Dropping Gordon was ballsy, now manager has other decisions to make


After the defeat at Ibrox on 29 December, we anticipated changes, but the most significant decision Brendan Rodgers made was the most unexpected.  Celtic’s man of the match that day was goalkeeper, Craig Gordon, without whom the score would have been significantly worse than the 1-0 defeat.  Remarkably, he was dropped and has not played since.

The reason for this has nothing to do with Craig’s ability between the sticks, it gets to the reason we lost control of the game: how quickly and accurately we move the ball.  Despite a man of the match performance, Craig was dropped because Brendan realised our game plan can be easily dismantled if we are pedestrian in possession.

While Scott Bain is better with the ball at his feet than Craig, and Craig’s liability in this area is limited, central midfield was significantly more culpable for what went wrong at Ibrox.

Since then Callum McGregor has been restored to his normal midfield berth, Scott Brown has retained his place and Olivier Ntcham has been absent through injury, so the manager has had no major selection choices to make in this area.  Olivier is now fit and in with a chance of making his first appearance of the year in Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie, while just as we were at Ibrox, we are short at left back, where McGregor moved to fill in.

Brendan has some big decisions to make this week.  A central mid of Brown and Ntcham is not right for the football we play.  In taking the least expected decision, to drop Gordon for Bain, I hope we saw a sign that Brendan values the velocity with which we circulate the ball.

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    Swanson was sent off against us in October, when we were winning 5-0…




    Q. Have Celtic played a single minute’s football in the SPFL this season against 10 men?





    Assuming Johnson accepts his 2 match ban this must be the 4th or 5th time this season a player has been punished retrospectively for violence against Celtic players?




    So begs the question – why are referees reluctant to red card Celtic’s opponents at the time?








    Brilliant question! Would love to know!




  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Having McGregor cited and buffalo done is a serious deviation from the norm within the SFA. Considering the substantial pressure from the media to let them off, this is a notable event

  4. The Predicted Statement:


    ” We are shocked that Alfredo`s ban has been upheld. Our player, whose talent is matched only by his honesty,is battered from pillar to post in every game we play. In spite of this, he continues to play the game in the sporting fashion for which this club is famous around the world.


    On Saturday, in spite of outrageous provocation, Alfredo kept himself in check. After yet another assault by McKenna, Alfredo, in attempting to retain his balance, put out a foot which made the gentlest of touches on the Aberdeen assailant. In a fit of fury, the defender lashed out with his foot and kicked Alfredo on the head. In spite of requiring intensive treatment, Alfredo was shown an inexplicable Red Card.


    We felt sure this would be rescinded on appeal. We were mistaken so to think but are far too dignified to call out those cheating , Fenian bast***s at the SFA.”

  5. It would be interesting to see what the fall out would be if someone like, Brendan, or Stevie Clarke had to ask why, when Scottish football can bring in continental players to enhance the quality, and the standard of the game, so, why no continental referee’s ?



  6. eddieinkirkmichael on




    The reason we need Celtic PLC to come out and explain things is that people like ex Celtic photographer Hugh Birt went to the club with several names of individuals who he believed were involved in the abuse scandal at Celtic Boys Club.


    I as a fan want to know why Hugh was railroaded out the club after he did this and I also want to know how many other victims went to the club with their allegations and what the club did about them.

  7. Re my comments earlier about our refs officiating abroad, it was tongue in cheek and I’d hoped it would raise a smile, that’s all.




  8. On occasion I would like Brendan to speak out but you have to say whilst they all argue with each other and say this and that, Brendan just cruises along lifting trophies. What a guy.

  9. glendalystonsils on




    So begs the question – why are referees reluctant to red card Celtic’s opponents at the time?



    A question our board are surely entitled to ask without provoking a referees strike ,which seems to be their default position.

  10. MIT @ 7.38



    The SFA seized it’s chance to smite Dimbilly in one easy move.



    All the John Beaton complaints from Celtic are tumbleweed, taken care of and smited, and we return to the ‘these things tend to even themselves out’ agenda which they used when Rainjurz, were really Rangers



    The pendulum of justice is back off the radar in the blue corner of the alleged ‘old firm’ existence


    and Scotland sighs,………………. look at them what are Celtic and Rainjurz like.

  11. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 8TH FEBRUARY 2019 8:15 PM


    Thats nearly 2nhalf pages and nobody has mentioned Peter Lawwell, is this a record??





    I’ll bet ‘Liewell’ is taking a pounding over on Zombie media.

  12. ” So begs the question – why are referees reluctant to red card Celtic’s opponents at the time? ”



    Does this happen to us more than to other teams?




  13. a sentient Hun? …



    “I don’t think him peeking through his fingers at the ref when he was rolling around on the deck helped him.”




    smiley More lols will be on the phone to his candyman as we speak thing




  14. Could be wrong but I doubt it, I reckon this is just an exercise in trying to calm the waters, the shitstorm was coming and they reckon this will quell the revolt, it probably will.

  15. THE EXILED TIM on 8TH FEBRUARY 2019 8:22 PM



    Interesting. I was thinking perhaps they’ve taken a short term hit for gain at a later date…

  16. a not so sentient Hun…



    “They will rue forcing us to unleash Defoe.”




    smiley ma poor wee intercostals thing





  17. itscalledthemalvinas on

    They were right for once. Peter Lawell does run Scottish football !


    Stick it right to them Pedro !

  18. “Big Peter kicks back in his Eames recliner, lights up a Davidoff (cabinet class) and swirls a large cognac as the Unseen Fenian Hand replaces the receiver on the Bat Phone………


    …With a satisfied smile, the Keltic Collossus mutters ,”Well done Maxie” and drifts off to sleep to the sound of Glen Daly on the gramaphone………”

  19. D17


    I reckon they need him now more than ever, unless they reckon old man Defoe will do the biz, I think they could see other clubs getting a bit miffed and decided that the coke sniffer was the collateral damage to quell the storm, I bet you anything now that McGregor will get off with his appeal.

  20. Young Dallas awarding the 4 pens has forced the authorities to play by the rules for now (don’t get used to it :-)



    Thankfully MacGregor has been done before he actually does somebody.. he is playing to the gallery after walking away from the previous entity

  21. What is the Stars on

    God bless Peter Lawwell keeping the green flag flying despite the malcontents begrudgers and naysayers .

  22. Peter Lawwell has obviously used his prestigious elected UEFA role to bring the discredited Scottish Football custodians to heel.


    The hand of the unseen fenian.???

  23. Bobby Madden might have “saw” the incident but in real time many might not have saw the reckless nasty goalie’s real intention… on reflection surely even Madden knew he couldn’t wiggle out of this …. the Huns greet all the time about Neil Simpson on “Durranty” young Lewis Ferguson could have also had a career threatening injury from a goalie who already has the ball im his hand with only one intention with his straight leg raised off the ground… horrible challenge at any level of football

  24. Will madden be cited?, as his claim of not seeing the McGregor assault is clearly not true. Clear as day video footage shows he was perfectly positioned to see the offence. The retrospective action is cold comfort to Aberdeen who should have had a penalty and played against nine men for the remainder of the game



    radio saying McGreggor cited because Madhun said he didn,t see the incident .





    Footage clearly shows he saw the whole thing from yards away and did not give it .







    Is he a cheat or a liar





    The Establishment are tying themselves in their own cheating knots…

  26. Alasdair MacLean on

    For Bobby Madden’s not seeing the McGregor assault, translate as,


    Bobby Madden’s guessing the camera’s would not pick it up as clear they did.

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