Duffy: “What goes on behind the scenes”


“Not many know what goes on behind the scenes”, Shane Duffy’s words on Instagram as he said his goodbyes to Celtic yesterday.  Arriving a year ago as a 28-year-old international with years of English Premiership experience, he looked like the ideal addition to the Celtic squad.

Whatever ailed Shane to prompt Brighton to move him on, a year in Glasgow, much of it in isolation away from family and his kids, did nothing to help.  His parting sentiment alludes to some of his challenges has endured off the park.

If footballers would only be machines, nothing like this would happen.  Competitions would resolve in a manner the aborted European Super League would approve.  Shane was physically fit and desperate to be a winner at Celtic but still came off the rails. You can bookmark him for a reflective piece when his career is over, I expect he will tell a familiar tale of the toll life’s pressures took.

Yip, still no news.  No, not a good sign.

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  1. sionnaigh



    Meant to thank you for posting the link re the Bernadette Devlin and William Buckley programme from London from back in 1972. Though never a fan of the latter, I always made a point of watching him whenever I lived in the USA, and not in a tent, and had a TV, just to hear his point of view. But it also served to remind me, not that I should need reminding of just how well thought out the positions Bernadette advocated, as valid now as they were then. Nicola Sturgeon pales by comparison. An incredible young woman.

  2. celtic mac


    Failte, mo chara. Bernadette held her own together alright.


    Ave Ave

  3. Tontine Tim on

    CELTIC MAC on 9TH MAY 2021 12:54 AM



    sionnaigh Meant to thank you for posting the link re the Bernadette Devlin and William Buckley programme from London from back in 1972. Though never a fan of the latter, I always made a point of watching him whenever I lived in the USA, and not in a tent, and had a TV, just to hear his point of view.



    *I watched him one night over 40 year ago on PBS interviewing Tony Benn. The latter explained even back then that every OAP in the UK should have a free phone and electricity, when William started tae question him, Tony came back with Britain was awash with money, much tae me and Mrs TT’s surprise, he eventually said “I’m not going to debate with you Tony’, he knew better.

  4. tontine tim



    Thanks for your post, appreciated as always. At the last UK General Election, back in December 2019, Jeremy Corbyn said that all households, should have have access to Broadband Internet, in the same way we have water, electricity, and or gas, (coal back in the day) as a right. That election became about Brexit, so none of these type of issues were part of the debate. Now, once the Pandemic hit early 2020, schools, colleges and universities shut down, access to education were limited to access to said broadband or a realistic alternative, ie TV. Now, during the 2012 Olympics, the BBC offered up 52 Channels, (count em), ok half of which were HD, showing Olympic Events live, but did not show, though it could have, all the subject lessons, from primary level through to high school, university level even, to school and college students during the pandemic. Sports yes, education no. Now I could take this further, it is possible to have eg a Smart Meter, for Utilities etc, ie an internet connection in your home, but not one which will, or could connect you to a school, a college, open university, via a laptop which could easily be made available to every family, to every school student, during an pandemic, and beyond….


    If the will was there. Which it isn’t.

  5. MARKIEBHOY on 8TH MAY 2021 11:39 PM







    The system that elects people to the Scottish Parliament





    is designed specifically to avoid anyone getting an overall majority.





    It’s like a right on school sports day where even the fat kid gets





    a medal. It’s ridiculously complicated. Ask how the Green party





    get so many seats. It’s rubbish.





    The SNP won fair and square but will need to be propped up





    by the Greens. Utter nonsense but well done for taking part.





    ” How do the Tories have 31 seats” ?


    One reason is as follows….



    The Tories have benefitted from SO CALLED Labour Voters, who witness their own Party being Rag Dolled all over Scotland and England for some years now, ( and some who may just not like wee Nicola ?), Voting Tory as a Tactic to STOP The SNP winning more seats…Its called ” Cheating” in plain language, but NO Tory Voter/Minister is ever gonna admit to that of course, However….


