott Bain is better with the ball at his feet than Craig, and Craig’s liability in this area is limited, central midfield was significantly more culpable for what went wrong at Ibrox.

Since then Callum McGregor has been restored to his normal midfield berth, Scott Brown has retained his place and Olivier Ntcham has been absent through injury, so the manager has had no major selection choices to make in this area.  Olivier is now fit and in with a chance of making his first appearance of the year in Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie, while just as we were at Ibrox, we are short at left back, where McGregor moved to fill in.

Brendan has some big decisions to make this week.  A central mid of Brown and Ntcham is not right for the football we play.  In taking the least expected decision, to drop Gordon for Bain, I hope we saw a sign that Brendan values the velocity with which we circulate the ball.

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  1. So, Aberdeen cheated out of a penalty and playing against a reserve goalie and 9 men. That’s not justice.


    Nice to see into not just us that’s the victim of this sfa/refs subterfuge

  2. stephbhoy on 8th February 2019 5:09 pm


    ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH FEBRUARY 2019 3:55 PM




    ‘Cfc would have to have had the ability to hire and fire within cbc to be held liable.’












    PLUS a football team like a country can not have a religion only a human can have a religion.



    there are however people who think hating CATHOLICS ,the CATHOLIC CHURCH ,IRELAND ,CELTIC and anything linked with charity is a religion.and as a wee ps the do not believe in GOD.

  4. With apologies and respect to Bournesouprecipe I see that today’s Press Conference from Brendan is available (free) on Celtic’s YouTube channel. Whatever that is. here’s the link – I’m a minute and a half in…. ;-)



  5. Greeegzi cited for kicki



    Hibs player cited for Ozzie



    Jozo no cited



    Lol hear that…..teeth gnashing enamel grindin from hun






    JIMMYNOT @ 5.25



    McGregor assault put into social media via the internet by Celtic fans, and wasn’t covered in SMSM AFAIK





    The internet bambots win again. :-)


    Hail Hail

  7. Regarding the Celtic Boys club scandal….


    I am of the opinion that we all are disgusted and embarrassed by the conduct of those who were responsible and who are now paying for their crimes….


    Could that Ambulance Chaser Patrick MCGUIRE please explain exactly what he now wants…


    Celtic PLC have made their statements and are sympathetic to the plight of the victims, as we all are, but are not responsible for the actions of others that are NOT in their employment …


    What is a independent enquiry or “seeing Celtic in court” going to achieve?


    That the perpetrators are guilty? That has already been dealt with …


    or does he want Celtic Charged? If so with what? ….Typical Ambulance Chaser … using the vulnerable to drum up business to be paid from the public purse via Legal Aid????

  8. BhoyfromSky on 8th February 2019 5:41 pm




    ‘Could that Ambulance Chaser Patrick MCGUIRE please explain exactly what he now wants…’








    Compensation for his clients who have been sexually abused would be my guess.




    And there are courts which will be MORE THAN HAPPY to hear their case if they go after the individuals who actually DID IT … but of course, there’s no REAL money in that, not like trying to squeeze cash out of a PLC through a media smear campaign.

  10. So Aberdeen denied a potential equalizing penalty with the remainder of the game against 10 men

  11. Ernie …goes without saying … but from whom … doubt the perpetrators can stump up….criminal injuries? Perhaps…. certainly not Celtic Plc ….unless MCGUIRE knows something we don’t and can prove it….

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    F.U.B.A.R.bhoy on 8th February 2019 5:21 pm


    So McGregor has been ‘offered’ a 2 game ban. What happens if he refuses?




    He gets a lifetime ban. And we know how well enforced they are!




    CQN posters called it right Morelos red red red rescinded



    IS that correct i can not see it anywhere else??

  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2019 3:02 PM


    scoddland sniggers at Celtic and the ither teams accept thur lot without naming and shaming the huns, or going beyond a certain point.



    If pressed they will eventually buckle and roll out the safely, agreed and konvenient ” Oxx Fxxx” line…….part of the ” wans as bad as the ither” narrative, often used to great effect by useful idiots.



    Celtic are the victims in all this, as are the rest of the Scottish game, its a bloody, dirty war.There is no straightforward answer to addressing underhanded, crafty, bigots motivated by fear and hatred.




    We are One Great Club stuck in a wee corner, surrounded by those who despise us for far more than having the temerity to be a successful, well-run football club.




    We are running at full pelt just to keep ahead of scottish oblivion and mediocrity.



    Fine wee post Bankiebhoy .



    I revel in it.love them so I do. :-)))


    Whatever split the atom at that wee meeting in St Mary’s in 1887,there is an energy that as you say has been goin full pelt since.








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