    IF/When the GREEN Party Prop Up the SNP….The Tories will try and call THAT out as some form of ” Cheating” or at the very least, an example of how the System can be used and Abused that suits the SNP……..But in the Tories eyes…its ” somehow” OKAY for THEM to Use and Abuse the system….but they ” Dont like it UP THEM”.


    I was a life Long LABOUR Voter until 2009. My employer at the time was a LABOUR Controlled Council…who ILLEGALLY took away MY LIVILIEHOOD…and put me on the Dole Scrapheap at the Age of 54, with the most Absurd Allegation in relation to a Medical Questionnaire.


    A few weeks later, the same Labour Council DISMISSED MY ” APPEAL”.


    I had warned this Labour Council all along that they had made a big mistake in Dismissing me from my Job…and Dismissing my Appeal.


    Ironically, it was left to TWO Lib Dem Councillors ( one being Charles Kennedy R.I.P), who chose to speak out at my Appeal Hearing, and who argued that the Councils Medical Questionnaire, ” Wasnt worth the Paper it was Written On” !


    Those two fine men who represented the Lib Dems were FULLY AWARE that I had NEVER Voted Lib Dem in my Life…yet they STILL spoke out in my defence…..unlike ANY LABOUR Councillor and/or Minister.


    I WON my Claim at Employment tribunal in front of a Judge in 2010…in TEN Feckin Minutes on the FIRST Morning of what should heave been a THREE Day Hearing….Yet THAT Labour Council had REFUSED to accept my Arguments about my Dismissal over a year previously.


    In fact Gordon Brown was Prime Minister at the time, and after I had contacted his Office…One of his Office Lackeys replied that The PM will NOT get involved….So much for the Labour Party ” Protecting Peoples Jobs…so much for my Life Long Labour Vote ” ?


    The Union Jack * Butchers Apron” flag waver on here.. Poster ” JHB” was BOASTING on here about working with Labours Jackie Baillie a while back, Blah Blah…..Feckin Blah…


    Jackie Baillie RAN AWAY from me at my Front Door, after I told her about the DISGRACEFUL way that a Labour Controlled Council had treated me….She had NO ANSWER when I asked ” WHY should I ever Vote Labour ever again” ?


    Shes probably NEVER moved so fast in her life !



  6. Before someone jumps in to tell me that by Voting Labour in my adult life before 2009, was a Vote for ” the Union”….


    I was aware of that, but I was Chump enough to believe that a Labour Govt and/or Council would protect MY Job ?


    How DAFT was I ?




  7. Watch out now for The Tories trying to claim that THEY actually Won the Scottish Elections…Its called a TRUMPISM”..


    .CHUMPS !






    Morning. That’s an interesting story re Charles Kennedy, I never met the man but I know people (non Lib Dem voters) who did and they spoke very highly of him.

  9. lionroars67 on

    Good morning CQN



    Uber will be developing an APP






    An establishment so corrupt its publicly available for hire, like the Unionist trolls who inhabit CQN



    Well we approach the last week of a dreadful season with no structure, no personnel for the football dept, the recent statement insulted and abused the intellect of the fanbase, it told us zero, nada zilch


    At the very least Celtic FC could have outlined the new structure, who will be controlling transfers ? will it be a DOF plus recruitment manager or will it be the football manager and PL and remain unchanged ? will we just have a coach instead of a manager ? so many questions to be answered on positions or not to be filled



    Like many, it is just apathy now for me now, our custodians couldn’t give a Castlemaine 4 x about their customers i wonder how that will pay off when they ask for season ticket renewals

  10. FRANKTERRY on 9TH MAY 2021 7:49 AM









    Morning. That’s an interesting story re Charles Kennedy, I never met the man but I know people (non Lib Dem voters) who did and they spoke very highly of him.





    So true of Charles Kennedy R.I.P. and the other Lib Dem Councillor ( I cant remeber his now for now, but he also died, and was a FAIR and Just man…like Charles.


    Charles invited me to tea one day for a chat in his office…and he and the other Lib Dem Councillor, BOTH Provided me with Letters, in which they BOTH provided me with ” REFERENCES” to assist me in finding alternative employment.


    Those Two fine Gentlemen went out of their way, to help me in every way possible. NO Labour or Tory Councillor or Minister tried to help me at ANY Time.


    HHI mate.


    I still have those letters.

  11. the other Lib Dem Councillor who tried to help me in 2010….was called ” Jack”…I still cant remember his last name, I will need to look for those Reference letters.


    despite me NEVER Voting Lib Dem, those Twop Gentlemen couldnt have helped me more.




    R.I.P. Charles and Jack.

  12. ernie lynch on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 9TH MAY 2021 8:22 AM


    ‘Small unionist majority on the constituency vote.’







    So not a mandate for another referendum.



    When we had our once in a generation/once in a lifetime referendum seven years ago more than 2,000,000 people voted to remain in the UK.



    How does that compare with the number of people who voted for parties who want to leave the UK.



    Lets be honest here. There isn’t going to be a referendum anytime soon, if for no other reason that Mr and Mrs Murrel, who control the SNP, don’t want one, because they know they will lose.



    Instead what we are going to have is a constant narrative of grievance and resentment about not being able to hold another once in a generation referendum.



    And all the while more and more power will be concentrated in Edinburgh, and Scottish education, health and other public services will continue to suffer by a government consumed by the constitution.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Even Stephen McGowan now expressing frustration at the plc’s continuing, staggering rank incompetence, referencing a lack of action on Doig at Hibs as a further sign of club “paralysis”.



    Of course this utter clusterf*** of a conclusion to his reign is pure karma for Lawwell, who’s legacy will be a support riven by his own version of the Big Lie (“I never saw the 5WA).



    Donald Trump eat your heart out. There’s a new fraud in town.

  14. Good morning cqn from an overcast but dry Garngad



    Big Jimmy – Hope you and wee Rocky are well, just think 8 days to the pub opens and you can sit and have a nice cold pint 🍺 and watch the racing and 13 days to our Frickin Friday Beer Frenzy.



    Looking forward to the 21st Big Man.



    I’m not into politics as all politicians/councillors are theiving bar stewards, ever single one. Whether it be expenses, junkets, nepotism and so on.



    D :)

  15. Morning all



    DAVID66 how you mate.worst coupon of season yesterday done 7 teams btts. Not one came up..0/7..thats me finished wi coupons til this afternoon.



    Big Jimmy.. TRUMPISM and CHUMPISM go hand in hand👍

  16. Today I will be in the garden planting plants and drinking beer.



    Life can be such a chore!



    Play nice!

  17. “PHILBHOY on 9TH MAY 2021 9:43 AM


    Today I will be in the garden planting plants and drinking beer.”



    Be careful. Didn`t someone on here use something similar as an analogy for Celtic this season?

  18. Greenpinata on

    My friends in Celtic,



    How will endless division, hate and uncertainty in Scotland help or hinder Celtic. ?


    It cannot help us.



    I think that an independance referendum is inevitable, so I would urge the UK and Scottish government to call it as soon as is practically possible. ( within the next 18 months )



    The question should be simple and along the Lines of the Brexit question. Should Scotland leave the UK.



    The UK is expecting unprecedented growth in the next few years and the country should be protected from Covid with the impressive jag roll out. The perfect time for a major constitutional decision.



    The question is , deep down does Nicola really want a referendum, many in the yes camp have their doubts.



    Boris and Nicola should cosy up and get it done. The country needs certainly not endless uncertainty.




  19. Can James Forrest, of the Celtic Blog, please explain why he was scaremongering yesterday about Celtic charging from fans’ accounts without their knowledge?


    James said he had spoken to people who had this happen to them, yet today he is saying that Celtic have confirmed that this has not occurred.



    I like some articles on the Celtic blog, but this is rather disappointing to say the least.

  20. GREENPINATA on 9TH MAY 2021 9:54 AM



    No one with any sense in the nationalist leadership wants a referendum just now, or in the foreseeable future. They know that as things stand they’d lose, and it really would be over for them.



    What we’re going to have is a pantomime with Sturgeon going through the pretence of demanding something she doesn’t want just to keep the dafties fired up, and doing what she can to further foster grievance and resentment against Westminster and the English.

  21. `to further foster grievance and resentment against Westminster and the English.`



    If there is such a thing as a national psyche, then that policy is not good for it.

  22. TAURANGABHOY on 9TH MAY 2021 10:37 AM


    ‘Great result for the rebels.’





    Yeah, I’ve always thought of Fergus Ewing as a rebel.



    You see his picture and immediately you think: rebel.



    You hear him speak and immediately you think: rebel.



    But seriously though, it wasn’t a great result at all.



    With everything in their favour, Brexit, Boris Johnson, Covid, they still fell short of what they need to make any progress.



    You’re better off out of it, way over there in New Zealand.

  23. DAVID66…


    Thanks for asking about me and The Rocky Bhoy. He appears to be happy enough although in the last few weeks, ive been feeling a bit ” Dodgy!.


    Thats just ONE of the reasons why I STILL havent went to a Beer Garden up til now.


    I could say that I have been ” Dodgy” all my life…but I wont. LOL !


    I have the Gas men coming tomorrow ( Monday) to do the Annual Gas Check etc…so I MIGHT head out depending on what Time they arrive it ?


    I havent been out anywhere since I went to the Vets 9 Days ago…especially during Pub Opening times…but my Windows in my hoose do NOT allow me to see my local Pub….but while I was at home on Thursday, I DID HEAR Beer Kegs being Unloaded at the Pub, and it has me wondering IF it HAS Reopened and serving Beers OUTside despite NOT having a Beer Garden….as he does have 3 or 4 Tables to place OUTside when the Weather is good ?



    I hope that I am feeling better by Monday 17th May, so that I CAN go INSIDE to my Local Pub and have a good Swally ? I am NOT keen on sitting OUTside with ONLY 3or 4 Tables available at this moment, cos of the Pub ZOOMERS, CHUMPS/EEJITS will likely be sitting much too close to me…at least INSIDE the Pub….I can keep them a Distance away from me.


    Even If the Chumps/Roasters DONT try to speak to me directly…I always do all I can NOT to be in EAR Shot of the drivel that they come out with.


    HH Mate.

  24. Big Jimmy,



    You are absolutely correct. I was “in” our fave pub on the high St yesterday. The pub staff were brilliant, but honestly there was more chance of catching hypothermia than Covid 19.



    Can’t see how our leaders deem it safer huddled in gazebos, rather than sitting inside in well ventilated socially distant tables.



    No zoomers, roasters, rockets or chumps encountered, however the loudest voice dominated the conversation even over the bayern game that one of the punters had on.



    Still enjoyed it though, for a wee while.




  25. unionists at the ‘othering’ again



    What is the labour vote? its gone.


    used to stand for something


    not that you were ever a socialist.


    wrap the apron of genocide around you.


    Labour are dead as a political force.


    screaming as the faint hopes of any route to power are extinguished..



    pity Gordon and war criminal betrayed your honest core support a betrayal carried on by siding with your Tory vermin overseers.



    i think a socialist alternative,a real one


    -not those who stuck to thatcher economics


    -not one who gave us pfi’s


    -not one who privatized nhs as marketization


    – not one who murdered half a million iraqis


    – not a nationalizer of bank debt.



    i suppose all thats left is to get in bed with Toies,some do still boke at that.